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Baby Elizabeth

This all took place 10 years ago, a little about me my name is Elizabeth I'm a 23 year old female, I'm 5'6 150 pounds with shoulder length red hair and green eyes . This is my story on how I became a full time baby.

I wet my pants. Middle school can be hard enough but to be wetting my pants was even worse. Well I was sent down to the nurse and she called mom and not thinking anything about mommy brought me some dry clothes and then proceeded to take me to the doctor. Finding nothing wrong the doctor told mommy and me it was just a passing phase. Well that night I went to bed as usual, but around 4 am I woke up crying my mom came in and found me totally wet. I went to take a bath while she changed the bed.

When I was ten, my mommy and dad fought a lot and I was caught in the middle. I guess that's when my bedwetting really began. I would either wake up in the middle of the night with my pajamas, bed or even both soaked. I tried to hide my bed wetting but my mommy found my damp sheets crumpled in the corner of my closet. Nothing was said at the time but it got progressively worse. I started to wet my pants like a child maybe I thought it was the stress of my parents fighting.

The next morning my father said he didn't feel well and stayed home from work. So mommy sent me off to school and she went to work. Well after school mommy picked me up. Well when we got home I threw my backpack on the floor by the door (I did this everyday) My mommy went upstairs to change and found a note from my father saying he was leaving. All his clothes were gone. Well I didn't know at the time that this was meaning a change. So the next day I wet my pants again at school and again my mommy came to get me. But what happened next I wasn't expecting. The ride home was a quiet one. I could see mommy didn't know how to deal with her daughter wetting herself.

Well we got home and mommy went upstairs to change as I stayed downstairs to watch TV. About five minuets passed and mommy yelled Lizzie come up here this surprised me because the last time mommy called me Lizzie I was 3. I walked into my room and my mom was sitting on the bed and said we have a problem. She told me that my pants and bedwetting was going to stop. Well being a teenager I made a smart remark and before I knew it mommy slapped my behind. I turned around and said what the hell, well wrong answer. She grabbed me and pulled my pants off me and pulled me over her knee and proceeded to spank me until tears were coming down my eyes. I fell on my bed crying my butt was on fire. Then I felt her apply some cool lotion, What I didn't know was she was getting a diaper. To exhausted from the day and crying She told me to roll over. When I did I felt this thick padding under me. Before I knew it mommy had powdered me and taped this thick diaper on me.

She looked at me and said now young lady since you can't stop wetting yourself you will be in diapers until further notice. I've always been a girly girl and my room looked like a toddlers. I got up and noticed it was hard to walk. I went to put a pair of pants on and mommy said "babies don't wear pants" I thought to myself babies? Well wearing nothing but a diaper a t-shirt and a pink satin bra (Which I'm wearing as I write this) I went downstairs my mommy then told me that since I was wearing diapers like a baby and wet myself like a baby I was going to be treated like a baby. I tried to protest but mommy slapped my diapered butt. She then handed me a bottle and told me to drink. So here is this beautiful young girl drinking from a bottle looking like a baby.

My life was changed forever. All weekend mommy treated me like a 2 yr old, changing my diapers, feeding me ect... Well Monday came around and as I was getting ready for school mommy came into my room and said Lizzie you know you need a diaper again I tried to protest but it did no good. So mommy diapered me tied my hair in pig tails and put purple ribbons in my hair. Then she handed me a pink shirt and a skirt saying that a skirt would be more comfy with a diaper on. She told me we had a doctors appointment and she would pick me up from school (normally I just took the bus home) she picked me up and we drove to Dr. Roberts office I didn't notice that Dr. Roberts was a hypno therapist . As we waited I proceeded to wet my diaper. Mommy seeing this whispered it's ok baby you will feel better in just a few minuets. Dr. Jennifer Roberts was a very pretty woman maybe in her early forty's as she called me in. I sat in an a over sized comfy chair as we talked I felt myself getting more relaxed, not knowing I was being hypnotized. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I was home in my bed or at least I thought it was my bed, but it turned out to be an adult sized crib. I felt weak and for some reason small, mommy came in and said oh good Baby Elizabeth your awake she asked if I was hungry and I said yes but it sounded like more "wes". Mommy handed me a bottle and like second nature I began to drink. Looking around I noticed that my room was now a nursery. Well mommy explained everything it took a while to sink in but then once it did I totally freaked. My life as a typical teenager was now over and I was a 2 yr old baby girl. I'm now Baby Elizabeth

Well in the past ten years I grew up found a girlfriend but I still wear diapers and I'm still babied. It's part of my life now and I've come to accept it.

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