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READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at RLCOLLIN73@AOL.COM. All comments are welcome. And please read and send your comments to my other stories, "THE BABYING OF BARBARA LETO" Part I, "THE BABY HOTEL", and "THE BABYING OF HER OLDER ISTER". Thank you, Robert

One Saturday morning, Barbara Leto woke to find that her eldest daughter, Dawn, had decided that she would become a diaper wearing, thumb sucking baby and Dawn would be the mother. With the help of her younger sister, Stephanie, they easily converted their mother from a 48 year old woman into a crying, helpless, little baby.

A week after regressing their mother, Dawn and her sister started regressing Barbara's friend, Mae Pohubka. Mae's daughter, Karen, quickly found herself the Mommy of a 46 year old baby-woman.

By the end of the month, the three girls had convinced most of the daughters or spouses of the women who worked with Barbara and Mae to regress their mothers or wives to diaper wearing babies again. It was an all female company that did transcription work for medical and legal organizations.

By the beginning of her second month of being babied, Dawn as always, drove her mother to work and left her with her nanny, Renee'. This Monday morning was different. As Dawn was walking her infantile mother to her office, Barbara noticed how many of the women were all wearing dresses or skirts, that they had a juvenile look to them, and that they all had a thickness around their waists, just like Barbara. Another thing Barbara noticed was that these women were being escorted into work, just like her.

When they arrived at her office, Renee' cooed, "Good morning, Baby Barbie, don't you look cute. Give nanny your diaper bag."

Barbara still blushed at being treated this way, even after all this time. She knew that if she rebelled, Dawn would probably give her a bare bottom spanking like she always did when she disobeyed. Dawn gave her mother a kiss on the forehead and left once Barbara was situated in her office.

At 9, their boss called all the employees into the conference room. There was about 27 of them there. It was a small office.

"It has come To my attention," said Elizabeth, the company's president, "that some of you have return to your babyhood. Isn't that correct, Barbie?"

Barbara turned red at that statement.

Elizabeth continued, "I don't care what happens or how you are treated. If you want to be treated like babies, so be it. But, if production goes down, I'll stop this right away. Now, how many of you are being treated like the babies you are."

Barbara slowly raised her hand as did several others. Liz was shocked when she saw Joanna Shukal's hand go up too.

"Joanna," said Liz, "you too want to be a baby?"

Bernadette Gwynne, her nanny secretary responded for her, "Baby Joannie not only wants to be a baby again, but is a baby."

All the women, except the baby-women, smiled.

Liz continued her speech, "You know, when my girls were babies, I let them go around in just their diapers. When it was time for their changing, it was a lot easier. Now I don't want our babies going around topless, they must have a tee-shirt or something covering their tops."

The women, the mommies and the nannies quickly removed the baby-women's outside clothes, leaving them dressed only in diapers, plastic panties and tee-shirts. The baby-women tried covering themselveswith their hands. It was embarrassing being dressed only in their diapers in front of everyone.Then the nannies sat the baby-women on their laps and continued their meeting. The baby-women on the other hand, found it most embarrassing and still tried in vain to cover themselves up

It was decided that there would be a Simulac club, much like a coffee club. And one of the vacant offices would become a changing room for the babies. Also, no "baby" was allowed to wander around the office alone, for they might get lost or get hurt with adult supervision, so an adult had to escort them. After deciding the fate of the baby-employees, they got down to business. The regular work meeting last for the next hour. Then they were dismissed.

By the end of the morning, all of the baby-women were dressed in only diapers and plastic panties, tee-shirts, and drool bibs. Some of them had their hair placed n pigtails, other had their pulled up in the center. And they all looked adorable.

Barbara sat at her desk. Like the other baby-employees, she was dressed only in a tee shirt, diaper and plastic panties, and anklets. A plastic baby drool bib was tied around her neck. She felt foolish dressed only in diapers sitting behind her desk. She was having mixed feelings, was she a baby or a grown-up? As she sucked on the pacifier hat Renee' insisted that she have, she thought of all the women she saw in her office. She could not believe how many were being treated like babies.

Holding onto Barbara's wrist, Renee' took her to another meeting later that morning. Barbara noticed how many women were dressed in diapers and plastic panties, sucking on pacifiers, working. The coffee cups were gone and were replaced with nipple baby bottles!

Renee' led her to the conference room where several other baby-women sat. She sat Barbara down at the table and then left.

"Good morning Ladies and babies." Said Liz as she stood at the head of the table.

Barbara could not believe what was happening. It was bad enough being babied at home by her daughters, but at least she had some attempt of being and treated like an adult. Now she was being babied by others at work too.

Smiling, Liz asked, "Before we begin, do any of the babies need to be changed?"

Several of the women went around checking the baby-women's diapers. Only Jeanine LaBrie need to be changed. She was soaked. A woman took her wrist and led her to the back of the room. Laying Jeanine on the carpet, the woman peeled Jeanine's plastic pants off and then unpinned her diapers. Jeanine laid there sobbing. She was so upset. She was still not use to this treatment. Here she was, 51 years old, having a diaper change like a little baby in front of so many people.

After Jeanine's diaper change, they got to work. Liz insisted that since they had only big girl chairs, that the babies sit on the floor, so they wouldn't fall. Barbara and the others felt so infantile, sitting on the carpet, listening. Unlike the others who would speak during the meeting, any of the baby-women had to raise their hands and be recognized before speaking.

During the meeting, Liz's secretary, Sue Cioffi entered. She went to where the baby-women sat. Sitting them up, Sue placed an opened pamper under them and then sat the baby-women on it. Liz did not want any accidents staining the carpet.

The meeting lasted over an hour. When it was finished, Liz called Sue, and asked her to notify the "babies" mommies or nannies that the meeting was over. She also asked Sue to order 12 baby high chairs, because she was afraid the "babies" would fall out of their big girl's chairs and the high chairs would keep them more secured.

Shortly, they started arriving and took their "babies" away. Finally, Renee' arrived. Standing behind where Barbara was sitting, Renee' pushed her forward, pulled her plastic panties and diapers back, and felt her diapers with her finger.

Finding it wet, Renee' announced, "Baby Barbie! Baby needs a diaper change. Now come with nanny so we can change baby's diaper."

Renee' took Barbara's wrist and led her to a vacant office that was being used as changing room for the baby-women. Sue and another woman quickly converted the empty office into a nursery room right after the morning meeting. She took Barbara over to a desk that was being used as a changing table and laid her down. Then Renee' pulled down the plastic panties and unpinned the wet diapers. Renee' using baby wipes, cleaned Barbara up. While Barbara was on her stomach, Renee', under orders from Dawn, gave her two suppositories. Barbara cried out at this invasion of her bodily functions. Then she noticed two women watching her having a diaper change. Barbara cried, she was so embarrassed. These women were not "nannies" or "mommies" to any baby-women, but they did approve what was being done to these baby-women.

Renee' applied baby lotion, baby powder and diaperine on her pubic area and her bottom before putting Barbara into a pamper.

When the diaper change was done, Renee' took Barbara's wrist, and led her back to her office. Barbara, waddling, noticed that several other baby-women were now in pampers instead of their plastic panties and diapers. She figured that they must of had a diaper change too.

At lunchtime, Dawn did not come. Instead, several mommies and nannies arrived in Barbara's office with their babies. Sitting down in the office chairs, the mommies and nannies sat their babies on their lap and began spoon-feeding them baby food. Barbara was no exception. She too sat on Renee's lap being spoon-fed her mush baby food along with her baby bottle of formula. Barbara's friend. Mae, sat on her nanny's lap next to Renee' and Barbara.

The mommies and nannies while bottle-feeding their charges, talked to each other on teaching their babies. When lunch was done and the babies burped, they were allowed to play for awhile. Barbara and Mae sat on the floor, playing patty-cakes, When the playtime was over, the baby-women were laid down on the floor for a nap.

Five minutes before they had to go back to work, the baby-women's mommies and nannies woke them and checked their pampers. And they were all wet. Some even had messy pampers like Linda LePage. Linda was in her middle forties, a chubby woman with short, dark brown hair. She laid there sobbing as her nanny changed her.

After lunch, the baby-women and their mommies and nannies returned to work. Barbara sat behind her desk, dressed only in her pampers and a tee shirt. At first, she felt so uncomfortable being dressed this way, but now she was getting use to being dress in her pampers and felt less uncomfortable about it.. Renee' came in several times to check her pampers and change her if it was necessary, and to fed her her bottle.

At five, Dawn arrived with an outfit for her infantile mother to wear. She sat Barbara on the floor and checked her pampers. Finding them still dry, Dawn began dressing her in a white dress, that had angel wings, and flared at the breast. The hem of the dress barely reached her crotch, revealing her pampers. Pulling up the center of Barbara's hair, Dawn attached a white plastic baby bow. Strapping a pair of white patent "Mary-Jane" shoes on Barbara, Dawn took her wrist and started to gather up Barbara's "baby" items. As she was doing this, Karen walked in holding Mae's wrist. Mae was dressed as a typical little baby. She wore a pink baby dress, with a white peter pan collar and puffed sleeves. A white, lacy, pinafore covered the front of her dress and a pink plastic baby bow was tied to the center of her hair. Dawn could see that Mae had a pair of white, plastic pants covering her bulky diapers. Suddenly, Mae's bottom lip started to quiver and then she started to cry. Karen pulled the back of the skirt up and pulled the plastic pants back. Feeling Mae's diaper, Karen announced that she was wet. She laid Mae down on the carpet and pulled down the plastic pants and then unpinned the diapers. Dawn and Renee' stood, watching as Karen diapered her mother. Barbara was amazed at herself, no matter how many times she witnessed one of the women getting a diaper change, how docile they all were now. When Karen finished changing Mae, she took her mother's wrist and waved "Bye-bye", and left.

It was time that Dawn and Barbara left. Taking Barbara's wrist, Dawn led her out to the parking lot and the waiting car. Barbara felt very self-conscious about being taken outside dressed this way, but she had little choice. When they arrived at Dawn's car, Barbara received a new surprise, Dawn had installed a baby car seat! She sat her mother in the seat, it was a very tight fit. When Barbara started to complain, Dawn simply hushed her and pushed a pacifier into her mouth. Dawn inserted the locking belt in place, across Barbara's chest and stomach, securing it in place. A strap came up between her legs and locked to the strap going across her stomach. Barbara sat there, sucking her pacifier, as tears rolled down her cheek at her newest treatment.

The rest of the evening was the same as the others. Barbara was taken home, fed her baby dinner, given her bath, dressed in her Dr. Denton's and then given her baby snack. Dawn's friend had made a adult size baby swing for Barbara. When Dawn finished feeding her mother the warm pabulum, she sat Barbara in the swing so she can watch Romper Room. Barbara loved her baby swing. When the show was over, Dawn and Stephanie took Barbara up to the nursery room and she was in her crib by 8.

The next morning was different. She was dressed in her pampers, but Stephanie dressed her in a baby dress, anklets and her white patent Mary-Jane's. She was going to work dressed as a baby! Barbara short blonde hair was pulled up in the center and a plastic baby bow clipped to it. As usual, Stephanie fed her baby-mother her breakfast while Dawn got dressed. By the time Dawn came down, Stephanie had Barbara ready for "nursery school". She had her little girl's plastic pocketbook and carried her stuffed Elmo. Stephanie had tied a baby bonnet on Barbara too.

When they arrived at her work, Barbara saw that all the baby-women were dressed in baby clothes too. In her office, Renee' removed her baby dress, hung it up, and left Barbara dressed only in her pampers, tee-shirt and anklets. Taking a drool bib, Renee' tied it on Barbara. She told Barbara from now on, all the grown up ladies were to be addressed as "auntie", and the babies were to be addressed as "baby" and then their first name.

During the day, every time Barbara had to leave her office, she had to tell Renee' so she could be taken there. As they passed other "mommies" or "nannies", they cooed to Barbara saying "Good morning Baby Barbie."

Renee' took her to see Liz. In her boss' office, Barbara noticed that a baby's high chair was placed in front of Liz's desk. Renee' sat Barbara in the high chair and then left. It was uncomfortable, but neither Liz, Sue, or Renee' would allow her to get out of it.

"All comfy, baby?" asked Liz.

I was a tight fit, but Barbara simply nodded and Liz got down to work. For half-hour Barbara and Liz worked. Finally, Liz called Renee' to pick the baby up. Renee' found Barbara still secured in the baby high chair. She removed the tray, took Barbara's wrist, led her out of the office. Walking down the aisle, Renee' pulled back on Barbara's pamper and felt it. She had wet herself. Renee' took her infantile employer to the diaper changing room, laid her on the changing table and removed the wet pamper. Barbara was very embarrassed about this. People, "grown-ups", would peek in and see what baby-women were being given a diaper change, and they would giggle. But as time went on, she and the other baby-women were getting use to it.

When they finally returned to Barbara's office, she received a surprise. Renee' had removed her desk chair and replaced it with a baby's wooden high chair. When she started to complain to her nanny, Renee' simply sat her in the highchair and stuck her pacifier into her mouth.

Barbara soon discovered that she was able to reach everything on her desk and still remain in the highchair.

Renee' smiled at her baby as she cooed, "All of the babies' big girl chairs have been replaced with highchairs. 'Auntie' Liz thought that it would be safer for you babies. We don't want you babies falling out of big girls' chairs and getting a boo-boo."

Barbara worked hard the rest of the morning until lunch. Once again, several of the mommies and babies met in an office to have lunch, They had their lunch and then the baby-women were given their 35 minute nap. Before returning to work, all o the baby-women needed a changing, though some had messy diapers.

Early in the afternoon, Barbara panicked. A vendor had called and said that she would be there to see her in 45 minutes. She did not want the vendor to see her dressed as baby. What was she to do? Barbara quickly explained the situation to Renee', who like all good nannies, came to the rescue.

Renee' took her baby to a locked closet in the main hallway. Unlocking it, Renee' removed Barbara's navy blue sailor's dress and a pair of flat, white patent shoes.

"Now," cooed Renee', "Baby Barbie can at least look like hers a big girl."

Soon, Barbara was dressed in her sailor dress. The sleeveless blue top had a white collar and a red bow. Her pleaded white skirt barely reached her knees. As a matter of fact, the hem line was about 2 inches above her knees. Barbara still had to wear her pampers and tee-shirt under her dress.

With Renee' escorting her, Barbara meet the vendor outside of the main office area in a private conference room. Renee' stay to take "notes". Actually, she stayed to keep a eye on her baby.

When the meeting was completed and the vendor had left, Barbara quickly found herself dressed only in her pampers and tee shirt once more. Renee' had removed the dress and hung it up in the closet.

At five, Dawn came into the office. She had with her, Barbara's outfit to wear home, it was a short navy-style baby dress. The hem almost reached her navel. It was a short sleeve,navy blue dress, with a white collar and a red bow. Taking a red plastic baby bow, Dawn pulled the center of her mother's hair up and clipped it. The navy baby dress looked adorable on Barbara, said Renee'.

For five minutes, Dawn stood talking to Renee' while holding Barbara's wrist. When Barbara started fussing, Dawn sat her on the carpet. Removing from her pocketbook, she gave her infantile mother a pacifier and a rattle to play with. Barbara sat on the floor, sucking her "binkie" and shaking the baby rattle. After Renee' gave her report on Barbara's behavior for the day, Dawn and Barbara left.

The rest of the week went by slowly. Barbara was dressed in her baby outfit everyday to go to work and to go home in. During the day, she ran around in her pampers like the other baby-women. Renee' would feed her lunch, and change her pampers when Barbara needed it. After lunch, Barbara would lay on the floor with the other baby-women and took her nap. She was use to going to other offices' and sitting in a highchair. Barbara was also use to having Renee' take her places.

At home, Dawn or Stephanie would feed her dinner, she would be given her bath and watch Sesame Street or some other babyish show until bedtime. Dawn always had her infantile mother in her crib by 8 p.m. Barbara would now wake up and cry for her two o'clock feedings. She also would start crying when she was wet or messy. Over the weeks, Barbara had developed a few cases of diaper rashes, which Dawn would treat.

Barbara enjoyed the weekends. Every Saturday, Dawn or Stephanie would take her to Kinder Kare where she would play wither her baby-women friends. This was a different environment than work. Here the "grown-ups" expected them to be babies and that was exactly what they were.

To Be Continued -

In "THE BABYING of BARBARA LETO (Part I I I)" will follow Baby Barbie and her baby-women friends at Kinder Kare.

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