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My parents were going away for 5 days. They left on Friday night and were not going to be home until Thursday morning. I was working now so I was out of the house when they left. It was Friday and I didn't make any plans so I was going to stay home and watch a movie put my towel diaper on read and go to sleep.

When I got home there was a note on the door of the apartment. It read "Jay please come down stairs when you are ready. I need to talk to you". After I went to the bathroom and had a beer I went down stairs and knocked on her door. Aunt Margaret swung the door open. She was wearing an apron and her hair was tied back in a bun. She looked like some ones mother. Your mommy and daddy asked me to baby sit you while they are away. I found your dirty book by the way. She had to be referring to The Family Letters Magazine. I figured she must have found it when she went upstairs for my cloths last time. It was at least 2 or 3 weeks since the last time I played baby. She took me into the bathroom and gave me a note and closed the bathroom door. The note said, you said that you really enjoyed playing baby for me the last time. Well this time it would be up to you. You can stay and be my baby boy again. If you stay, take off all your cloths and wait for your Auntie. Or while I am in the Kitchen you can go back up stairs and we will forget that this ever happened. And know that I would never tell anyone about our little secret. It's all up to you. I thought about it for a while. I did enjoy it and know that she enjoyed it too. I wasn't hurting anyone. What the hell I loved the attention anyway. So I removed all my cloth and sat there totally nude. When she opened the bathroom door she saw me sitting there in my birthday suit and smiled a big smile and came in and hugged me. She said I love my little baby boy Jay. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and slapped my little hinny.

She said OK baby Jay it is time to take a bath. With that she opened the shower curtains and there was a hot bubble bath waiting for me. It smelled like Mr. Bubbles. She helped me in and reminded me that I was a one year old again. I looked at her and put my thumb in my mouth and said gaa gaa. I sat down between the bubbles and down into the warm water. It felt sooooooo good. She reached into the tub and pulled out a few ships and a few rubber toys to play with. She grabbed the baby shampoo and started to wash my hair. She was washing my hair and I was playing with the new toys my Auntie bought for me. She rinsed my hair off a few times and picked up the washcloth and soaped it up. She started to wash my face and behind my ears.

Then she moved down to my chest and belly. She moved to my back and was really washing me good. OK baby Jay stand up so mommy can wash the rest of you. I was surprised at the mommy name. She looked at me and shook her head yes like she was looking for approval. So I nodded my head yes. I stood up and she cleaned my hinny. Inside and out. She refreshed the soap on the washcloth and started to wash my now erect pee pee and balls. She notices that there was hair growing back around my pee pee. So she took the shaving cream and the razor and shaved me as bald as a baby. She said to sit down so she could rinse me off. She rinsed me real good making sure she got all the soap and bubbles off me. She pulled the plug and helped me out. With a large fluffy towel she wraps it around me and starts baby talk and drying me.

Her touch was strong but loving and I really started to enjoy it again. I just relaxed and enjoyed the attention. I never had this type of love from my mother. Auntie wrapped the towel around me so I did not get cold and we headed to the bedroom. When we got into the bed room I saw that the room was now painted Baby Blue. She placed a pad on the bed and told me to lie down on my back. She went back to the changing table and came back with the supplies she needed including a new blue binky. My eyes opened wide and she put it into my mouth. I started sucking on it right away. She just looked at me and giggled. She reached on the side of the bed and pulled something from the floor. I was so busy sucking on my binky that I didn't notice what it was.

She lifted my legs up and place what ever it was under my butt. I thought it was the fluffy towel. But when she put my legs down and my butt hit the material. I knew it wasn't the towel. I looked down at my mommy with a puzzled look. She said that mommy got her baby boy his own adult disposable diapers. They weren't that much bigger than a real baby's diaper. It even looked like a baby diaper. I remembered the commercials. I got an instant hard on. She sprinkled me with baby powder and rubbed it in. She grabbed the diaper and pulled it tight up between my legs. The feeling was unbelievable. She taped one side then the other making sure that it was nice and tight. It felt great.

The diaper was tight against my butt and caressing my erection and balls. I was in baby heaven and I never wanted to leave this feeling. I felt warm, secure and comfortable. She then reached for another surprise. She showed me a blue pair of plastic pants with ducks, teddy bears and bunnies on it. She opened the legs and pulled them up and over my diaper. That felt even better and I didn't think anything could have made that feeling better. Now my little baby boy will not leak no matter how much he pee pees. She pulled me up to a sitting position. She started to put a blue tee shirt on. It fit and it was my color blue. She pulled it down over my diaper and plastic pants. It looked like any tee shirt except for the snaps between the crotch. She snapped it in place between my legs.

She reached again and put on what looked like a black pair of shorts with straps. She looked at me and said this is an adult baby omesie, a dress up one. There's another one for bed time. I stood up after she pulled it passed my diaper. She pulled the front to the middle of my chest and pulled the straps over my shoulder and secured both of the straps. It felt so warm and comfortable. All done my little baby boy. Time for din din. She grabbed my hand and led me towards the kitchen. On our way to the kitchen we went past a full length mirror. I stopped in my tracks when I saw myself in the reflection. I saw the binky and the blue shirt. The shirt had Bugs Bunny on the front. I looked at myself in the mirror and started to giggle. (Yes, I said giggled). Mommy helped me into my chair. She tied a bib around my neck. It had Bugs Bunny on the front too, with a pocket on the bottom. Mommy went over to the stove and filled up a baby dish with food. She brought it over while blowing on the food to cool it off a little. She asked if I recognized the baby dish. It did look familiar. She said that it was mine. It was my original baby dish and spoon. She found it in the basement in a box marked Jay's baby things. I smiled and shook my head and reached for it. But she hit my hands away because it was hot. She pulled a chair close to me and started to feed me after popping my binky from my mouth. She started to feed me like I was a one year old. I wasn't sure what I was eating. But when I looked at the counter I noticed Baby Jars. I finished in no time. Food was all over my face just like any one year old. She went to get a wash cloth and washed my face and hands. Mommy left the bib on. I was a little surprised because I thought we were done. She went back to the stove and took a bottle from one of the pots. She tested it on her arm like all mothers do and walked over to me. She said OK baby Jay here is your baba. Drink it all up and wash your din din down. She slipped the nipple into my mouth and I started to suck on it. She held the bottle up high for me to make it easier. I was having a hard time trying to suck on that nipple. After all it has been a long time since I did this. I managed to get the rhythm and started to go at it. I noticed that it was not regular milk or formula. It was chocolate milk. I sucked the warm milk in and across my tongue and down to my belly. Very happy with my success she said that's a good baby; drink it all up for your mommy.

When I finished she put the bottle and the baby dish into the sink. She took me off of the chair and placed me over her shoulder to burp me. I thought it kind of silly because I was to big to be burped but to my surprise. I let out a big one. I couldn't believe it came from me. She removed the bib and we walked to the living room. She was walking and I was waddling. I saw a big baby blanket on the floor in front of the TV. She sat me down and told me to play with all my new toys. She put the binky back into my mouth and she put two fingers up my leg to my diaper to see if I was wet then she went to the kitchen to clean up.

I noticed that there was a big teddy bear. It had on a yellow tee shirt which said "Baby Jay". I put him in between my legs and we played with my new toys. There were blocks and a fire truck and teething rings with bright colored keys. I was watching cartoons on the TV. I was relaxed and very comfortable. I was really enjoying my self. I was also very full and very tired. I started to close my eyes and feel asleep. I was dreaming about my own childhood. I was very alone. My parents were always working. They never had time for me. It came into my dream that this must be the reason why I am enjoying myself. My Aunt was a family member and to me it was just right. My sleep was interrupted by a warm feeling in between my legs. I pee peed in my diaper. This was something that I never really did before.

I woke up with a jump. My mommy was sitting on the couch. She saw me jump and asked if baby Jay had a bad dream? She knelt in front of me putting two fingers up my leg. She smiled big and said my baby Jay did pee pee in his diaper and it was soaked. I couldn't believe that I peed in my diaper. Mommy saw the tears rolling up in my eyes when she was helping me up. She held me tight and told me that it was OK baby that is what diapers are for. She took my hand and we walked into the bedroom. Well she walked and I waddled. She noticed my waddle and laugh.

I laid down on the changing pad on my back and she got the supplies she needed for the changing station. She started to tickle me blow on my belly. I was giggling like a one year old. She removed my plastic pants and untapped my soaked diaper. She removed the diaper from under my hinny and through it in the diaper pail with a loud clunk. I started to get aroused again remembering the last time she changed my diaper. She noticed it and smiled and picked up some baby wipes and started to clean me all up. She picked up my legs and placed a clean diaper under my hinny. She took some baby lotion and warmed some in her hand. (I love the smell of baby Lotion). She said that she didn't want her baby boy to get a diaper rash. She rubbed the lotion all over. She did not miss a spot. I got even harder. Does my baby boy like when mommy does this? I was really enjoying it now for sure. To my disappointment she stopped rubbing the lotion in and picked up the baby powder and sprinkled it over my front. She reached down and grabbed the top of the diaper and pulled it up tight between my legs. She had a hard time because I was still hard. Put she managed to tape it on both sides. That's my good boy. She pulled me up and I noticed that she did not put my plastic pants on. We went into the living room and she sat on the corner of the coach and patted her lap. I guess she wanted me to lie in her lap. Come baby Jay come lie in mommies lap for awhile. I went over and got comfortable in her lap.

I was nestled in her breast. She started humming nursery rhymes that I haven't heard since I was a baby. She was humming for almost 20 minutes and she asked me if I wanted a special treat for mommy. I couldn't move so I looked up with my puppy dog eyes and smiled. She moved me aside a little and untied her apron and unbuttoned her blouse. There in front of me were my Aunts titties. She moved me up to her with her hand on the back of my head and placed a nipple into my mouth. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. She moved her hand to the top of my diaper and put her hand in and took my rock hard pee pee into her hand. I started to suckle like a new born. The faster I suckled the faster she went up and down. Her head was back and her eyes were closed. I knew she was enjoying it. She was moaning softly. She removed my mouth only long enough to switch to the other nipple. I came when she put her other nipple back in my mouth. I didn't stop she was moaning a little louder now and I knew she was about to blow. She let out a little cry and started to calm down. She moved up a little and I released her nipple. She kissed me on the forehead and told me that I would always be her Baby Jay and that she loved me very much. We rested there in the living room for awhile. We went back to the bedroom she put my binky back in my mouth. She removed my diaper cleaned me up and replaced the diaper with a clean one. She put my plastic back pants on.

When she was done she returned with a baba of warm chocolate milk. She placed it into my mouth and I started to suck on it. It was warm like my bottom was. I closed my eyes and went to sleepy.

To be continued ..................

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