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Baby Jamie's New Babysitter

This story is the sequel to "Baby Jamie's New Life" and is by no means related to any real people in any way. This story contains a few sexual moments and may offend some people. If this does not appeal to you then you have the chance to leave. People looking for child porn or any references to child porn please leave as adult babies and diaper lovers are usually not into paedophilia.

Chapter 7 - The Babysitters comes

What! I have a babysitter! This is bad, really bad. Only two people have seen or changed my diapers and then they throw this at me. I am being babysat TONIGHT! My heart sank what had felt 100 levels. I began to feel light-headed and began to turn pale. Why, why, why. That is what I was thinking. Why would mommy just drop this on me now? A little notice wouldn't be missed. Nancy put me in the playpen and I felt warmth around my crotch, and I instantly began to get hard. I was still in too much of a shock to notice. About 30 min later, Mommy and Nancy came down dressed up kissing each other at the bottom of the stairs and that is when the doorbell rang. I thought I heard a car pull in. That broke up Mommies and Nancy 's kissing and Nancy got the door while Mommy straightened herself up. The babysitter quickly greeted the two women and then ran to me. She seemed eager to meet me, or to see me again. It was Cathleen Granger from Secondary School (High School to You Americans) and I had the most amazing crush on her. She was in the same year but had just turned 14 in which I would catch up in 2 months. Cathleen smiled as my pacifier dropped out of my mouth. Then she made a cooing sound like I was a really baby and she picked me up with ease and kissed my lips. Now I was in shock. I just froze as my biggest crush kissed me. Mommy and Nancy left some instructions and phone number in which to reach them if anything unexpected happened and left. It was now just me and Cathleen. I had not yet made a sound. Cathy noticed this and told me that it had been a long time and wondered why I hadn't been at school. Shocks came after another one tonight. I thought she would have never noticed me. She was part of the cool gang while I was one of the losers who ended up sitting next to the nerds. Not that I didn't like some of them, it's that the one I sat next to has never heard of a bath. Cathy checked my diaper and confirmed I had wet, and quite a respectable amount in which she proceeded to carry me to my nursery and change me. As soon as we stepped in, she instantly was stricken with curiosity. It took he a few minutes to regain composure and striped me down to just my diaper. Cathy remarked on how cute I was clad in just a diaper and plastic pants. Cathy then unpinned my diaper and wiped my 'area' sensitively and softly and I instantly got an erection. Cathy laughed a little and tried folding new cloth diapers for me but failed. Instead she grabbed on of my disposables and taped it on. She seemed so natural it was unreal. I asked her "how come you know what to do all the time and how come you are not disgusted in a teenager dressed and treated as a baby". As this was the first words I have said since Cathy had arrived, it took Cathy a small time to answer. She then replied that she said that she did lots of babysitting but now since has also moved to the outskirts of Hull , she is only going to baby-sit me. It turns out she only lives down the road. Just less then quarter of a mile which is a minute ride or 5 minutes walking since it is uphill. She brought me down and placed me in the playpen to play with Thomas the Tank Engine and went to the kitchen. She then got me my baby bottle of pumped breast milk warmed up for me and placed it on the arm of the sofa. She came up to me and placed me on her lap and cradled me like a real baby as she feed my bottle. She asked what milk this was and I told her it was breast milk. She knew it wasn't baby formula as when she dripped some on her wrist to check the temperature, she licked it off. She revealed t wasn't bad and tasted better then formula. I gave a look and agreed. I wondered if she liked breast milk because of the maternity effect, or is it just a mutual thing. I let it slip out of my m ind as I carried on suckling at the baby bottle until it was empty. She then put in my pacifier and told me she had a surprise for me. This didn't shock me as I have been expecting it as the day was filled with shocks. Nothing in the world could shock me now. She then brought in a big teddy bear with Jamie written on it chest. I instantly cuddled it and it felt so soft. I quickly became tired and Cathy saw this and took me to bed. She untapped my diaper, even though it was clean, the instructions specifically told Cathy to put me in night time cloth diaper when getting me ready for bed. She asked for my help in how to fold and put me in cloth nappies. I helped her and when she was happy about the job she had done and made sure there wasn't much chance of a leak, she sat with me on her lap in the rocking chair. She slowly rocked. As every night I am on the rocking chair, breast feeding usually comes along with the package. Through comfort, I started to suck at the nipple through her blouse and bra, and as soon as she felt the wetness of my saliva, she picked me up quickly and placed me in the crib and pulled the gate of the crib up. Then she quickly said good night and rushed out the door leaving it open. How could I have been so stupid, but little did I know was that Cathy was leaning against the wall outside my nursery breathless and shocked of how that was comforting and slightly erotic of what I had done. She loved to baby-sit 14 year olds.

Chapter 8 - The next morning

Cathy woke me up, not knowing she spent the night, came a bit of a fright to me. She recognized my facial expression and told me that Mommy and Nancy were in late last night and was too late to go home. She was still dressed in a nightgown which she had borrowed from my mother. It was very sheer and see-thru. She then took off my diaper and now she was going to change my first messy diaper. She didn't even seem bothered as she cleaned me up without the slight evidence of disgust and quickly sprinkled some diaper lotion on me and then some talc. She then proceeded to fold her newly acquired skill of diaper folding and diapered me professionally. She then got a diaper shirt out of the cupboard and dressed me in it. She also got some very lacy socks and then carried me to the lounge and started to ask me questions. She asked how old am I when I am a baby? How come I am a baby? And do I like being baby and everything about it? I answered to the best of my ability and told her my mental age is probably around 18 months and told her of how my mother had 'found' out (she found out a long time before she caught me on the internet) and said I loved it as I am now closer to my mother, I am loved and now totally dependant so no responsibility is needed. All I have to do is regular home-schooling so I can actually make a future with my life. Then she asked me why I was suckling her last night. I was deeply embarrassed at this point and told her it was just instinct and I didn't realise I was doing it to her and apologised if I offended her in any way. Cathy said there was no need to apologise and that she had told Mommy all about it. I was scared and Cathy assured me it was alright and not to worry about a thing as this was very much expected. I smiled and now felt more comfortable then I ever did infront of Cathy. She then got the baby food and fed me Spaghetti Bolognese Baby food in which I truly adore. She finished wiping me down and kissed me on the lips. This was no ordinary kiss but felt like a first kiss a girlfriend gives and not a mother. She then went upstairs as mommy came down and changed. Mommy asked if I were hungry and I replied no. She seemed disappointed but I guess that is understandable as I have not suckled her since yesterday and must be very full. Cathy soon left and I was left in the unknown if that kiss meant something. I will ask her next time I see her.

To be continued...

Hope you like the story up to now as it has taken up some time and is starting to get difficult into adding new ideas to the story. As you know the story contains no bondage or discipline and would like any ideas from readers to give me fresh ideas. I.e. the babysitter, where does the story go from here. A little discipline would not go ignored but not to severe i.e. paddling, maybe a luxury being taken away as all babies need discipline. E-mail me at [email protected]

Baby Wildsey

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