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" time to wake up sweetheart. Its Christmas Eve and we got alot of snow last night. Come on time for breakfast sleepy head"

Daddy gently picks me up and takes me downstairs for breakfast. I glance at the time, its almost 9 am, he must have been awake for some time already because he's already showered, dressed and made breakfast. I can smell that I'm in for a real treat today. I usually have a half a bottle of chocolate instant breakfast in the morning but today he cooked something fancy. Before we head into the kitchen daddy lays me on the couch and checks my diaper and finds that its wet but says that he'll change me after breakfast that he doesn't want it to get cold. He buttons me back up and takes me into the kitchen. He sets me in my high chair and ties on my bib for me. Sitting there on the table is scrambled eggs with noodles(my favorite), hash browns and bacon. He also has a bottle full of orange juice for me and a glass of juice for himself. Daddy takes out my pacifier and gives me my plate of food and since I'm still not use to eating with my fingers and daddy's in a hurry this morning he lets me use a spoon for breakfast.

After breakfast daddy washes my face and hands up and takes me into the living room and puts on some Christmas cartoons and sets me in my play pen while he cleans up the kitchen. Once he's done he comes back into the living room and picks me up and sits with me in the rocking chair and gives me my bottle. He then proceeds to tell me all what he has planned out for our special day. As he's rocking me and I contently suck on my bottle he tells me that he's going to change me and get me ready to go sledding! I get a little too excited at hearing daddy's taking me sledding and he has to sit me up and pat my back. Then we were to come home eat lunch and I was to take my nap. After my nap we are going back outside to build a snowman together. Then we would come in and he'd start on dinner. After dinner he's going to take me somewhere but says its a surprise.

After I finish my bottle daddy sits me up and burps me and then after he's satisfied he carries me upstairs. He lays me on my changing table and takes off my sleeper and diaper. He then cleans me up and puts on a thick diaper and powders me up really good because it maybe awhile before he has a chance to change me and he doesn't want me to get a diaper rash. He then goes to my dresser and picks out clothes for me to wear. He then comes over and puts on socks and a onesie, followed by a blue turtle neck and a fuzzy orange sweater with cookie monster on the front. He then grabs my diaper bag and carries me downstairs. He sets me on the floor and he puts on his boots and coat and then puts on my snow pants, coat, gloves, hat, and boots. Finally we are ready to go sledding.

He carries me outside and opens up the back door to the van and puts me in my car seat and gives me a little kiss on the cheek. He closes the door and gets in the car and we are on our way to the park to go sledding. Lucky for us that the park isn't too far from where we live because I was getting really warm in all my snow clothes. We finally arrive to the park. Daddy comes and has a hard time unsnapping me because I'm so excited about going sledding. He grabs the sled and I follow him to the hill. We were having so much fun together when finally daddy tells me that its time to head home for lunch and my nap.

I got really upset and tears started forming in my eyes. I didn't want to leave. Daddy gave me a hug and a kiss and told me that we could come back another day and that I had to be a good girl and that it was time to go. Daddy had to carry me to the car and he strapped me in and gave me my pacifier to calm me down. He puts the sled in the car and we head home.

We got home and daddy gets me out of the car and carries me inside. He sets me on the floor and takes off his coat and boots and then proceeds to get my undressed. He then takes me to the living room and takes off my sweater and overalls and changes me.

"Boy oh boy I'm glad we got home when we did kiddo you are soaked!"

He finished changing me and puts me in my high chair to color while he makes lunch. Since I got to be a big girl and eat with a spoon at breakfast daddy made finger food for lunch. We had chicken fingers, crispy crowns, and mandarin oranges. After lunch daddy cleaned me up and left me in my chair to continue coloring until he was finished cleaning up from lunch. Then daddy announced it was time for my nap. I started to get teary eyed again but didn't put up too much of a fuss since I was pretty tired. Daddy took me upstairs and laid me down in my crib. I don't even think he made it down stairs before I was fast asleep.

"Molly baby it's time to wake up." I just lay there wanting to go back to sleep.

"Come on don't you want to go outside and make a snow man?"

That was enough for me. I pretty much jumped to him to get me out of my crib. He carries me over to my changing table and changes me and then carries me downstairs and gets me ready to go outside again. We head out to the back yard and everything is set up for us to make a snowman. We automatically get to work on our snowman. We end up making a daddy snowman and a baby. After the snow daddy and baby were made daddy taught me how to make a snow angel. I didn't tell him I already knew how because he was so excited to teach me how to do it. It was starting to get colder and was snowing again so daddy took me inside to start dinner.

He put on the "Grinch Stole Christmas" and set me on the floor to watch it and told me to stay there that dinner was to be a surprise. I was getting a little excited because dinner smelled really good. About and hour later daddy comes out of the kitchen picks me up and takes me upstairs to change me and get me ready for dinner. Daddy lays me on my changing table and undresses me and changes my diaper. He tells me he has a surprise for me and goes into my closet and pulls out the most beautiful Christmas dress I've ever seen. It was a velvet green dress with white lace around the neck, with a big bow in the back. He put it on me and told me to be a good girl and not get off my changing table.

He left the room and came back in about 10 min later wearing a nice black suit with red shirt and he walked up to me and took his hand out from behind his back and gave me a rose. He kissed me on the cheek and took me down from my table. He took my hand and took me downstairs for dinner. All the lights were off downstairs except the little amount of light from candles that were lit on the table in the sun room. In the middle of the table was a vase of roses along with dinner. At this point I had started crying at the site of the table and the setting. He told me he wanted to do something special for me. He led me to the table and pulled out the chair and had me sit down. It was so beautiful. The flowers, the lit candles, and the snow falling all around us. He even started a fire in the fireplace. For dinner he cooked me my favorite, salmon, garlic olive oil couscous, and cauliflower. We just sat there eating dinner listening to the occasional crack of the firewood and watched the snow falling outside.

After dinner I helped daddy clean up the table and he and I went upstairs to get changed. He told me that it was time for the other part of the surprise. He got me dressed in my onesie, turtle neck, and overalls again. He took me downstairs and put on our coats and took me out to the car. He let me sit with him in the front seat this time. We started driving and then he stopped and took out a blindfold and put it on me. A few minutes later we stopped and he took off the blindfold. We were parked in front of a house that was covered in Christmas lights. I had never seen so many lights before. The house, the trees, the bushes, everything was covered in lights. He asked me if I wanted to get out and see the rest of them. I look at him and say "you mean there's more?!"

We get out of the car and we walk up the driveway to the house. I was speechless I couldn't believe all the lights. We then walked to the side of the house down a walkway. It was like nothing I've ever seen I felt like I was in a winter wonderland with the snow and all the lights. Around the back of the house was even more lights. We finally finished looking around and headed back to the car. We drove around some more looking at more lights and headed home.

We got home and daddy took off my shoes and coat and patted my diapered bottom and told me to run off to the kitchen for another surprise. I guess while I had been napping daddy made cookies and now we were going to decorate them. We had alot of fun decorating cookies and eating them. Daddy chose the best cookie I made and told me that he was saving it for Santa Claus which he was really just saving for himself after he put me to bed.

Daddy cleaned me up and then took me upstairs for my bath. After my bath he took me to my room, put on a nighttime diaper and a fuzzy Christmas sleeper with Santa and his reindeer all over it. He then got ready for bed himself and then we went downstairs to watch a movie. I picked out my favorite Christmas movie, "The Christmas Story" (its an Ohio thing). After the movie daddy gave me a bottle and then took me upstairs for bed. He was putting me to bed a little bit early tonight seeing as tomorrow was Christmas. He sat down in a rocking chair gave me my pacifier and then read me "T'was The Night Before Christmas". The story wasn't even over and I was out like a light. He gently picked me up and laid me in my crib and tucked me in for bed. And there I was all tucked in dreaming of sugar plums dancing in my head and dreaming of what Santa Claus was going to bring me.

To be continued....

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