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Written By: Baby Jay NY

We relaxed for a while. She got up and left. She came back wearing her bath rob. She reached over and turned the hot water on to warm the water a little more. She started to wash my hair. Her fingers going through my hair were sending shocks through me. Grabbing the wash cloth she soaped it up and started to wash me all clean. That cloth did not miss a spot. With a thick fluffy towel she dried me off and put me into a diaper and my blue plastic pants. Mommy put me into my crib. She came back and slipped a baba between my lips. Kissed me good night and shut the light off. The next morning I was wet again just like the two mornings before. She smiled at me while she was changing my wet diaper.

She enjoyed changing my diapers. I think see knew it was something that I missed when I was a baby. She was beautiful even in the morning. Her smile would light up my heart with love. After a great baby breakfast I played with my toys drank my baba and watched TV. She was eating her breakfast while I was playing with my Teddy bear. I fell asleep feeling the love she had to offer me. She woke me up and she changed my diaper in front of the TV. I started to play again. She was on the couch reading the newspaper. She was laughing while watching me with my binky in my mouth, lying on my back. My feet and legs were in the air playing with my toes. I was so content. We were doing this for about an hour when she said, I think we should go out to dinner and take in a movie. What do you think? I looked at her not knowing whether she meant out like baby Jay or Jay? I think it is time to take my baby Jay out. Well that answered that question. I laid there crying and stomping my feet on the floor. OH what's this? Baby Jay is having a temper tantrum? I don't want to hear it, let get you dressed. Come on lets go. I didn't move. I was happy staying at home and playing with my teddy and toys. Your Aunt Margaret told me you had a temper. Well I will fix that.

She came over to me and grabbed my hand. She brought me over to a chair. Untapped one side of my diaper and let it fell to the floor. She grabbed me hard and put me over her lap and started to give me a spanking. WACK WACK WACK. She was really giving it to me. WACK WACK WACK WACK. Boy what a sting. It hurt and I started to cry like a one year old. WACK WACK WACK. Now little sweetie you will learn to listen to your mommy. WACK WACK WACK. I am your mommy now and you WILL obey me. WACK WACK WACK. My hinny was on fire. Now is baby Jay going to listen to his mommy? I put my hand over my now burning hinny and shook my head yes. OK then. She helped me up and noticed that I was as hard as a rock. And just for being such a bad baby, mommy will not take care of that for you. Maybe this too will remind you to obey me. We went to my nursery and she dressed me for dinner. When she was finished, she gave me a big hug and a kiss. See, you can be a good baby boy when you want to. You know I love you even when you are bad. Now crawl in to the living room and watch some TV while mommy gets dressed. She came into the living room a few minute later. She was dress casual. She looked really great. She buckled me into the back seat of the car. We entered a nice restaurant not to fancy. We were seated at a table. The waiter came over. He looked at me and how I was dressed like a toddler and smiled. To my surprise I felt no shame, no humiliation and I wasn't embarrassed. This is what my mommy wanted and I was going to be a good baby.

May I take your orders please he said? Mommy ordered a small Caesar salad and from the children's menu she said "chicken fingers and chocolate milk". If you wouldn't mind, would you put the milk in this bottle and warm it up a little. The waiter said yes of course. He giggled and left. Mommy was fixing my shirt while we were waiting for our meal. People that passed us looked in disbelief at me. Two young children were staring at me and I stuck my tongue at them. Mommy laughed and told me that was not nice. Our food came and she cut up the chicken finger and started to feed me. Two teenagers came over and said how cute I was. One of them even pinched me on the cheek.

If you need a baby sitter we're available. Mommy said that would be nice and took their numbers. We finished eating and the waiter came out with coffee for mommy and my bottle filled with warm chocolate milk. Mommy put me into her lap and feed me my baba while she drank her coffee.

This one guy came in with his family. He looked at me and gave me the thumbs up. I smiled and his wife raped him in the head. We got up and mommy paid the bill and thanked the waiter. He said I hope you and your son will come back soon. Thank you we will. We drove over to the movie theater. Before we got out of the car at the theater she said, "It looked like you were really enjoying yourself"? See it wasn't that bad. Mommy went up to get our tickets. She asked for one adult and one child. The girl took one look at me and said isn't he a cutie. Be sure to hold his hand when you go into the theater, it's very dark. She waved bye bye to me as we entered. We sat in the middle of the theater so everyone could see us. We were watching the movie. Mommy had her hand down my diaper while she ate pop corn with the other. Her hand felt so warm on my pee pee. Mommy had me so hard and hot I couldn't move my hips. We left the theater and drove right home. When mommy got me upstairs, she ripped my diaper off me. Then she took her cloths off and laid me on her bed. Mommy was all over me. We kissed like we were in love. Her tongue entangled with mine. I sucked on her beautiful tits and she sucked on my hard cock. Mommy moved her hips up to my month and I started to lick and suck on her baby hole. Mommy is wiggling on my face telling me to make her cum. She is telling me what a good job Jay was doing and that she was pleased. I licked and sucked her from the front hole to the back hole not letting up for a minute. Mommy is moaning load and pushing herself into my moving tongue and lips. Mommy slide down off my face and kisses me deeply. Her hands going threw my hair and grabbing it. Mommy continues down my chest wetting it from my attention. She starts to lick her way down to my throbbing cock. Kissing and licking all the way. Mommy puts me into her mouth and starts sucking me faster and faster. I start to moan and she lifts herself up and places my hard cock in her baby hole and starts to ride me up and down. I am having a hard time holding my explosion. Mommy is enjoying me and I am in heaven. Mommy moans loudly as we climax at the same time. Oh baby she said "you are sooo pleasing me right now please don't stop Jay". I take mommies nipple into my mouth and continue sucking her. Mommy is bending over my face to give me better access to her nipples. I switch from one nipple to the other. Mommy is breathing heavy and fast. She starts to moan again as I feel her tighten up on my cock. Mommy grabs my hair as she climaxes again. Letting go of my hair, mommy rest on my chest and takes a few minute to catch her breath. Mommy rolls over on her side next to me and we kiss as we put our arms around one and other. She holds me tight. I feel so warm and loved I feel tears running down my face. All my life all I ever wanted was someone to care for me. I know that Helen is the one who cares.

To be continued .....................

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