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Baby John's Story

My name is John, I'm 19. I'm French and I live in a small town, in France.

I don't know the age I was when my parents have decided no longer to put me diapers (I don't remember it), but at this instant, I wet my bed all the night. I think that I was 4 and my parents have had to think that I was too old to wear diapers. However that may be, all the mornings I woke in a wet bed and I hate that. I had a friend who wet his bed, but his mother bought diapers and he wear them. I envied him. Once, I have stole him a diaper. It was fun to wear it. I have wet my bed until 11.

I think I was 8 when I begun to have an attraction for diapers. I lived then in a small village so I couldn't bought diapers. In the school, one of my friends wore diapers during the night because he wet his bed. I remind, one day, I have flown him a diaper and it was very fun to wear diaper. I envied him because his parents obliged him to wear diapers the night. During this period my mother worked in a nursery where I stole some diapers when I could. But these diapers was already small for me.

At about 9 years old, I moved in a largest city. I was always attracted by diapers but until the age of 11, I never dared to buy diaper in supermarket.

I was 11 when I went in a shop where I could bought diapers for baby. I fastened two diapers together to do a largest diaper. But during this period, my mother found several times where I hid them. A day, she saw me to wear them. She often asked me why I wore them. I already answered I don't know why I did this. I was 13, when a day, when I was in the house of my grandmother, I had hidden diapers in the attic. Of course, she found them and all the family knew I wore diapers. My cousins made fun of me. They told me I was a baby. At this period, I didn't wet my bed. My aunt also was calling me his baby. It was hard for me. I believe my family thought I wore diapers because I wet my bed. But there was other thing and my mother knew it. She tried to discuss with me, but I always refused. I was about 13 when I had my first orgasm, it was when I wore a diaper.

Years have past, but I kept a strong attraction for diapers. Problems with my mother grew. My mother is divorced from my father. My mother send me seeing a psychiatrist. I never told him anything.

Since this time, I wear diapers when my mother isn't in the house or during the night, but I'm afraid she discover I wear again diapers. I think she believe I don't wear them and that this strange phenomenon, that has marked my adolescence is finished.

But she is wrong !!!

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