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After Auntie Helen left, mommy put on a clean diaper and plastic pants. She went to the dresser and pulled out a dark blue tee shirt with snaps at the crotch. She pulled out an omesie that had the same pattern as my plastic pants teddy bears and ducks. This one was the one for bedtime. She picked up the shirt and slid it over my head and down past my diaper and plastic pants and snapped the crotch together. She took the omesie and slid them up my legs and past my waist. Taking the straps and going over my shoulders and fastened the straps in place.

She went back to the dresser and said, I almost forgot these. They were Baby Botties and they fit me perfect. She replaced my binky and helped me back to the living room. OK little Jay, you play nice while mommy gets you some num num. I sat down and started to play with my toys. I played with the toys and put my teddy bear that Auntie Helen gave me in my lap. I was peeing in my diaper and playing. I didn't have a care in the world. No problems, no responsibilities, no nothing. Just peace. Mommy came in and took me into the kitchen for num num. I sat in the chair and she put my bib around my neck and tied in place. I had a nice dinner of baby food and a nice warm baba of chocolate milk. Mommy brought me back to the living room and told me to finish my baba while she packed a few things for the trip to Aunt Helens house. She finished packing the suit case and came over to me unsnapped the omesie and checked to see if I was wet. I was but she said that it would have to wait until we got to Auntie Helens house. OK sweetie pie lets go bye bye. I looked at her as if to say, I'm not going out dressed like this. Someone is going to see me. Do you want your cousins to see you like this besides every one is away for the week end and its dark out. Now let's go. I got off the blanket and walked to the door. She opened it and I looked outside to make sure there was no one around. She spanked my bottom and we went to the car. She opened the back door and buckled me in. She put the suit case in the trunk.

When she got behind the wheel, she said OK lets go bye bye. I do not know how long the ride was because we didn't make it three blocks before I fell to sleep. I heard someone unbuckle the seat belt and carry me in. When I woke up in the morning I was soaked. I opened my eyes and thought I was in a crib. I rubbed my eyes to focus them. I looked again and I was in a crib. I let out a cry and screamed for mommy. The door opened and there was Aunt Helen. Now I remember I was going to stay a few days with Auntie Helen. I smiled and she came over to me. Did my little baby sleep well? She lowered the rail of the crib and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead. Welcome to your new nursery. I looked around and saw a baby boy's nursery. Painted blue with teddy bears and clowns on the wall. It was really cute. I liked it. There was a changing station with diapers under it. A dresser on the other side of the room and a rocking chair right next to the window were the morning sun light was shinny through. How did I sleep in this baby crib? I thought it was a little bigger than a regular one. I was puzzled. I can see by your look that you are wondering, how come I have a baby boy's nursery in my house. I will explain while I change your diaper and get you dressed. She took me out of the crib and placed me on the changing station and put my binky in my mouth and started to explain.

My husband may he rest in peace. He was killed by a drunken drive two years ago while going to work. He was a DL/AB. I found out when I found all his baby stuff. I asked him about the items. He explained what a DL/AB was to me. A DL is a diaper lover and AB is an adult baby. He told me that it was a stress relief for him when he had a hard day at work. When I was working the late shift at the hospital he would play baby by himself. He wanted to tell me but didn't. He didn't know how I would take it. He was very embarrassed. I was of course surprised but I was very curious. We had a good marriage and we always were truthful to each other. At the time we were trying to have a baby but with no luck. We talked it over and I decided that I would be his mommy until such time as we had a baby. He was thrilled. Kissing and hugging me. We started our baby playing that night. We made unbelievable love together. He was due to go out of town for a week. He was due back on his birthday. I was reading some of the material I found. There was a place that made Adult Baby Furniture. While he was away on his trip. I hired a contractor to convert the bedroom next to ours to a boy's nursery. While the contractor was working on the room, I ordered the furniture. They wanted to know how tall Dominick was. He was about an inch taller than you baby Jay. When he came home from his trip, I was waiting at the door. We kissed hello and I processed to remove all his cloths right there at the front door. I took his hand and led him with his eyes closed to the new room. I said happy birthday Baby Dom. He opened his eyes and was totally surprised. You did this all for me he asked? That's right my little baby boy. You are my baby now and I love you very much. He was kissing me hugging me. He was so happy. After he died I worked non stop at work. I managed to get a promotion to head nurse. I've known your Aunt for many years. She used to come over after Dom died and make sure I was OK.

We shared everything together. She told me what happened the first day she caught you in the towel diaper. I thought it was the cuties thing. Your Aunt felt funny about the feelings she was getting about you. After all she was your Aunt and a woman. She knew about Dom's fetish (That's how close we were) and asked if I would like to take over. The mother in me came out again and I said yes. We made this plan up so you could live with me for a few days. I'm hoping that you understand about your Aunt. She knew you needed the love and attention but she couldn't give you that little more, that little extra. The baby things I gave to your Aunt belonged to Dominick. I really miss him very much. OK all done. Time for a little breakfast. She pulled me up and I grabbed her and held her tight. Wow she said what a nice big hug. She hugged me back and wiped the tears from her eyes. She took my hand and we headed to the kitchen. The house was Hugh. When we got to the kitchen I noticed a baby highchair in the corner it was just a little bigger than a real baby's chair. She moved the chair closer to the table and sat me down in it. She strapped me in and took the tray and locked it in place. She tied a pretty blue bib around my neck and went to the cabinet and took out a baby dish and spoon. She reached for a box of baby pabulum and put it into the dish with some warm milk. She finished feeding me and went to the refrigerator and took out a baba of chocolate milk. She asked if I wanted it warmed up.

I reached my hands out and she put the nipple in my mouth. She told me how wonderful it was to have a baby boy back in the house. Dominick called me mommy so you will think of me as your Auntie Helen. I looked at her and gave her a goo goo while the nipple was still in my mouth. Milk dribbled down the sides of my mouth. She started laughing and wiped my mouth with a towel. I finished my baba and she washed my face and hands. She removed the bib and took me out of the high chair. She put me over her shoulder to burp me. I nestled my head on her shoulder and held her tight. I felt so comfortable in her arms. I burped so loud that it scared me. Wow she said such a big burp and you're hugging me so tight. I guess you are enjoying or baby play. I was enjoying myself more than she knew. I really love her? Not just as a baby but as an adult man. She was warm, loving, and beautiful. To me she was what I was looking for in a women and a mommy. I had no idea how she felt about me as an adult. All I knew was that I wanted to stay with her for the rest of my life. She carried me to the bathroom. Now this is what I call a bathroom. The tub was big. She turned the water on and let it fill up. She told me that she didn't have Mr. Bubbles. She added some thing that she new I would like. While the tub was filling up. She placed me on this fluffy bathroom rug. She removed my plastic pants and started to untapped the diaper. Holding the top of the diaper she started to playing pee a boo with me.

I loved when she gave me a bath. She removed my diaper and saw my pee pee at full mast. She started to tickle it and tickle my belly. OH I see that baby Jay likes this attention does he? Well let's see how he likes this. She took some baby oil and put some in her hand. She started to stoke my pee pee. Her hand felt so good on me. I'm putty in her hands. She is increasing her speed. You like this don't you, you little rascal. I couldn't stand it anymore and I let it fly. I was so excided that I thought it would hit the ceiling. She caught most of it in her hand. She reached for some tissues on the sink and cleaned me up and cleaned her hands. Good boy, good boy she said. She shut the water and checked the temperature of the water and helped my in. The water was warm. It smelled like bananas. It was so soothing. It was just right. I started to splash around and got her blouse and bra all wet. I saw what I did and gave her my best puppy dog eyes. Owe ya you little rascal. She started to remove her blouse and hung it up. She removed her wet bra and set it aside. She knelt next to the tub and started to slash me back. I watched her tits moving all over the place. She was getting closer to me and me to her. Finally I couldn't stand it any more and I just put one of her nipples into my mouth. She didn't move away. She took her hand and holding the back of my head pulled me closer to her. I wanted so much to please her. I was very gentle. No teeth only my lips were on her. I sucked like a hungry baby. I want her to enjoy my suckling. I knew I wouldn't be able to cum again. (So I thought). It knew I had to go slower. I would last as long as she did. I went from one nipple to the other. She was moaning.

She put her hand down her slacks and started to finger herself. I noticed what she was doing and started to walk my fingers down to hers. I was on top of her fingers and replaced them with mine. She was going up and down on my fingers. I was still softly suckling her nipples. She pushed herself into my fingers and moaned loudly. I knew she was going to cum soon. I increased my suckling. She was wild on my fingers. Her hands were going through my hair and she was whispering. Good baby boy. Make Auntie Helen Cum. Oh yes baby Jay that's it. It's been such a long time. Oh yes. She came on my fingers. I felt the warmth of her on my fingers.

I took my mouth off her nipples and kissed her on the lips. She grabbed my head and kissed me back.

To be continued .......................

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