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Baby Jamie's New Life

Chapter 11 - A great deal of change

Baby Jamie is still in shock 5 minutes on. Still sweating after the blowjob, Cathleen came up to Jamie and dried him off. She smiled at him knowing that he liked what he saw and she picked him up carefully. She carried him to the room to put him in his own crib. Jamie fell asleep in Cathleen's arms as the waddling by her caused a rocking affect. Cathy raised the sides of the cribs until it locked into place and left the room to retire herself.

Morning came and Jamie's Mommy and Nancy went to see Cathleen first, to see if she slept alright. As soon as they reached the door, they thought Jamie was in there as they could smell stale pee. They entered the room and Jamie was no where to be seen. All they saw was Cathleen. Puzzled they woke up Cathleen and Cathleen jumped as her nappy was revealed. Mommy and Nancy could do nothing but smile. Nancy said that she has always wanted a baby girl as well as a boy. Cathleen blushed 7 different colours of red and tears formed in her eyes. Mommy comforted her and offered to change her. Jamie's Mommy took Cathleen's hand and took her to Jamie's room and placed her on the changing table. She untapped her and then cleaned her up (including pubic hairs) and she explained that babies don't have hair down there. She then put cloth nappies on her and a pair of pink baby panties and then put her in pig tails. Cathy was ashamed of being a baby but at the same time she loved it. She was going to be happy in the house from now on. At last she feels that she belongs to the planet. This is when Nancy woke up Jamie and Jamie's first sight is Cathleen in nothing but a nappy and plastic panties and Jamie now had a baby sister. Nancy replaced Jamie with Cathleen and then she said that her name is now Cathy and will be treated as a baby from now on if she wishes, but first she must have a week as a baby to decide if she likes it or not. Jamie knew she would like it and was confident that he was going to have a new baby sister for eternity. Nancy changed Jamie's messy nappy and re-nappied him. Then both Mommy and Nancy got Jamie and Cathy respectively and breastfed them both of their breasts. Cathy was smiling all the way through. As soon as they were done, they got us all ready but not before Jamie's Mommy and Nancy had their private session with each other, they all went out and got the new baby girl items they needed, i.e. new crib, clothes, bottles, highchair etc. The day was a very long one and they got back late in which the two woman fed the babies their lunch and nightly breasts and then put them to bed for a waiting exciting new day.

I know this is a short sequel to the story but I am all out of ideas.

Therefore I am holding a competition to who can produce the next 3 chapters, and the best will win. There is no grand prize as this is for fun and will contribute to my stories. This is just for fun.

Email stories at : Thank you, I am looking forward to hearing and reading all stories but please keep it tasteful - i.e. no severe punishment, spanking, scat or watersports.

Thank You, Baby Wildsey

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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