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Baby Jamie's New Life

This story is pure fiction and involves sexual encounter and AB/DL activities. This story has no reference to paedophilia and has no children in at all. If you are looking for this, I suggest you leave as AB/DL's are normally not into this kind to sick fetish.

Chapter 9 - Jamie's New Girlfriend

Jamie has been thinking about the kiss constantly since it has happened three days ago. He is sat with a clear erection in his wet and messy nappy just thinking about it. He had to masturbate. This is when Nancy came in.

She had seen his full show casted in the crib of his nursery. Nancy smiled as Jamie blushed to the recent activity he had just performed. Nancy saw this and slowly came to his crib and brought down the side. She then lifted him up and placed him on the changing table to take his cloth nappy off. She first removed the baby blue panties and unpinned his nappy to reveal and night time's worth of poop. She lovingly changed him into a new clean nappy and placed a pair of clear baby pants on him. She then dressed him appropriately to match his diaper. White, white and white, that's all you could say when you saw him. She then picked him up again and sat on the rocking chair. She then moved her robe to one side and opened up her nursing bra to breastfeed Baby Jamie. Jamie closed his eyes while suckling and instantly thought about the kiss him and Kathleen had and then imagined that he was suckling her breast. A smile formed on his face and Nancy distracted him from his daydream by nudging him slightly. Nancy knew what he was thinking about and asked him if he would like to stay home or go to the mall with her and Mommy. She then explained that if I were to stay home, she would call the babysitter. Jamie's eyes widened at the thought of them being at home alone together again and quickly answered that he would prefer to stay at home. Nancy approved, already knowing the answer anyway and called Kathleen to come over in about an hour. Nancy then took me down to Mommy who played with Jamie with his Fisher Price garage. Then, after what seemed to be 5 minutes, the doorbell rang. It was Kathleen already. Has it already been an hour. Kathleen payed her respects to Nancy and Mommy and then went to Jamie and kissed him on the lips again, but this was the same kiss she and Jamie had only a few days ago, but now he was very conscious of what his Mommy and Nancy would think. He opened his eyes to find that they were smiling. Mommy and Nancy said their goodbyes and left to the mall, leaving Jamie and Kathleen on their own. Kathleen then said "lets have some fun" in which she undressed to her underwear and then undressed Jamie. Once she had him to just his nappies, she saw a tent which she noticed to be a very large erection. She unpinned his nappies and then told him to come upstairs and not to dirty anything on the carpet. They went to the nursery where Kathleen took the rest of her clothes off and then pushed Jamie to his crib. While falling his penis rubbed Kathleen's vagina and Kathleen almost came there and then. She kissed him and had a wonderful time together as they both lost their virginity to one another. This was love.

Chapter 10 - WOW!!!

Jamie had just had the time of his life, he had slept with his dream girl of whom he has had a crush on since he was 11, and he felt sure that Kathleen felt the same way to. He just didn't know how right he was. She feels something different when she is with Jamie; she has a strong maternal instinct and love towards him. She feels tat she means something, and not some good looking girl who one of the sexiest girls that Hull had ever seen.

Now she has moved to the outskirts, she feels much better.

Nancy and Mommy came home a couple of hours later and Kathleen told them every thing that had just happened. They both were very pleased and then asked if Kathleen wanted to stay with them. She instantly said yes, knowing that her family wanted to move back to Hull and rent out the house as a steady income. Kathleen didn't want to go back. They planned for the move for the next day and took the bedroom which was joined to Jamie's room.

Kathleen said her goodbyes to everyone and a special goodbye was in store for Jamie and went home to pack up everything ready for the move the next day. Jamie had just had the best time of his life, the best since the day he was first nappied and babied.

The next day and Jamie was very eager to help move all Kathleen's stuff but Mommy said that babies where to weak to carry anything to heavy. Jamie could only watch, as Mommy looked after him and breastfed him, which went right through him and he had totally soaked his nappies. Soon enough, Kathleen had moved in, as the room was already ready for anyone coming to visit or stay, so she had only needed to bring her clothes and personal items, like her stereo, cuddly toys etc. That night they had another session of sexual activity and Kathleen gave her first blowjob too. But later on, she shocked him to high heavens, She went to the changing table and diapered herself claiming to see what it felt like. She seemed quite comfortable with it and like it. Could this lead to something more spectacular? What was in store next..

I will want to make more stories and I am getting short of ideas, I would like to have a few emails to receive any ideas that you may have, after all you are the audience. Email me at [email protected] and I will gladly read and consider all. Please keep it tasteful, no bondage or spanking, watersports or scat. I am thinking of an outing or holiday/vacation of some kind, and would love any ideas you may have Thank you Baby Wildsey

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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