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Baby Jamie's New Life

This is the sequel to "Baby Jamie's Entry to Babyhood" and is by no means related to any real people in any way. This story by no means relates to any paedophilia or anything sexual to children. If you are looking for this please look elsewhere.

Chapter 5 - As life goes on

Four months as gone by. I have become totally incontinent and dependant of my mother. I am having the time of my life. My mother also couldn't be happier. She has also just started giving milk through my suckling her over the months. The effort has finally paid off. I am in my crib at 3 in the morning in my baby sleeper my mother got me for my 13th birthday. The sleeper is baby blue with snaps on my bottom to allow easy access to my diaper. This will prove useful when I will cry to my mommy to change my wet and poopy diaper. I now started to cry like a real baby (an art I have mastered to get my mommy's attention) and my mommy comes rushing in with her underwear. She is wearing a nursing bra and a pair of thongs. My mommy liked to dress nicely even in front of me. She instantly smells the products of my diaper. As soon as I see her, I smile though my pacifier and she smiles back. She picks me up and places me carefully on the changing table. She proceeds to unsnap my sleeper and unpins my diaper to release the mess covering my bum. She lovingly changes me with a wet cloth and then pins another 3 diapers on me. She then takes me up and sits on the rocking chair a sits me on her lap. At that point my mommy's girlfriend comes in the room. I feel slightly uneasy as she sees me as a baby as my mommy and Nancy have only been going out for a few weeks. My mommy hired her as a nanny earlier today and in return she has a home with a good amount of spending money to help with her own needs. Nancy is a beautiful 28 year old which I had a tremendous crush on. Nancy was also half naked and topless as she and my mommy were having a good session together. There I was suckling my mommy's breast, which I sure not 5 minutes ago was in my place my new nanny, and my very first crush is watching me for the first time in my fully infantile state. Mommy notice this ad soothed me and then stood up before I even finished her breast and then handed me to Nancy . My head was now really close to her breast and I instantly got hard and showed it through the tent in my diaper. All the women could do was smile and Nancy went to talk mommy's place in the rocking chair. She then introduced me to her breast so I could suck it. Mommy then had a good smile and a few tears entered her eyes. Mommy went to the toilet to relieve herself and I started suckling, and to my surprise milk entered my mouth. She then whispered in my ear that she has always wanted to breast feed men as it was a fetish of hers and since she is a lesbian, she probably wont get a baby in a while but now that she has one in her arms, the breasts were there for my pleasure (and mommies). I soon fell asleep with my mouth filled with a sweet nipple and even sweeter milk.

Chapter 6 - My new nanny

Since 4 moths ago, my mom got a tutor for me. She wants me to carry on with my education and still make a good living for when I get a job and a girlfriend who will understand my needs. My mommy tells me that she will not be coming anymore as she has found someone better. Nancy . My baby food fell out my gaping mouth and onto my bib. I was in shock. Nancy stored my hair and told me she used to be a teacher and would only be glad to teach me. This way I wouldn't have to wander off every time I needed a bottle or a breast to suck on. I could just do it while I was learning as Nancy would be there. I now started to realize that this is going to the greatest life anyone could ask for. Nancy picked me up and took me to the bedroom to change my wet diaper. She wiped me thoroughly and then bathed me in an oversized baby bath. I got an erection and Nancy laughed. She cleaned me up and took me out where she wrapped a towel around me and sat on the rocking chair. She got out her breast and fed me both f her breasts. I then suddenly peed all over me, the towel and Nancy . Nancy was shocked, but didn't make a fuss and blamed herself for not diapering me while feeding me with liquids. She cleaned me up and got me dressed in some dungarees and a tee-shirt with barney on the front. Over the months my mommy found tat she had to get me all of his videos, DVDs and any music CD's done by him. Nancy then placed me in the crib so she could herself change out of her soaked clothes with my pee.

She came back little over 5 minutes and then told me tat it was time to start learning. She started off with osmosis in biological science. It was a very complicated subject but she is a very good teacher. I asked her why she gave up teaching. She told me she had won the lottery and received £2m (bout $£3.6m in America) and she does not need to work anymore and she and mommy can dedicate all there necessary time to me. They then told me they have a surprise for me and all will be revealed during dinner.

It is now dinner and I have waited eagerly for the surprise. The ideas running through my mind would be a teddy bear, a new crib, thicker diapers and other things babies may need. No. It wasn't anything like this. It was totally different, they told me while I was suckling mommy's breast. I was too have a babysitter to sit me a couple of times a week. That way Nancy and mommy can have a break and time to themselves. I was flabbergasted.

To Be Continued...

Find out soon about Jamie's babysitter. I will welcome any idea you may have and look forward to them. I will assure you that I will read and consider each one as long as it is tasteful. Email me at [email protected]

Baby Wildster

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