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READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at RLCOLLIN73@AOL.COM. All comments are welcome. And please read and send your comments to my other story, "THE BABY HOTEL", series. Thank you, Robert

PREMISE: Barbara Leto is a 48 year old divorced woman with short blonde hair, and a little on the heavy side. She had 2 daughters, Dawn, age 22, and Stephanie, age 18 living with her. Both of them are tired of their mother's whining and acting like a big baby. Sometimes they felt that they are the adults and their mother is the child. One weekend, they decide to do something about it.

One Saturday morning, Barbara Leto woke to find that her eldest daughter, Dawn, had made breakfast. Dawn had made eggs, toast, bacon, home fries, orange juice, and coffee, Barbara's favorite type of breakfast. Barbara and Dawn eat breakfast together. Dawn told Barbara to sit, read the newspaper, while she cleaned up the dishes. After cleaning up, Dawn announced that she had drawn Barbara's bath for her. Barbara never took baths in the morning, but thanked her daughter anyway. Barbara entered the bathroom and found that Dawn had drawn her a bubble bath. Gratefully, Barbara removed her robe and night gown, sank into the warm, soapy water. Dawn stood outside of the bathroom, waiting.

Finally, she heard her mother cry out with kaughter, "What the hell is this?"

When Dawn entered the bathroom, she saw Barbara holding a yellow, rubber duck in her hand.

Smiling, Dawn said, "That's something for you to play with while you take your bath."

"But Dawn," replied Barbara, "I gave that to you to entertain you while I bathed you when you were just a baby."

Kneeling down next to the tub, Dawn responded, "That's right, Sweetie. Now you can play with it while I bath you."

Dawn picked up a wash cloth and began to rub soap on it.

"You're not going to wash me!" said Barbara, getting a little angry at her daughter.

"Now get out before I er...before I spank you." ordered Barbara has she started to stand.

"You sit down babykins, before I spank you." commanded Dawn.

Barbara started to get out of the tub. The soapy water running down her body.

"Like hell you're going to spank me."

"That's it." Dawn said as she grabbed Barbara's ear.

Before Barbara knew it, Dawn was dragging her out of the tub and into her own bedroom. Dawn sat down on the queen-size bed and pulled her naked mother over her lap. Using just the palm of her hand, Dawn proceeded to spank her mother's bare, wet bottom. Barbara's bottom was bright red by the third slap and she was cursing her daughter. By the seventh slap, Barbara was crying and begging Dawn to stop. Dawn spanked Barbara for a full minute. Finally, she stopped and Barbara rolled off her lap and onto the floor. She knelt in front of her daughter, rubbing her bottom with one hand and trying in vain to stop the flood of tears with the other.

Shaking her finger at her mother, Dawn said, "I'm going to bath you. If you misbehave again, babykins, you'll get another spanking. Do you understand? Now, get into the bathroom."

Feeling defeated, Barbara stood and started to walked towards the bathroom. She only walked two steps before she found herself being hauled over Dawn's lap again.

Beginning to spank her mother' sore red bottom again, Dawn said angrily, "

"Babies crawl and you are a baby!"

Barbara cried and said, "All right, I'll crawl! Stop spanking me Dawn!"

Dawn continued the spanking as she commanded, "

"Babies speak baby-talk. And you will call me 'Mommy'."

"I won't talk like a baby! And I definitely won't call you 'Mommy'!" wailed Barbara.

Barbara refusal lasted for a few more slaps to her already sore bottom. In moments Barbara cried out, "Pleeze 'Mommy', stop spanking baby! I'll be good baby!"

Dawn stopped the spanking. Barbara got down on all fours and crawled to the bathroom. Dawn sat her into the soapy water and began to bath her. Barbara sat there, holding onto the rubber duck, feeling totally humiliated. Dawn bathed her mother with Ivory baby soap, and did her hair with baby shampoo. When the bath was done, Dawn dried her and then had her crawl to Barbara's bedroom. Laying her on the bed, Dawn put a large towel under her bottom.

Shaking her finger at Barbara, Dawn ordered, "Don't you dare move, Baby Barbie. Mommy will be right back."

Barbara turned bright red being referred to as "Baby Barbie". It was so humiliating.

Dawn left the room only to return minutes later. Barbara was to scared to move off the bed. She laid there waiting for her daughter's return.

Dawn stood over Barbara holding a pair of scissors and said, pointing to Barbara's pubic hair, "That will haveta go."

Barbara cried out, "No! you're not going to shave me!"

"Does Baby Barbie wantum Mommy to spank baby again?"

Barbara just shook her head, "No." She laid there sobbing as Dawn slowly clipped away all of Barbara's pubic hair, leaving a stubble. Once reduced to a stubble, Dawn smeared shaving cream on it and shaved the remaining hair away. When Barbara looked at her pubic area, she was as hairless as a newborn baby.

"Dere," cooed Dawn, "Mommy take all dat nasty hair away from Baby Barbie."

Barbara continued her sobbing as Dawn prepared to dress her. Taking baby lotion and baby powder, Dawn rubbed it all over her mother's bottom and pubic area. Rolling Barbara onto her stomach, Dawn inserted two suppositories into Barbara's bottom.

"What's that for? I don't need that!" wailed Barbara.

"Hush, Baby Barbie. Mommy knows best." cooed her daughter.

Barbara laid there as Dawn inserted the suppositories. Barbara let out a yip at the invasion. Next, Dawn rolled Barbara onto her back. Then she lifted an item and showed it to her mother. Barbara started to cry, for Dawn was holding an adult size pamper. She intended to have Barbara wear this!

Barbara shook her head and cried out, "No!, Please don't make me wear that!"

Smiling, Dawn replied, "But Baby Barbie, all babies wear diapers. that's because they're not potty-trained. And you being a baby, you're not potty-trained now, are you." It was a statement, not a question.

Barbara shook at the thought, Dawn wanted her not only to wear the pamper, but to use it like a baby too. Dawn lifted Barbara's bottom off the mattress and slid the pamper under her. Gently she laid Barbara on it, spread her legs apart, pulled the front up between her legs, and taped the ends together. Barbara was encased in a baby pamper. The thickness of the pamper prevented Barbara from closing her legs, so she laid there with her legs spread apart. Next, Dawn put on her mother a white tee-shirt and red shorts, covering the pampers. White ankle high socks and sneakers were put on. A little red, plastic baby bow was placed in the center of her short blonde hair, completing her ensemble.

The pampers made the shorts look inflated. And if Barbara bent a little, the pamper could be seen sticking out the leg opening in the back.

"You look so sweet, babykins." cooed Dawn as she took Barbara's wrists and stood her up.

Barbara felt foolish being dressed this way.

"Baby looks so sweet this way, that 'Mommy' will just haveta take pictures of baby." cooed Dawn.

Dawn took several Polaroid pictures of Barbara dressed as a baby. Barbara stood there crying as Dawn took the pictures. When she showed Barbara the photos, Barbara started to cry louder.

"We're going shopping now, Baby Barbie." announced Dawn.

Barbara shook her head "No". and replied, "Dawn," but a look from Dawn, Barbara quickly changed her mind and said, "I mean 'Mommy', I don't wanta go shopping dressed this way. Please."

Dawn just smiled and took Barbara's wrist. She led her mother to the pick-up truck. Opening the passenger side door, Dawn sat her in the seat and secured the safety belt on her. Once in the driver seat, Dawn pulled from her purse a baby's pacifier. Without hesitating, she inserted it into Barbara's mouth.

"Suck, Baby Barbie unless you want 'Mommy' to spank baby again." ordered Dawn.

Barbara crouched down in the seat as she started to suck on the baby pacifier. Dawn back out of the driveway and started to drive down the street.

Dawn drove to a supermarket several miles away, one that she or Barbara never went to. After parking, Dawn exited from the truck and went to the passenger side. Once there, she discovered that Barbara had undid her safety belt.

Slapping her hand, Dawn said angrily, "You naughty baby. Babies no touch the safety belt." Shaking her finger at her, Dawn continued, "Baby Barbie, that's a No-No."

Dawn took Barbara's wrist and helped her out of the truck. Once she was out, Dawn slipped on her mother a baby harness, complete with a leash that attached in the back.

"Take that offa me.' ordered Barbara.

"But Baby Barbie," cooed Dawn, "that's so baby no gets lost in store without Mommy."

Dawn walked over to the carts.

"If baby no wantum to wear this," she said hold up the harness, " then Baby Barbie will just haveta get into cart so her no gets lost."

With tears started rolling down her cheeks, Barbara cried, "Alright Dawn, er...I mean 'Mommy, I'll wear the harness."

Dawn carefully attached the harness to Barbara with the leash in her back. Barbara walked close to her daughter and slumped a little, reducing her height so people would not see the harness.

As they entered the store, Barbara was getting stares from people on how she was dressed. Barbara was sure that everyone could see her pampers. Dawn took Barbara into the baby aisle where she placed into the cart a variety of baby foods. Stained and mush baby foods. She even bought baby formula.

Cooing to Barbara, Dawn said "This is what Baby Barbie gonna eat. Grown-up food would upset baby's tummy."

Barbara's bottom lip began to quiver. Dawn expected her to eat this baby food. Actually, Dawn told her mother that she was to young to fed herself and that Dawn would fed her.

Dawn also purchased plastic baby bibs, baby bottles, baby bowels, baby spoons, some squeaky baby toys, and baby pacifiers. Not to mention a baby Fleet's enema kit and a rectal thermonitor. She also bought a large box of Attends - adults size pampers for Barbara to wear.

At the check-out counter, the teenage girl ask how old Dawn's baby was.

Smiling, Dawn replied, "This is my widdle baby." pointing to Barbara, "Aren't you, babykins."

Barbara lowered her head and turned bright red from embarrassment. People looked at Barbara some shocked, some amused.

The girl picked up the squeaky baby toy and looked questioningly at Dawn.

"That's for Baby Barbie when I give her her bath." said Dawn.

"She made such a fuss about getting it, didn't you Baby Barbie."

Turning to Barbara, Dawn cooed, "Does Baby Barbie wantum her binkie?"

The girl looked at Barbara, who quickly shook her head "No".

Once in the pick-up, Dawn opened the can of baby formula and poured it into a baby bottle.

"Baby Barbie must be hungry, 'Mommy' will fed you."

Dawn handed the baby bottle filled with baby formula, "Drink baby, or 'Mommy' spank baby right here," ordered Dawn.

Barbara could imagine Dawn pulling down her pants and giving her a bare bottom spanking right here in the parking lot. She spanked her before with little effort. Slowly, Barbara lifted the nipple to her lips and began to suck on the bottle. Barbara still could not understand why she was docile with Dawn and her treatment.

"Baby better have all her formula gone by the time we get home." stated Dawn.

At a traffic light, a group of teenage girls pulled up next to Barbara. Barbara quickly pulled the bottle down and tried to hide it. Seeing this, Dawn shoved it back into Barbara's mouth and ordered her to suck. With tears beginning to swell in her eyes, Barbara did as she was told.

The girls stared and started to laugh at Barbara.

"What a big baby she is." laughed one of the girls.


"And how old are you, baby?" giggled another girl.

"Is she potty-trained?" asked a third girl.

Smiling, Dawn said, "No, the baby's not. She has to wear diapers all the time."

The girls laughed at Barbara's predicament.

"Can the baby wave 'bye-bye'?' asked the first girl.

Dawn took Barbara's wrist and waved, saying, "Say 'Bye-bye' to the nice girls."

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Barbara wimpered, "Bye-bye."

The three girls waved and yelled Bye-bye" to Barbara and Dawn as they drove off.

When they got home, Dawn carried the bags and held onto Barbara's leash as they entered he house.

Pointing her finger at Barbara, Dawn cooed, "Now that we're home, baby you can crawl."

Barbara got down on all fours and began to crawl. Dawn leaned over and stuck a pacifier into her mouth. Barbara knew not to remove it. She followed Dawn into the kitchen and watched as Dawn removed all the items from the bags.

After putting everything away, Dawn announced that they were going out again.

Barbara started to wail, "I don't wanna go out!"

"Mommy needs to go shopping. I'll get Margie to baby-sit you and I'll go myself."

Margie was a 15 year old who lived down the street. The way that Dawn was acting, she was sure that she get Margie to baby-sit her and Barbara did not want to be baby-sat by anyone especially a 15 year old child. Crying, she said, "Alright, I'll go."

Once again, Barbara found herself strapped into the passenger seat of the pick-up. As they were driving, Dawn gave Barbara her pacifier to suck on. Soon they arrived at the mall. Attaching the leash to Barbara, Dawn led her into Sears.

In Sears, Dawn went to the maternity department and purchased several maternity smocks. All of the smocks had a babyish look to them.

Holding each one of them up to Barbara, Dawn exclaimed, "Oh, how cute Baby Barbie will look in her little baby dresses."

From the maternity department, they went to the young women's department where Dawn bought several pairs of colored, ankle-high socks with lace. Then they went to the shoe department where Dawn bought a pair of low-heel shoes with straps going across the instep, one white patent and one black patent, a pair of saddle shoes, and a pair of white ankle high sneakers.

"These looked like baby booties!" exclaimed Dawn holding up the sneakers.

From the shoe department, Dawn took Barbara to the infant department. Knowing that the baby bonnets would be to small to fit Barbara's head, Dawn took a few of them anyway. Alone, in the back of the store, Dawn tied a baby bonnet on Barbara.

"Ah," cooed Dawn, "doesn't Baby Barbie look sweet. But I won't buy any, cause Mommy has baby bonnets at home for Baby Barbie."

Barbara wanted to sob. She did not want to be treated like a baby anymore.

Dawn drove Barbara home. Once there, she had Barbara crawl up to Dawn's bedroom.

"This is gonna be Baby Barbie's nursery room." cooed Dawn.

Barbara crawled in and was shocked. All of Dawn's "grown-up" furniture was gone and replaced with baby nursery furniture. The bed was gone and in its place was a metal, hospital baby's crib. There was a changing table and a play-pen. Not to mention a rocker. There were shelves on the wall. Some were filled with stuffed baby animal toys. Above the changing table was shelves filled with diapers, and bottles of baby oil and baby powder. Next to the changing table was a diaper pail. On the outside of it was stenciled, "BABY BARBIE'S DIAPER PAIL."

"Dawn must have done this during the week while I was in work." thought Barbara.

"Time to get Baby Barbie dressed." announced Dawn.

Dawn sat Barbara in the baby crib and removed all her clothes, leaving her naked. Barbara sat there trying in vain to cover herself. She slapped Barbara's hands away, saying, "Little babies don't care if they're naked. Most babies like it that way. Now if Mommy sees baby acting like hers a grown-up, Mommy spank baby. Does baby understand?"

Barbara shook her head, as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Dawn slowly laid Barbara on her stomach and gave her a baby fleet enema. Barbara started to cry at this invasion. Then Dawn rubbed baby oil and baby powder all over her bottom and pubic area. Taking a Attends pamper, Dawn taped it on Barbara.

As she was sitting in the crib, Barbara felt cramps due to the enema and the suppositories that Dawn had given her earlier. She tried in vain to stop the enviable, but this was fruitless. The enema won and Barbara messed herself. She found herself sitting in a messy pamper. Tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Ah," cooed Dawn, "did Baby Barbie go poo-poo in her didees?"

Barbara stared to wail, just like a baby.

"Don't worry, Baby Barbie," Dawn said smiling, "Mommy will change does nasty didees on baby."

Dawn laid Barbara down and slowly removed the messy pamper. Using baby wipes, she proceeded to clean her mother up. Then Barbara was oiled and powdered, and a fresh pamper was taped to her.

Sniffing, Barbara thought to herself, "Gee, it feels good to be in clean diapers again. And the powder smells so fresh. Mommy, er...Dawn takes good care of me."

Barbara was shocked at herself. In a short period of time, she thought of Dawn as "Mommy", and not as her daughter.

Cooing to her mother, Dawn said, "Baby Barbie, do try and stay dry for a while."

Barbara started to tear up again. She hated being teased about being treated like a baby. Dawn was treating her like a baby and would not allow her to do anything. It was relaxing to a point, but not being allowed to do anything was frustrating.

"Time for baby's lunchie-poo." announced Dawn.

Barbara was glad. She was hungry.

Dawn had Barbara crawl to the kitchen where a baby's wooden high chair waited for her. Dawn sat her mother in the tiny baby seat. Barbara found it to be a tight fit. Then Dawn secured the feeding tray in place. A baby tri-bowl of baby food was put on the tray and Dawn started to spoon-fed her mother. At first Barbara refused to eat the gooey baby food, but having Dawn pinch her nose and having the the spoon shoved into hher mouth, she decided to allow Dawn to fed her. After being fed, Barbara was bottle-fed and then burped.

"Time for Baby Barbie to take her nappy-poo." cooed Dawn.

Dawn had Barbara crawl to the nursery and laid her in the baby crib. Dawn dressed Barbara in a pair of pink baby-style Dr. Dentons, gave her a baby's pacifier and a stuffed teddy bear. The side rail was pulled up and the lid closed and secured.

Shaking her finger at her mother, Dawn gave her a stern warning, "If Mommy finds baby out her crib, Mommy will spank baby."

Barbara knew that her daughter meant want she said. But how could she get out anyway, the lid was closed and locked on the crib. Sucking on the pacifier, Barbara soon fell asleep. She had an exhausting morning. For the next two hours, Barbara slept. Dawn came and gently woke her.

Unzipping the Dr. Denton's, Dawn felt Barbara's diaper.

"Wet." she announced. Barbara did not really wet herself as she slept, but Dawn though that the statement would help urther her regression.

She removed the Dr. Dentons, leaving Barbara dressed only in the diapers and plastic panties. Carefully, Dawn pulled the tabs off and removed the so-called wet pamper. Taking baby wipes, Dawn washed Barbara's "didee" area. Then using diaperine, rubbed the ointment all over her mother's pubic area and her bottom.

"That's so baby no gets a nasty didee rash." cooed Dawn.

Carefully, Dawn lifted Barbara's bottom up and slid three, thick diapers under her. Spreading her legs apart, she pulled the diaper up and pinned them together. A pair of pink plastic panties with ruffles on the bottom, were pulled up her legs and covered the bulky diapers. It was bad enough to have Dawn put pampers on her, but to be be put into cloth diapers was unbelievable! Sitting her mother up, Dawn put on her a tee shirt. Barbara soon found herself wearing a baby-style smock. Pink ankle socks completed the dressing. Giving Barbara a baby's pacifier, Dawn had her crawl to the family room where she was put into a play-pen. Barbara sat in the play-pen for the rest of the day until dinner. Dawn had her crawl to the kitchen where she once again found herself sitting in the wooden baby's high chair. After securing the feeding tray in place, Dawn tied a plastic drool bib on her mother. Like lunch, Dawn spoon-fed Barbara a typical dinner, suitable for a small baby. As she fed Barbara, Dawn fed herself. Her mother eyed Dawn's grown-up dinner, craving it. She knew that she would not be allowed to eat any and would have to be satisfied with the mush baby food dinner. Barbara was given her bottle and then burped. When dinner was over and the dishes done, Dawn put Barbara back into her play-pen where she began, out of boredom, playing with the baby toys.

Looking down at her mother in the play-pen, Dawn cooed, "Since Baby Barbie been such a good widdle baby, Mommy has a treat for hers."

Dawn walked over to the VCR and turned it on. Barbara wondered what show Dawn had taped. When the show started, Barbara wanted to cry, for Dawn had taped the kiddie show, "Barney!"

Cooing to Barbara, Dawn said, "I think that this maybe to old for baby." Smiling, Dawn continued, "Tomorrow, Mommy will tape "Sesame Street" or "Romper Room" for baby."

Barbara cried to her daughter, "But Dawn er...Mommy, I want to watch the news."

Dawn looked at her mother sitting in the playpen and exclaimed, "The News! Baby Barbie much to young to see all that violence. It would give baby nightmares, besides baby wouldn't understand it."

When the show was over, Dawn said to her mother in a commanding voice, "Since you are a baby, babies don't care being naked. So Baby Barbie better not try and cover herself when Mommy takes her clothes off or Mommy spank baby."

Barbara started to sweat, was Dawn planning to have her go around naked?

"Also," said Dawn, "Baby Barbie no touch her diaper. Only Mommy or other grown-ups can. If baby touches her diaper, Mommy spank." With that statement, Dawn leaned over the play-pen's rail and pulled the tape of her pamper off and re-taped it loosely.

Helping Barbara out of the play-pen, Dawn sat her on the floor.

"Let's see how much baby learned." Dawn removed Barbara's top, exposing her breasts. Barbara was tempted to cover herself, but remembered her daughter's threat. Dawn smiled and cooed, "Good baby. Now follow Mommy." Barbara was about to stand to follow Dawn, but she remembered that she was considered a baby and babies crawled. Getting down on all fours, Barbara crawled, following her daughter around. As she crawled around, Barbara's diaper slowly began to slid down, finally stopping at her knees. Barbara stopped and sat. She was about to pull the diaper up when she remembered about the spanking. Dawn came over and smiled. laying Barbara on her back, Dawn re-taped the pamper snugly.

"Time for baby's bathy." cooed Dawn.

She had Barbara crawled to the bathroom. Running water into the tub, Dawn sprinkled Mr. Bubble into the warm water. Barbara sat on the carpet watching Dawn prepare her bath. Without thinking, Barbara started sucking her thumb and playing with her hair. When the water level reached about eight inches, Dawn shut the water off. Laying her mother down, she removed the pamper. Barbara soon found herself sitting in the warm water, holding her rubber duck. Dawn scrubbed her mother with baby soap, and washed her hair with baby shampoo. After the bath and drying her with a large fluffy towel, Dawn had Barbara crawl to her nursery room. She smiled to herself watching as her naked mother crawled down the hallway. Once in the nursery room, Dawn laid Barbara in the crib and rubbed baby oil and then sprinkled baby powder on her pubic area and her bottom. Taking the can of baby powder, Dawn sprinkled a heavy dose of it into the pamper. Laying the pamper under Barbara's bottom, she spread her legs apart, pulling it up and taping the ends together. Once snugly in her pampers, Dawn put a white tee-shirt on her. Embroiled on the front was "Baby Barbie". Tears formed in Barbara's eyes, she knew that she was slowly being regressed to being a baby again by her daughter. After the tee-shirt was in place, Dawn put a pair of cotton Dr. Denton's on her complete with mittens and feet!

After giving her mother her bath and getting her Dr. Dentons put on, Dawn had her crawl to the kitchen for a snack. In the kitchen, Dawn put Barbara into the tight fitting high chair.

"That's where all babies have their meals." cooed Dawn.

Barbara was fed a bowl of pabulum and given her baby bottle of formula. Like all of her meals, Dawn had laced the food with a strong dose of Metamucil and in the drink a diuretic to ensure that Barbara would have a very wet and messy night. When she was finished being fed and then burped, Barbara was led back to her nursery room. Laying in her crib, Dawn took a large piece of plastic. It was wide enough to cover the front and back of Barbara. In the center was a hole. Dawn took the plastic and inserted Barbara's head through the hole. Barbara's front and back was covered. On the sides in the front and back were two metal rings. Taking a plastic strap from under the crib, Dawn inserted it throughout the rings, across Barbara's stomach and throughout the opposite side. The strap went through the bars and attached underneath the crib. Barbara was unable to move about or turn ovber. She was stuck in that position.

"This is to make sure baby stays in her crib and can not get out." cooed Dawn. Looking at her watch, Dawn said, "On, my. It's eight o'clock. Time for all good little babies to be in their cribs."

Giving Barbara a pacifier, Dawn kissed her forehead, pulled the side rail up and closed and secured the lid. She turned on the Minnie Mouse nightlight and turned off the light.

"Night-nite, Baby Barbie." cooed Dawn as she closed the door to the nursery.

Barbara laid in her crib, sucking on the pacifier, crying. Reflecting upon the events of the day, she wondered how easy Dawn had transformed her from a grown woman to a helpless baby. She laid there sobbing.

Dawn sat in the living room listening. She had turned on the baby monitor and was listening to Barbara, waiting. She did not have to wait long, shortly she heard Barbara groaning.

After a half hour of sobbing, Barbara noticed something. She was developing cramps. She had to have a bowel movement! Then pressure on her bladder started, she had to pee too! She laid there crying for Dawn, "Dawn," she yelled, "I haveta go to the bathroom!" Barbara did not understand why Dawn would not come. Then she remembered that Dawn wanted to be called "Mommy".

"MOMMY!" she wailed.

Dawn entered the nursery in moments and whispered, "Mommy's here baby. What's the matter baby?"

Sniffling, Barbara said, "I haveta use the bathroom really bad, Dawn, er...Mommy."

Dawn smiled and cooed, "But Baby Barbie, you're much to young to be potty trained, that's why little babies like you wear didees." Placing the pacifier back into Barbara's mouth, she said, "After baby goes poo-poo in her didees, Mommy will change baby." With that, Dawn left the nursery.

Barbara laid there sobbing, feeling the pressure and the cramps. Slowly, the pee started to flow out, soaking her diapers. Barbara could feel the warm liquid as it raced around her pubic skin and her bottom. It was about midnight before the cramps became so bad that she let nature win and she messed her diapers. The smell was horrible, but not as bad as the humiliation of messing herself.

At two in the morning, Dawn entered carrying a baby bottle of formula. Barbara was still awake, unable to sleep. She was glad to see her daughter, because she knew that Dawn would change these messy diapers. But Barbara was in for surprise, Dawn fed her the bottle of formula, turned her onto her stomach, and secured her down. Without saying a word, Dawn left.

Barbara started to cry, wanting to be changed, not caring for the humiliation that it would cause. Dawn did not come. Barbara ended up finally crying herself to sleep.

Dawn came into the nursery around eight the next morning. Lowering the side rail, she cooed to her mother, "Good morning baby. Did baby have a nice sleepy-byes?

Before Barbara could respond, Dawn shoved the pacifier into her mouth.

"Suck." she ordered. Afraid of what Dawn would do, Barbara did as she was told.

Sniffing, Dawn said, "Ah, did Baby Barbie go poo-poo in her didees?"

Barbara turned bright reed from embarrassment. Dawn slowly unzipped the Dr. Denton's and removed them. Then she took off the tee-shirt, leaving Barbara clad only in her pampers. Dawn carefully cleaned her mother up and put a dry pamper on her.

Taking her out of the crib, Dawn had her crawl to the kitchen. Barbara felt very self-conscious about being dressed only in a pamper. Sitting Barbara in the high chair, Dawn fed her a bowl of warm rice cereal and a baby bottle of formula. After feeding Barbara and herself, Dawn cleaned up the breakfast dishes while hermother remained in the confined aby's high chair.

Having Barbara crawl back to the nursery, Dawn though of what was going to happen to Barbara today. Once in the nursery, Dawn laid her mother down in the crib. Barbara was dressed in a white cotton tee-shirt and white cotton ankle socks. Next was a maternity smock that had a very babyish look about it. It was a light pink, with a white peter pan collar and white puffed sleeves. The smock flared at the breast and the hem ended at the crotch. As Dawn was dressing her, Barbara laid there, sucking on her thumb and playing with her hair.

"After Mommy finishes dressing baby," cooed Dawn, "Mommy's taking Baby Barbie bye-byes. Won't that be fun?"

Barbara did not think so. She did not want anyone seeing her dressed like a baby. Her bottom lip started to quiver as the tears began flowing down her cheeks. Dawn simply hushed her and continued dressing her.

Dawn finished dressing Barbara by putting white, high-top sneakers with baby bells attached to the laces and a pink baby bonnet on her infantile mother. Having her walk, holding onto Dawn's hand, she was led out to the car where she was secured in the back seat. Barbara was fearful at the prospect of where they would go. Dawn drove for twenty minutes and Barbara was getting stared at by other in the passing cars. Finally they arrived at their destination - "Kinder Care". At the entrance was a friend of Dawn's, her name was Marcie.

Marcie came over to the car as Dawn was helping her mother out.

"Oh, how cute the baby is!" exclaimed Marcie as she pinched her cheek.

Dawn and Marcie walked Barbara into the day care center. Once in there, Dawn had Barbara crawl to the medical examination room. Helping Barbara up, Marcie sat her on a metal table. Expertly, Marcie removed all of Barbara's clothing, leaving her dressed only in her pamper.

"Before any baby goes into the nursery, our nursing staff examines them. We weigh the babies, and take their temperature too. It's quick and then the baby is out with the other babies, playing."

Marcie laid Barbara on a baby scale and took her weight and height. Then turning her onto her stomach, she untapped one side of the pamper and pulled the side back, exposing Barbara's bottom. Taking a rectal thermonitor, Marcie inserted it into Barbara bottom. Barbara let out a yip. Barbara soobed while her temperature was being taken,

After the examination, Marcie took Dawn and Barbara to the nursery. Barbara was dressed only in her pamper. Marcie giggled as she watched Barbara crawling, shaking her diapered bottom back and forth In the room, Barbara noticed that it was scattered with all types of baby toys. There were play-pens too.

"This is where we put all of our babies." stated Marcie.

"This is where we'll put Baby Barbie when she comes on the weekends. She'll be with the other babies." Seeing Barbara looking at the play-pens, Marcie explained, "We normally let the babies crawl around unless they're naughty. Then they are put into the play-pens as punishment."

Marcie knelt down next to Barbara. Barbara did not understand what Marcie meant.

Dawn knelt next to her infantile mother and cooed, "Play with the toys, baby, while Mommy talks to Auntie Marcie." She handed Barbara a Jack-in-the-box.

Barbara sat here, holding the Jack-in-the-box while watching Dawn and Marcie talk. As she sat there, Barbara felt pressure on her bladder. Without realizing it, she started wetting her pamper. Tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Marcie came over and cooed, "Ah, what's da matter baby? Did baby do wetties in her didees?" Pushing her down, Marcie continued, "Let Auntie Marcie check Baby Barbie's didee."

Barbara started to rebel, "Your not changing me!" she yelled. Before Marcie realized it, Barbara was standing and running for the exit. She never made it. Two sets of hands grabbed her arms. Dawn and Marcie were dragging her back to the nursery.

"You naughty baby!" scolded Dawn.

"How dare you walk and talk as if you were a grown-up. Now baby is going to be punished."

Pulling Barbara across her knee, Dawn untapped the sides of the pamper, pulled it down, exposing her bottom. Marcie gave Dawn a wooden ruler, which Dawn proceeded in using on her mother's bare bottom. Dawn did not spank hard enough to cause welts, but the ruler left red marks on her tender bottom.

"Now", said Dawn, "Auntie Marcie is going to check baby's didee and change baby. And baby better be good." Dawn laid Barbara on the floor and re-taped the pamper. Barbara laid there crying profusely.

Marcie had Barbara crawl over to an area that was protected with plastic padding. Laying Barbara on her back, Marcie checked her pamper.

"Wet." she announced. Barbara laid there crying as a girl young enough to be her daughter diapered her. Soon Barbara was wearing dry pampers and sitting in a play-pen.

Marcie came over to the play-pen andknelling by it, said, "Ah, por Baby Barbie. Now hers is being punished forbeing so naughty. Next time baby will behave for 'Auntie' Marcie, won't hers."

She sat there playing with a baby rattle, crying, thinking how much her daughter and her friend were treating her like a baby.

"At noontime, we feed our babies." announced Marcie. Taking a jar of strained prunes, Marcie spoon-fed Barbara. Then she was fed a baby bottle of formula.

"After we fed our babies," cooed Marcie, "we don't want baby to get tummy aches. So we give them a large dose of Castor Oil."

Barbara started crying as Marcie poured a large amount of Castor Oil onto a huge tablespoon. Shaking head Barbara cried out "No!", but Marcie ignored her pleads and forced the spoon into her mouth. It tasted horrible.

After playing for a half hour, Marcie announced that it was nap time. They laid Barbara down in the play-pen and covered her with a blanket. Giving her a bottle, Marcie dimmed the lights. She napped for an hour. Barbara woke with her thumb in her mouth.

"Time to check baby's didee." cooed Marcie. Expertly, Marcie stuck her finger into the leg band of the pamper and announced that the baby was wet. Quickly, she removed Barbara's wet pamper while Barbara whimpered. She did not speak or try to runaway, Barbara did not want to be punished again.

Dawn came over and said, "Time to get Baby Barbie ready to go bye-byes." Laying her infantile mother on the mat, Dawn proceeded to put the "baby dress" on Barbara and then the high top sneakers on. She finished by tying the baby bonnet on. Barbara was once again the vision of infancy. She sat her mother in the back seat, gave her a pacifier and had her wave bye-bye to Marcie.

Barbara received a shock as they arrived home. Her 18 year old daughter, Stephanie was home. She spent the weekend with her girlfriends. How in the world will she explain this to her?

Barbara hesitated in going into the house dressed as a baby, but Dawn spanked her bottom a few times. It brought tears and brought her resistance down. Slowly, she entered the house only to be greeted by her youngest daughter, Stephanie.

"Ah," cooed Stephanie, "Mom, er...Baby Barbie, you look so cute!" Clapping her hands, Stephanie said, "Now walk to Auntie Stephie."

Holding her mother's hand, Dawn walked her over to Stephanie. Stephanie gave her mother a big hug. Holding her mother's hands apart, Stephanie cooed, "Baby Barbie, you would look so cute dressed only in your didees."

Barbara thought, "Stephanie knew that Dawn was doing this to me. Now I am going to be babied by both my daughters!"

Laying Barbara on the floor, Stephanie proceeded in removing the baby bonnet, baby dress, the tee shirt, shoes and socks. Barbara was dressed only in the pampers.

"Let's play." cooed Stephanie. Picking up her mother's ankles, Stephanie started pushing them back and forth, singing, "The bus wheels go round and round. Round and round. Round and round."

Barbara laid there and started crying. She felt so upset, this was a song Barbara sang to Stephanie when she was just a baby. Now both of her daughters were treating her like a baby. What did she do to deserve this fate?

Seeing her mother crying, Stephanie cooed, "Ah, did baby go pee-pee in her didees?"

Barbara shook her head, "No.", but Stephanie said, "Here, let Auntie Stephie check."

Sticking her finger into the leg band of the pamper, Stephanie said, "Mmm. You're not wet. Maybe baby has a temperature."

She asked Dawn to bring the thermonitor to her. Dawn came in a few minutes later. Stephanie laid her mother down on the play-pen's mat and started to remove the pamper. Barbara started to struggle, but Stephanie spanked her diapered bottom a few times. She stopped the struggling, crying, while her youngest daughter removed the pamper. Shortly, Barbara laid there naked. Closing her eyes, Barbara opened her mouth expecting Stephanie to put the thermonitor in.

Stephanie and Dawn started to giggle as Stephanie cooed, "Ah, baby. Babies don't have their temperature taken orally. Babies have it taken rectally."

She rolled Barbara onto her stomach and inserted the thermonitor. Barbara let out a yipe. After a few minutes, Stephanie removed it and cooed, "That's good, Baby Barbie has no temperature."

She retaped the pamper back on Barbara and led her to the kitchen. Lifting her mother up, Stephanie sat her in the wooden high chair and secured the feeding tray in place. Barbara wanted to eat, but she hated eating the awful baby food that her daughters insisted she eat. After tying a plastic bib on Barbara, Dawn began spoon feeding a variety of warm baby food mush into her mother's mouth. Barbara ended up with the baby food all over her mouth, but Dawn managed to get some down her throat. With her dinner finished, Dawn burped Barbara. Reluctantly, Barbara let out a loud burp, to the giggles of Dawn and Stephanie. As she was cleaning the dinner dishes, Dawn suggested that Stephanie give the baby her bath.

Crawling slowly, Barbara crawled to the bathroom. Stephanie smiled watching her mother's diapered bottom wiggle as she crawled on the floor. Once in the bathroom, Stephanie, talking Baby-talk to Barbara, removed the pamper. Barbara sat on the carpet watching Stephanie draw her bath. When Stephanie was satisfied with the water level, she sat her mother into the warm soapy water. The water barely pass the top of her thighs. Barbara started crying as her youngest daughter bathed her. All Barbara could think was that she was glad tomorrow as Monday and that she could resume her life as an adult. After her bath, Stephanie dried her off with a large fluffy towel. Then she had her mother crawl to her nursery room. Laying her in the crib, Stephanie laid three, thick diapers under her bottom. Spreading her legs apart, she pulled the cloth up and pinned them at the sides. It was so thick, that Barbara was unable to close her legs. Taking a pair of plastic panties, Stephanie pulled them up Barbara's legs and over the diapers. The waistband and leg band of the plastic panties cut into Barbara's flesh. It was so uncomfortable. It was retaining her body heat. Next was a cotton tee-shirt and the her Dr. Dentons. The Dr. Dentons were made of cotton, white with little baby blocks printed on it. She was soon imprisoned in her infantile grab. Pulling up the hair in the center of Barbara's head, Stephanie clipped a pink plastic baby bow. When the dressing was completed, Stephanie had her mother crawl down to the family room. Dawn was waiting.

"Ah," cooed Dawn, "doesn't Baby Barbie look cute." Sitting her mother in the play-pen, Dawn announced, "Mommy has a surprise for her little baby." She went over to the VCR and turned it on. Barbara was pleased, she had not seen television since last night, a kiddie show. But her pleasure was short lived, for coming on was the children's show, "Barney".

"This maybe too old for baby." cooed Stephanie.

Barbara had tears starting to stream down her cheeks. Her children thought that she was to young to see Barney. For the net half hour, she sat there watching the show as Dawn and Stephanie would talk baby-talk to her.

When the show ended, Dawn had Barbara sit on her lap as she bottle fed her. Barbara thought that the milk tasted different and she was right.

"Mommy's giving baby a treat tonight." she cooed.

"Mommy's giving baby her favorite - breast milk!" Dawn knew how Barbara would react to the breast milk and held the bottle tightly in her mouth. Barbara struggled, but to no avail. She ended up suckling on the nipple, swallowing the breast milk. A little of the milk dribble from the corner of Barbara's mouth. Dawn wiped the milk away with a soft cloth. Smiling to herself, Dawn knew that Barbara was not drinking breast milk, but skim milk laced with a strong diuretic. When she finished the bottle, she was burped and then led to the nursery. Dawn laid her in the crib and secured the plastic vest on her. Barbara was fasten down in the crib and a baby blanket covered her. Kissing her forehead, Dawn gave her a pacifier and a teddy bear, turned on the night light, turned on the cassette player that played nursery songs, and closed the door. For the second night in a row, Barbara was in bed by 8 p.m.

Barbara woke with a start as a nipple of a baby bottle touched her lips. Opening her eyes, she saw Dawn smiling down at her, cooing, "Time for baby's 2 o'clock feeding." Barbara sucked on the nipple hungrily. She was straving. Baby food was not filling enough for her.

After she was fed her bottle, Dawn gently pulled the Dr. Dentons off and felt her mother's diapers.

"Wet". she announced. Barbara could feel a cold dampness around her waist and knew she had wet herself. Tears developed in her eyes.

"How have I become to wet myself?" she thought. Dawn carefully removed the damp plastic panties and wet diaper. Cleaning her mother up, Barbara was put into three thick diapers, plastic panties and her Dr. Dentons were put back on. Giving her a pacifier, Dawn left.

Dawn gently woke her mother up at 6 and said, "Time to get baby ready to go to nursery school."

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes with her mitten hands, Barbara said, "Dawn, I have to get ready for work."

Angry, Dawn said, "Baby Barbie, Mommy told you that you must speak baby-talk or Mommy spank baby."

Not wanting a spanking, Barbara quickly reverted to baby-talk, "Mommy, me gotta go to work."

Smiling, Dawn replied, "That's better baby. Now, Baby Barbie much to young to work. That's why she goes to nursery school."

"Me no wanta go to nursery school." wailed Barbara.

"Me gotta go to work."

Dawn ignored her cries as she removed the Dr. Dentons, then the tee shirt, plastic panties and the wet diapers. Wiping her mother with baby wipes, Dawn proceeded in rubbing diaperine on her diaper area. Taking a pamper, Dawn taped in on Barbara. Next was her tee shirt. Barbara sat in the crib crying as Dawn continued dressing her. Barbara felt so infantile. Here was her daughter, in her grown-up nightgown while she was dressed only in a pamper.

Holding up a adult dress, Dawn started dressing Barbara in it. Barbara was shocked somewhat. The adult dress was as juvenile as possible. It was a navy style dress, dark blue, a white collar with a bright red bow. The skirt was pleaded, and the hem ended above her knees. After putting the dress on her, Dawn put a pair of nylon footies on and then a pair of black patent shoes, low heels of course.

As she was brushing Barbara's hair, Dawn cooed, "When you get to nursery school, no one knows how you are being treated like baby except for your Nanny."

At that point, Barbara knew that she was going to go to work, but who was this Nanny that Dawn spoke of?

Satisfied that her mother was ready, Dawn had her crawl to the kitchen where Stephanie was waiting. Stephanie was dressed in her nightgown, looking very grown-up to her infantile feeling mother. Helping her into the high chair, Stephanie secured the feeding tray in place. A large plastic bib was tied on her. Stephanie started spoon feeding her a bowl of warm pabulum.

"Mommy went to get dress so her can take baby to nursery school." cooed Stephanie.

"Take me to nursery school, I can drive myself." Stated Barbara.

"Baby much to young to drive." Replied Stephanie.

"Now eat your pabulum, babykins."

By time Stephanie finished feeding Barbara her bottle and burping her, Dawn was dressed and walking into the kitchen.

"Time to go bye-byes." announced Dawn. Handing her mother a little girl's black patent purse with strap and putting a white straw hat with two long red streamers, she took her to the pick-up truck and secured her in. Once behind the driver's seat, Dawn removed a pacifier from her purse and inserted it into Barbara's mouth. Without thinking, she began sucking on the nipple. When they got close to work, Dawn took the pacifier put it back into her purse and then removed the hat. Barbara was grateful that she no longer had that infantile toy. Dawn parked the truck and escorted Barbara to her office. She worked at a company owned and operated by females. And Barbara was one of the managers. Once in her office, Barbara again wondered who Dawn got to be her Nanny.

A few minutes later, Renee' Artuso, Barbara's 24 year old secretary popped her head in and said, "Good morning, Barbie. I'll be right in."

Barbara was taken back a little. Renee' always called her Ms. Leto, or Barbara, or even Barb. But never did she call her Barbie. Then a terrible thought came, was she her Nanny?

She received her answer almost immediately when Renee' came back in and cooed, "How's nanny's widdle baby?"

Barbara turned beet red as Renee' tickled her under her chin and then tried to lifted her dress to reveal Barbara's pamper. Barbara resisted, but a slap to her hand stopped the rebellion.

"When did she have her last diaper change?" she asked Dawn.

Dawn replied that she should be alright until around ten. Barbara sat there as Dawn and Renee' talked about her care. Dawn handed Renee' her "diaper bag", containing extra pampers and formula. Giving Barbara a kiss on the forehead, Dawn left. But before leaving she said, "If she's naughty, you can give her a time-out. Then I'll punish her when we get home tonight."

Looking at Barbara, "Be good or Mommy spank." she warned.

The morning went uneventful. Barbara sat at her desk working, while Renee' did the assignments that were given to her. As Barbara worked, she felt very odd sitting at her desk wearing a pamper. But she was determined not to wet herself. So far, she had been successful, even though her bladder was aching.

Around ten, Renee' entered and cooed, "Time for Nanny to check baby's didee."

Looking up from her work, Barbara replied, "Renee', I'm fine. Now get back to work."

Closing the office door, Renee' knelt on the floor and pulled a diaper pad out of Barbara's diaper bag.

Keeping her voice calm, Renee' said, "Baby Barbie, if you don't get down here immediately, Nanny will give baby a time-out and when Mommy gets here, I'll tell her what a bad baby you were."

Not wanting to get a time-out or a spanking, Barbara got up and went to Renee'. Then she laid down on the diaper pad. Knowing that she was not wet, Barbara knew that this was a waste of time.

Out of the diaper bag, Renee' pulled out a baby bottle of formula and inserted it into Barbara's mouth. Then she pulled up Barbara's skirt, revealing the bulging, plastic panties. Pulling down the plastic panties, Renee' felt the pamper.

"Wet." she announced.

Barbara was confused. She knew that she did not wet her pamper, for her bladder was aching for relief. But Renee' said her pamper was wet. Maybe she did not know when she was wet.

Renee' changed Barbara and soon she was cleaned up and in a dry pamper. Barbara was only half way done on her bottle. Taking Barbara's wrist Renee' took her over to her chair. Sitting Barbara on her lap, Renee' finished bottle-feeding her. Before long, Barbara finished her bottle and Renee' burped her. Then they went back to work.

Five minutes before twelve, Renee' entered her office and announced to Barbara that she was going to take her to meet Dawn. Minutes later, they were down at the pick-up truck. Saying good bye to Renee', Dawn took Barbara into the camper section attached to the bed of the truck. Sitting Barbara on the bunk, Dawn removed Barbara's dress, leaving her in her tee shirt, and pampers. Dawn tied a plastic bib on her, and began spoon feeding Barbara mush baby food. When she finished feeding her mother the baby food, Dawn bottle-fed her. Barbara was burped and then Dawn laid her down on the bunk to take a nap. Covering her up with a soft baby blanket, Dawn attached a small railing to the bunk to prevent her from falling off. Barbara was asleep in moments. Ten minutes before returning to work, Dawn woke her up. After changing her wet pamper and putting her dress on Barbara, Dawn took her back to her office. When Barbara protested that she did not need an escort to her office, Dawn replied, "What type of Mommy would I be if I allowed a baby to go all by herself."

Renee' met them and took control of Barbara. Barbara and Renee' returned to work. No problems until two-thirty when Renee' enter to announce that it was time to check Baby Barbie's didee and to fed her her formula. Once again, Barbara held back knowing that her pamper was dry, but Renee' said that she was "Wet". Barbara wanted to cry. She thought she was dry, but Renee' said that she was wet again. It never accord to her that Renee' might be lying. Once again Barbara was changed and was fed her bottle.

At five o'clock, Dawn entered Barbara's office and said that it was time to go bye-byes. Squeezing Barbara's cheek, Renee' cooed bye-byes and said that Nanny would see her tomorrow. Dawn took Barbara to the pick-up and strapped her in.

Dawn drove for awhile and finally drove into a parking lot of a medical building. Taking Barbara to the camper section, Dawn removed her outfit, until she laid naked on the bunk. Dawn put three thick diapers and covered them with a pair of pink, plastic panties. Next came her tee-shirt. A pink baby dress with puffed sleeves was put on her. White ankle high socks and her white sneakers with the tiny baby bells on the laces covered her feet. The final touch was a white baby bonnet.

"Your not taking me to the doctors dress like this." said Barbara.

Smiling, Dawn replied, "You have two choices, You can go in there like this, or you can go in there crying with a sore bottom But, babykins, you are going to the doctors dressed like this."

Gulping, Barbara lowered her head and slowly walked out of the truck. Handing her mother a stuffed teddy bear, Dawn took her mother's wrist and walked her into the doctor's office. It was a pediatrician's office

They walked up to the receptionist and said her name. The receptionist said that she and her baby could have a seat and the doctor would see them shortly. The medical staff were all Dawn's friends.

Dawn took Barbara over to the waiting area and sat down. Dawn had Barbara sit on her lap. Barbra felt so humiliated sitting there, the waiting room was decorated for very young children. Soon the nurse/receptionist entered and said to follow her to the examination room.

Once there, the nurse said, "Please remove the baby's clothes. Everything except for her diaper and I be right back."

Dawn removed all of Barbara's clothes, leaving her in her diaper only. Barbara felt so self-conscious at the way she was dressed, she tried to cover her breasts with her arms until Dawn slapped them away.

The nurse returned and had Barbara lay on the baby scale that was on the table. The scale read 137 pounds, but to make Barbara feel more babyish, she said, "The baby weighs 13 pounds 7 ounces."

Removing her from the scale, the nurse said that she had to take her temperature. Laying Barbara on her stomach, she unpinned the diaper and pulled it back, exposing her bottom. Taking a rectal thermonitor coated with Vaseline, the nurse insert it into Barbara's bottom. She let out a whimper. After a few minutes, the nurse removed the baby thermonitor. Pinning the diaper back on, the nurse said hat she was fine. Going to the door, she said that the doctor would be right in.

Dawn sat Barbara on her lap, waiting. Dawn gave Barbara her teddy bear, which she started to hug.

A few minutes later, the doctor came in. To Barbara, she looked as if she was only 25. And she was. The doctor was really the real receptionist at that office, but for tonight she was pretending to be a doctor. The doctor examined Barbara asking Dawn what the problem was. Dawn stated that the baby did not go poo-poo in a few days.

Smiling, the doctor said, "The best thing to do is three things. One give her two tablespoons of Castor Oil twice a day. Second give her a bottle of warm water mixed with Fennel seed. And third give her an enema once a day."

Barbara started to shake her head. She did not want any of that stuff.

She sat on her daughter's lap as Dawn and the doctor continued to discuss her condition. Dawn listened to the doctor, bouncing Barbara on her knee as she kept on patting her diapered bottom.

Finally, the doctor was finished and the nurse said that Dawn could dress the baby.

Dawn dressed Barbara and taking her wrist, took her to the receptionist's desk. The receptionist smiled and cooed, "This is for being such a good baby." and she stuck a sticker on Barbara's dress. It read, "I Went To My Pediatrician And Was A Good Girl".

Barbara bowed her head and felt tears swell up in her eyes. She was so embarrassed. Dawn took her wrist again and took her to the pick-up. They were home within twenty minutes.

Holding her hand, Dawn took her mother into the house. Stephanie greeted them and cooed to Barbara, "Did baby have fun in nursery school?"

Barbara lowered her head as Dawn let go of her wrist. She stood for a second as Dawn and Stephanie looked at her. Then Barbara realized that when an adult was not holding onto her, she was suppose to crawl. If not, she would be spanked. She quickly sat on her diapered bottom. Both adults smile. Stephanie went into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner, as Dawn had Barbara crawl into the family room. Kneeling next to Barbara, Dawn removed all of her clothes except for the diapers and tee shirt. Barbara was getting used being dressed this way.

Dawn had her mother crawl to the kitchen, where she put Barbara into her high chair. As usual, Barbara ate her mush baby food and drank her formula from a baby bottle. Her daughters ate adult food while drinking coffee.

Dawn motherly wiped Barbara's mouth as she cooed, "Ah, hers is such a good widdle baby. Her eats all her baby food for Mommy and Auntie Stephie."

"Time for the baby's bathy-poo." said Stephanie. Turning to Dawn, she said, "You give Baby Barbie her bath and I'll clean up."

Dawn had Barbara crawl to the bathroom where she ran the water into the tub. When the water level was about ten inches high, Dawn shut it off. Carefully, she removed Barbara's clothing and sat her into the warm water. Giving her mother a rubber duck, Dawn washed her.

When Dawn finished bathing Barbara and drying her, she had her mother crawl to the nursery room. Once in the nursery room, Dawn put Barbara into the crib. Taking three thick diapers, Dawn laid them under Barbara's bottom. Then powder, and baby lotion was applied to her pubic area and bottom. to ensure that she would not get a diaper rash, Dawn put diaperine all over her pubic area. Satisfied that her "baby" was properly protected, Dawn pinned the diapers on, pulled up the plastic panties and pulled on her tee shirt. Tonight, Dawn put on her mother a adult-size version of a baby night gown. It zippered up the back and the long gown was sewed shut at her feet. There was mittens attached to the arms, preventing the baby from unzipping the zipper.

Barbara crawled to the family room. She found it difficult to crawl in the baby gown. When they arrived in the family room, Dawn had Barbara sit on her lap while she turned on the TV and the VCR. A program started and Barbara was thrilled to watch it, even though it was a kiddies show. As Dawn fed her, Barbara watched Sesame Street, with all the cute characters.

"Time for Baby Barbie's beddy bye." announced Stephanie.

Dawn and Stephanie took Barbara up to her nursery room and laid her in her crib. Like the other nights, she had the plastic vest put on, and then she was strapped down in the crib. Barbara was given her teddy bear and her pacifier. Then the cassette player was put on with all nursery songs, the night light was put on, the overhead light turned off. Before leaving, Dawn put the baby monitor on, then closed the door. Barbara yawned, feeling tired and decide to go to sleep. She still could not understand why she was so tired at eight o'clock at night.

Like the other nights, Barbara woke around two, just as Dawn was entering the room with her bottle. Barbara felt a little strange, here was her daughter, dressed in an adult night gown, while she was dressed in diapers and plastic panties, wearing a baby's night gown.

She inserted the bottle into her mother's mouth. As Barbara held the nursing bottle with her mitten hands, Dawn unzipped the baby nightgown and felt her mother's diapers.

Cooing, Dawn smiled and said, "Ah, baby is all wet-wet. Now Mommy change baby's didee."

Sucking on the nipple, Barbara smiled. She was very uncomfortable in her damp diapers and it would feel good to have Dawn put dry diapers on her. She laid there as Dawn changed her. In minutes, Dawn had her mother in dry diapers and plastic panties. She replaced the baby night gown, and covered her mother up with a soft baby blanket. Barbara fell asleep, sucking on her pacifier.

At six, like the day before, Dawn woke her mother up.

"Time to get Baby Barbie ready for nursery school." she cooed. Again, Dawn dressed her in a juvenile outfit. Barbara was fed by Stephanie as Dawn dressed. She was then driven to "nursery school", and left in care of her Nanny.

Barbara and Renee' worked through out the day as employer and employee. Only at ten and two-thirty, things changed. Renee' assumed the role of Nanny, with Barbara as the baby. Renee' would close Barbara's office door and Barbara was given a diaper change or fed her bottle. The only difference between them during work, was that Renee' called Barbara, "Barbie". By the end of the week, everyone in the office was calling her Barbie instead of Ms. Leto or Barbara, and she hated being called Barbie.

At lunchtime, Dawn drove there and gave her mother her baby food lunch and then she would take a nap. Her diapers were change before returning. At five, Dawn returned to take her home.

Once home, Barbara's dress was removed and she crawled around in her diapers and plastic panties. She was fed in her high chair, given her bath and then put into her Dr. Denton's for bed. She would be given her bottle as she watched a childish show, such as Barney or Sesame Street, while sitting on Dawn's or Stephanie's lap. Then she was be put to bed. Barbara was always in her crib by eight at night. This was atypical day for her now. Except for her first Friday night.

When Dawn drove her home Friday night, she took her dress off, and put a "baby dress" on. It was pink and white checked, with a white peter pan collar and white puffed sleeves. The dress flared at her breast and barely reached her crotch. Her plastic panties were replaced with pink ones with rows and rows of ruffles on the seat. White ankle socks and her white sneakers with baby bells on the lace were put on. Then Dawn pulled the center of her hair up and fastened a pink plastic baby bow to it. To complete her ensemble, a white pinafore was placed on her. Dawn then had Barbara crawl to her play-pen in the family room.

"Ah, doesn't Baby Barbie look adorable!" exclaimed Stephanie.

Barbara sat in her play-pen and began playing with a baby rattle. She played with the rattle for only a minute or so when there was a rapping at the sliding glass doors. To Barbara's shock, in walked her friend and co-worker, Mae Pohubka and her daughter, Karen.

Walking over to the play-pen and looking down at her friend, stammering, Mae blurted out, "Barb, What's going on her? Why are you dressed like this?"

Smiling, Karen took Mae's hand and cooing, said, "You see, Barbie's been acting like a baby so much, that Dawn and Stephanie decided to treat her like one."

Dawn took Mae's other hand, patting it, she cooed, "And if you cooperate dear, the transition for you will go easier." Dawn told her best friend Karen, how she was treating her mother. So the two of them conspired to do the same to Karen's mother.

Mae looked from Dawn to Karen, shaking her head, "You not going to turn me into a baby!" she yelled.

"She's going to be difficult." stated Karen. Dawn agreed. Grabbing Mae's ear, Karen dragged her over to a side chair. Mae had to walk bent over and quickly, for she was afraid of losing her ear.

Karen sat on the chair and pulled Mae over her lap. Mae found herself draped over her daughter's lap, with her hands and feet touching the carpet. With a yank on her skirt's waist, Karen pulled down her mother's skirt, panties, and pantyhose, exposing her bottom. Using a wooden paddle, Karen began spanking Mae's bare, defenseless bottom. Not wanting to, but unable to stop it, Mae started crying profusely. She begged her daughter to stop spanking her, promising her anything. Once Karen heard that, she stopped the spanking. Mae rolled off Karen's lap and onto the floor. She knelt in front of Karen, rubbing her bare bottom with one hand and rubbing away the tears with the other.

"Since you'll do anything I say," Karen said smiling, "you got a deal. From now on, I'm going to treat you like a baby. You're going to be my little baby girl and I'm going to be your mommy."

Mae swallowed hard. What had she gotten herself into, she wondered.

Karen continued, "From now on, you'll wear diapers and plastic panties. You will not have any potty privileges, so the diapers will be necessary. Grown-up clothes, such as bras and panties, high heels are now a thing of the past for you. Like Baby Barbie, you'll eat all your meals in a high chair, drink all your liquids from a baby bottle. You'll sleep in a baby crib. Baby-talk will be your language."

Sweat pour down from Mae's forehead, listening to her fate. She did not like the idea of being treated like a baby.

Dawn came over with an armload of stuff. She knelt next to Karen and Mae.

Stephanie stood by the play-pen, in case Barbara tried to help her friend. She looked down at her mother and in a low voice, said, "Does Baby Barbie want Auntie Stephie to spank baby? Hers better stay in her play-pen."

Tears formed as Barbara shook her head.

Mae laid on her back, sobbing. Slowly, Karen began undressing her mother. Removing her shoes, she pulled Mae's skirt, panties, and pantyhose off. Mae was in shock to retaliate. Sitting Mae up, her daughter unbutton her blouse and threw that with the other clothing that laid in a pile. The last item to be removed was her bra. Mae sat on the floor naked in front of her daughter, Dawn and Stephanie.

"That will haveta go." stated Karen pointing to Mae's pubic hair.

"Babies don't have hair there like big girls do." Karen showed her mother a razor.

Mae began shaking her head, "NO!" she wailed, "You're not shaving me!"

Smiling, Karen said, "Does Baby Masie want Mommy to spank baby again?"

Mae began to sob as Karen laid her down on a diaper pad. Slowly, she began to clip away her pubic hair until only a stubble remained. Rubbing shaving cream on the stubble, she shaved away the rest of the pubic hair. Shortly, Mae's pubic area was hairless. Dawn handed her friend three cloth diapers, which Karen laid under her mother's bottom. Spreading Mae's legs apart, Karen pulled the thick cloth up and pinned them together. Next, Karen pulled up a pair of pink plastic panties, covering up the diapers. Mae was encased in diapers for the first time since she was a baby!

Mae started to squirm. The waist band and leg bands of the plastic panties were tight and kept in the heat. It was most uncomfortable.

"Well," said Dawn, "the babies are all dressed in their didees. I guess we can eat now."

Stephanie helped Barbara out of the play-pen as Karen had Mae crawl to the dining room. Mae felt humiliated crawling like a baby. The adults giggled watching their babies crawling, with their diapered bottoms wiggling.

When they got into the dining room, Mae saw that there was two baby high chairs set up. Dawn helped Barbara into one of the high chairs, while Karen helped Mae. When Mae began to struggle, Karen whispered into her mother's ear, "If Baby Masie doesn't behave, Mommy spank Baby Masie." Mae stopped the struggling. Karen sat her mother in the tight fitting high chair. Taking the feeding tray, she secured it to the high chair, locking Mae in.

Taking plastic bibs, the "mommies" tied them onto their babies. A baby tri-bowl of baby food was placed on the trays and the "mommies" began feeding the babies.

As Karen was feeding her mother, Mae began to feel self-consciences about how she was dressed. When she tried to cover her breasts with her hands, Karen slapped them away, stating, "Babies don't care if they're naked."

Sobbing, Mae replied, "I'm not a baby!" as Karen shoved a spoonful of baby food mush into her mouth.

After dinner, Stephanie said, "Let's have our drinks on the deck." The women agreed as the babies started to cringe. They did not want to go outside where people could see them in their babyness.

Helping Mae down from her high chair, Karen said, "I better put a top on Baby Masie so baby doesn't get a chill." She put a pink tee-shirt on her mother. Embroider on the front in white stitching was "Baby Masie".

Following the crawling babies, the women carried their drinks and the baby bottles to the deck. The babies sat on the wooden deck, while the adults sat in the plush cushion chairs.

As she sat on the deck, Barbara felt pressure on her bladder. Now, she was so use to wetting at the slightest pressure, Barbara began to wet herself. Stephanie noticed that Barbara's bottom lip started to quiver. Pushing her mother so that she bent forward, Stephanie check her diapers.

"She's wet. I'll get the clean diapers to change her."

Stephanie left, only to return within minutes. Barbara started to sob. She did not want "Auntie" Stephie to change her outside. Stephanie ignored her sobbing, laid her on the wooden floor, and removed the damp plastic panties and cloth diapers. Stephanie clean her "niece" up, sprinkled baby powder, and rubbed diaperine on her pubic area. Taking three thick diapers, she re-diapered her mother.

Picking up their "babies", the "mommies" sat them on their laps and began to spoon-fed pabulum to them. Barbara did not resist the sticky substance, but Mae did. She struggled on her daughter's lap while Karen continued to spoon in the mush. Soon, the babies' pabulum was finished. Mae's mouth was smeared with the pabulum. The babies' mouths were cleaned up with baby wipes.

Dawn spoke, "It's close to eight. We should get the "babies" ready for bed."

"And since its so late," stated Stephanie, "We can give the "babies" their baths in the morning."

Mae was confused at first. Her daughter was going to put her to bed at eight? That was way to early, but then she remembered that Karen was treating her like a baby and "babies" go to bed around that time.

The adults had the "babies" crawl up to Barbara's nursery room. Crawling into the nursery room, Mae was surprised. It was a decorated for a small baby, except that the baby cribs were big enough to fit adults. The nursery room held two metal hospital baby cribs.

Helping them up, Karen laid Mae in her crib, while Dawn did the same to Barbara. Dawn removed all of Barbara's baby clothes except for her recently changed diapers and tee-shirt. Now Karen removed Mae's dry diaper, for Mae still had control of her bladder. Laying Mae on her stomach, Karen insert the nozzle of a fleets baby enema into Mae's rectum. Mae was shocked, Karen was giving her an enema! After the enema, Karen put three thick diapers, plastic panties, and a long baby gown on her mother. Like the baby gowns that Dawn put on Barbara, this one's sleeves had mittens and the hem was zippered shut. Mae found herself encased in the baby outfit. She was unable to escape from the nightie. Looking over at her baby friend, Mae noticed that Barbara was encased in a pair of Dr. Dentons. The next thing Mae realized was that Karen was putting a plastic vest on her, forcing to lay on the crib's mattress and securing her to the crib. The same was being dome to Barbara. The adults gave each of the "babies" a bottle of formula. The cassette player was put on, the night light turned on also, as Dawn turned off the main light. The room was cast into semi-darkness. All that Mae could hear was the suckling that Barbara was doing.

Mae spoke to her imprisoned baby friend, "Barb, you know that we can get out of this. We don't have to listen to them. We can fight back.. We're older and stronger than they are. Why are we allowing this to happen to us?"

Barbara stopped the sucking and started sobbing, "How can we? They're grown-ups and we only "babies"."

Tears formed in Mae's eyes. Dawn, Stephanie and Karen convinced a 48 year old woman that she was a baby. Besides, without any adult clothes, they would be running around in diapers and baby nighties she thought.

Barbara continued sucking on her bottle. Mae was thirsty, so she too decided to suck on the infantile nipple. Mae was half way done when she discovered that she was growing sleepy. She found herself yawning. Looking over at Barbara, Mae saw that she was sound asleep. Giving into the sleepiness, Mae drifted off.

Mae woke when she heard the rattle of the crib's rail. Looking up and rubbing sleep from her eyes, Mae saw Karen standing over her. Not saying a word, Karen stuck the nipple of a baby bottle into Mae's mouth. Karen work slowly, removing the plastic vest. She unzipped the baby gown and pulled it up, past the bulky diapers. Mae realized that throughout the night, she had messed her diapers like a baby thanks to the enema that Karen gave he and she never even woke up.

Mae said to her daughter, "Please Karen, let me up so I can change these diapers."

Smiling, Karen cooed, "Ah, is Baby Masie's didee all messy? Now baby much to young to change her own didee. Since Baby Masie talk like her was a big girl, Mommy will change baby in the morning."

"No!" cried out Mae.

"I need a changing now. It feels awful."

Putting her hands on her hips, Karen replied, "No. You must be taught a lesson. Mommy will change baby in the morning."

She rezipped the baby gown, and put the plastic vest back on. Turning her mother onto her stomach, Karen secured her to the crib. Taking a baby bottle, Karen inserted it into Mae's mouth, ordering her to suck on the nipple. Mae obeyed and Karen stayed until the bottle was 3/4 done.

Pointing her finger at Mae, Karen ordered, "Go to sleep." and walked out of the room with Dawn.

Mae turned to look at Barbara. She was in the same position as she was. Barbara laid on her stomach, sucking her pacifier. Mae started to yawn again, and even though she was messy and uncomfortable, she was soon fast asleep.

Sunlight started to penetrate through the window. Mae woke and started to rub the sleep from her eyes with her mitten hands. Barbara was doing the same, except that Barbara was sucking on a pacifier and Mae wasn't.

The door opened and in walked Dawn and Karen. Barbara and Mae both felt so infantile dressed in their baby-style night clothes while their daughters were dressed in adult night gowns.

Both of the "mommies" gave their "babies" their bottles. Barbara was used to a bottle first thing and began sucking on the nipple. Mae, on the other hand, was not, and slowly started sucking. She did not realize how hungry she was and the formula was filling.

As the babies were drinking, Dawn leaned over her mother's crib and lowered the side rail. Carefully, she removed the Dr. Denton's. leaving Barbara dressed only in her tee shirt, diapers and plastic panties. Karen lowered her mother's rail. Mae expected Karen to remove her baby gown, but to her surprise, she didn't. Instead, she helped Mae out of the crib and onto the floor with a stern warning, "Baby Masie better crawl, or Mommy spank baby."

The "mommies" led their crawling "babies" to the kitchen and sat them in their tight fitting high chairs. A plastic baby bib was tied on and the "babies" were soon-fed their breakfast of warm baby rice cereal, a bottle of formula lace with a strong diuretic, and a 6 oz bottle of orange juice. When they had finished their breakfast, they had to watch the grown-ups eat their breakfast of eggs and bacon, toast, coffee, and orange juice.

Mae wanted a cup of coffee so bad, without thinking, she reached over and grabbed Karen's. All that she received was a slap to the hand and a scolding.

The "babies" sat there sobbing, watching as the adults ate, knowing that all they were allowed to eat was baby food.

After breakfast, the "babies" were returned to their cribs. Dawn started removing Barbara's diapers and plastic panties. Karen asked her diapered mother, "If Mommy removes your baby clothes and diapers, are you going to be good and let Mommy give you your bath?"

Mae want out of the messy diapers and reluctantly, she agreed. Karen slowly removed the baby night gown, leaving Mae in her damp tee shirt and diapers. Karen, using baby wipes, clean her messy mother up and herded her off to the bathroom in the hallway. Dawn had taken Barbara to the bathroom in the master bedroom.

In the bathroom, Karen had filled the tub up with warm water and Mr. Bubble. She helped her mother into the warm water. Giving her some baby bath toys to play with, Karen started to bathed her. Mae was appalled, the water level barely covered her thighs. Mae sat there sobbing, while her daughter gave her a bath. When the bath was over, Karen dried her infantile mother off and had her crawl to the nursery room. They meet Dawn and Barbara entering at the same time.

The "babies" were placed in their cribs and after having baby powder and baby lotion applied to their pubic areas and their bottoms, they were diapered. Tee-shirts were put on and then their "baby dresses". The baby dresses were navy style smocks, with white collars and red ties. The hem barely reached their crotches. White ankle socks and black patent Mary-Jane shoes covered their feet. Pulling their hair up in the center, red plastic baby bows were fasten.

"Don't our "babies" look sweet. Just like twins!" exclaimed Dawn.

Smiling, Karen said, "Time to take them to Kinder Care."

Barbara was resolved to her fate, especially since Dawn took her there last week, but Mae began to shake her head. She did not want to go anywhere dressed like a baby. Karen was ready and started to spank her diapered mother's bottom. After a few swats, Mae gave in and was ready to go.

Barbara and Mae were seated and secured in the back seat of the car. The car was equipped with child safety doors, preventing the child from opening the doors. The drive to Kinder Care was about a half hour. Finally, they drove up to the red dome building.

Dawn and Karen, holding their "babies" hands, walked into the building. They were greeted by Marcie, a woman in her early twenties.

"Ah," she cooed, "I see we have another baby."

Marcie led them to a room where they were stripped down to their diapers and socks. Barbara knew what to expect. She was placed on a scale and her weight was recorded. Then, her diaper was unpinned and pulled down the back, exposing her bottom. Marcie took a rectal thermonitor and inserted it into Barbara's bottom. Mae sat on the floor watching the process.

When Barbara was done, her diaper was re-pinned and she was seated on the floor.

"Next baby." cooed Marcie.

Mae felt strange laying on her stomach on the baby scale. After her weight was recorded, Marcie unpinned the diaper and pulled it back, exposing Mae's naked bottom. She started to whimper as Marcie inserted the thermonitor into her rear. When that was completed, Marcie removed the thermonitor and re-pinned the diaper back on Mae. The "babies" were told to crawled to the playroom.

In the playroom, Barbara picked up a rattle and started shaking it. As the "babies" played, another baby-woman was brought in, To the surprise of Barbara and Mae, it was a fellow co-worker, Sandy Hagan. Like Barbara and Mae, Sandy Hagan was dressed only in a diaper and plastic panties and her brown hair was tied in small pigtails. Sandy. Like Barband Mae, was in her late 40's. She too had a daughter in her early twenties. Sandy crawled over to the two other "babies".

Sobbing, Sandy whispered her story, "Last night, my daughter, Christine, forced me into diapers and said that I was going to be treated like a baby until she said so. When I started to argue with her, she pulled me over her knee and spanked me!" Wiping the tears away, she continued, "Chris made me stand in the corner like a naughty child. And she made me sleep in a crib, fed me baby food and made me drink baby formula from a baby bottle. And then this morning brought me here. I was weighted on a baby scale and then my temperature was taken, rectally!"


Marcie came over with the other adults following behind her.

"Babies," she announced, "for that is what you are. You have been brought here to help with your conditioning back to being babies. You know each other. Half of the women you work with are being given this treatment. Monday you'll see a difference. Now, be good little babies and accept this treatment. I'll be around soon to check your didees and give each one of you your bottles. Crawl around and play with the baby toys."

Marcie walked over to where Dawn, Karen, and Chjristie stood talk. Each "mother" was watching their "baby".

"This is a great idea, Dawn." Exclaimed Christine.

"My mother is a spoiled brat sometimes. This should teach her." Smiling, she continued, "Someday, I think I'll let her grown up. Maybe."

The other girls laughed.

Karen said, "In time, I think I'll let Mom, er...Masie grow-up to a toddler stage. Still diapered, using baby words and still have a limited vocabulary."

"I told you that the others would agree to make them babies." Stated Dawn.

"This time next week, the nursery will be filled with diaper wearing, former adult."

The baby-women did as they were told and began playing with the infantile toys. True to her word, Marcie came around, giving them a bottle and checking their diapers. Only Sandy had wet diapers and needed changing. By the time it was lunch, Barbara, Mae, and Sandy all need diaper changing. Marcie had two other girls helping her. They were Veronica, and Virginia. Each of them took care of the a baby. Marcie had Barbara, Veronica had Mae, and Virginia took care of Sandy.

Smiling, Marcie said, "You know girls, when we meet again, there will be more babies, so we won't be able to give individual care to one baby only."

The girls shook the heads and smiled. Helping the "babies" into the high chairs, the girls began spoon feeding their charges. The baby food consisted of pabulum and strained prunes. The pabulum was spiked with Metamucil. They started whimpering as they were being fed. After finishing their lunch, the baby-women were bottle-fed and then burped. Checking their diapers, the girls had to change all of the baby-women. After the diaper changing, the girls laid the baby-women down for a nap. Because their formulas were spiked with a sedative, the baby-women were soon fast asleep.

After their naps, the baby-women were put back into their baby dresses by the girls. After saying bye-bye to Marcie and the girls, the baby-women left with their "mommies".

Barbara and Mae found themselves strapped in the back seat of Dawn's car. With their heads bowed down, Barbara and Mae were sucking on their pacifiers. If they did not, Dawn and Karen told them that they would receive a bare bottom spanking. When they got back to Barbara's house, the adults took hold of the baby-women's wrists and led then into the house.

Once in the house, Dawn and Karen let go of Barbara and Mae's wrists. Barbara immediately went onto her knees, but Mae remained standing. Not for long, for Karen slapped her mother's diapered bottom a few times. Mae knew right away that Karen wanted her to crawl. Quickly, she got down on all fours and began to crawl to the kitchen.

They were greeted by Stephanie.

"Hi, my little babies. Did you babies have fun at nursery school?" she inquired.

Turning to Dawn and Karen, she said, "Dinner won't be for awhile. Why don't you take the babies out to Barb's pool until dinner's ready."

Dawn and Karen thought that would be a great idea. So did Barbara, it would be great to be able to swim in her big pool. Dawn and Karen led Barbara and Mae through the glass sliding doors and out to the pool. Barbara expected to walk onto the pool's deck, but she and Mae got a surprise. Dawn and Karen took them over to a tiny baby pool!

Barbara started weeping. She wanted to swim in her large pool, not sit in a baby pool. Dawn started removing her baby clothes. She was dressed only in her diapers, plastic panties and tee shirt.

"We'll leave the babies in their diapers." cooed Dawn.

Karen removed all of Mae's clothes until she too was only in her diapers, plastic panties and tee shirt. Then they sat the "babies" into the pool., Barbara and Mae felt humiliated and started weeping. Finally, Barbara started playing and splashing the water They stayed in the pool until dinner was almost ready, then Dawn and Karen took their mothers out and dried them off. To Barbara and Mae's horror, Dawn and Karen decided to change their wet diapers outside! Dawn laid Barbara down and unpinned her diapers, revealing bare skin. Barbara offered little resistance, she laid there blowing bubbles, trying to be a very contented baby. Mae on the other hand fussed and struggled. Karen turned her onto her stomach and began to spank her wet, diapered bottom. Mae started crying from the humiliation and the pain. After being spanked, Mae quieted down and allowed her daughter to put a dry diaper on her. When the changing was done on the baby-women, Dawn and Karen had them crawl into the house. The baby-women were put into their high chairs and fed. As adults ate and talked, Dawn and Karen fed their infantile mothers. After dinner, Karen and Mae said their good-byes as they left to go home.

Dawn took Barbara to the nursery. Once there, Dawn removed Barbara's tee shirt, diapers and plastic panties. Barbara laid in her crib naked. Her pubic area and bottom was powdered and baby lotion was applied. Carefully, Dawn lifted her mother's bottom up and slid the thick diapers under her. Spreading Barbara's legs apart, Dawn pulled up the cloth and pinned them. Taking a pair of plastic panties, she pulled them up Barbara's legs, covering the bulky diapers. Once again Barbara was encased in her diapers. She hated wearing them, but she knew that she needed them now. The least amount of pressure on her bladder resulted in her peeing. Dawn had conditioned her to do that. Barbara realized that she would need to be re-potty trained again if she wanted to become an adult once more. This caused tears to swell up in her eyes. Shortly, Dawn had her mother dressed in her cotton baby gown.

Dawn had her infantile mother crawl to the family room where she sat Barbara on her lap. Using the remote, Dawn turned on the TV and the VCR. Barbara started to clap her hands when she saw that the show was Romper Room. All week Dawn only allowed her to see children's shows and hear nursery songs. And she was happy watching these programs now. As Barbara watched the show, Stephanie came out carrying her snack - a bowl of warm pabulum and a bottle of her formula. It was bland, but filling. Dawn fed her the pabulum and bottle-fed her too. By the time the show was over, Barbara was finished her bottle and pabulum. Her daughters took her up to her nursery room and tucked her into her crib. While Stephanie gave Barbara her teddy bear, Dawn turned on the night light and turned off the main light. Kissing her baby mother's forehead, Dawn pulled up the side rail, securing it. Barbara no longer wore the plastic vest. She knew that she would be punished by the grown-ups if they found her out of her crib at bedtime. Like every other night since her enforced babying began, Barbara fell asleep within minutes, sucking on her pacifier.

Around two, Barbara started to wake. There was a cold dampness around her waist and it was uncomfortable. Tears began to swell up in her eyes. But before she could start to cry, the nipple of a baby bottle entered her mouth. Barbara began sucking on the nipple as her "mommy" undressed her. Dawn removed the soggy diaper and replaced it with three thick ones. Shortly. Barbara was encased in dry diapers. She smiled as she sucked the warm formula from the bottle. Barbara enjoyed Dawn and Stephanie taking care of her. All the burdens of the world were lifted off her shoulders and she could relax. Barbara continued sucking on the bottle until she fell asleep again. Dawn quietly left the room.

Morning arrived and in walked Stephanie into the nursery room. Barbara knelt up, holding on the side rail, sucking her pacifier, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning baby." cooed Stephanie, "How's Auntie Stephie's widdle baby?"

Stephanie laid her mother down in the crib and removed the baby nightie. Noticing that Barbara's diaper was not too wet and she had not messed herself, Stephanie took her to the kitchen. Barbara found herself sitting in her high chair. Tying on the plastic baby bib, Stephanie began spoon feeding her mother the warm baby rice cereal.

"Auntie Stephie gonna take baby to the playground today." cooed Stephanie.

Barbara stop swallowing the rice cereal.

"Was her daughter serious?" she thought.

"How embarrassing to be treat like a baby in front of so many other people. And their children."

Stephanie finished the feeding and had her mother crawl to the bathroom. running her bath, Stephanie stripped Barbara and placed her into the warm water. Barbara sat there as Stephanie bathed her. When the bath was completed, she was dried and was told to crawl to the nursery, where three thick diapers and a pair of plastic panties were put on her. A pink tee shirt came next. Barbara expected her usual baby dress, but received a surprise. Stephanie pulled out a yellow adult-size baby romper suit. This was the final straw. The dam burst and Barbara started crying. A pair of white ankle socks with lace and her high top sneakers with the tiny baby bells were put on. Using a brush, Stephanie pulled up the center of Barbara's hair and clipped it with a white plastic bow. Barbara sat there sobbing.

After the dressing, Stephanie led Barbara to car and drove her to a deserted playground. Not wanting her mother to crawl in the grass that might contain something that could harm her, she removed a baby umbrella stroller from the trunk. Strapping Barbara into the confining stroller, Stephanie wheeled her to the playground.

Barbara felt so ashamed at this treatment, but when she refused to get into the stroller, Stephanie spanked her. Barbraa found herself blubbering as she was confined to the stroller. Cars passed as Stephanie wheeled her "niece" over to the baby swings.

Taking her mother out of the stroller, Stephanie sat her in a tiny baby swing. Giving Barbara her "binkie", Stephanie began pushing the swing gently. Barbara felt so foolish sitting in the baby swing being pushed. She had hoped that no one came to see a grown woman being treated so babyishly. After the swings, Stephanie sat her on the teeter-totter., then took her to the small, sliding board. After being there for an hour, Stephanie decided to go home.

Once home, Stephanie decided to take Barbara for a walk in the baby stroller. Barbara was thankful that she lived in the country where the neighbors were sparse.

When they got back to the house, Dawn was up and dressed. She was in the kitchen fixing herself breakfast.

"Did baby have a nice time with Auntie Stephie at the playground?" she asked.

Dawn laid her mother on the floor and began removing the romper suit. Soon Barbara was dressed only in her diapers and plastic panties. Barbara was getting so use to being dressed this way, it no longer bothered her. After undressing Barbara, Dawn sat her in her play-pen and gave her a pacifier. Barbara began playing with the baby toys in the play-pen while Dawn and Stephanie sat on the sofa drinking their coffee.

The rest of the morning, the daughters played with their mother as if she were a small baby. At lunchtime, Barbara was placed in her high chair and fed a typical lunch suitable for a baby.

After lunch, the girls decided to let the "baby" go into her pool. The pool turned out to be a baby pool and Barbara was dressed only in her diapers and plastic panties and a tee shirt as Dawn and Stephanie sat in lawn chairs watching her. Around two, Dawn decide it was time for Barbara's nap. Taking her out of he pool, she laid Barbara down on a large blanket.

"I think I'll change the baby out here before I take her in." Dawn said to Stephanie.

Barbara did not like that idea and started to struggle, but Dawn slapped her diapered bottom a few time to quiet her down. Slowly, Dawn removed the wet diaper and plastic panties. Even her tee shirt was damp and was quickly removed. Barbara laid on the blanket naked. She would have been more embarrassed if the backyard did not have a six foot fence running around the perimeter. Stephanie handed her sister baby powder and baby oil. She also gave her diaperine so Dawn could spread it all over Barbara's pubic area and her bottom to prevent a diaper rash.

Finally, she handed Dawn the dreaded diaper and plastic panties. Barbara knew that she needed them because of her babying treatment, she had lost control of her bladder!

Once diapered, Dawn had her mother crawl into the house and to her nursery room. Once in the room, Dawn laid Barbara down in her crib. Taking a pair of Dr. Denton's, Dawn placed them on Barbara. Giving her a pacifier, Dawn pulled up the rail to the crib and left the room.

Dawn no longer had to secured Barbara in the plastic vest. Barbara knew that she was a baby and was not allowed out of her crib without her daughter's permission.

Barbara slept for the next hour and a half. Dawn came in with a bottle and put the nipple into her mouth, waking her mother up. Barbara rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she sucked on the nipple. Unzipping the front of her Dr. Denton's, Dawn stuck her hand into Barbara's diaper.

"Wet." she announced. She slowly removed the Dr. Denton's, tee shirt and diaper and plastic panties. Barbara laid in her crib naked, sucking on her bottle. She was use to being changed and laying naked in front of people. Dawn put dry diapers and plastic panties on her. She decided to leave off a tee shirt considering it was a warm day. Then she took Barbara to the living room where Stephanie was waiting.

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