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Megan told James if he didn't start acting his age he was going to be punished and she had a plan. He was a 24 year old male who was to die for, a real dream and all she wanted was for his attitude to change and she did just that. He went to work at his store and she had the day off she went to the pharmacy and bought a pack of medium depends and a bottle, soother and some baby food and a large can of formula.

Thinking harder about the verbal abuse he had been giving her lately she went to where they sell the playpens and bought one of them as well. There she thought my revenge is going to be sweet.

He came home and no surprise they fought so she grabbed him by the hand and led him him to their room...

"James I told you if your going to act up I was going to treat you like a baby."

He said "no way" but she said that if he wanted her anymore than he best do as she said, so he agreed.

She went into the closet and pulled out a disposable Depend brief and said she had been waiting along time to get her revenge and put it on him. She said there and he was mad and further more mister you can go to the corner and give me some quality time without your presence and he did.

After 3 hours James looked like he was hungry so she grabbed him by the ear and took him to the kitchen where she had made him a bottle of formula and a bowl of pablum.

"im not eating that" he said with a sorry look in his face.

"Oh yes you are" she said "...or you can get out of my house."

"FINE!" he snapped and with that she put the bib around his neck and spoon fed him his dinner.

After dinner she took james to the living room where she had set up the crib and she found some stufed animals.

"Now baby boy you will sleep in here till i say. If you move outta there i will find more punishments. And you also will use your diapes for all ocassions - i dont care if you gotta poop your brains out you will do it in your diaper and tommorow your wearing it to work no ifs ands or buts.


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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