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Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Gets Settled In

Yesterday Rebecca willing became Baby Becky, and agreed to be Jade and David's little daughter, now for the second time in her new life bb awoke in a wet and messy nappy. Although a little disgusted by the mess that squashed around her bum every time she moved she didn't mind, this was who she was now - A helpless baby.

Jade awoke in her bed pleasurably remembering the night before; she smiled to her self as she nuzzled David's face. There was light whimpering in the room and Jade realised it was the baby, crying over the baby monitor. Jade got up and pulled a pair of panties up her silky legs and went to the nursery.

Bb stopped whimpering and her dummy fell out of her mouth as she stared open-mouthed at the semi-naked goddess in front of her.

"Good morning Baby boo" Jade cooed. She moved toward bb and jokingly pinched her nose at the smell coming from bb's soiled nappy, she lifted bb out of the cot and placed her into the high chair, bb sighed as her mess squashed about her.

"Now I'll be right back baby, don't go anywhere." Jade giggled as she skipped out of the room, giving bb a view of her round bum.

Bb had a moment to think, she suddenly realised how easy it would be for Jade and David to make her into a baby. Jade had started a city wide baby sitting service, which was now booming, all her day's work consisted of was ringing each sub-manger to check figures and the occasional visit, and she was bound to have contacts in anything to with looking after a baby. David was a qualified doctor, however after his father died he had inherited his medical supplies business, that was run from home most of the time as well, and this explained where he was able to get all the nappies and other baby ware from. Rebecca didn't have any relatives in the city and she didn't work, David had insisted that she be his Princess- now she really was his lil princess

After a few minutes David entered the room and lifted bb out of her chair and gave her a hug, "how's baby, today" he asked as he patted the sagging nappy in-between her legs. He lowered her with a squish back into her high chair as Jade returned with some baby food and bottle of milk. She tied a large bib around bb, and started to spoon some food towards bb. Rebecca had heard the rumours of how bad baby food tasted and didn't want to find out how it tasted, so she pulled and refused to open her mouth, a big bit of the slop was mushed around bb's lips and a lot fell unto her bib.

"Well it's a good thing baby has her bib on" David chuckled

"Yeah I don't think she's quite ready for a knife and fork" Jade replied.

"Come on now bb, open up for mummy" Jade purred as she scoped up some more of the mush. Bb still refused until Jade slipped her had into her nappy and quickly caused bb to moan by rubbing her button. Quickly jade scooped up some mush and pushed it in to bb's mouth, she was surprised at how nice it actually tasted, she looked at the jar, it read; 'Adult Baby Food, includes vitamins and substitutes.' she happily gulped down more of the mush not realising that it was loaded with laxatives and diuretics. After her breakfast she was cleaned up and taken out of the high chair, she wondered why she wasn't changed just yet as David carried her out of the nursery.

Bb was carried into the bathroom and she realised that she was having a bath, she was laid down and had her nappy untapped and removed, she was cleaned up a little and then lowered into the lukewarm bath. It was a typical baby's bath, lots of bubbles and lots of toys. After bathing her and washing her hair something strange happened; a thick goo was applied to her pubis and round her butt hole, after a few minutes it was washed off and she was completely smooth, Rebecca wasn't sure about this, she had shaved it all off before, but now she was totally hairless. Apart from the level arouse it had there was no way to tell that she had reached puberty. Bb was lifted out of the bath and had her teeth brushed, her hair was dried and put into two pigtails. Still naked she was made to crawl behind David and jade to her nursery, bb was aroused and could feel vagina rubbing between her legs as she crawled.

Bb was quickly hosited on to the changing table and saying nothing jade quickly began rubbing bb's clit with a little bullet vibrater, she didn't know why but bb certainly wasn't going to complain, it felt sooo good rubbing against her, going in little circles, she was getting hot, and getting wetter, she was turned on she was nearing orgasm all ready she spread her legs wider and pushed her hips, but still the buzzing only continued on her clit. Bb wanted it inside of her now she needed it, she craved it. She didn't realise that she was pouting and making puppy dog eyes just like a little girl. Please just lower she begged please just take me, Jade moved the bullet lower and circled bb's labia, moving now and then getter her closer and closer, Jade's lips touched the clit and bb was in a haze of pleasure, what was happen she didn't know, but suddenly it all stopped, and cruelly in a seductive voice Jade proudly stated; "sign these and we'll continue" with that a David handed a load of papers to bb who barely glanced over them, she signed them all quick, there was something like 'power of......' 'National bank......' 'Change of name' one paper was headed with 'The Institute

"good girl" Jade purred as a much large dildo was turned on and placed into bb's hungry vagina, Jade barely had time lift the nappy as bb cumed into it, Jade casually reached into the nappy and turned off the dildo before re-fastening it.

"What a good girl you are bb" David announced "lets look at what you signed shall we?, well first of all your no longer Rebecca Wood, you are now Becky Miller-Smith, you gave us, Mr Miller and Ms Smith your power of attorney, oh and another rather interesting document that means you have the same legal standing as a two year old and that we are you legal guardians." he smiled to Jade who smiled back "oh, and a joint back accountant is now my bank account"

Jade cut in, "yes and another thing, you signed a document that arranges a stay at an institute, but let's not ruin the surprise"


A car drove up the drive way of secluded mansion, it parked at the front door, two passengers got out, a strong handsome man, a pretty woman. The man helped someone out of the back seat, this person looked just like and oversized baby girl, she clung on to what must be her daddy, around the neck and wrapped her legs around him, she was still half sleep, she was wearing a pink dress, but something sagged below it, a nappy, with a large stain on the front and another on the back. She was carried to the front door and taken inside.

"Dr Roberts" a pretty nurse chimed, "Miss Miller-Smith is here to see you"

"Ok send her in" the ageing doctor politely replied.

The End Baby Becky will return in 'The Institute

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