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Baby Jamie's Entry To Babyhood

This story is based on pure fiction and is not based on any real people at any point. This is also my first story and can be distributed over the net as long as the story is not changed in any way. This story is not based on any children porn and if you are looking for this, I recommend that you look elsewhere as diaper lovers/adult babies are usually not interested or sexually aroused by real children.

Chapter 1 - Mum Finds Out

Let me tell you about myself. I am Jamie and I like to spend my time going on ABDL sites on the internet. I have been into diapers since I was three when I was potty trained. I missed the closeness I had with my mother when my diapers were messy and wet and in need of a change. I have many stories and pictures and I like to jack off to women and men on the internet wearing diapers and wish I could take their place even for a minute. I do not know if I am gay, straight or bicurious. I would like to try anything once so I guess I am bicurious.

I am very close to my mother since my dad died 3 years ago and I am the only person my mother can talk to as I am an only child and so is my mother, and my mother doesn't work since my dad was the managing director of a large company and had his own island. He had left everything to my mother and meant we didn't have to work and had many luxuries even celebrities would love to have. My grandparents lve in America while I am in England in a city called Hull, which is a very nice place to live but many people criticise it as Hull as the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in England. It was also voted the worst place in Britain to live. What do they know? One night my mother came up to check on me intending to one of our regular talks when we talk about everything and anything. Little did she know I have a very dark and embarrassing secret. I was on deekers stories site and my mother came in, without knocking which was strange as she usually did. She had caught me with my trousers and underwear down to my ankles with a very clear erection. My mother sternly asked what was I doing and then saw I had a towel on my chair folded in a particular way. My mother couldn't place her finger on it at first but then it struck her like lightning and remembered it is the fold of a cloth diaper. At this point I was blushing and could even look my mother in the face. My mother then told me to get up and dressed and to sit on my bed while she looked at a few of the stories I uploaded. After half an hour I got very shifty and nervous as my mother told me to go downstairs and talk about what she had just seen. I knew I was really in trouble.

Chapter 2 - What Is To Come Of This?

My mother made herself a cup of tea and told me to sit down at the table.

Soon my mother joined and she had told me to explain the sites she had just seen. At this point I calmed down as my mother didn't seem to be mad at all.

At this point I knew I could just about say anything. I then poured my heart out to my mother. I began to explain that since I have been out of diapers I have always missed the security and the warmth and I have ever since longed for them. In the later years I have felt that I have grown away from my mother despite how close we are. I told her how I wish to be diapered and to be changed by her. At this point I really blushed and heated up. My mother saw this and reassured me that she was ok with it. My heart skipped a beat and I looked back into her eyes. She began to explain that she has known for sometime and during that time she has prepared everything until I admitted to my fetish. As time went by, she explained that she began to get impatient and took matters into her own hands. I was shocked to hear this. She has known for quite a while now. She also began to explain that she also missed her baby and told me that her and my dad was trying to give me a brother or sister just before he died. She longs for another baby to take care of and another person to be totally dependant on her. My mother then told me that we are moving next week as she has sold the house for a very good price (£450,000) and we would be moving to the outskirts of the city where it was neither countryside or busy. Just perfect for the both of us. This house was also smaller and only had two bedrooms and both with on suites. Since we didn't need the space anymore it seemed logical and we bought it for just £100,000 in which we got from the furniture that was either too big or we didn't need as the house was too small to take it all.

Boy was I shocked but this was only the start of it.

Chapter 3 - The Move My mum never packed any of the stuff in my room so I assumed that I was to sort what I was I was to take and what not to take. After I had packed two bags, my mum said to leave everything as I was getting new stuff for my room. I asked about my clothes and she said that I have a new wardrobe full of new clothes at the new house. This had me puzzled. My mum got together the last of the gear we were taking to the new house and we drove off. When we got there I looked at the house. It was a small cottage and looked great.

No neighbours and a local shop in which supplied the basic foods. We unpacked and my mum told me to find my new room. I opened the door and I was shocked. I was so shocked I couldn't move. My room was a nursery. A big babies crib with a changing table, a baby mobile and toys, and a rocking chair. I then felt something touch my shoulder and I looked up to find my mum smiling and reassuring me that it was ok if I wanted to be the families baby if that was to make me happy. Still I hadn't even made a sound as my mother picked me up and put me on the changing table. I then felt a pacifier enter my mouth and I immediately began to suckle as my mother smiled and pulled down my pants and underwear. I then realise everything was onto show in front of my mother when my mother started putting some cream on my genitals and butt. She was taking all my pubic hairs away and said that she will keep me smooth as most babies are. This is when reality hit me. I was going to be a baby again. I could only look in my mums eyes and smile, which she returned. Then she got a cloth diaper from under the changing table and proceeded to diaper me. It felt better then I ever dreamed and a tent formed in the front of my diaper. This was the start of a very good life.

Chapter 4 - My new baby life

My mother got me of the changing table and then went to the wardrobe. She picked out a baby blue outfit big enough to fit me but looked to be intended for babies. Boy was I excited. I nearly peed right there. My mother dressed me and through my pacifier I told my mother I love her. She smiled and said that she loved me too and that I was a very good baby. I smiled and my mother revealed it was time for dinner. We went to the kitchen and I saw an highchair. I got the hint and I climbed up into it and mother closed the harness and put down the tray all while she was talking baby talk. I loved it. I felt like it was home already, I was so comfortable. My mother then got a jar of baby food and fed me it. I did not ask what it was as I didn't feel I wanted to know but I had the instinctive feeling it was a prune mix and I knew what it was meant for. Then she got a baby bottle and put in some formula. While I wasn't looking she added a laxative and fed me it. I thought it tasted weird but I just put it down to the milk as it was baby formula and I have never tasted it before. Nevertheless I still enjoyed it and felt totally relaxed. She then cleaned me up and put me in the playpen with some new fisher price toys in the lounge. She told me to be a good baby till she has had her own dinner. I played with my toys for a while, having loads of fun until cramps hit me. I needed to poop, badly. I wasn't sure if my mum wanted to change a messy diaper so I cried. My mother came in instantly and asked what was wrong with her baby. I told her I needed to poop. My mother then gave a relieved sigh and just told me to go in my diaper and she would change me after her dinner. I stopped crying and then I felt poop come its way into my diaper. I was wet and mushy and sticky and warm. It was bliss. I was on cloud nine. The smell was almost immediate and I sat down in the poop. It felt great and then I needed to pee. I then let go into my diaper and it was a warm welcome and it felt amazing. I was turned on at this moment that I needed to j/o so I did. I then felt my cum shoot into my diaper when my mother came in seeing me sweating and she smiled knowing what had just happened. She then picked me up and took me to my bedroom, heading towards my changing table. My mother then unpinned my diaper and saw the result of my doings. I whinced at the smell but my mother didn't seem to mind at all, she didn't even bat an eyelid. Once she cleaned me up she told me it has been a long day and told me to have a nap, this way I would get used to my crib. She picked me up and carried me towards the rocking chair. She sat me down and fed me a baby bottle of formula and rocked back and forwards slowly. Once I had finished she read me a story from the Peter Rabbit series. I found my self really comfortable and then my mother stopped reading for some reason. She had felt her nipple getting wet.

She knew she wasn't lactating and then looked down and felt warmth in her heart as she saw her little Jamie suckling at her breast now asleep. Jamie then realised his mother had stopped reading and looked up not realising he was suckling at his mums breast. He was totally embarrassed when he did realise. His mum could only smile and ask if he wanted to have breast milk.

Jamie only nodded a small nod and was very self conscious. What his mother did really shocked him as she pulled her top up and revealed her breast. She explained that she would try to make milk but for now he would just have to suckle her without any milk. Jamie soon fell asleep suckling at his mums breast. He has never felt any better in his life and only knew it was going to get better.

To be continued..

I hope you like this story up to now and I will continue with the story if you all want to. I will also welcome any ideas. E-mail your ideas at and I will definitely look into them. Please not anything sick or perverse but will welcome anything else. Hope to here from you soon Baby Wildsey.

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