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Hi Helen what a wonderful surprise. Come in. Would you like a cup of coffee? That would be great Margaret thank you. So how are things? Helen told her that she was OK. I wanted to visit you and see what was up. They both headed for the kitchen. I was peeking through the bankie. She was very tall and thin. Maybe 24 - 25 years old. 5 foot 11 very thin. I said that already didn't I. She was very pretty. She took off her coat and placed it down on the couch.

She must have seen the blanket move because she said is there someone playing peek a boo with me under that blankie? Mommy came over and said this is my baby Nephew Jay. Aren't you going to come out and say hi to mommy's closest friend Auntie Helen? I shook the blankie no. They went back to the kitchen table and started to talk. When Helen turned I saw she had beautiful blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. She had big breast. When I saw them I said to myself "Lunch". I couldn't take my eyes off of her. His a little shy Helen. When he is ready you will met him. OK sweetie when you're ready. Mommy made coffee and the ladies talked. I was sitting there with the blankie over my head thinking how the hell am I going to meet this beautiful lady dress like this? She will laugh her pretty head off when she sees me. I had to make a plan. While they were talking I came up with a plan. I was going to inch my way over and get closer to my room while they thought I was watching TV. When I got close enough to my bed room I would make a break for it. I got closer to my bed room without them noticing. They were to busy talking. With my heart in my mouth I made a break for my room. I got up and started to run. I took two steps and my foot got tangled in the blanket and I fell hitting my knee hard on the floor. I yelled out in pain. The two ladies came running over. Mommy picked me up and asked if her baby was hurt?

Helen was holding my hand and telling me not to cry that everything would be OK and that they were here to take care of me. So Margaret, I guess this is your Baby Nephew Jay. Will you were right. He is a real cutie. She didn't bat an eye at how I was dressed. OH look Margaret, his knee is all red and swollen. Helen picked me up (Yes I said picked me up. I told you I was short and skinny back then). She brought me to the kitchen and sat me down on the chair. Auntie Helen and mommy will fix it and make it all better. OK sweetie. She bent down and kissed my boo boo. Her face was smooth her hair smelled great. Her eyes were so blue. They were actually the same color as mine. She smelled like she just got out of a bath with rose peddles in the water. Mommy was getting the ice bag and came over and handed it to her. Auntie Helen put the bag on my knee and kissed my forehead. I was in love. So do you like wearing your diapers? How did you like all your new baby cloths? Mommy said Helen! Ops she said. Mommy was smiling and so was Auntie Helen. This was a set up. Auntie Helen just wanted to meet you. Your mommy told me what a good baby boy she had. That's why I gave her the baby cloths for you. We're sorry for tricking you. Will you forgive us? I didn't say anything.

Well maybe this will help? She reached into the shopping bag next to the kitchen table and pulled out a big teddy bear. She gave it to me and a big hug too. Are we forgiven? I hugged her tight. Her breasts were so warm on my chest. This beautiful lady wanted to meet me and now she is hugging the stuffing out of me. I think I died and went to heaven. Can Auntie Helen get a kiss too? I kissed her right on those ruby red lips. After kissing Auntie Helen, mommy brought me back into the living room and put the ice bag on my knee. She kissed me on my forehead and went back inside with Helen. I heard Auntie Helen say Margaret he is really a cute looking adult baby. I was getting a little worried because I hadn't peed or pooped since early this morning. I was hoping it would hold off until Helen left. The more I tried not to think about it the more I had to go.

I was doing the pee pee dance. I decided to sit down just in case I could not hold it. My diapered hinny no sooner hit the floor and it was like Hoover Dam opened in my diaper. A warm steam of pee pee filled my diaper. It was sooo warm and it felt sooo good. I must have made a sound when it finally stopped. Mommy asked me if I was OK.

I made like I didn't hear her and maybe they wouldn't come over. Well that didn't work because they both came over. I kept watching cartoons. While still talking to Helen mommy came over and put her fingers into the leg of my diaper. Yep that's what I thought. His wet. Time for a change. Mommy helped me up and Helen grabbed my hand. Margaret would you let me change this cutie for you, please? I almost swallowed my binky. Sure you can. The supplies you need are on the changing station or on the dresser. With my hand in hers she took me to the bedroom. She laid me on my back on the bed. She took the supplies she needed and started to change my wet diaper. My heart was pounding so hard I thought for sure she was going to hear it.

This beautiful lady was going to change my diaper and see me naked. I started to get nerves and a rise at the same time. Now Baby Jay don't be embarrassed. I've seen plenty of baby boys your age naked. And she gave me a wink. I'm a RN and work at a hospital in Queens. I just never saw one as cute as you.

I was to far gone. I was in love. She could have done anything to me and I would have not known it or cared. She removed my shoes and socks first. She started to remove my shorts and pulled them down to my knees and off. My tee shirt was next. She unsnapped the crotch and slid the tee shirt over my head. Her hands came down my bear chest. Her hands were so soft. She came to the elastic band on my plastic pants and put a few fingers under it and removed them over my wet diaper. She reached for the tapes and unfastened them one by one. She held onto the top of the diaper and brought in half way down to my erection then pulled it back up saying pee a boo. I started to giggle after a few times of this. You are so cute I wish I could take you home and take care of you. Yes I do. Again I almost swallowed my binky. But for now I am going to clean this cute little hinny and diaper you and return you to your mommy. She picked up both my legs and removed the wet diaper from under my bottom. My erection sprung out at attention. She saw it and kissed the tip of it. She was saying all the right things in baby talk and touching me in the all the right places. She took the baby wipes and cleaned me up. She powdered me and rubbed it in. I was on fire. I was hoping that she would just stoke me a few times. She put a clean diaper on and put my plastic pants over the diaper. She led me back to the living room and sat me down on the blanket.

Mommy asked her, was he a good baby for you Helen? She replied Oh yes he was. Mommy came into the living room and laid me down. She placed a bottle holder on the floor next to me and put the nipple in my mouth. She told me to be a good baby boy and take a nap. I started to suck on the baba and soon I was asleep. I was dreaming that Auntie Helen was taking care of me and that she would make sure that I was happy. Her smile just lit me up. She was warm and friendly. I could tell that she had a lot of love in her heart. I heard her voice in my sleep. It was like an angel was speaking. Come on baby Jay wake up honey. Then I realized that the dream was over and she was waking me up from my nap. It's time for lunch sweetie pie. I rubbed my eyes and tried to clear the sleep from my eyes. I woke up and the baba was still in my mouth. She was leaning over me. She took my bottle from my mouth. Her blouse was hanging down exposing her beautiful tits. I said to myself now that's what I call "Lunch". She reached into the leg of my diaper and put three fingers in to see if I was wet. I was surprised when she told mommy that I was damp but not wet enough to change yet. Why have I been wetting my diaper while I was asleep? I had never peed while I was sleeping. This was the 3rd or 4th time now. She helped me up. She gave me a big hug and kissed me on my forehead. In her arms I felt loved and I didn't even know her but I knew that I trusted her.

Some how I think Mommy and Auntie Helen knew what I needed. Love and attention is all I wanted but never got from my mother or father. I held her hand and followed her to the kitchen were mommy was waiting with our lunch. She picked me up and placed me into the chair. The chair seemed to be higher for some reason. It looked like a bar chair or a chair you would find around a counter top. Mommy gave Helen my bib and tried to tie it behind my neck. But it was a little hard because she was in front of me. She was leaning in to tie the bib and every time she leaned in her tits would brush my lips. I wanted to open wide and have my LUNCH. She was brushing my lips now for about 5 or 10 minutes. She managed to tie it correctly and move back in front of me. I was as red as a beat.

She looked at my red face and asked if baby Jay enjoyed that? I gave her my goo goo eyes. She laughed out loud. What a cutie. Mommy gave Auntie Helen the baby dish and she started to feed me. I didn't care what it was. All I kept doing was staring at her tits. Aunt Helen was making airplane, race car and train noises so I would open my mouth and eat. She got a baba from mommy and she held it up so I could drink it. I was sucking the baba furiously. She told me to slow down before I got a belly ach. She had no idea that I was imagining that I was sucking on one of her tits. The chocolate milk didn't taste too good this time it had an after taste.

I wasn't sure what was wrong with it but I knew I had tasted it before. She cleaned me all up. She put me over her shoulder to burp me. The sound of a big burp was heard around the world. She laughed and said such a loud burp from such a little baby. Auntie Helen gave me to mommy so she could wash her hands. Mommy told me to crawl back into the living room on the baby blanket and watch afternoon cartoons while her and Auntie Helen ate lunch. She said she would bring another baba for me. I crawled to the TV and started to watch Tom and Jerry. She returned with a warm baba of chocolate milk. I kept turning around and looking at them.

They were looking at me and laughing. I laid on my side and started to drink my baba but this time I knew there was something wrong with it. The after taste was really bad. So I sat up and started to cry. I put the baba up to let them know that there was something wrong. Mommy and Auntie Helen came in to see what was wrong. I handed the baba to her and started to cry. It seemed that they already knew. I heard Aunt Helen whisper in mommy's ear that she put too much in this time. I said you put too much of what in this time. Auntie Helen told me to be still a moment. Aunt Margaret explained that Aunt Helen found this drug to make me relax more so I would pee pee and poop in my diaper more often. So that explains why I was peeing at night when I was sleeping.

I was a little pissed. I do not do drugs. Auntie Helen told me not to worry that it was harmless and that I didn't have to worry about it. Would mommy hurt her little baby Jay? She came over to me and kissed me. All of a sudden I got a pain in the bit of my stomach and started to poop in my diaper. I was mortified. I started crying because I really didn't like pooping in my diaper. But here I was pooping a big dump in my diaper. The tears started to flow. I know it wasn't my fault or my decision. It was warm and very soft like a baby. I was totally embarrassed. Mommy and Auntie told me that it was OK. Babies poop in their diapers all the time. Mommy and Auntie Helen will clean you up and make you feel better. Don't cry sweetie. There there calm down now. Mommy is here.

Mommy was holding me tight and Auntie Helen was patting my bottom. Take him into the bedroom Helen. I'll be right in. She picked me up and carried me to the bed room. She laid me down on my back and started to remove my plastic pants and untapped my diaper. She lifted my legs and removed the diaper wiping my hinny with the clean part of the diaper. Mommy came in with a warm washcloth and a towel. She finished cleaning me up. Auntie found my binky on the dresser and put it between my lips. I took it and started to suck on it while I was still crying. They told me that they were her to change my diapers no matter what I put in to them. Mommy was blowing bubbles on my belly to try and make me feel better.

It was working because I started to giggle with her and I stopped crying. What do you think Helen? Do you think we should give our little stinker a nice hot bubble bath? That sounds like a great Idea Margaret. Helen you hold him and I will fill the tub. She put the towel over me so I didn't get cold. She was playing peek a boo and making me laugh. She kept removing my binky with a pop and replacing it while she was tickling my chin. That's our baby boy all smiles now and he looks so cute with his binky. OK Helen bring him in. She took the towel off me and realized I had a big hard on. When I got into the bathroom mommy saw it too and said I think baby Jay is happy again. They helped me in to the water. Just as I was getting in to the tub the phone rang. Mommy went to answer it.

The water was warm and there were plenty of bubbles. Auntie Helen started to wash me all up. She started at the top and worked her way down to my hinny. She made sure there was no more poop on my hinny. She came up the front and did my legs and went up to my belly and chest. She renewed the soap on the washcloth and started to wash my now hard pee pee. Auntie Helen said she wanted to clean me good over here so that I didn't get a diaper rash. I was getting rubber legs. She was stoking me faster and faster. I was just about to let go when I heard her moaning very lightly. So I slid my hand down to her nipple and held it in my hand. I started to cum in the washcloth.

I was done in no time. She helped me sit down. She put the washcloth aside and rinsed me off. Mommy came back in and said that was my daughters. They were having a good time but it started to rain so they were cutting the weekend short and they would be home tomorrow afternoon. That leaves me with a problem mommy said. My Baby Jay. I don't want them to see him like this and I'm sure that Baby Jay doesn't either. Helen, would you like to baby-sit baby Jay for a few days. Sure I would. But I need to go home to make some arrangements. I know it will be late in the night but could you bring him over about 8? Sure mommy said. No problem at all. Baby Jay is going bye bye.

To be continued .........................

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