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I am a mother of two girls aged 16 & 17 and both wet the bed when they have had too much to drink at night. It's almost a toss up to who will have a nightly accident and when they do they get a little embarrassed and they tease each other about it. Many times I've had to break up their fights and it got to the stage that I wanted them to see psychologists to work out why they were having a bedwetting problem.

Google can be fantastic sometimes and instead of making those appointments I decided to Google it and see how many other teens still bed wet. I was quite surprised at the numbers and still am but I was even more surprised that nighttime issues can almost stop when the teen feels comfortable and not worried about having an accident.

Of course drinking too much before they go to bed doesn't help but with that under control and the aid of diapers or nappies many teens enjoy their sleep and they wake fresh and ready to start the day. It changes them totally. All though when I spoke to my girls about it they weren't that thrilled about wearing diapers to bed. So we went through the brands that were available and they both thought the Goodnite boxers were the ones they would wear if they needed to.

It wasn't a case of needing to, they had to. And no, I didn't force them to, I just encouraged them to wear them because it would save the embarrassment and the fights they had each time one or the other wet the bed.

My girls rush to get ready for bed at night and they sleep soundly. They don't wake when they wet instead they wake refreshed and ready to get on with their schooling. They change and dispose of their diaper before showering and getting organized. Now the only fights are over the boys they see in the school grounds. My girls will continue to wear diapers until they feel they are ready to sleep soundly without accidents.

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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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