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First Morning What time it was when I woke up I had no clue. All I knew was there was sunlight coming in from a window next to the crib. Even worse, it was shining right in my face. Can't sleep with that happening. So I woke up with no clue what time it was, knowing only that there was sunlight in my face.

I sat up and was momentarily confused by my surroundings. Hardly surprising, a huge crib is not the most usual place to wake up after a peaceful night's sleep. It was peaceful too, the best sleep I'd had in a while. The moment of confusion quickly passed as I remembered the previous night. I saw the bottle I'd been drinking beside me and picked it up. The milk was hardly drinkable now and I wasn't even going to consider trying. I made a mental note to ask for water next time. Then I'd have something to drink when I woke up.

I sat around the crib and looked at the stuffed animals. Out of boredom I picked one up and started making it dance around cutely. I even hummed a little tune as I did. This occupied me until my body gave me signals for those little things you have to do first thing in the morning. I knew this was coming, but I hadn't completely readied myself for it (It may not be noticeable, but foresight isn't my greatest strength). It took a little mental preparation to even make myself start having to go. It helped when I got myself hunched over in a bit of a squat position.

The flow came out little by little. Years of toilet training did not break easy, after all. After a while of on-again off-again it started to come out more easily. Soon I had my diaper good and flooded. I could feel it just sagging from my hips as I sat there hunched over. I realized when I sat down that I had over-done it, though. As soon as my butt hit the mattress I felt something wet come into contact with my leg. Looking down, the diaper had leaked onto the crib mattress and blankets. I was more than just a little embarrassed. I not only had just wet myself for the first time in over a decade but I really wet myself.

I began to cry a bit. I'm not completely sure but I think I began sobbing too because not long after I started Mommy walked in looking very concerned.

"Hey, there, Cady, what's wrong?" She asked as she reached through the crib bars and brushed her hand across my cheek. I could only point to my leaking diaper with a very big blush all across my face. Mommy didn't seem the least bit surprised or angry though.

"Flooded it all at once, didn't you?" she asked. I nodded, slightly surprised she knew that.

"Daddy and I experimented with this first before deciding on getting a third party to try it." she explained, noticing my surprise, "We learned that it's usually best to wet just a little at a time. Do it all at once and, well..." she looked down at the wet spot under my butt, "We'll make sure to use thicker diapers at nighttime from now on, just in case, so this is less likely to happen again." With that, Mommy opened the crib so I could get out. Unlike a true baby crib, where the bars would be slid down for the parent to lift out their child, this one was set up for the bars to slide up and hook into locking points on the ceiling. From there, Mommy kneeled down to help me out. It was hard, I was moving very slow as I didn't want my diaper leaking even more than it had. I walked over to the changing table and, with Mommy's help, managed to lay down carefully enough that nothing else came out of my pants and soak the table too.

I had to admit, having my diaper removed was quite a bit more embarrassing than it was having it put on. I blushed a bit as Mommy opened up the wet diaper and got to work. She gave me a reassuring smile as she began to wipe me down. My face became redder as I felt the cold baby wipe cleaning up my most private areas. After what felt like forever Mommy finished and re-diapered me after a rather liberal sprinkling of baby powder onto my body. When that was finished, she helped me up to my feet and smiled. I smiled back, my face nearly entirely red.

Without a word, Mommy took my hand and led me out into the dining room.

There I saw that, during the night, Mommy and Daddy had put up a high chair.

Not surprisingly, it was huge. Big enough for an adult to sit in with minimal discomfort. Mommy helped me into it. After strapping me in I saw her put a huge tray in place. By that point I was waiting for the bib but it didn't come. Instead, Daddy put some papers down in front of me. I looked at them for a moment before I realized what I was seeing.

"Power of attorney?!" I asked in surprise. I was further surprised when I suddenly had a pacifier stuck in my mouth. Daddy, still holding it in his hand as it rested in my mouth, pulled it out after a moment.

"That was just to remind you of the rules, Cady." he explained. I nodded sheepishly and gave an embarrassed "Sowwy." in the most babyish voice I could manage.

"However, right now we're giving you permission to speak like an adult. We have important matters to discuss and we need you to be a grown up for a few moments more before your new childhood begins."

"Okay." I replied.

Daddy went on to explain the necessity of the Power of Attorney and other forms.

"This will allow us to put a sum of five thousand dollars into a savings account in your name." My mouth dropped. Five thousand?! Granted, it wouldn't make me rich (not like these people obviously were). On the other hand, I'd be way better off than I was twenty four hours ago. That was enough money to find a small place to stay and get my act together.

"That money will build interest, so when your month is done the amount should be slightly more than that." Even if slightly was just another buck, I couldn't deny that was a good deal.

"Obviously, the money is only yours if you last the full month." Well duh! I knew better than to say out loud.

"You're free to end this at any time, but you don't get any payment unless you follow through for a full thirty days."

"That's why there's a contract in here too, huh?" I asked, holding up another paper.

"Exactly." So I looked over the forms. Most of it was just legalese versions of all the stuff we'd talked about the previous night. I scanned it thoroughly, making sure I wasn't getting into some weird(er) arrangement that I wasn't aware of. The contract stated that I agreed to perform a specified service, which was not specified on the form itself, for a total of thirty days. The power of attorney put control of all the money I would be paid, as well as other manners into the hands of Mommy and Daddy. I could only assume that they wanted to make as sure as possible that I followed through on my end. And I had to admit that knowing that money was sitting there for me to claim next month made that high chair a lot more comfortable than it had been when I'd first sat down.

After reading through and clarifying everything, I signed all the forms I needed to sign then. There were a few that had to be done in front of a Notary Public, but that would be held off for the weekend, Mommy told me. No biggie, I was bound to the deal now so the last bits of paperwork were mere formalities.

With the business taken care of, Mommy picked up a big bib and tied around my neck. I immediately noticed the "Mommy's Big Boy" stitched into the front of it.

"We'll get you one of your own soon enough, sweetie." Mommy said, noticing me staring at it.

"'Kay." I told her as I looked at the upside-down words. Daddy brought over a bowl of oatmeal, which Mommy began to spoon feed me. The bib wasn't too necessary, though some of the food did spill out, as I wasn't used to being spoon-fed. When all was the food was gone my face was wiped clean and I was let out of the chair. My new parents scooted me off to the living room to play.

I went in to find a blanket had been spread out and baby toys put onto it.

Logically figuring this was where I was going to play, I plopped myself down and got to it. Took a while to get into, really. I had very few toys to play with at all growing up. There were some dolls, but with Mommy and Daddy close by, going about what I assumed was their regular routine, I felt self-conscious about playing with them. I contented myself with some blocks and other more simple toys. As I absent-mindedly stacked blocks and built little buildings with them my bladder gave me that feeling that I had to go.

My self-consciousness increased several fold as I prepared to wet myself again, this time in the presence of my Mommy and Daddy. Remembering Mommy's advice earlier, I wet mostly with the on-again off-again I'd had the first time but this time withheld from a full out flood. As I did my business, I got a little something extra. As I peed, I let out a small bit of gas from my other end. I blushed, as it wasn't exactly quiet, and also because I knew what it meant.

"Mommy!" I called out. I must've sounded distressed, because she came in a rush.

"Yes, Cady."

"Um... well..." I stammered, remembering my rules and trying to think of the most babyish way to say what I had to do, God this was embarrassing...

"Gots go poo-poo!" I finally sputtered out. At that moment I think the warmth from my blushing replaced the need for central heating...

Mommy took a moment to realize what I meant. I guess she was still getting used to this, too.

"Okay, sweetie, let's get you to the potty." Mommy took me by the hand and led me back to the bathroom I had been bathed in the previous night. To my slight relief, there wasn't a baby potty to use in here. Instead, Mommy took off my diaper (making me blush with a comment about how wet it was already) and sat me down to do my thing. It was weird, since Mommy didn't leave the bathroom while I went. I wasn't surprised though, since I was supposed to be a baby.

Soon as I was done Mommy wiped me down and took me back to the nursery for a new diaper. As she taped me up, Mommy mentioned that it was time for a nap.

"But we just had breakfast!" I complained. Mommy answered with a pacifier to my mouth.

"That was a few hours ago, hon." Were it not for the paci, I'd've exclaimed a loud what. As it was, I managed to squeak out a "Mmph?!" Mommy pointed to a clock on the wall and I realized that, indeed, I had been playing in the living room for a lot longer than I'd realized. How in the world had I not noticed? I didn't resist as Mommy put my into the crib once again and lowered the bars from the ceiling. She removed the pacifier and handed me a bottle before leaving the room, promising to come back in an hour or so. I wasn't tired, so I simply sucked on the bottle a bit. The bottle had warm milk in it again, presumably to help me actually nap. I wasn't very tired, to be honest. My mind was still on the passage of time I'd missed.

There was only one explanation I could think of. They say "time flies when you're having fun." I wondered if I'd been having more fun with those baby toys than I'd realized. But that alone didn't seem to fit. As the milk did its thing and I began gradually drifting off, I began to realize another fact I hadn't noticed before now.

This was probably the very first day, in my entire life, where I hadn't had to do a single damn thing. For as long as I could remember, every day before now had been filled with work of some kind. Housework, schoolwork, money work. I was usually fulfilling some responsibility or another before I'd even had breakfast. Yet here it was near midday and the only responsibility I'd had to really worry about was not pooping myself! And even then I didn't actually have to! While obviously not thrilled with the idea, Mommy and Daddy had said during breakfast I could use my diapers for everything if I wished.

At that moment, I realized a very important fact. This morning was one of the few, if not first times that the only thing I had to concern myself with was what I wanted to do.

My bottle fell from my mouth and rolled into the railing as I fell into the most pleasant sleep I'd had in a long time.


The next week or so just flew by. With my little epiphany from the first morning still on my mind, I'd begun to actually enjoy being a big baby. I told Mommy and Daddy about what I'd come to understand and they seemed happy. And why not? Their investment (me) was already getting results.

In the time since that first day, the three of us settled into a bit of a routine. I'd wake up whenever I woke up, and as soon as I did Mommy or Daddy would come in, change my diaper (which would be plenty wet by the time I got around to calling them), then take me down for breakfast. From there, I'd play until nap time. Somewhere in that area of time I'd have to poop, but I always did that in the toilet. I had no wish to use my diapers for it if I could avoid it.

After my nap, I'd play more and probably go run errands with Mommy such as the store for dinner. Sometimes Mommy would let me help her make food. But it was always easy tasks even a toddler (such as myself) could perform.

Every meal was in the high chair with a bib and featured me being fed my food or eating just finger size bits. After dinner, my face would get washed, and the rest of me if a bath was warranted. Then I was put into jammies for bed (I'd grown particularly fond of a cute red sleeper) and set down into my crib for the night.

Mommy and Daddy's personal routines were largely unaffected, save for sometimes involving me. Daddy would do a lot of work in his study. I made a mental note I knew I wouldn't remember to find out what he did for a living.

He had a nice home, and could afford to pay a girl five grand to spend a month wetting herself. So he had to have something lucrative. Usually Mommy handled most of my care, though if she wasn't around, Daddy would see to checking and changing my diapers. I got used to it, but at first it was weird having a man change my diapers. Even more so than it was having a woman do it.

Mommy and Daddy did more than just feed me and keep my pants dry, though.

Sometimes Daddy would even sit down on the floor and play with me. By the third day I'd gotten far into my role as big baby. I baby talked almost as naturally as I adult spoke (which I rarely did nowadays). So baby play came easily to me. I'd play little kid games like Candy Land and such, and sometimes Daddy'd even do the ol' "This Little Piggy" song, running his fingers up my leg and tickling me silly when he got to the last little piggy going wee wee wee all the way home. Mommy would read me stories from various kids' books. I was too big to sit on her lap, but often I'd lie on the couch and rest just my head there instead.

There were a couple of punishments here and there. One day I refused to let Daddy dress me in a really awful looking outfit, so he simply didn't bother to dress me. I spent that whole day naked save my diaper and a bib at meals.

I think Daddy was as embarrassed as I was. Baby or not, I was still a average-developed nineteen year old girl sitting around his home in just her underwear (such as it was). It was obvious he was trying not to look at me that way, but every time we locked eyes he blushed and turned away.

I didn't leave the house much, unless Mommy wanted to go to the store or something and Daddy was still working. Then I was expected to tag along.

Outside of the house, I was dressed normally and was allowed to speak as an adult. The only really babyish clothing on me outside the house was my diaper, hidden under my clothes. To neighbors who saw me, I was just a cousin or niece or whatever visiting for a month. To any who noticed and asked about my diapers, they just got told I was incontinent and had no bladder control. Ergo, diapers. A simple lie, but effective, as nobody questioned it much after that.

On my eighth day at my new home, however, the usual routine took a turn.

At first, it was the usual. Wake up, wet my diaper, call for a change, then breakfast. After breakfast was when it began. I had felt the urge to make a poopy, and got myself put onto the pot. But nothing happened. I pushed and tried but all that happened was a little bit of pee. Nobody was very happy at that, as we all knew what it meant. The rule laid down on my very first night stated that, if I don't make a poo-poo when I say I have to, even if it isn't on purpose, then I'm barred from using the toilet again for the next twenty-four hours. Meaning that if the need to poop came again before this time tomorrow, I was stuck making a mess in my diaper. I didn't like that, as a messy diaper was almost guaranteed (I knew I couldn't have avoided it the whole month...). Mommy and Daddy didn't like it, either, as it would likely be one of them who cleaned up the inevitable.

That put us in a funk for a while, until the mail came. Some packages had come in. Mommy was happy upon seeing them. During the past week she'd taken my measurements and clothes she had ordered using them had just come in.

That brought the two of us out of our apprehensive mood, as we began sifting our way through the packages to try on what we could. Among them were cute baby style dresses (some of which were WAY to ruffley for my taste, but Mommy liked them). I tried a few of them and modeled them for Mommy and Daddy until nap time, when Mommy put me in a new pink onesie for bed.

Upon waking up, I experienced my first diaper change involving Mommy having to unsnap the onesie to get to me. When the job got finished, Mommy snapped me back up before pulling out a pair of denim overalls. I groaned. I've always hated overalls, ever since I was little. But I didn't feel like spending the rest of the day naked (again), so I didn't resist as Mommy put them on over my onesie. To the untrained eye, I was simply wearing a cute pink t-shirt underneath. I thought that was all until Mommy began putting socks and shoes on me.

"Go bye-bye?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetheart." Mommy replied, Daddy came into the nursery and explained so Mommy could concentrate on my shoes. She was having trouble since I was playfully kicking my feet to give her a hard time.

"Neighbors across the street are having a little block party. Everyone's invited, including us.

"Yummy! Ba-ba-Kew!" I squealed. Part of me still cringed at how childish I sounded when I spoke that way. But the other part, silly as it sounded, actually enjoyed it. When I was ready Daddy played with me so Mommy could finish getting ready. Then we were off.

I'd met some of the neighbors already, so my initial moments at the little gathering were spent getting introduced to the people I hadn't seen yet. I got along fairly well for the most part. One person happened to hear my diaper crinkling, I think, but she didn't say anything. She did cast me a few odd looks though.

The first hour was spent in good spirits. Nothing of particular importance happened, save for getting a way overcooked burger... or maybe it was a lump of charcoal someone accidentally put between two buns. Either way, it was inedible. I wolfed down the edible burgers and was actually on my third when it hit me. That feeling I had known was coming. That I had forgotten about during my little fashion show. That I was doomed to suffer from until I either home or couldn't take it anymore.

My bowels were cramping. I had to poop. And if I couldn't get home in time I was going to make a messy diaper right in front of every person in attendance.

BARGAIN BY BabyStevie26 CHAPTER FIVE: Convert Okay... stay calm. I told myself, Nothing serious is happening. It's just a bowel movement. You've held them in before. At school or work when you couldn't leave right away. Or, better yet, at home while you waited for Mommy and Daddy to put you on the pot. This is just like that. Don't panic.

Much as you act like it at home, you are not a baby.

As much as I repeated that mantra, though, it wasn't doing me much good. The number two that hadn't come out on that morning's potty break was making itself known now. I knew I wouldn't hold out very long. I considered looking for Mommy or Daddy and making my problem known. Then I remembered they were unlikely to take me to a toilet, seeing as I didn't use it for what I'd intended to once today already. They'd tell me that was my punishment for not using the potty when I'd said I'd had to.

I was still tempted, though. I mean, surely they wouldn't want to clean up after a messy diaper? Then again, they were rather strict about the rules placed on me. If I spoke as an adult, even accidentally, I got the pacifier almost immediately. If I went somewhere I shouldn't I was immediately put into the corner of my nursery for a time out. No, they'd never let me get away with not using my diaper. The only thing that would come from telling them would be their taking me home to do the deed.

I was resigned to alert Mommy and Daddy to my trouble and endure the inevitable when an idea hit me. There was another option. Mommy and Daddy were busy schmoozing. It would be a simple matter of saying nothing, sneaking into the bathroom here, and going potty. If it went all right, no one would be the wiser.

I looked around for Mommy and Daddy to make sure they were preoccupied.

Seeing that they were, I snuck into the house and began searching for the bathroom. The house was two stories, meaning there had to be at least two toilets around somewhere. Let's see... kitchen... living room... locked door...

"Someone's in here!" I heard a man's voice call out from the other side.

Bathroom one found... and taken. I felt a cramp in my stomach, making me check other rooms. The first floor had only the one, but upstairs I found another quickly enough. But again...

"I'll be out in a second." Hoping (foolishly) that a second actually meant a second, I waited for this one. Several minutes later, a girl emerged.

"Finally!" I said as I went for the door. I shut it behind me and locked it tight. I approached the toilet, sitting there with a fuzzy blue seat cover, and proceeded to remove my overalls. I felt some wind break as I struggled with the left button. When that was free I got the second undone and let them drop to my feet. I began trying to pull down my diaper when I was reminded of a minor detail. I was still wearing my pink onesie. I bent over to undo the snaps when it happened.

Not a mess, not that one, anyway. I'm not sure exactly why, but in that instant I remembered something. Something out of my past.

The details were fuzzy, as I was four years old. But I recalled my mother and father had dragged me along to some party of theirs. I don't know why, as they usually just left me home for that stuff. Regardless, I was there and, just like now, I'd had to go potty. Number two. I went into the bathroom solo (which I know for a fact I'd been doing since I was three), but I had trouble with the overall buttons. I struggled and struggled and struggled until, finally, I got one of them off. Then I struggled and struggled and struggled with the other. Unfortunately, by the time I'd gotten that one off it was too late. As my overalls fell to my ankles I performed the unpleasant deed of soiling my brand new Cinderella underpants.

"Aw, God, she crapped herself!" That had been my father's reaction, when he had come in for the same reason I had and was stopped short by the sight of his daughter in dirty panties.

My mother walked in at his cry and I remember a horrible look on her face.

As if she was thinking "I have to clean that up!" Which of course she didn't as, after dragging me into the car (not even bothering to let me pull up my overalls first) and driving me home, they just plopped me in the tub and left me to the rest. I'm not sure, but I think they went back to their party without me.

As that scene played out in my mind, and the little me in pigtails and big girl pants went poop, the big girl in pigtails and baby diapers did the same. My mind had gone numb at the sensation of my dirty diaper, and the memory of my prior accident. For nearly a minute I simply stood there in our neighbor's bathroom, hunched over, the diaper I was wearing sagging a bit from my mess. Soon my legs gave out and I feel backwards, right onto the mess in my diaper, making it spread every which way within my diaper and some even leaking out.

That was how Mommy and Daddy eventually found me. It had taken them less time than I'd thought it would to notice I was gone. They asked a couple people and found I'd gone inside. It wasn't hard for them to find me in the bathroom. In my haste to get undressed I'd neglected to lock the door. So they walked in and saw me, sitting there, overalls 'round my legs, quietly sobbing in my wet, messy, leaky diaper.

Truth be told, everything from that point on is a bit fuzzy. I think Daddy helped me to my feet while Mommy wiped up what had leaked out before pulling my overalls back up. Daddy helped me walk outside. If I protested that, nobody paid me any mind. I remember Mommy left, I think now she went to make some excuse for their leaving. She met back up with us, but I forget when.

The only thing on my mind was the sensation of walking in that diaper.

I didn't even remember afterward Mommy and Daddy undressing me in the bathroom at home and giving my bottom a thorough wipe-down before putting me in the bath. Nor the clean diaper and clothes I was dressed in right after.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon and night in something of a daze. I sat in the family room, playing toys, only vaguely aware of what was happening around me.

The next morning, my rationale returned. Mommy and Daddy fetched me from my crib but, instead of changing my diaper, they removed the diaper and dressed me in panties and regular, grown-up clothes. I was very confused at first.

But then they sat me down and retold the prior day's events. They didn't say anything about my going behind their back to find a toilet, instead, they offered to cut me loose. I could go, but I would be paid as though I'd done the whole month. Or, if I wished, I could stay here the remainder, but I needn't go through with the baby act any longer.

"Well, actually..." I had told them, "If it's all right, I think I'd prefer things to stay like they are." They were surprised, I'm sure.

"I-I mean we made a deal, right? I shouldn't go flaking out in the middle of it!" Especially since, truth be told, there was nowhere else I'd rather be. Daddy seemed to pick up on that.

"Sweetheart" Daddy said, "Is there something you want to talk about.?"

"No! No I'm... I mean, there is.. but shouldn't I..." I wasn't sure quite how to answer. Mommy and Daddy waited patiently for me to get my thoughts together. In the end, I decided to just be honest. I took a deep breath, and began.

"My mother and father, they always treated me like a servant. There were days I just couldn't handle it... looking back, I realize I would often wish I could have a new mom and dad. People who wouldn't make me wait on them hand and foot... people who would encourage me, and praise me... people who'd let me be a kid! Eventually, wanting to be a kid gave way to wanting to be an adult, so I could get out of there. But, when that finally happened, I wound up worse off. Then I found this house..." I hadn't really noticed, but I had begun tearing up as I spoke. Mommy and Daddy, usually ones to come to comfort me, did nothing. I continued.

"At first, I was all 'Okay, this baby stuff's weird, but I can take it.' The money was too good to pass up, and I didn't have to do much, really. But then THAT became a problem. I didn't have to do much. So I wound up doing a lot of thinking while I played the part. I started to remember that old wish, and began to enjoy doing things I hadn't been able to do in years, if ever. This was fun, I thought, I could live a month of this easy. But then... yesterday...

"I really don't remember much after I... um... well... you know... I was just so shocked. When it happened, I remembered something, from when I was little. I had pooped myself then, too, and my parents were disgusted. They distanced themselves from me at first opportunity. But now, as a grown woman, not a child, I did that exact same thing, and you... you didn't.

"I don't remember much from yesterday, but there's one thing I remember very clearly. When I was messed up, you were there. You took care of me in a way my real parents never did. You were there, by me, the entire time. Watching over me, making sure I was okay.

"It made me feel more at ease and comfortable than I ever had in my life.

This feeling of happiness, of safety... I think it's what your son longed for. I think that's what he felt... no, I'm SURE it's what he felt. And I'm sure because... when I understood why he was an adult baby, I realized that I had become one myself!" I looked up, having been staring at my knees the whole time I'd spoken. I saw Mommy, tears flowing, trying hard not to just break into sobs. Daddy tried to be stone-faced, but I could see in his eyes he was feeling emotional too.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Cady..." Daddy said, his voice choked up, "We can't thank you enough."


"I think, I think we finally have what we need." he said.

"We put so much pressure on him growing up..." Mommy muttered.

"Your son?" I asked.

"Yes." Daddy answered, "We always did what we could to make him succeed.

Academically, athletically, socially. It was the most important thing to us that our son be able to do as he pleased when he grew. But at the same time, we were ensuring he couldn't do the one thing he wanted most."

"Be a kid..." Cady finished.

"That's right..." Mommy said, "He could never play sports in school, because we'd insist he become the best. He could never slack off in his schoolwork, because we would punish him. He couldn't even have friends, because we'd try to make sure he only knew people who could help him in adulthood. He could never have any real kind of fun.

"To come to us with what he felt... to be open... he wanted our acceptance..."

"And we threw him out on his ear!" Daddy sobbed, unable to keep himself back anymore.

I watched as they started crying Then I started crying. We embraced each other in a group hug which felt like it had lasted several minutes. We let go of each other when our tears ran out. And I now know what I had to do.

"Mommy... Daddy... where is your son, now?"

"What?" Mommy asked.

"Where is he?"

"He's away at school. Out of state and away from us." Mommy looked like she might cry again.

"Well, he won't be for long!" My parents looked up at me.

"I'm going to go get him and bring him back here!" I declared, "Then you can apologize, and maybe you, all of you, can be happy again!"

"All of us, you mean?" Daddy asked, looking right at me.


"You're as much family now as our own son, Cady." Mommy said, tearing up again. I couldn't help but do the same.

"Th-thank you..." I said, wiping my eyes, "I-I'll get going as soon as I can... but, can I ask one thing?"

"Name it."

"Well," I smied, "Could you pack me some diapers? It'll be a long trip."

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