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Baby Girl Again.

(Fill in the normal stuff about people made up and all that good stuff)

Well how to start this story. I guess I should start at the beginning my name is April I am 17 years old conical age that is, my mommy treats me like I am 1. This is how it all got started. My mom had always enjoyed cuddling with me and spending a lot of time together as I grew up, but as I grew older I started to do my own thing and mom and me were slowly growing a part. Now I should tell you that my mother is a single mom so as long as I can remember it's just been mom and me. Oh sure she had the normal boy friends and what have you, but once they saw me they seldom stuck around. Well when mom would get depressed or just lonely she liked to talk with me. Normally she would have me sitting in her lap, rocking me slowly as we talked. She always seemed to enjoy babying me.

When I noticed mom was getting kind of low I would walk over to her and ask her to rock me or just hold me it seemed to cheer her up and some times she would even kid me about giving me a pacifier again. I never took her serious I would just blush and say ah mom. Well on my 16th birthday things started to change. I was excited to have a slumber party that mom said I could have on my birthday. Well about an hour before my friends started to arrive mom told me to go upstairs and she would help me get dressed. I blushed and told her I was a big girl I could dress myself, mom just told me-in her do it or else voice- to get up stairs.

So I went up stairs pouting a little bit and grabbed my pajamas and waited for mom to get come up stairs. She shouted at me to strip and she would be up she wanted to finishes icing the cake. So instead of risking mom's wraith I striped down. As I looked over to the mirror I started to pout, and decided to make my birthday wish that I would be taller and become more developed like most the girls in my gym class. You see I am only 4 foot 7 and weight about 95 to 105 pounds give or take-I have always been skinny and short. Mom says I get that from my father's side who ever HE is! I could still shop in the little kids clothes department and wear a lot of things to my disgust-its so hard to find cool clothes when you are as short and skinny as I am. That and with my small size I also seemed to inherit a small bladder and have been known to wet the bed now and again to my horror-although mom is good about not getting mad and even helps me clean my bed up and will even scrub my back when I take a bath to clean up.

Well mom came up stairs she had a gift in her arms, nice and wrapped in lovely red paper.

"Here sugar I want you to open this before your guest get here."

"Thanks mom" I said as I quickly ran to the bed my back turned to mom as I heard her rummaging though my closet for some reason. As I opened the gift I squealed with delight, it was the CD player that I had been wanting but couldn't afford just yet with my babysitting money. I turned around and gave mom a HUGE hug and kissed her saying thank you over and over again.

"You are most welcome baby I thought you might like it. You can use it at your party, but lets get you ready before your guests arrive." Mom then picked me up to my surprise and carried me to my bed I simply wrapped my arms around her and my legs and kissed her and hugged her again for the killer birthday present. Then mom laid me down on the bed only then did I see what she had got out of my closet she had got my pink footed sleeper out of the closet and she had a pair the training pants she had bought on-line for me to use at night since some nights-a special if I was sick- I would end up wetting the bed.

"BUT mom everyone will laugh at me I don't want to wear my footed sleepers please only babies were those!" I whined but mom simply said that I was going to wear these AND my training pants because it wouldn't do to have me wetting myself and becoming more embarrassed and besides there was nothing wrong with wearing footed pjs since it was winter they would keep me warm. I started to squirm and pout trying to get way from mom but she grabbed both my ankles and gave me a very hard swat on the rear -which stunned me for a minute- mom hadn't spanked me in a LONG time.

"I said hold still and let me put your pjs on or do you want your friends to see you running around in your training pants?"

"No Ma'am I don't want them to see me in training pants I'm sorry but do I have to??" I whined as she pulled my training pants on.

"You know its best if you wear them sugar other wise how will you explain why you peed your pjs hmmm?" was all she would say. So I pouted and laded still while she put me in my training pants and pjs.

"There you are all done now lets go down stairs and finish getting ready my pet." Mom helped me up and patted me on my rear as I ran down stairs, to excited about my slumber party that I was having for my 16th birthday. Well as per normal of a slumber party there was a lot of giggling and a LOT of nose it was a blast. My friends said how cute I looked in my pjs, which made me blush. I got upset with my best friend who was teasing me asking me to crawl around on my hands and knees so I swatted her with a pillow which started a HUGE pillow fight which even mom joined in. I had WAY more then I should have to drink, so when I woke up the next day to my horror I was soaking wet.

My training pants actually had absorbed more then they could and as I ran my hands down my legs I felt where they had started to leak though my pjs. I was quick to make sure I had thrown a blanket over my and wrapped it around me saying I was freezing! Thank god that excuse worked! After about an hour all my friends had FINALY left after I had thanked them all for all the presents I got! As I tried to sneak up stairs to get dressed mom stopped me on the stairs.

"Sugar before you go upstairs to get dressed come down and help me pick up this mess you and your friends made."

"Can't I go get dressed first please?" I whined a little I didn't want her to see how wet I was.

"If you hurry up and help me you can get dressed that much faster now get down here." She said in her special i'm almost ticked off mommy voice.

I simply sighed and walked down stairs and started to pick the stuff up. It was a weird feeling to be walking around with the legs of my pjs sticking to my thighs and legs. As mom came in the blanket fell off me and she had a clear view of my very soaked pjs.

" So that is why you wanted to get changed so bad huh baby. I told you to go easy on what you had to drink last night." I simply lowered my eyes and felt a few tears starting to stream down my face.

" I didn't mean to wet my self honest it was an accident. Please don't spank me." I whimpered. Mom simply laughed and put her hand under my chin so I had to look at her she wiped my tears away and kissed my nose.

"Its ok baby girl that is why I put you in your training pants last night, but enough of that lay down so mommy can get you out of those icky wet pjs." With that mom simply picked me up and laid me on the floor she unzipped my pjs and pulled them completely off.

"Tskk you really did pee yourself didn't you baby. Do not move I will be right back I want to get you cleaned up so you are not dripping anywhere else." So I simply lay there on my back as I was told sighing once again and asking the ceiling why did I have to wet the bed?

Of course I didn't get a response back. I simply lay there feeling the cool air against my skin when come came back in she had a bundle I her hand that I couldn't make out that well.

"Here we go sweet I will get you nice and dry and dressed then we can get this mess cleaned up and no fussing young lady!" with that mom lifted my legs up and proceeded to wipe me clean with a warm wash cloth. She then sprinkled some powder on me and rubbed in it gently, and then to my horror she lifted my hips up off the floor and slide what could only be a diaper underneath me.

"MOM I don't need a diaper I'm a big girl!" I cried out and tried to get away but mom had too good of a hold on my legs.

"Well sugar since I am washing all your clothes since we had the house sprayed for bugs you will simply have to wear a diaper till I get some of your clothes washed, because I will not have you running around naked. Now hold still or do I have to spank you?" with that mom gave my rear a hard slap just to emphasize her point. I screamed out in pain and mom just said hush while she pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it fast. She then stood me up and brushed away my tears.

" I know hunny you don't want to wear a diaper but this is much better then you running around all day naked. I am not saying you have to use the diaper. If you have to use the bathroom let me know and I will take your diaper off and you can use the toilet like a big girl. But you will not touch your diaper IF I caught you taken your diaper off I will spank you!" I simply pouted and said yes mom.

"Good girl now go and start cleaning up the living room while I get the wash started." With that mom patted me on the rear and gave me a genital shove out into the living room. I couldn't not believe it. I was wearing a diaper! It felt so strange it was actually a little too thick and I had to waddle to get around. I started to cry again as I got into the living room and saw myself in the mirror that was hanging on the wall. I stood there in what could be nothing else but a baby diaper. The top of the diaper actually had prints of barney all along the front.

Part 2

As the tears flowed down my cheeks I couldn't help but start to sob. There in the mirror stood a little girl, not a 16-year-old LADY. I mean there I was standing in a diaper that was made for a baby on my first day of being 16. Ha so much for looking like an adult like I had told my friends. As I started to cry mom walked back in and said "What's that matter baby did you hurt yourself.

" As she walked over to me I felt her arms wrap around me and hug me close.

"Its ok baby no need to cry it's not like anyone else is here to see you in a diaper.

" Then to my shock I felt the back of the diaper being pulled out and then mom padded my bottom "Just checking to make sure you were not crying because of an accident." With that she padded my bottom and told me to get to cleaning the sooner the mess was cleaned up the sooner I could do what ever I wanted.

The tears kept flowing down my cheeks as I toddled around the room. As I continued to walk around the room picking things up the noise of the diaper made me blush more. Mom stopped in a couple of times to see how I was doing and to my horror she actually asked me if I had to go potty. The tone of her voice was as if I was two. I got a little angry and stomped my foot and said I was a big girl and could tell when I had to go to the bathroom. Mom just pointed out that if I was such a big girl why did I wet my training pants. I looked down and hiccupped. Mom simply hugged me and then swatted my bottom and told me to finish up.

After I got the mess cleaned up and everything put up I heard the drier ding and I ran into the kitchen.

"Are my clothes done mom? Can I get out of this diaper and put my normal clothes on pleaseeee." I whined a little.

"Not yet honey these are my clothes I have yours in the washer now why don't you be a big girl and help me fold these clothes. And then we will get some lunch how does that sound?" I sighed and took the basket and waddled into the living room as I went to sit on the couch mom shook her head and pointed at the floor.

"I would rather you sit on the floor and help fold clothes baby just in case you flood the diaper I don't want the furniture ruined." Mom said softly as she kisses my cheek. I blushed and whimpered a little bit as I sat on the floor. Mom just smiled and sat down on the floor as well.

We were watching the TV and folding the clothes when I had felt the need to go the bathroom, but I really didn't want to tell mom. I mean I am 16 I shouldn't have to ask if I could use the bathroom room so I just sat there. After a little bit I started to squirm a little and mom looked at me.

"You need to go potty baby?" Mom smiles as she stroked my face as I blushed.

"Yes I do can I take this stupid diaper off please!!!" I whined.

"Once we get you in the bathroom come on." With that mom stood up and then leaned down and picked me up and put me on her hip before I could stand up on my own.

"Mommy I am a big girl I can walk!!" I squirmed on her hip trying to get down which got my thigh swatted.

"Stop squirming or your going to fall baby.

" I blushed and whimpered as mom carried me to the bathroom. As she went to open the door I started to squirm a little more.

"Hurry please mom I really have to go!!"

"Drat this door its always getting stuck!" Mom said and tugged on the door, which did not seem to budge. I whimpered as mom set me down on my feet my hand went right between my legs because suddenly I really had to go and I didn't know why.

"Pleaseeee hurry!!!" I stood dancing in the hall way as mom tugged on the door. Mom actually had to put her foot on the door jam and tug. As she tugged the door popped open and she fell backwards, I wasn't ready for it and she ended up knocking me on my butt. The shock was soo much I started wetting myself right on the floor my legs spread open. I couldn't stop it to my horror. There I was sitting on the floor wetting my diaper like a baby I started to cry in shame as mom rolled over and looked at me.

"Baby are you ok your not hurt are you?" Mom asked as she quickly rolled over to look at me and saw that I was wetting myself." Ooh the baby is having an accident...shhhh its ok little one that's why I put you back in a diaper."

More to come maybe....depends.

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