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Bobby McDonald had so much stress in his life. His job as a senior-level manager at the high-tech manufacturing firm required an extreme commitment of time and energy, leaving precious little of either one when Bobby got home at night. The last six months had been both wonderful and awful, since his marriage was another casualty of his demanding career. Bobby couldn't decide at first which was worse, coming home to a nagging wife or now coming back to an empty and quiet house at the end of a long day. As the impact of the divorce became more apparent, he decided that he preferred the calm environment at home now.

Not only did he have no one making any demands on him at home, he now had the privacy and the opportunity to indulge in the secret fetish that he had kept hidden inside for so long. Bobby wasn't sure when he developed this craving, since it seemed as if he had always longed for it, but now the pressure of work made his private passion even more appealing. He had long ago come to accept that he was an infantilist. It took many years before he could classify and identify the urges he felt inside him, and he was very glad as he learned that it was not such a rare fetish as he had originally thought.

There were two sides of it that he discovered; the adult baby (AB) and the diaper lover (DL). Some people seemed to be either one or the other, and some were both. The adult baby yearns to actually "be" a baby once again - to live life as a small child both physically and mentally. They tend to like baby talk and imitating the lifestyle of a baby as much as possible. The diaper lover, on the other hand, gets their enjoyment purely out of wearing and using a diaper. They act grownup in all other aspects of their life, but simply wish to have no bladder control.

Through some experimentation, Bobby was able to determine that he was mostly just a DL, although some of the aspects of the AB lifestyle appealed to him. That admission and his own desire to escape some of the pressure from work led him down a path that would forever change his life. Browsing through an adult newspaper one day, he happened to notice an ad:

"Do you want to return to those helpless days when you had no pressure

or demands on your life, and you were free to just relax with a warm bottle?

Call Mommy Joanne to discuss the chance to turn back the clock to those carefree times in the safety of my nursery. Dial XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX during the day."

Bobby read and re-read the ad. What was it offering? It was vague enough to avoid drawing unusual attention, but teasingly seemed to suggest some sort of dominatrix who specialized in the area of infantilism. His curiosity and intense submissiveness overcame his fear and embarrassment and he dialed the number.

"Hello, this is Joanne, may I help you?" asked the softest and most erotic voice Bobby had ever heard. It was both dominantly assertive and yet strongly relaxing in nature.

Bobby gulped and replied, "I was calling for Mommy Joanne to discuss the ad I saw in the Adult Times." He wasn't sure how to phrase it in such a way that didn't make him sound like some dark alley pervert trying to get his kicks from just talking to her, but rather a sincere man who found the idea of visiting some sort of dominant "Mommy" very appealing. Also, he was concerned that if the ad really did not mean what he thought it meant, then he wouldn't have blurted out something sexual in nature for what might just be a "vanilla" firm, such as a massage/relaxation therapist.

The shift in the velvety voice on the phone was distinct but not abrupt.

"Yes, little one, please tell Mommy Joanne your name." The woman sounded softer now, but no less dominant, and despite the question, Bobby felt very much at ease with this voice. He noticed how listening to her seemed to relax him, even though he couldn't explain why.

Without a second thought, he immediately replied, "Bobby McDonald." Oh no! What had happened to his plans for anonymity? He had planned to make up a name if the need had come up, but Bobby had not expected such a direct assault on his mind and he caved into her domination immediately.

The incredible voice that seemed to relax him continued to hold his attention, "Very good, little Bobby, now why don't you tell Mommy Joanne just what you need. Are you wet right now?"

Once again, that voice seemed to be able to slice straight into Bobby's inner mind through any of his defenses and elicited the quick and first public admission he had made, "Yes ma'am, I am." Bobby felt himself blush as he admitted to a stranger within the first thirty seconds of conversation the fact that he wore diapers and that he was currently wet.

Sensing his embarrassment, Joanne took over the phone call and told Bobby why she could tell that he needed to come see her. She suggested a session for the following afternoon and gave him directions to her "play space" near downtown.

Bobby asked, "Do I need to bring my own diapers?" and was unsure of the full implication of the answer he got.

"No, little Bobby, your Mommy has everything she needs to take care of you completely."

Work the next day seemed to drag by so slowly that Bobby thought that six o'clock would never arrive. He had already gotten permission from his boss to take off earlier than normal to meet with "a college buddy passing through town" and so headed home in a hurry. Once he arrived, he quickly powdered and diapered himself into a triple diaper, and slipped into his very soft and erotic rubber pants that guaranteed that anything that went into his diaper would stay in his diaper.

Bobby was so excited about meeting Mommy Joanne that he drove faster than usual and arrived at the address a bit early, so he sat in the car, watching the time for his appointment growing closer. As he waited, he suddenly realized he was wetting his diapers, which excited him. Bobby's goal was to be able to wet himself without consciously making the effort, so he was pleased to notice that it was getting easier and easier the longer he spent in diapers.

At exactly 7 p.m., he knocked on the door of the non-descript building, and a moment later heard an electronic buzz followed by a voice telling him to come in. Bobby entered into a small anteroom where he was instructed to wait. Two minutes later, the inner door opened to reveal a beautiful woman with dark curly hair and a soft, warm smile. She extended a hand and said, "I am Joanne, but you may call me Mommy for now".

Bobby was anxious and nervous and stammered out, "My name is Bobby and that's great, I mean, I'd like to call you Joanne, Mommy.... I mean, I'd love to call you Mommy." He turned red when he realized how scatterbrained he sounded.

However, Joanne just smiled and said, "I think you'll do just fine, Bobby, just relax".

She ushered him down the hallway to a closed door and paused to look him in the eyes.

"I just want to be sure that you understand, Bobby; on the other side of this door, you WILL become my little baby."

The shock of this unexpected comment momentarily stunned him until he was able to say, "Yes, ma'am."

As they went in, Bobby saw what looked like a large efficiency apartment in front of him. The front door opened into the den, and he could see a small kitchen area off to the right. Two more doors must have led to a bedroom and a bathroom. Joanne told him to lie down on the couch so she could check his diaper. Bobby blushed again when he realized that she would know he had wet himself already.

Now, flat on his back, Bobby was excited, aroused and embarrassed. Here he was in a strange building with a complete stranger pulling on a pair of rubber gloves so she could check him for a wet diaper. Before he had much more of a chance to ponder his situation, Joanne had his diaper open and told him he did need to be changed. With a swiftness developed with practice, she had his old diapers removed and a new dry one under him. She liberally powdered him and began to encase him in the new diaper. But, the ones she had made his look cheap. He was swaddled inside an incredibly thick and soft disposable with a soft rubbery exterior surface held in place by three large adhesive tabs. These diapers were ones that she bought from a very specialized medical supply company, and one of hers was as thick as the three that he wore to her place. Bobby could barely close his legs after she finished, and when she told him to stand up, it took him a minute to adjust to the bulk.

"Come with me, baby," Joanne said as she led him by the hand into the kitchen. An adult-sized high chair awaited him, and Joanne patted the seat and said, "Sit down here". She slid a tray in place in front of him and he heard the spring-loaded latches click into place. Joanne went to the counter where she picked up a large bowl that looked like oatmeal. She pulled up a chair for herself after attaching a rubbery bib over Bobby's shirt. Scooping up a spoonful, she smiled at him and said in a very relaxing and yet commanding voice, "Open up, baby, its time for your dinner."

Mommy Joanne began spoon-feeding him the warm oatmeal that tasted so wonderful. Bobby had forgotten how good warm oatmeal was, and then realized that he had worked through his lunch break today so he could get off early. So, he was eagerly consuming the warm oatmeal and loving the sensation of having this very very pretty woman feeding him in a high chair while he wore a very thick diaper.

It took quite a while to finish off the bowl, which was larger and deeper than he had first noticed. Joanne wiped his mouth clean for him and removed the tray.

"Come with me, baby," she told him again, once more taking his hand and leading him like a small child back to the front room and over to a large rocking chair. Joanne sat down and told him to turn sideways and sit in her lap. As soon as Bobby did, he realized he was sitting just like a baby would sit in its mother's lap.

"Lay your head back against my breast, baby", she said before he appreciated his position enough to start growing an erection.

Bobby could feel that his tummy was so full after his dinner and couldn't remember when he had eaten so much oatmeal. It had made him feel heavy and lethargic and as a result, he had walked slowly behind his new temporary Mommy. When she told him to sit in her lap, it was the most inviting thing he could imagine. He was only slightly surprised when she suddenly produced a large baby bottle with an adult-sized amber-colored latex nipple. Bobby vaguely heard her tell him to open his mouth, which he was already beginning to involuntarily do at the sight of that gleaming nipple.

Mommy Joanne slid the slick and shiny nipple into his mouth and Bobby began to suck rapidly at first, but then quickly slowed to a normal and less greedy pace. He could not believe how delicious this warm milk was and his mind began to contemplate how terrific it was to have found someone like Joanne who seemed to understand what he needed so well. Bobby realized that she really had not asked him what he wanted to do when he arrived, but just seemed to take charge of the situation. At first this slightly troubled him, because he wanted to describe his fantasies to her so she could cater to his desires. But, as he drank more and more of the warm sleepy milk, it dawned on him that he really needed for Mommy to take charge and that little babies didn't get to describe the conditions of their care. Once that was resolved in his increasingly sleepy mind, he was able to begin to relax more deeply than before. Bobby became aware of some pretty music playing from some speakers in the room and of the fact that he was wetting himself again. He was relaxing so much as he drank that he would occasionally stop sucking for a few moments until Joanne nudged him. However, the music was so pleasing and he was getting so sleepy and Mommy was talking so softly as the chair rocked back and forth that he couldn't quite understand what she was saying. Bobby kept trying to concentrate on her words at the same time as he concentrated on the music at the same time as he was losing his ability to concentrate on anything and it was getting so much harder to think about whatever it was that he was thinking about before he started forgetting to even try to think anymore which was very shortly before everything got dark and quiet.

Bobby woke up in a way unlike he normally woke from sleeping. It was a feeling like he was climbing up from the bottom of a very deep dark hole. For a moment, he tried to get his bearings as to where he was, and then he realized what must have happened. Oh no, he fell asleep during his session with that lady who had diapered him! He felt so embarrassed about that, but before he could fret about it too much, he tried to sit up.

What was going on? He couldn't get up! Bobby knew he must not be awake yet and tried to rub his eyes, but he couldn't lift his hands, either. Finally, his eyes opened and adjusted to the light. He suddenly realized something was stuck in his mouth and he tried to spit it out, but it wouldn't budge. Bobby began to panic and pull at whatever was holding him.

"Shhhhh, relaxxxx, little one."

Bobby froze. It was THAT voice again.... it was Joanne! He tried to turn toward the voice, but even his head was immobilized. Then, she appeared above and to the side just in his field of vision.

"So, my baby is awake now! Did you have a good nap, baby?" she asked with a smile on her face.


"Oops, baby can't talk with the feeder nipple fastened into his mouth. Oh well, you can just listen. You see, Bobby, I am not really in the business of making YOUR fantasies come true. I operate my domination service as a way to recruit new slaves that fit MY fantasies." Joanne paused and Bobby saw her raise a six-inch long shiny black cigarette holder with a white cigarette fitted into the end up to her mouth. She lit it with a shiny lighter, inhaled and then exhaled a plume of smoke right into his face. Bobby coughed but could not turn away since his head was held tightly in place.

"Since you were good enough to reveal your true name to me before you came in, I had time to check you out, which is a real luxury for me. I often don't have that opportunity before a session. If I am going to find new pets to serve me, I need to make sure that they don't have families or significant others who will miss them and come looking."

Bobby's eyes opened wide as what she had said began to sink in. Just as the first wave of panic hit him, Joanne inhaled from her shiny holder again and then once more exhaled into his face. Despite himself, Bobby realized that her smoke smelled absolutely wonderful and instead of trying to turn away, he inhaled deeply. He had heard that smoking was relaxing, but he was surprised to find that just the smoke from someone else had that effect, too. However, he couldn't deny that he was relaxing.

"So, big Bobby wants to be little Bobby. That's wonderful, except I don't want you to go back to being big Bobby when you are tired of playing with me. I like having a certain number of pets that are stuck in diapers at my command. By having a variety of submissive slaves, I can indulge in bondage with some, fetishes with some, sadism with some, and still have a few little babies who need Mommy's care. So, you see, Joanne gets to have fun with many different slaves, each of which is here to meet certain ones of HER needs!" After saying that, she inhaled deeply from the beautiful sleek holder and exhaled into Bobby's waiting face again.

"Let me explain what is happening to you, Bobby, and what I will be doing to you. First, you are restrained with some very strong hospital-style rubber straps so you cannot move. Second, you have been quadruple-diapered in those very thick institutional diapers that you enjoyed so much several hours ago when you arrived. Next, there is a large rubber nipple secured inside your mouth so you cannot take it out. The nipple is attached to this latex tubing, which goes up through this valve to the large reservoir above your head. The liquid in the reservoir is a mixture of water, electrolytic fluids to keep you healthy, a mild hypnotic drug to keep you completely open to my suggestions and a diuretic to make sure you keep wetting yourself. You have so many diapers on because you will be here wetting for at least 24 hours before I let you up."

Bobby could hear and barely see that Joanne was pulling on some glistening black rubber gloves and smoothing them up her arms. She picked her cigarette holder back up and inserted another cigarette and lit it. Once more, the first exhale came right into Bobby's face.

"I will loosen your headband slightly so you can look at me, Bobby."

He felt the rubbery strap relax some from his forehead and he turned toward his captor. Bobby was shocked! The demure looking professional woman who had diapered him and fed him was gone! In her place was a fetish-dream come true - a woman wearing head to toe shiny black latex and wearing platform soled thigh high patent leather boots. She smiled at him as she slipped the end of the holder back into her mouth, inhaled, exhaled at him and asked him, "Do you like what you see?"

Despite the predicament he found himself in, he could not seem to muster up any more panic or fear, and he realized that inside the very thick diapers he had an intense erection at the sight of Joanne. He made some moaning sounds around the rubbery intruder in his mouth that she interpreted as pleasure, which was not incorrect at all.

Joanne continued explaining his fate to him.

"Well, I'm glad you like what you see, because you will serve me as long as I enjoy having you here and then you will be gone, with the memory of your time with me erased from your mind. I don't list all of my interests and skills in my ads, Bobby. The thing that I am absolutely best at is never listed. I am a powerful hypnotist, and I will be using my abilities to assist in enslaving you. That is one reason you do not feel panic any more. One of the chemists that works for me developed a drug that is added to my cigarettes. When it is heated, the resulting smoke is incredibly hypnotic and helps me to induce a deep trance when traditional methods aren't as easy to use. By exhaling into your face, I've been drugging you since you woke up."

Joanne exhaled one more time into his face and put down her holder. She reached up and re-positioned his head facing straight up and tightened the rubber strap back down.

"In a few moments, I am going to hypnotize you. I will use my holder and drugged smoke along with a fascinating light array that I've developed. After you are deep in a trance, I will put some headphones over your ears, and my taped instructions will flood your mind over and over as they repeat for the next 24 hours. Although completely creating new fetishes and desires in someone can be done, it is time-consuming and is a lot of work. I prefer to find someone who already has a fetish that I like and then use that as the base to build on. Since you are already a diaper lover, it will be simple to revert you to a baby for me. No matter how hard your conscious mind thinks it wants to resist, your inner mind and your pleasure centers are already keyed to loving diapers. So, the brainwashing will be 100% effective since you're already in love with the idea anyway! While you are being programmed to serve me, the constant flow of liquids through your feeding nipple will ensure that you are not able to stop wetting. By the time my indoctrination is over, you won't be able to control your bladder even if you tried. You will wet the moment anything flows into your bladder and the concept of holding it in will be an impossibility for you very soon."

As she said that, she dimmed some of the lights in the room.

"I have some good news, though, Bobby. When you wake up, you will find that you cannot think of anything more erotic or arousing than me in latex outfits, wearing boots and smoking from a cigarette holder. That is just some additional programming that I will insert into your mind with my tapes. It always makes ME so hot to condition a man to be my pet. Just think, a few hours ago, you were leaving work and preparing to come to what you thought would be an hour or so of baby fun and then you'd go back home. Drinking that bottle of drugged milk made sure that I was able to change your plans, both for tonight and for a long time to come."

Bobby's eyes widened again as the full impact of what she said hit him. He had willingly walked into a trap sprung on him because she knew what aroused him and now he knew he'd never escape her. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he tried, he could not become panicky. He realized she was still exhaling into his face and he strained to see that holder again. It was so pretty, he remembered. Still constantly swallowing the delicious liquid in his mouth, he once again wet himself. As he inhaled another breath of her smoke, he saw some colored lights come on up on the ceiling over his face. A series of blue, red and yellow lights began to flash in front of his eyes very rapidly in a constantly changing pattern that he could not follow. But he tracked it and within about twenty seconds, the speed of the pulsing had grown so fast that Bobby no longer realized there were flashing lights. To him, it felt like he was watching a thousand camera flashes going off in his face from all angles, and just before his eyes glazed over with deep theta sleep, Joanne exhaled into his face once more. She smiled as she placed the headphones over his ears and pushed play on the tape deck. Joanne knew that by the time she released him a day from now, he would be so completely brainwashed by her smoke, the drugs, the lights and her verbal commands in his ears that he would never be able to be anything but her slave, drooling with excitement at the sight of her latex and rubber clothes, her boots and her ever-present holder. Actually, he wouldn't be just a slave; he was going to be her baby slave!

"If you have enjoyed this story, i'd love to hear from you at [email protected] . i'd especially be thrilled to hear from you if you share my interests in hypnosis!"

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