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When I woke up in the morning I was wet. I still can not under stand how I was wetting? Now I am wetting in my sleep? I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I took my plastic pants off and placed them in the sink. I removed my wet diaper and rolled it up and threw it in the garbage. I was washing my face when the door of the bathroom flew open. My Aunt Margaret was standing there looking very mad. What are you doing up and how did you get out of bed. The bathroom is for adults. You are not an adult you are one. Your diapers are for pee pee and poop.

Now crawl back into your room and get back into bed. But Auntie, I thought we were done with our play. I will tell you when we are done. And what did you call me? I am your mommy when we are playing baby and your Aunt any other time. Got it? I got down on all fours and started to crawl passed my Auntie I mean my mommy. I was getting ready for what I knew was coming. She leaned over and spanked my bottom. I must have had a target on my hinny because she hit it in the perfect spot. It stung with pain on my naked bottom. Tears came to my eyes. She followed me into the bedroom. I went to crawl back onto the bed but my knee slipped and I landed on my belly. Half on and half off the bed. Before I could get up she was holding me down on the side of the bed. My bottom was out in front of her. I tried to move up but she had me good and tight. She told me I needed a lesson of who was in charge. While holding me down she started to spank me easy at first. I figured that it was just part of the playing. She spanked me maybe a dozen times. I guess she didn't like that position. She pulled me over her lap and continued with my spanking. I didn't put up any resistance. Because, they were mild spanks. She gave me another 12 or 15 spanks while explaining why I was being spanked. I was enjoying this a little. I had never been spanked before. I must have been enjoying it. I had a hard on.

When she was finished. She asked me does my baby boy understand? Not even thinking I said yes Auntie. The next 6 or 10 spanks were not for the play. They stung like hell. My hinny was on fire. I started to cry a little. My hinny was really on fire. She stood me up and notice my hardness. She smiled and said, I guess my baby boy likes this treatment. She gave me a big hug and told me that she loved me. And that it was all over. Its time for breakfast sweetie. She went to lay me down on my back on the bed but when my hinny hit the bed I jumped three feet into the air. She was laughing her head off. She put my binky in my mouth to calm me down a little. I was still crying. She told me to turn onto my belly and mommy would put some cool lotion on it to ease the pain. I turned over on my belly. She reached for the baby lotion and put some in her hand. She started to rub it into my bottom. Boy is my babies' hinny red. I heard a snicker. It felt really cool and I started to calm down. I was enjoying the rub so much. I was exhausted from crying and the spanking that it put me to sleep.

When I woke up I was tucked into my bed my binky in my mouth and I was nice and warm. I pushed the cover down and went to get out of bed but my bottom said don't you dare. So I stayed in bed hoping that mommy would come for me. She didn't so I gave a try at a baby crying. It was a pitiful cry. But she heard me anyway. She came in all cheerful. How did my baby sleep? It's time to get dressed and have some num num. I have some very special baby cloths for my baby Jay to wear. I laid back down She went to the closet and took out some baby cloths. I looked at them and they were all boys' baby cloths. She took a yellow tee shirt with snaps at the crotch. She put it over my head and pulled it down over my diapers and plastic pants. She snapped the bottom half's together at the crotch. She then took a dark blue pair of baby shorts and slid them up my legs. She took the straps and put them over my shoulder and clipped them in place.

They were just like the dressy ones I had on yesterday. She went back over to the dresser and picked out a pair of baby socks baby shoes and put them on. She took a comb from the dresser and combed my hair nice. I was puzzled? Where did she get all these baby cloths that fit me? I am not that small that I could fit into real baby cloths. Mommy helped me off the bed and we headed for the kitchen for breakfast. We went past the same full length mirror in the hall way again. When we went by this time. I was total surprised. Even more than the other day. I looked just like a one or two year old. This shirt and shorts had Twitty bird on them. Mommy tapped my head laughed and said I told you, you were the cuties baby boy in town. I sat in my chair and mommy put my bib around my neck and tied it in place. I was hungry and wondered what I was having for breakfast? She picked up the spoon and started to feed me.

I took one taste and knew it was my favorite cereal. Farina. A lightning bolt hit me and I remembered that my Aunt used to feed me when I was a baby. She finished feeding me and cleaned my face and my hands. She went back to the stove and asked if I wanted a baba? I put out my hands and arms to say yes and she took the bottle out of the pot. Holding the bottle up she put the nipple in my mouth and I started to suck it down. Does baby Jay want to know where mommy got all his nice baby things?

With out skipping a suck I shook my head yes. The baby cloths came from two places. The first was from a dear friend. She gave it to me for you. The second place was in the Family Letters Magazine. They sell cloths for adult babies. I called the number for the free catalog. In about two days I received it. I went through it and marked down all the things I wanted to order for you. I called them and place the order. I received the order in about 5 or 6 days. That is why I didn't say anything to you for the past 2 ½ weeks. I wanted it to be a surprise. She said it was like shopping for a baby again. But this time it was for a special baby boy. ME. I finished my baba just as she finished the story. She put the bottle in the sink with the dish and spoon.

She helped me to my feet and pulled me up to her shoulder. Again in disbelief a big loud burp echoed in the kitchen. Mommy told me to crawl into the living room and watch the cartoon channel she put on the TV and she would be back in a few minutes. She had to do some wash. She told me to sit still and be a good boy while she was gone. Mommy would be right here if I needed her. I was watching cartoons for about 20 minutes or so when the door bell rang. I paniced. What if it is my cousins? I don't want them to see me like this. Where do I go where do I hide? I was frantic. Mommy came in; she must have seen the panic in my eyes. She told me that it was not my cousin because they went away for the week end. I went into the corner of the living room and put the blankie over my head to hide. Mommy opened the door.

To be continued ..........................

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