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My Mother, My Baby

Part IV

Barbara Leto sat in her high chair watching as her mommy and her aunt were putting her birthday presents on the table. Looking around, Barbara saw all of her baby friends and their mommies from the Kinder Care there. Barbara's Aunt Stephanie had tied a large plastic bib on her. On the bib was written, "Birthday Girl" with a picture of Baby Minnie Mouse wearing a birthday hat. The lights were turned out and her mommy, Dawn came in carrying a cake. One candle was in the center and the icing on the cake said, "HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY BARBIE".

There were only a few things wrong with this setting. Barbara was 49 years old, and Dawn and Stephanie were her daughters. For the past year, Dawn and Stephanie were treating their mother as if she was a year old. Now. They were celebrating her first year being babied.

Barbara clapped her hands when Dawn placed the cake on her high chair's tray. Dawn helped her "baby" blow the candle out as everyone sang "Happy Birthday Baby Barbie" to her.

All of the baby-women sat in high chairs that their mommies brought with them. After singing to Barbara, the adults were served cake and ice cream, which they had placed some on another plate. This small amount of cake and ice cream were put on the baby-women's feeding tray.

Dawn looked around at the baby-women feeding themselves. They were so cute, just like real little babies feeding themselves. They had picked up the cake with their hands and had cake and ice cream smeared all over their faces and hands. The mess also landed on their bibs. The baby-women were such a mess.

Looking at her infantile mother feed herself with her hands, Dawn thought back to the first day and the days that followed. She remembered the day, 4 months after her babying her mother, that she introduced her to the neighborhood.

In was the beginning of august, the first Saturday to be exact that Dawn decided to take Barbara out for a walk around the block. Kinder Kare was closed for the next two weeks and Dawn did not want to keep Barbara in-doors all that time. A friend of hers, who had made the adult size baby swing had also made her an adult size baby stroller.

Checking her mother's diapers and finding them still dry, Dawn put a pink tee shirt and a white baby bonnet on her. Using a sun tanning cream, Dawn smeared it on her arms, legs and on Barbara's cheeks. Satisfied that Barbara was protected, Dawn sat Barbara in the overgrown baby stroller, strapped her in, and pushed the stroller outside.

When Barbara realized that she was being taken out to the sidewalk, she started fussing. Dawn ignored her and stuck her pacifier in her mouth. Barbara still was adult enough to know where she was going and the humiliation of it. As Dawn pushed the stroller down the street, Barbara sat in the stroller, banging her feet and trying in vain to escape. Then it was too late, Barbara's next-door neighbor emerged from her house calling Dawn's name.

"Dawn," cried out the woman.

"Wait a minute." The woman hurried towards them. Looking at Barbara, she asked, "What's going on, Barb?"

"Oh hi, Mrs. Anderson." Said Dawn cheerfully, "How are you?"

Looking at Dawn and Barbara, she, "Never mind me, why is your mother dressed like a baby and in a baby stroller?"

Dawn shook her head as she related the story that Stephanie and she had devised to tell everyone.

"The poor thing." She began.

"Mom had a nervous breakdown. Now she has the mental ability of a year old baby. Dressing her this way makes it easier to take care of her."

Barbara shook her and started wailing. People were being told that she had a mental breakdown, leaving her a baby. She cried out, "Me no ba-bee. Me big giwl!" stomping her feet on the foot holder.

"Ah, poor Barb." Stated Mrs. Anderson.

"Shouldn't she be in a hospital or something?"

Pretending horror, Dawn replied, "No. I could never do that to the baby, er I mean Mom."

Mrs. Anderson looked at Dawn at that remark. Puzzlement registered on her face.

Dawn quickly said, "You see, Mom acts like a baby o it so easy just to assume that she is one. Steph and I refer to her as the baby. It would seem weird calling her Mom as we are changing her diapers."

Mrs. Anderson seemed to understand. She asked more questions which Dawn answered.

For the next few weeks, Dawn would take the stroller and walk her mother around the block. At first, she would get stares, but as time moved on, people became more accustomed to the adult baby in their neighborhood. Soon, other mothers with babies would take their stroller walks at the same time and they would walk with Dawn and Barbara.

Dawn had a next-door neighbor babysit for her when she or Stephanie had to go away. Her name was Katie. She was Mrs. Anderson's 13-year-old daughter. Taking her mother in the stroller around the block paid off. She was Dawn's main choice, but other teenage girls sat for her too. Their mothers would be handy in case they needed help, but all of the girls babysat devotedly. Once they accepted that Barbara was only a baby, to be treated as one and not as an adult "playing" baby. The hardest thing the babysitter had to do was to change Barbara. At first, they would giggle and turned red from embarrassment. Soon they were use to it and Barbara was just a baby who needed a diaper change. If it was during the day, they would take Barbara to the playground and let her play in the large sand box there, or on the sliding board [kiddies sliding board] and swings.

One day during the week, Dawn really needed Katie to babysit. Dawn and Stephanie had jobs, and had to work during the day. Dawn worked only a few blocks away from Barbara's office. One morning Barbara woke with a cold and a slight fever. Dawn decided that she should stay home. Calling Katie, Katie was available for the day. She came over and Dawn told her what to do. She also wanted her to take Barbara's temperature at 12 and again at 4. She reminded her that Barbara was a baby and how to take it. Taking Barbara over her lap with Barbara laying on her stomach, pulling down the plastic pants and removing the diaper pins, Dawn folded back the diaper's flap. Her mother's bare bottom was in complete view. Barbara laid there sucking her thumb. Taking a greased rectal thermonitor, Dawn inserted it into Barbara's bottom. Barbara squirmed a little, but was good. Katie assured Dawn that she would do as she requested. Katie took care of Barbara mostly feeding her drink to help reduce her fever. Katie kept Barbara down stairs in her playpen all day. Katie thought that this was best and she could keep an eye on Barbara all day. When she fed Barbara her lunch or just a bottle, she sat Barbara on her lap. By the time Dawn came home, Barbara was asleep in her playpen.

Barbara's playpen was unique. Katie's father, knowing about Barbara, built it. He worked in an office but had a woodshop in which he loved to build things. Katie's father, Bill, built an adult-size baby's playpen. It was 4 foot high, and measured 5 foot by 5 foot square. To enter, he made a gate, with a locking bar, so once the "baby" was in her playpen, she was locked in until an adult took the baby out.

Standing in the playpen, Barbara felt so small, almost like a baby again. The top rail barely passed her chest height.

Taking Barbara for her daily stroller walks continued for several weeks and the people in the neighborhood were now use to see an adult being babied. They accepted Barbara as a baby now.

Dawn decided to branch out. One Saturday afternoon, Dawn and Stephanie packed Barbara into the car and drove to the local ACME Market. Dawn had dressed her mother in a typical baby outfit, a loose fitting top that ended at her navel. It had 2 buttons in the back with the back split opened. She wore her diapers and plastic pants and had a pair of panties with ruffles across the bottom covering the diapers. Anklets and black Mary-Janes, along with a white adult size baby bonnet.

Taking 2 carts, Dawn put Barbara into one and Stephanie had the other one for groceries. Barbara had her head lowered as they entered the store. She hated the initial sightings, where people would start to know of her babying conditioning by her daughters. Shoppers gazed at them as they walked by, surprised to seeing an adult dressed as a baby, being pushed around in a cart like a child or baby.

People that Dawn and Barbara knew came up to them, asking why. Dawn gave the prepared speech. People accepted this, gave them their sympathies and went onto their shopping. After that, Dawn started taking her mother everywhere. And people accepted her. Of course there were some that still stared, but the majority accepted Barbara as a baby, a helpless baby. They did their shopping. When they got to the cashier, the girl looked at Barbara. She handed Dawn a new pacifier. Dawn thanked her. People were accepting Barbara now all over the community.

Barbara sat in her stroller as Dawn pushed her around the block for her daily stroll. She was sucking on her binkie and hugging her stuffed Elmo. Most people only had one babyhood, but due to her daughter, she knew that her second babyhood was going to last a very long time!

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