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Background: I am a 21 y/o who has been into diapers as long as I can remember. Since getting the internet about 12 years ago ive always loved diaper stories so I decided to write one...

Nick was your average 12 year old in his town. He played baseball and football got good grades, got into trouble in class, and like h is friends was getting his first girlfriends, etc. But the thing that set him apart was that he also loved diapers. He never knew why, but something about seeing younger kids at babysitters when he was younger and his little cousins on family trips getting diapered always made him almost jealous as if he wanted to be wearing diapers too. However being a "big boy" he was potty trained early and never wanted anyone to know about this at all. Over the years he had tried unsuccessfully a few times to get diapers from a few places but always chickened out.

Then in May his family hosted a semi-family reunion. His extended family all lived pretty spread out so whenever someone was passing through an area where there was family they'd try to stop if possible. His Aunts Marsha and Marissa were always inseparable and were on there way to Florida and asked Nick's mother, Wendy, if they could stop in for a weekend. He knew this would be his chance to snag some diapers. Nick thought about it on Wednesday night as he went to bed going over all the diaper opportunities. Aunt Marsha had a nine month old boy Adam who obviously wore diapers full time and her daughter Marissa who was 3 still wet the bed and wore pull ups at night. His Aunt Jessica also had a one and a half year old Ben that wore diapers full time still, and the last time Nick seen them, Jenny still wet the bed at age 4, now she was 5, but Nick was pretty sure she was still in goodnites at least; Jessica also had another daughter Molly who was 9, but obviously she was out of diapers by now. Nick figured with a crowd consisting of his mother and sister (Gina 14), his two aunts, and his four cousins he could easily sneak off and get a stash of diapers. He figured the women would hang out together and watch the babies, Marrissa and Jenny were definitely going to be close by ther parents too, while Gina and his cousin Molly would go play together, leaving him to go play with friends before too long, then he could sneak in the house and raid the diapers.

All day Friday Nick was going through the idea of getting diapers, he could hardly concentrate at school. This was going to be an excellent weekend, his girlfriend was going out of town in a volleyball tournament, and all his best friends were going on a fishing trip that Nick normally would have went on but decided to stay home this time. He knew he could beg his way out of this family function, but he also knew this may be one of the only times for a while that he would have a chance to get his hand on some diapers. As he sat in his seventh period study hall he acted as if he was studying some notes. While really he had other ideas racing through his mind, namely whos diapers would he get and would they fit, home many could he take without getting caught, and what would happen if the he somehow was caught? For a moment he had second thoughts, then realized it would be ok. Then he started to doodle out diagrams of what kinds of diapers might be available, as he knew what brands had what from looking at all the Sunday paper ads from kmart, walmart, and target, saying he was looking for new video games, yet first page he went to was baby things. He figured Adam and ben obviously still wore classic baby diapers, would they be luvs with barney on them? Pampers with sesame street? And what was on Huggies these days? Or what about if those didn't fit and he had to get Jenny or Marissa's Pull-ups or goodnites, he knew goodnites were basically plain white and would he lower himself to wear a pink Minnie mouse pullup in the name of being diapered lol. Suddenly he snapped out of it an noticed he was writing this down on his notebook and took a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching luckily no one was. Finally the bell rang and he was walking home, he saw his aunt Jessica's Suburban in the driveway. The family, and more importantly, the diapers had arrived. For a fleeting second he thought what if I wet my pants now when I got home would I be diapered. He immediately thought better of that as he would likely be humiliated by the consequences.

He walked in the door and did the typical hugs and nice to see yas. He then sat at the kitchen table and heated up some pizza for an after school snack. As anticipated the groups started to form. His mom, Wendy, and aunts Jessica and Marsha were in the living room having a few drinks and talking about how long its been since they last seen each other, right alongside them were Ben and Adam. Just across the room with dolls in tow were Marissa and Jenny. And making there way to the backyard was his sister Gina and his cousin Molly. Nick went in the living room and made small talk with them as like all aunts they wanted to hear what he had been up too. He told them about the football season last fall and school. Then of course they teased him to the point of blushing about having a girlfriend. After all that it it was apparent the two boys needed a change, Jessica asked Nick to be a dear and grab the diaper bags upstairs. Nick of course said yes and tried not to go into a all out sprint upstairs to check things out. Once inside the room he did a quick analysis. In the diaper bags were the Barney Luvs he was thinking about earlier and on the guest room dresser he also saw the Minnie Mouse pull-ups, he thought about stashing some now but decided that would be far too risky, and besides let the women downstairs have a few drinks first then wait til they wouldn't be as likely to notice. Nick brought down the diaper bag and was thanked by his aunt Marsha and Jessica and they then went to their duty of changing the wet diapers. Of course being the Aunt who likes to try and embarrass her nieces and nephews aunt Jessica joked about how it wasn't too long ago we were doing this too you too Nick. Of course Nick blushed ten shades of red, then his mom helped him out by saying luckily he was trained earlier, because she definitely did not envy her sisters for that part of having babies. They all had a good laugh then Nick excused himself and went to his room to play video games.

Not having any friends around Nick ended up playing games for quite some time and later decided to go downstairs for a pop. He heard his Aunts and mothers voices getting louder and seeming a little tipsy and decided to try and avoid them, of course they saw him. So once again he had to hear the same comments from his aunts and mother about how much he's grown since they were all together last, etc. Finally he got his freedom when Marsha asked if he'd go check to make sure the babies were still and everything was all right.

"Sure," Nick responded right away deciding this would be a good chance. He went into the room and walked in quietly "Yes!" he thought in his head the babies are sleeping I'll check out some diapers now. He couldn't see the diaper bag anywhere in sight.

"Where the hell did they put that thing," Nick whispered to himself. He quickly grabbed three of the Minnie pull-ups and stashed them in the back of the closet in the guest room where the babies were being put up for the weekend. He figured these would be a worst case scenario diaper if needed. He peered out in the living room and heard Marsha start saying "Wendy you remember when we were all at....." Great he thought a drunk story this will defiantely buy him sometime. He was scanning the room "Jackpot!" Nick almost said aloud as he spotted the diaper bag under Adams crib. He picked it up and stood by the night light and grabbed one of the bigger diapers, he figured was Ben's as he was about a year older than Adam. He started to unfold one and was sizing it up trying to think if they'd actually fit when the lights switched on.....

"Did you need one too?" asked Aunt Jessica

"No... I uhm.... I think Ben is wet and was gonna change him for you."

"Oh that's so sweet, but honey I think I should do it, ok?"

"Alright." Nick's heart was racing, he was almost caught he couldn't believe it. He handed Jessica the diaper and asked if she needed anything else.

"Just the powder and wipes if ya would sweetie." Nick went and grabbed them and then jealously watched Jessica change Ben.

"Honey would you grab me another diaper, I might as well change Adam too, Marsha and your mother are downstairs in a big story you know it'll be awhile."

"Yeah they are always doing blabbing on about old times," Nick said as he grabbed another diaper and tossed it to Jessica. She expertly removed Adam's sopping wet diaper and unfolded the new one.

"Oopsie, Nick you grabbed one of Ben's diapers, can you grab the smaller ones on the left side for Adam."

"I'm sorry, here's a new one." Jessica grabbed it and like a machine-like precision powdered, diapered, and kissed Adam goodnight.

"Lucky them," Nick thought to himself. Jessica then started to try and refold the diaper that was mistakenly grabbed for Adam. Being a little intoxicated Jessica couldn't refold the diaper very well and said "I may just have to toss this one, these are a bitch to refold."

"I'm sorry about that," Nick stammered.

"Oh baby, don't be you were just helping, I may just have to put this one in the bag a little crumpled up. Unless you want to wear it since you messed it up."

"What? I'm sorry I didn't really mean it."

"I'm just kidding, its just a diaper sweetie, it'll still work if it's a little crinkled." She then messed Nicks hair and suddenly held the diaper up to his jeans, "You'd look so cute though," She laughed as she then set the diaper on the dresser and they walked downstairs. By now it was time for Marissa and Jenny to go to bed to Marsha announced. Nick wondered if they'd notice the missing Pull-ups.

"Can you two girls get ready on your own like big girls or do you need me or aunt Wendy or Jessica to go up there?"

"We can do it!" They shouted in unison.

"I hate to ask, but do both the girls still wet the bed?" Nick's mom asked.

"Yeah," Aunt Jessica sighed "Marissa still wets, and my Jenny still doesn't stay dry everynight, but the pull-ups are good. They have little princess crowns that disappear when there wet, and if she get up at night they go down easy so she can potty."

"Yeah they are a lifesaver changing one kids diapers is enough." Aunt Marsha chimed in.

'At least the girls can dispose of there wet pull-ups easily in the morning on their own. I can't believe how early the odler kids were potty trained and dry at night, now I never know if these ones will get out of diapers."

"Oh you two don't have it that bad your kids are beautiful, all these kids are," Wendy added. After a few more hours of talking everyone retreated to bed.

The next day, the group piled into SUVs to go out to the mall and a park. After what seemed like an eternity at the mall they were on there way to a park. While on our way to the park in Nick's mom's new Explorer Aunt Marsha picked up her cell phone and maid a call.

"Jessica, we need to stop at a grocery store or something, I underestimated Ben and Adam's wetting ability and we have no more diapers left in the diaper bag." Jessica said.

"Just get a size 5 for Ben and I'll have Adam's diapers be a little big this afternoon."

"Sure no reason to buy two bags when there's more back at Wendy's," Nick could here his aunt Jessica say through Marsha's phone. Jessica just told Marsha to wait the park a little longer and we wouldn't be long. Jessica was in her SUV with Gina and Molly, as they went to buy panties and training bras and stuff that obviously they didn't want me around for.

After the quick run to Target the group reunited at the park. After a quick meal The women sat around and talked, the babies crawled around on blankets, and they otheres dispersed all about the park. Soon the days was over and the group retreated back to Nick's house. Once their Aunt Jessica and Marsha packed up and decided it was time to go. The goodbyes and hugs followed and next thing he knew Nick was waving goodbye from the driveway.

"Damn that whole chance and all I got was three pull-ups," Nick thought sadly, not even sure he wanted to wear those as they were barely even diapers. Later that night as Nick's mother was watching TV in bed and Gina had retreated to a sleep over nick decided to try one of the pull-ups, he snuck into the guest room and retrieved the diapers. He stealthily got back into his room and locked the door.

"Well," he thought "at least these are close to diapers." He removed his pants and boxers and slipped the pull-up on. It actually fit pretty well, he was surprised. He walked around for a little bit making sure he didn't crinkle too much then went to the mirror to gaze at his reflection. He could barely keep from laughing aloud at his comical appearance, a twelve year old boy in white tshirt and socks, with a pink and white Minnie Mouse Pull-up on. After a bit he decided to throw on some shorts over it in case of emergency. He wore the diaper for quite sometime before deciding to wet it. He pushed and pushed but couldn't get anything to come out for quite sometime. Then it worked and he soon flooded the pull up. He loved the wet and warm feeling and lied down and watched some tv. As he was starting to get drowsy he removed the pull up and hid it away in his closet. He took that with the other two unused pull-ups and stuffed them into the back of his dresser drawer that was all old clothes.

The next morning Nick awoke thinking of how fun it was to wear that diaper. He unfortunately had to switch gears as he had to work on a school paper. He went downstairs to begin typing the paper, he rushed through it one hundred miles an hour. For one Wednesday was the last day of school and this was the thing he really had to do for the school year. Once he was done he had a idea, he wanted to look up diapers on the internet. Wait he thought, why don't I put on a pull up while I do it. Nick went to his room and waited until his mom left as she liked to go in to the office for a few hours on Sunday nights to set up for the upcoming work week. Gina was at a friends so he figured why not treat himself to a present for completing all his work for sixth grade. After dinner his mother said she'd be back in a few hours and if he needed anything to call the office.

"I'll be fine mom, you say that every Sunday and nothing ever happens."

"I know, but you know I worry about you too, just stay out of trouble tonight, ok?"

"I will." Nick knew he had no intention of causing trouble tonight. He quickly went upstairs and slipped one of the pull-ups and threw some shorts on over them and went down to the computer room. He signed on to AOL and googled "diapers" and found tons of pages, he soon narrowed it to "teens wearing diapers." He couldny believe it there were other teens who wore diapers like him. Nick found a few story sites and sat and read many stories, halfway through a long story he decided itd be more fun to read this in a WET diaper. After a short wait he quickly flooded his pull-up, "That's better," he said quietly and continued reading. Just as Nick was opening a new story he heard the familiar click-click of his mom's heels on the kitchen tile. Nicks mind was racing "what to do, what to do." Nick quickly typed in and acted like he was reading about baseball. His mom soon peeked her head in the room.

"Finish your paper up, yet?"

"Yeah mom, it's right there on the table, I'm just looking up some fantasy baseball stats, my friends and I have a league this summer."

"Ok that's fine as long as your paper is done, now don't be up on the computer all nite you still have to finish out these last few days of school."

"I know mom I'll go to bed in an hour or so."

"OK goodnite," then she started walking towards him, Nick was panicking terribly. She reached down and put her arms around his shoulders and gave him a "half hug" and retreated to bed. Shortly after Nick's heart stopped racing and he was breathing normally.

"That was way too close," he thought. He actually looked at some baseball stats, erased all the diaper stuff from the internet history and went up to his room. He took off his sopping pull-up and put that in the back of the drawer of old clothes with the other wet one and the final dry one. He then changed into regular boxers and went to bed.

The rest of the week was uneventful, the days of school wound down then there was the last day of school dance at Nicks junior high. That night after the dance he hung out with friends and they all talked about their summer plans and what theyd be doing. Nick, finally retreated home and went to bed. In the morning his mother woke him up and asked him to help him pack his sisters things for the summer camp she was going to.

"Sure," Nick responded, "Just let me get dressed and I'll be out there." Nick thought good thing he wasn't wearing his diapers to bed that night, as he had debated on doing. Nick threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and helped his sister carry her bags out to the Explorer. His mom opened the back hatch and removed some things, then came upon a package of diapers, "Oh shoot, I bet Jessica and Marsha forgot these, Gina go throw these in my bedroom closet or something. Nick help me with these bags." Nick threw the bags in the car and soon thought to himself, "Oh yes! There is like at least 20 more diapers I can steal a few I'm sure!" Finally they loaded up the bags and all got into the car to drive Gina off to her camp. After a boring 3 hour drive they dropped off Gina at her camp, and said there goodbyes. About an hour into the drive home Nick dozed off and next thing he knew he woke up as they were pulling in the drive way. He drowsily stumbled to his room and went to bed.

He awoke in the morning by the phone ringing. He went and answered it was his mom. She told him she wasn't going to be going home for lunch today so he was on his own. She'd be home this evening, and finally said since he had to ride in the car all day yesterday he didnt have to mow the lawn until tomorrow. After a short breakfast Nick remembered the diapers his mom and sister found yesterday.

"Hmmm," Nick thought aloud "I only have one pull-up left, better save that for an emergency I should look for those diapers they found in the car yesterday." Nick went upstairs to his mothers closet. Too easy, they were right there in plain view. Nick could hardly contain his excitement, he took out a Luvs with barney on the tapes and went to his room. He quickly stripped and unfolded the diaper and laid on it. He struggled and got one tape on, "Damn it!" he exclaimed they were too small. He thought about how to pull this off, and just slid his boxers over them. He then went to to guest room and thought maybe he could find some tape in there as the room was often used for school projects too. He started searching through the desk, no tape. Then he looked at the tons of old clothes stacked in the closet, if he could find some of his old briefs, they'd work. After searching all Nick stumbled upon for briefs were his sisters old My Little Pony underwear.

"What the hell all I want to do is wear a diaper and nothing is going my way today." Nick thought to himself frustrated.

"Well screw it I'm wearing a diaper a My Little Pony wouldn't hurt." Nick then slide them up perfect, the diaper covered his whole crotch. He threw on some gym shorts and went to his room. After a few hours of video games Nick decided to go outside. He thought it was so fun walking around in a diaper and no one knew anybetter as he strolled out to get the mail. He then went out and sat on the swingset, something he hadn't done in years. He felt so childish there swinging in a diaper, he knew he had to wet it. After about a few hours of swinging in a wet diaper Nick decided to go in.

"All that swinging makes a baby hungry," Nick laughed to himself as he started making a sandwich. Nick flipped the TV onto some cartoons, he figured he may as well be childish with his babyish undergarments on. After his meal he went and slipped his wet diaper from within his newly acquired My Little Pony panties. He rolled the diaper up as he had seen Aunt Jessica do the night before then hid it in his drawer.

"Now what to do? Aww hell it is summer vacation I'll have one more diaper," he thought. He jogged into his mothers room and straight to the closet.

"Diaper time for nickey-poo," he sung to himself as he slipped a dry diaper into panties. He then pulled up his gym shorts and heard the front door shut.

"What do I do now?" he thought. From the front door you could see his mothers room, he heard his mom fast approaching when he thought of his excuse, so he causually sauntered towards the door.

"Fooled her once while I was diapered the other day I can sneak by again," he thought.

"Nick, honey, what are you doing in here?" His mother inquired as she entered the doorway.

"Oh sorry mom I took your CD player outside while I was shooting hoops to I put it back in your room."

"That's fine as long as you put it back when your done you can use it, now I need to get outta these work clothes so you got to leave."

"OK see ya," Nick said as he jogged out the door, almost bumping Wendy.

"Whoa, slow down, buddy." Wendy laughed as she lightly swatted his butt as he jogged by.

"OH NO!" Nicks head screamed but he kept jogging down the hall.

"Nick, stop right there!" Wendy snapped.

"Yeah mom?" Nick responded, heart pounding.

"Come here." She demanded with a do it now look in her eyes. Nick slowly made his way back to the door.

"Pull your shorts down right !"

"For what, you haven't spanked me in years, I didn't do anything wrong." Nick stammered as he tried to sneak out of this situation

"Nick, I said pull your shorts down, now!"

"Mom, that's gross I'm 12, I'm not pulling my shorts down in front of you!"

"Do it now, or I'll do it myself," she threatened.

"OK," Nick conceded and lowered his pants.

"My goodness, Nick what the hell are you wearing."

"I dunno."

"Let's not play dumb here tell me what your wearing and where the hell you got it at."

"Ok I'm wearing a diaper from your closet."

"There now I expect the truth from you for the rest of the time here, ok?"

"Ok," Nick said as he began to lift his shorts back up. His mother's hand stopped him.

"No keep them off, you wanted to wear this obviously, so what are you wearing over them diaper."

"A pair of underwear from the guest room, I used them because the diaper wouldn't stay up otherwise, they are too small."

"Oh that's a good idea, then it wont leak all over my furniture as much at least, who are your little friends on them?"

"There... uhm.. My Little Pony underwear, I guess."

"No you don't guess, they are, and there not underwear sweetheart there panties, so let try this again what are you wearing today honey?"

"A diaper and a pair of My Little Pony panties over them."

"There honey that was much easier wasn't it."


"How long have you been doing this?"

"I just tried it today I was curious after I saw the diapers when we cleaned out the Explorer yesterday."

"Ok honey, once is not a big deal, your sure this is the only time?"

"Yeah mom, I'm sorry it won't happen again."

"Ok you sit in the living room and wait for dinner ok?"

"Can I change first?"

"No go as you are, if you behave the rest of the night I'll let you change."

Nick, disoriented, almost drunkenly stumbled to the living room and sunk into the couch. He made sure he had a blanket on so no one could possibly see his infantile state.

"Nick come upstairs." Nick ran upstairs, "'Finally," he thought "I can put my boxers back on and start to forget about this" He met his mother at the top of the stairs, and boy did she look pissed.

"Nick all I asked from you was the truth and obviously your too busy lying to tell it, huh?"

"No I told you I wore the diapers?"

"Whose are these I found these stashed in your drawers?" She held up a wet Luvs and two soaked pull-ups.

"Ok, I'm sorry I've done it a few more times than once."

"Well obviously," She said sarcastically, "So let's see now you lied to me, you stole diapers from your cousins, and borrowed your sisters old underwear for your little diaper experiment, without her permission, I can't believe you you know I hate liars."

"I'm sorry." Nick said sitting there feeling like he was two inches tall standing at the middle of the stairs in his diaper/panty undergarment while his mother hoisted his wet diapers above his head from the top of the stairs.

"You go sit at the dinner table now and don't move an inch til I get down there, and don't take your little diapers or pretty panties off."

Nick went down to the table. He didn't know what to think, what did she have planned he had gotten in trouble before, but never had he seen her this mad. He sat at the end of the table and contemplated what his future held. After what seemed like an eternity his mother came back downstairs. She silently went to the fridge and took out a plate and microwaved it. She came back with a plate of spaghetti and pulled up a chair next to Nick. She began to spoon feed the food to him, before he could start to fuss his mother flashed the look of all looks that made him realize he better just cooperate. By the time he was done he had spaghetti on his face, shirt and lap. Wendy wiped his hands and face and then told him go sit in the family room and watch tv, sit on the floor not the furniture. Wendy then went about preparing a salad. Nick went to the living room and turned the TV to MTV and sat down. Wendy intervened to change the channel to Nickelodeon and walked to the kitchen with the remote and then ate her salad. Just as Rugrats was concluding Wendy came into the room and pulled back the rear of the panties and diaper her son was wearing.

"Good no potties or poopies yet!" she exclaimed. Right then it hit Nick this was serious if she expects me to use these things.

"You stay and watch TV, and I do not touch your little panties or diaper, or I will have the neighbors over to help babysit. Nick knew he was beat so he just got into watching Nickelodeon. About an hour later his mom returned .

"Come here, Nick." Nick waddled over, "Are you wet or poopy?"

"No mom I'm fine."

"Good for you, now I just got back from the store and have decided upon two punishments, I will let you choose which one you want. First, you can stay here this summer, but I will have to hire one of the neighbor girls to babysit you as I can't trust you here alone. They will have your diaper bag with them at all time and you will have to listen to whatever she says. And you will obviously go about daily activities here in town, such as she will take you to the park, to go see friends, to the store or wherever she desires to go, would you like that?"

"No mom, please don't do that."

"Ok good there is a more cost efficient way to do this, and I don't think I will be able to find a girl who would do that here, therefore you will be staying with aunt Jessica this summer. You will diapered until either she is tired of changing them or I decide you have learned your lesson. You will obey her at all times or you will come back home and everyone will find out about your little outfits, as you will go everywhere I go dressed as you are now. Now I don't want to do that to you and I'm sure you don't want your social life permanantely ruined, so its up to you to mind Aunt Jessi, ok?"

"Alright I'll do it mom." Nick submitted.

"If your friends ask I will tell them you went to a sports camp out East, you are better than most all of them in sports so they will find that to be a reasonable excuse. Now you go sit in the living room and watch TV, and yes you will remain in the clothes you have on now, unless they warrant changing. I suggest you do you business soon as once I go to bed I will not change your diapers until the morning, and you under no circumstances to touch your diapers."

Nick retreated to the living room floor and sat there trying to figure out this summer. He wondered how will Aunt Jessi take this? What will Ben think? Even worse what about Jenny and Molly? How much teasing will he get. What kind of diapers will he have to wear? Will he have to keep wearing these My Little Pony panties? Soon his mom came in and gave him a bottle filled with milk, "Drink this and I'll be putting you to bed in a half hour or so, so I remind you do your business if needed."

Nick slowly sipped the bottle while his mom smiled and went back to her papers she was looking at in the kitchen. After finishing the bottle Nick decided he was only avoiding the inevitable and he really had to pee. Slowly he let it out and then lay on his tummy and watched tv. About 15 minutes later Wendy returned and patted under his crotch "Oh aren't we just a wet one tonite!" She grabbed his hand and led her to her room. She lowered his panties and diapers and scooped up the wet diaper and took it too the trash. She layed out a new diaper on the floor and motioned for him to lie on it. As he layed down she powdered and taped one side, as the size 5 were justa little small and then slid up "his" My Little Pony panties. She then led him to his bed and tucked him in saying she'd come wake him in the morning. Finally she slide a pacifier in his mouth and motions her index finger to her mouth "Shhhh! Keep that in and go to bed sweetie." She cooed as she kissed his forehead. Nick layed there totally defeated and just sucked his paci until he drifted to sleep

The next morning Nicks mother awoke him, "Yea! No potties in our diapees this morning!" Nick groggily looked up to see his mother overly cheering beside his bed, he realized he still had his pacifier in his mouth. His mom grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom.

"I trust you to bathe yourself, I'll set your outfit in here while you shower and once your changed come to my room and we will head to aunt Jessica's." Nick stepped into the shower and thought both "What the hell was I thinking," and "Hey this may be awesome!" He heard his mother come in and shut the door, after he heard her leave he rinsed off and got out of the shower. He dried off and decided he may as well get dressed. There was a Care Bears t-shirt, and matching panties with another new barney luvs. As humiliating as it was he knew it'd only be worse t o have his mother do this for him he reluctantly pulled the shirt over his head and then put the diaper on taping one tape then slid the panties over them "Why the hell did she have to save ALL Gina's old things?" Nick whined to himself. He came out and Wendy took his hand and led him down to the kitchen. She spoon fed him some Alpha-Bits, then gave him a bottle of orange juice. Once he finished she slipped his paci in and led him to the car. She led him to the backseat and strapped him in, "Sorry you don't have a car seat, yet." He sat there dejectedly and almost cried. It was a four hour drive to Aunt Jessica's so Nick decided he better just keep himself somewhat composed. In the first hour his mom gave him two mote bottles. He then had to pee real bad, his mother seen his squirming real badly and said, "Honey, you better just go, you need to get used to it." As much as he didn't want to accept it he knew she was right. He just released his pee into his thirsty diapers. Wendy turned back right in the middle of his huge pee and cooed "Such a big pottier aren't you?" Roughly 45 minutes later his mother pulled into a gas station. After she pumped her gas, grabbed Nick by the hand and said "Wets get yous aww changed!" Nick started to resist and soon the babytalk stopped.

"Look were the only people here you don't know the lady working behind the counter so lets go or its gonna be worse!" Nick realized this was probably as clear of a coast as he was going to get and followed her inside. His mother grabbed the last pull-up that he had stashed away in his room out of her purse and carried that in her left hand as she led Nick with her right. As they emerged into the store the clerk a lady in her late 30s or so looked at him puzzled but was silent as his mother gave her a credit card to charge the gas on.

"Do you have somewhere I can change my little guy here?"

"Well there are changing tables in the bathroom, but I'll have to ask that you lock the door if you have to change him in the ladies room, as he is a little old"

"Oh no problem, sorry for any inconvienance, I thought I would never have to do this again but he was dressed like this the other day and keeps wetting so I have to keep changing him I guess."

"It's fine ma'am I'm sure its more of an inconvienance to you than me, just glad my girl quit wetting around age 3."

"I thought mine did too," Wendy laughed as she led Nick to the bathroom. They went in and Wendy helped lower his panty/diaper and baby wiped him then held out the pull-up for him to step into.

"Aww bettew!" she said to him "Nice and Dwy now," and she patted his diapered butt and they were back on there way to the car.

"Thanks again ma'am," Wendy said to the clerk.

"No problem, and you try to keep those pants dry cutie," The clerk laughed. Soon they were back in the car on their way to Jessicas. As they finally pulled into town Wendy stopped at Wal-Mart. She then helped Nick out and said "This can be easy or hard, just make it easy by being a good baby, ok?" She quickly slipped a pacifier in Nick's mouth and he nodded his head in agreement. She led him to the door and held his hand the whole way of course. Nick had never been so embarrassed, and Wendy could tell, she patted his back and whispered "Honey think its only 10am its all older ladies in here that don't know you or me we have to get you some things and then if we move quickly no one will have time to tease you so be a good baby." That made Nick feel a little better, obviously nothing was going to completely save his embarrassment. The greeter at the door was, as Nick's mother said an elderly lady who smiled and just greeted them and told them to have fun shopping at Wal-Mart. Obviously they went straight to the baby department. While there Nick's mom threw a new pacifier and two bottles in the cart. They were going down the aisle and ran into a young woman with an infant and a toddler. The toddler, having must have just been potty trained pointed to Nick's pull-up and said "Baby!, mommy that boy is still a baby he still wears pull-ups not panties like me." Nick instinctively latched onto his mother.

"Michelle, no we don't point or tease others you know that," the young lady responded, "I'm terribly sorry ma'am, she doesn't know that teasing hurts feelings."

"Oh, its ok," Wendy responded, "He's too old to be still wearing diapers maybe he needs it." The young lady gave Wendy a somewhat puzzled look. Wendy explained the whole situation to the woman who seemed somewhat amused by the story and the subsequent punishment Wendy chose. The laughed and wished each other goodbye and Wendy led Nick down the aisles picking up more necessary objects for her new "baby's" summer vacation. After a changing mat, diaper bag, rhumba panties, and some size 6 luvs they were done. At the checkout Nick received some stares but no comments. On the return to the car Nick was again strapped in and being only a few miles away his mother explained to him again in a serious manner what would take place this summer.

"Now remember you are to obey Aunt Jessica as well, no make that better that you have behaved for me since I found you acting in this manner yesterday. Now I don't think that Molly or Jennifer want to share there clothes with you so I think after you get rid of this Minnie Mouse pullup you have on youll be in regular diapers and tshirts during the day. Mind you by regular diaper I mean the Luvs I bought you with Barney on them. But Aunt Jessica know about what you were wearing yesterday and today, and said that outside of panties to put over your diapers if needed she would have the clothes to properly attire you. Now I trust you will behave and that wont be necessary at all. Now, I'll give you a quick hint, Molly and Jenny are at their swimming lessons for about another hour, so if you want to save embarrassment id use up your Minnie diaper now so they don't see you girly, although they will see you in your diapers all summer of course." A block later they pulled into Aunt Jessica's driveway.

"We're here honey!" Wendy exclaimed. Aunt Jessica met them at the driveway with a smile. As his mother and Aunt Jessica talked in the driveway Nick realized he should use his pull-up soon so as not to be seen by his cousins dressed in a Minnie pull-up, only problem was he had to do more than potty!

Credit to Sissy Jackie Snyder thanks!

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