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PREMISE: One Saturday morning, Barbara Leto woke to find that her eldest daughter, Dawn, had decided that she would become a diaper wearing, thumb-sucking baby and Dawn would be the mother. With the help of her younger sister, Stephanie, they easily converted their mother from a 48-year-old woman into a crying, helpless, little baby.

A week after regressing their mother, Dawn and her sister started regressing Barbara's friend, Mae Pohubka. With the help of Mae's daughter, Karen, she quickly found herself the Mommy of a 46-year-old baby-woman.

By the end of the month, the three girls had convinced most of the daughters or spouses of the women who worked with Barbara and Mae to regress their mothers or wives to diaper wearing babies again. It was an all female company that did transcription work for medical and legal organizations.

Barbara Leto was so happy. Today was Saturday and she could be a baby all weekend. Not only that, her "Mommy", Dawn was going to take her to Kinder Kare so she can play with her baby friends. She woke earlier than her normal schedule time of 8 a.m. Dawn had put her infantile mother on a very strict schedule, 8 p.m. to bed and 8 a.m. on the weekends to get up. She was fed breakfast, lunch and dinner almost at the same time, and had her bath and snack also at the same time.

Barbara was kneeling in the crib when Dawn, wearing a nightgown and looking so grown-up to Barbara, walked in carrying her mother's bottle. Barbara no longer was strapped down nor was the locking lid used. She knew that she was a baby and that Dawn was her "Mommy". She laid her mother down on the crib's mattress and handed her the baby bottle. Like a good baby, Barbara grabbed it with both mitten hands. She had learned. Dawn would not allow her mother to hold anything unless she used both hands. Wanting to be treated more grown-up, Barbara learn to take things using both hands.

As Barbara sucked on the nipple. Dawn unzipped the baby gown and removed it. Feeling her diapers, Dawn found them so soaked, like she was not changed for days.

"Baby Barbie," cooed Dawn, "you are soaked! Has baby been saving all of this just for mommy?"

Barbara looked up at her daughter, removed the nipple and started to giggle. As she giggled, so of the milky formula trickled from her mouth, which Dawn wiped away.

Dawn carefully removed the soaking wet diaper and the plastic pants. Using baby wipes, she cleaned Barbara up, used diaperine and powdered her. Three thick diapers were put on her and pinned. Dawn always did because Barbara wet so often anymore and the diapers were needed to absorb the wetness. Once she was diapered and had plastic pants put on, Dawn lifted her out of the crib and led her down to the kitchen where Stephanie waited with her breakfast.

Like Dawn, Stephanie wore a nightgown looking ever so grown up to her one-time mother. Barbara looked at the way her daughters were dressed, and then at herself dressed only in a diaper and plastic pants. She still after all this time, wanted to dress like a big girl.

Dawn sat her mother in the wooden high chair between herself and Stephanie. While Dawn fed the baby, she and her sister drank their coffee and ate a piece of toast. Barbara still hated eating the warm rice cereal, but that's all Dawn would feed her. And that was using a tiny baby spoon. The baby foods and desserts were not bad; in fact, most of them were very appetizing.

When they finished feeding Barbara, Dawn took her to the nursery to dress her for nursery school - Kinder Kare. Taking a white tee shirt with Big Bird on it, she pulled it over Barbara's head and down her chest. Dawn like it when the hem of a shirt only reached her mother's navel. It looked more babyish on Barbara. Next came a light pink romper suit, complete with a bib front and suspenders in the back. The waist of the suit looked inflated, thought Dawn as she was dressing Barbara, thanks to all of the diapers and plastic pants. She loved seeing her mother in anklets and high top sneakers. They looked so much like baby bootees, especially when she put baby bells on the laces. Brushing her hair, she pulled the blonde hair up in the center and clipped a pink, plastic, baby bow.

Raising the crib's side rail, Dawn gave Barbara her stuffed Elmo and went into her bedroom to dress. As one daughter was getting dressed, the other one came in. even though Stephanie was Barbara's "auntie" Stephanie felt as close to being her mommy as Dawn did. But since Dawn was the older sister, it was decide in the beginning that she would be the mommy.

Dawn was dressed and they took Barbara to the car. After strapping her in the back seat, they drove to Kinder Kare.

Dawn drove for twenty minutes and others were staring at Barbara in the passing cars, but she was use to that after these past few months. Finally they arrived at their destination - "Kinder Care". At the entrance was Marcie, the director and friend of dawn's.

Marcie came over to the car as Dawn was helping her mother out.

"Oh, how cute the baby is!" exclaimed Marcie as she pinched her cheek.

Dawn, Stephanie and Marcie walked Barbara into the day care center. Once in there, Dawn had Barbara crawl to the medical examination room. Helping Barbara up, Marcie sat her on a metal table. Expertly, Marcie removed all of Barbara's clothing, leaving her dressed only in her pamper.

"Before any baby goes into the nursery, our nursing staff examines them. We weigh the babies, and take their temperature too. It's quick and then the baby is out with the other babies, playing. That way, If a baby is catching a cold or something, we' keep her away from the other babies."

Marcie laid Barbara on a baby scale and took her weight and height. Then turning her onto her stomach, she unpinned one side of the diaper and pulled the side back, exposing Barbara's bottom. Taking a rectal thermometer, Marcie inserted it into Barbara bottom. Barbara let out a yip. Barbara sobbed while her temperature was being taken,

After the examination, Marcie re-diapered Barbara and took Dawn, Stephanie and Barbara to the nursery. Barbara was dressed only in her diapers and Marcie giggled as she watched her crawling, shaking her diapered bottom back and forth In the room, Barbara noticed that it was scattered with all types of baby toys. And there were the terrible playpens too that the nannies put babies into when they were naughty. Out in the middle of the room sat her new baby-woman friend, Joanna shukal.

Her mommy, Bernadette Gwynne, Joanna's friend and roommate got tired of the world revolving around Joanna and decided to do something about it. And she did. Worldly Ms. Joanna shukal, who could do everything, became Baby Joannie Shukal, a helpless 12-month-old dependent upon Bernadette. In the beginning, Bernadette was going to remove most of Joanna's teeth, to make her look more like a 12 month old, but decided against it.

Barbara crawled over to Joanna who was bouncing a large plastic beach ball. When Joanna saw Barbara approaching, she stopped playing and crawled over to her.

Two of Marcie's assistants cooed to them and knelt behind them. Lifting their arms, they had Barbara and Joanna play patty-cakes. Both the baby-women were giggling and enjoying this.

Around ten in the morning, the nursery assistants started giving the baby-women their bottles of warm Simulac. All of them started sucking on the bottles except one. Lowess (pronounced Lois) Adair. Lowess was in her mid-forties and worked with Barbara, like most of the baby-women. Like Barbara, Lowess was divorced and it was her secretary who decided that she fit the category of being babied.

Lowess looked at her bottle, and then threw it against the wall. Knelling, then standing, was a no-no for the baby-women without permission.


A few of the assistants raced over to the rebelling baby-woman. They need to stop her before any other baby started up. The first to get to Lowess was Marcie. Grabbing Lowess' ear, she dragged the baby-woman over to the reading chair. Sitting down, Marcie pulled Lowess over her lap and ripped off her pamper. Her bottom was exposed to Marcie who, getting a wooden paddle from one of her assistants, started spanking Lowess. Marcie spanked her for a full three minutes and was totally exhausted when she finished. Lowess' bare bottom was crimson by the time she finished. Rolling her off her lap, Marcie stood up.

During the spanking, Marcie noticed that a few of the baby-women who were starting to stand sat down quickly. Looking around the room, she asked angrily, "Is there any other baby here that thinks she is a big girl?" all the baby-women, with a look a of fear quickly shook their heads. None of them wanted to be punished like Lowess and being treated like a baby was not that terrible.

"Good." Stated Marcie.

Grabbing Lowess' ear, Marcie dragged her into the medical examination room. Laying her on s rubber covered table, Marcie said angrily, "For being such a bad baby, Baby Lowess, Nanny is going to give you a 2 quart enema and then plug you up." Tears formed in Lowess' eyes as she listened to her punishment.

"Not only that, I'm calling your mommy and telling her not to pick you up until tomorrow afternoon. You'll be sleeping here, or I should say staying here. Baby Lowess won't be getting much sleep."

Taking the greased nozzle of an enema bag, Marcie inserted it into Lowess' bottom. After the two quarts were administered, Lowess noticed that her "tummy" was quite bloated. It looked like she was five months pregnant! Worst, Nanny Marcie plugged her up so she could not rid herself of the soapy solution. After the diapering, one of the assistants led a bawling Lowess to a vacant playpen and put her in it. Before leaving, she gave Lowess a stern warning about trying to remove the but plug or trying to get out. She was in big enough trouble as it was. Lowesses sat in the playpen crying as she watch the assistant leave her alone.

Barbara, like the others watched as Lowess got punished. Any thoughts of acting up were quickly forgotten and soon things were back to "normal". The nannies walked around the room, checking the baby-women's diapers. Because of Lowess' temper tantrum, they were behind schedule. All of the baby-women needed changing, all were wet, and some were messy too.

After changing all the baby-women, which was quite a chore, the nannies were able to go about, playing with them or helping them. Even though they were adult in form, mentally they were babies and would need their help.

By 12, the babies started fussing. The nannies handed them all a bottle and then started the feeding of them. Hey were all fed the same, 3 large jars of Gerber Strained chicken, 2 large jars of mush carrots and a small jar of strained prunes. That was the one everyone hated, but the nannies managed to fed them.

In Lowess' case, she was fed the same except for the strained prunes. Because she was so naughty, she was forced fed 3 large jars of them. And still Marcie did not allow the plug to be removed. Lowess was experiencing such bad cramps. She swore that when Ann, her mommy came to pick her up, she would be a model of innocence, the sweetest baby girl for her.

After their lunch and diaper changing, the nannies had the baby-women lay on the floor for their naps. Using baby blankets, each baby-women was covered. Lowess was still confined to the playpen, so she slept there. Every parent had given their baby their favorite stuffed animal for this. For Barbara, it was her stuffed animal "Elmo". Lowess was given her white teddy bear with the red ribbon tied around its neck. Even though she was being punished, she was still considered baby and she needed her teddy bear.

The baby-women slept from 1 until 2:30 when the nannies came around waking them. Like babies, some woke up happy, some grumpy, and some woke sobbing wanting to sleep more.

The hardest part of the nannies was when it was time to check the baby-women's diapers. When the babies were wet or messy, they wanted to be changed right away. They would fuss and cry, causing more of the baby-women to fuss and cry until almost all of them were fussing and crying. And the baby-women cried loud. Finally all the baby-women were changed, wearing dry pampers. By now, all of the baby-women were in pampers. The nannies never put the babies into cloth diapers, it was much easier to use pampers.

With the baby-women's diapers changed, the nannies handed out bottles to them. Soon, all of the baby-women's "tummies" were full and they started playing with the baby toys.

Mae Pohubka crawled over to Barbara. Sitting, Mae lisped to Barbara, "Me am so happy mommy make me baby. Me wove being baby and playing all time. Me no worries no more." Then Mae started sucking her thumb.

Barbara said in a baby lisped, "Me too. Me glad mommy and Auntie Stef-fee make me baby too. Me no do notting anymore just play with my dollies."

And Barbara did mean that. She no longer had to worry about bills being paid, cleaning, cooking. Dawn and Stephanie did all that now. All Barbara had to do during the weekdays be an adult - working, while at night and the weekends be a baby again. Life was good, she had the best of both worlds.

Barbara was sitting on the floor waiting for her daughter-mommy to arrived. Barbara was a very happy baby-woman.

Yes, she did have the very best of both worlds!

- To Be Continued -

"THE BABYING of BARBARA LETO (Part I V)" will be issued soon

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