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My Aunt Margaret was sitting on the side of my bed. She reached her hand towards my towel and put two figures up my leg to see if I was wet. To her disappointment I was dry. But she could feel and see that I was hard. I see that the little baby likes playing baby. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed and towards the door. I resisted and asked. Where are we going Aunt Margaret? She turned around with fire in her eyes and said, first, one year olds can not speak yet and second, she was in control and I was to do what I was told when she told me or else! With a little less resistant we headed towards the stairs to go down to her apartment. She held my hand like a one year old so I wouldn't fall and spoke to me in nothing but baby talk all the way down the stairs.

My Aunt Margaret was my Godmother. She was about 47 or 48 years old. She wasn't a movie star but she was nice. She was about 5' weight about 110 but she was strong from working around the house. She was a single mom who raised 2 girls all by herself. My two cousins were married and they had two girls of their own. My Aunt babysat the two young girls and the other two went to school full time.

She doesn't baby sit them any more because they moved to Long Island. I was following her to her apartment. She was telling me that she finally got her Grandson. ME! I was puzzled. I went into her apartment in front of her and she spanked my bottom as I passed her. She told me to sit at the kitchen table and she would get me some milk and cookies. She placed the dish of cookies in front of me and gave me one. She said she would get the milk. She came back with a pink sippy cup. I jumped out of my seat and said no way. I am not drinking from a girl's sippy cup. Hell I said I'm not drinking out of any sippy cup. With the same fire in her eyes she pushed me back down on the chair and said. I am in control and I told you. You WILL do what I tell you to do.

You are the same size as me and I am not afraid to spank you for disobeying me. If you have one more temper tantrum. I will pull that diaper off and give you a spanking until your little butt is red and on fire. Do you understand me now? I put my hands back on the table and said I was sorry and that I would behave. She said, one year olds can not speak remember? So I lifted my arm up to her for a hug. She was delighted and hugged me back saying she loved her Baby Jay. She reached over to the sink and grabbed one of her Grand Daughters bib. She tied it behind my neck and gave me a cookie and the sippy cup and I started to eat and sip the cup. I finished the cookies and the chocolate milk in the sippy cup. Every time I would finish the chocolate milk she would fill it again and again.

PTII (2) Auntie wiped my face and hands with a wet cloth. She undid the bib. She took me into the living room and she put one of the girls CD's on for me to watch. I drank so much chocolate milk that the pressure was building in my bladder. I knew I had to go pee. I am not peeing in this towel. (I never peed in my towel before). I started to do the pee pee dance while I was sitting in front of the TV. She must have seen that I was squirming. She said, does my little baby boy have to go potty? If you do just let it go into your diaper. I shock my head no.

I was not peeing in that diaper no matter how much I was enjoying my afternoon. I would hold the pee until this play section was over and run upstairs and pee like a big boy. I was still doing the pee pee dance on the floor when she came back from washing the dishes. She told me that I better pee my diaper before my ears blow off. She also told me that she never changed a baby boy's wet diaper and that she was glad that I was her first. I half turned around to her and gave her baby goo goo. She also told me that she always wanted to play with me ever since she saw me jerking off in the addict of the bungalow. I looked around at her with my mouth open and my eyes bugged out. Relax she said, I never told anyone. I sighed a sigh of relief and so did my bladder. I started to pee into the towel and couldn't stop it. I was mortified, embarrassed. Tears came to my eyes I was so embarrassed. I wanted to crawl under the coach. She came over and keep saying in baby talk. That's OK honey babies always pee pee and poop in their diapers.

PTII (3) That is what they are for. Don't cry my little one. Auntie will clean you all up and you will feel much better. Auntie helped me up. The towel was soaked. It was yellow and leaking bad. She led me into her grand daughters room, were they used to stay over night. She put a pad on one of the twin beds and told me to lie down on my back. The wet towel felt warm and nasty at the same time. It wasn't that bad. She went over to the changing table and grabbed, baby powder and baby wipes. Tears were still coming down my face. She returned with the supplies and started to remove the pins. Still talking in baby talk she said did my little baby boy pee pee in his diaper. What a good baby he is. That's what Auntie is here for, to help Baby Jay change his dirty diapers, clean his pee pee and hinny and powder him and put a clean diaper on.

I was really starting to enjoy this attention. And again I remembered. It was just like the magazine. Is my Baby enjoying the attention? I see that he is. I was standing tall even for my Aunt. I lifted my hips and she pulled out the wet towel from under my butt. Roll on your stomach sweetie. She took a hand full of baby wipes and started to clean me all up. She cleaned my hinny and between the crack of my ass. I rolled back over and she cleaned my belly and stomach. She got some clean baby wipes and started to clean my pee pee and balls. She was doing a very good job. I was harder than a nail. I think it would be a lot easier for Auntie to clean you if you had no hair down here. Besides Babies don't have hair.

PTII (4) She went upstairs and returned with my saving cream and a razor and started to shave all my hair from around my pee pee and balls. It made it real easy for her to shave me because I was still hard as a rock. She was very careful not to nick me. She said now that looks like a baby's diapered area. Well she said with a chuckle. Except for the flag pole in the middle. I had to giggle. I thought it was funny. With a clean warm wash cloth she cleaned all the shaving cream off and sprinkled powder and rubbed it all in like she was enjoying it too. I knew that she was enjoying it, because she put her hand right around my flag pole and started to stroke it very slowly at first. Auntie was really starting to get into it. The faster she went the more excited I got. She whispered "come on now little baby Jay, cum for Auntie. Come on now, you will sleep so much better once you cum for me.

Between the baby talk and the stroking I arched my back up and let it go. Cum was all over, on my stomach and my chest. She seemed to be really cool with what she did. That's my good baby boy she said. Now you will go nitey nite and sleep well for your Auntie. She grabbed the cloth again and cleaned me up. While I was calming down from the best hand job I ever had, she went out to the linen closet and came back with a big fluffy blue towel. She lifted my legs, and put the towel under my butt. She sprinkled me again with baby powder. She spread my legs and pulled the bottom of the towel tight between my legs. She pinned one side and then the other.

PTII (5) She told me that it was time for all good babies to go to sleep. She told me to go up to the pillow and pull the covers up. She tucked me in and kissed me on my forehead. I fell asleep and dreamed all night about what happened all day. The next morning I woke up feeling relaxed and ready for the day. My Aunt Margaret came into the room with my cloths from upstairs. She said good morning my little boy. How did my little baby sleep last night? I smiled at her and she knew I sleep great. Your parents went to work already. I told them that you sleep down stairs with me. She helped me put my under wear on and my tee shirt. She pulled the back of my under wear out and sprinkled a little baby powder on my hinny. I put my pants on and she told me that breakfast was ready and to come in when I was done.

We sat through breakfast with only a few words. Nothing was said about last night. I finished my breakfast. Washed my dish and folk and dried it and put it in the cabinet. We went to the door and I kissed her on the cheek and thanked her for a great night. She asked me in a very serious voice. Did you really like last night? You are OK with what we did? I told her hell yes Auntie. You can be my baby sitter anytime. She smiled and gave me a big bear hug and said thank you baby boy and patted my bottom. I did not thing anything bad, I just thought that was that and that was a one time thing. After that day I made sure my door was locked.

To be continued...........................

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