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Be Careful What You Wish For!

Sue came out of the consultant's room in floods of tears as Tim had his arms around her, trying to comfort her. Other couples waiting to see the same consultant looked at her fearfully in the dread that their news would be as bad as hers obviously had been. Tim led her out to their car, buckled her seat belt on and set off for home. At home he directed her to the settee and sat down beside her as she buried her head ion his shoulder and wept bitterly. He patted her gently, not really knowing what to say or do as he was shocked by what the consultant had told them.

Eventually, Sue's sobbing reduced somewhat, and she lifted her tear stained face to look at Tim.

"So that's it. We can't have and we can't even have IVF treatment either because my womb is too deformed. It's all my fault and I so wanted to have children." With that, she buried her head again as deep sobs wracked her body.

"Sue, you can't help the way you were born. You heard the consultant. You've been that way since before birth and there's nothing you or anyone could do about it. Look, I love you, no matter what. You know I'd do anything for you. Oh, love! I'm so sorry!" Somehow that comment about doing anything for her seeped through her sorrow and lodged in her memory and later triggered other thoughts. Over the next few days, they both began to come to terms with their grief as they had to get back to school after the half term holiday. She was an primary school teacher and he taught PE and Games at the local secondary school.

A month on, they were sitting together on the same settee and he did his best to show her by physical contact that he still loved and adored her.

"Tim, you know when we came home from the hospital, you said that you'd do anything for me? Did you really mean that?" Tim replied, "Of course I did. I've told you that I love you and I'd do anything for you, you know that!"

"I do, love, but I wanted to make sure. I've had an idea and I'd like to keep it a secret for a while until the summer holidays. Will you trust me and let me keep my secret until I'm ready to tell you?"

"Of course, if that's what you want. I really will do anything if it will help. Anything!" Over the next few weeks, Sue was very busy, ordering deliveries over the Internet. She had her own credit card and bank account, so Tim wouldn't know what she was buying. When they'd married, they'd kept their separate bank accounts as they'd never got round to changing that. After all, they trusted each other. Sue hurried home to sneak her deliveries into the nursery. The first thing she'd done to implement her plan was to put a lock on the nursery door to which only she had the key. She sighed as she remembered how they'd decorated the nursery in baby print wallpaper to make it a bright and cheerful room for the small baby who'd never come. She even remembered those who told her that it was unlucky to prepare the nursery before she'd become pregnant. It wouldn't have made any difference, she mused, as her womb was deformed before that anyway, but she hated the way they avoided telling her "I told you so!" but making it plain that's what they were thinking.

It was the first day of the long summer holiday and on waking, she had woken Tim by showing him how much she loved him as well. Afterwards, as she lay in his arms, he kissed her, telling her, "That was a lovely way to be woken up!" Would you like to wake me up again?" She did and then they lay exhausted together.

"Tim, you remember you said you'd do anything for me and that you really meant it? Well, I want you to keep that promise. I am desperate for a bay to love and care for. If we adopted, we'd have to have a toddler or, much more likely, an older child, and it's a baby I want. Tim, I want you to be my baby. I love you anyway and I'd love to take care of you like a baby. I have everything ready. You just have to keep your promise."

"But how ...... ?" Tim started to ask.

"I have got some CDs which will hypnotise you so you'll act just like a six moth old baby when I say the words of command and then you can be yourself as an adult when I say a different set of words. Will you do it?" Tim thought for a moment.

"It's a strange request and not what I was even considering you'd ask, but I meant what I said, so I'll give it a go." With that, Sue kissed him again, then proved yet again how much she loved him in the time honoured way which husband and wife do.

"What do you want me to do?" Tim asked her.

"Go and have a shower to get yourself freshened up, then dry yourself, shave, and stay in the bathroom. Give me a call when you've dried yourself." Tony went to shower and dried himself. When he was dry and had shaved, he called out to Sue to say that he was ready. She came into the bathroom wearing a long white rubber apron and nothing else, and was holding two tubes of cream.

"Firstly, Tim, babies don't have body hair, so we need to get that off. So, turn around when I say and we'll start by getting your hairy body nice and smooth." With that, Sue applied a layer of cream between his legs, over his legs where they were hairy, his chest and back, over his arms and under his arms.

"Now we wait for the cream to work, then you can shower if off, or I can do it for you!"

"How about you do it, then, Tim said, with a smile. Sue produced a plastic scraper and, after waiting fifteen minutes for the cream to work, slowly scraped away all his body hair. Tim decided it was rather sensuous as she removed his hair around his private parts. He then showered himself off again, with Sue's help, and she dried him with a clean towel.

"Now come into the nursery and we'll get you sorted." Sue unlocked the nursery door as Tim went in first. There was an adult sized metal crib with high sides and ends, an adult sized changing table, a high chair and glass fronted cupboards full of nappies, nursery print plastic pants and rubber pants. Another cupboard had bibs and large baby bottles. The window had been newly fitted with blinds so the neighbours wouldn't be able to see in.

"You'll be my baby in here and here alone. Get up on the changing table and I'll apply your nappy rash cream." Tim was rather nervous about all this as he'd never expected Sue to ask this of him. She applied a thick layer of cream and then rubbed it well into his nappy area. She then went to the cupboard and got a pink pair of nursery print pants from the cupboard. She held them out to him.

"Before we go much further, I need to check that these fit, otherwise I'm in trouble. I measured you for that new suit we bought you, remember? You were surprised when I measured the tops of your thighs and this was why." She held the pants while he stepped into them. They fitted snugly around his thighs and hips, yet ballooned out enough to take really thick nappies underneath. Tim 'stood to attention' when she'd pulled the plastic pants up around him.

"Looks like my big baby is enjoying himself already! Let's make him enjoy it more." With that, Sue grasped him, clutching him through the plastic pants and started to masturbate him to a shuddering climax. As she did so, they kissed passionately. When they'd fallen from their state of arousal, she took a baby wipe and wiped away the semen from inside the pants.

"Let's try the nappies next!" Tim laid back on the table and lifted his hips as she first folded, then slid a thick pile of nappies under his hips then folded them across his front and pinned them into place. She then worked the plastic pants up over the top of them, checking that all the terry towelling of the nappies was tucked safely inside the elastics of the plastic pants. She held his hand and led him to the high chair where she strapped him in and put a plastic bib with a catch-all pocket around his neck.

"I'm going to get your lunch for you. I'll be back in a few minutes." Tim really started to wonder what he had let himself in for. The nappies, to his surprise, felt warm and comfortable around his hips, but he could feel his thighs starting to sweat from being in contact with the plastic pants. So far, it wasn't too bad. Sue came back with a large bowl and started to feed him. He got it around his mouth just like a real baby, so that Sue had to wipe his face several times. His food had been liquidised so that it was soft and easy to spoon. There was rice pudding, made using ground rice, for his dessert. Then Sue held a large baby bottle filled with lemonade for him to drink from. It was home-made lemonade, but sweeter than Sue usually made. However, he drank down the two bottles he'd been given. Sue let him out of the high chair and got him to lie down in his crib. She sat beside him and gave him a huge kiss filled with love and passion.

"Thank you, Tim, for doing this. I really appreciate it. I'm starting to feel better already as looking after you is just what my maternal instincts need! I want you to put this on and then we'll share a glass of wine together, and I want you to have a nap, if you can." Sue fastened a stretch cloth hood over his head with an opening for his face and headphones built in so that they would be held in place over his ears. The cable came out of the top of the hood and Sue plugged that into a CD player just out of Tim's reach. She went downstairs and came back with two glasses of wine. Handing one to Tim, she said, "To my new baby!" She drank it down quickly and Tim followed suit. She pushed him down, taking the glass from his hand. She then pulled the open side of the crib closed and fastened the cover over it so Tim was trapped inside.

"Tim, It's started. Your lemonade was made with lots of lactulose which is an osmotic laxative to make your stool nice and soft, just like a baby's. Your wine was drugged to relax you so you'll sleep and also make you more responsive to the hypnotic CD I'm about to put on. So sleep well, my big baby!" With that, Sue turned on the CD player, set to auto-repeat and left. Tim was already feeling very dizzy form the combined effects of the large glass of wine and the drug. He laid his head back on the pillow as a soft female voice whispered into his ears, and remembered no more.

As he slept, Sue answered the door as her sister arrived. It was one of her days off as she worked 13 hour shifts with three days on and four off. Helen had brought some equipment with her and followed Sue into the nursery. She smiled as she saw Tim lying on his back with his pink plastic pants ballooning around the thick layer of nappies which Sue had put on him.

"Doesn't he look sweet like that? But you're forgotten something!" Helen reached into her case and removed an adult sized pacifier with large white wing guards to prevent it from being swallowed. She reached into the crib and gently stroked Tim's lips with the rubber teat. Some deep instinct caused him to open his mouth as Helen popped the pacifier in place as Tim started to suck on it.

"See! That's better!"

"Helen, have you got all the stuff?"

"Yes. It wasn't easy, but I've managed to get all we need." Helen reached into her case and took out a tube of EMLA local anaesthetic cream and applied a large dollop on the back of one of Tim's hands. She then covered it with an occlusive dressing to keep the air out. While she was waiting for the cream to anaesthetise the back of his hand, she attached a drip stand to the crib which Sue had purchased with it and hung a one litre bag of saline from it.

"This is just out of date which is how I acquired it. It'll be fine, but we have to be so careful in hospital!" Helen told Sue.

Helen connected the tubing and flushed the line, hooking it up ready for use. She took a bottle from her case and placed it on the table. Next she got out a hypodermic syringe and attached the needle. Wiping the rubber bung on the top of the bottle with an antiseptic swab, she inserted the needle and drew up 10ml of the drug it contained. Next she wiped the port on the bottom of the saline drip bag and injected the drug into the bag. She shook the bag carefully to mix the drug evenly inside the saline. She drew up some saline in a syringe and placed that to one side. After that, she took a cannula, removed the cream and dressing from Tim's hand and placed a tourniquet around his arm. Once she was satisfied with the way his veins stood out, she wiped his hand with an antiseptic swab and deftly inserted the cannula. When it was in place, she removed the steel stylet, leaving the plastic tube in his vein. Holding the cannula to stop it bleeding back, she put a Bionecta onto the end of the cannula and flushed it with the saline. To her pleasure, the saline flushed easily, so Helen stuck the cannula down with a film dressing. Next she connected the drip tubing to the cannula and set it for a slow iv. infusion.

"That will keep him lightly sedated, but receptive to the hypnotic suggestion. I'll stay and help you with him as he'll be difficult to change without two of us and I need to check on his drip anyway." Over the next four days, Helen kept Tim sedated as the CDs poured their conditioning into his ears. She added bags of saline and potassium to keep him well hydrated, and wetting his nappies which the two girls changed for him at regular intervals, washing and re-creaming him to prevent nappy rash.

At the end of the fourth day, Helen stopped the sedative drip and mixed up a bottle of Picolax, a powerful laxative used for bowel cleansing before surgery.

"This will ensure that he really soils his nappies when you're ready!" Slowly, over the next hour or so, Tim started to wake up. Helen had removed the drip and there was just a tiny mark on the back of his hand where it had been. All the equipment which Helen had brought had been put back in the case and was in the boot of her car. The hood with the headphones had been taken off so Tim was just lying there in thick nappies and clear plastic pants, so the girls could check whether the conditioning had worked.

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Helen said to him.

Tim asked, "What are you doing here, Helen?" as he looked at her though his sleep blurred eyes.

"Sue told me about her plans and I agreed to help her today. I've got to go to work tonight so I must be off in a short while. Are you ready, Sue?" Sue smiled and said, "Dirty wet-wet" three times. this was the hypnotic command that he should wet and soil himself uncontrollably, yet still be an adult. Suddenly Tim found himself uncontrollably wetting his nappy and the pressure he'd felt in his bowels from the laxative suddenly released as he found himself soiling his nappies as well. Hot urine flowed over his abdomen as the terry towelling soaked it up and runny stool flooded out, filling his nappy between his legs and spreading both up and down his anal cleft with the hot runny stool.

Sue smiled at Helen, "Well that works, then!" As Tim started to say something, Sue said, "Baby diddums" three times as Tim's sentence became a wail of a six month old baby who was thirsty and wanted his uncomfortable nappies changed. That command turned Tim into a helpless six month old baby.

"Wow! Every bit as good as advertised!" was Sue's joyful remark.

Helen said, "I'd better help you change him before I go. Can I come and mother him sometimes too, please?" Sue hugged her sister, "Of course you can! You're welcome to help any time you want during the holidays!" The girls changed Tim again, this time into a pair of yellow nursery print plastic pants with yet more thick nappies underneath, and then Helen left. Sue removed her apron and bared her top as she offered baby Tim one of her breasts to suck from. She'd been taking tablets for the last four days to start her producing milk and she had started dribbling from her nipples, so she really needed him to suck. Leaving over him, she rubbed his lip with her nipple. he latched on and started to suck. Sue closed her eyes in ecstasy as her maternal instincts swelled within her as he gave suck to her breasts.

Later, when Tim needed a nappy change, Sue said the command which turned him into a co-operative but docile baby so he could climb onto and off the changing table without being lifted. When she'd changed him, she repeated the command to make him back into a full baby again. The next morning, she spoke the command which turned him back to his adult self.

"Well, Tim, how is it?"

"It's funny. I wasn't at all keen on the idea, but was willing to do it for you. But it's actually nice being dependent again and having all my needs cared for. I actually like wearing the nappies and don't mind wetting them or messing them at all!" Sue wasn't the least bit surprised about that as this was part of the hypnotic commands to ensure Tim's compliance.

"Shall I change you now or after breakfast?"

"Am I eating a normal breakfast then? In which case, I'm fine until we've eaten."

"Put your dressing gown on and come downstairs. It's all ready. Well go shopping after you've been changed. I suggest that you wear your nappies as a 'just in case' as you've been wetting them for several days now."

"Several days? But I thought I'd only been in them since yesterday?"

"No, Helen helped me for four days while you were listening to the CDs! You probably don't remember because of the instructions on the CD." They went down to breakfast. Tim had a large glass of the lactulose laced lemonade whereas Sue just had normal lemonade. They had cereal and toast with a cup of coffee afterwards. Then they went back upstairs.

"Tim, I need you to suck from me. Do I need to make you a baby or will you do it as you are?"

"I think I can manage that! Now?"

"No, let's change you first. We'll do that in the bathroom." Sue helped Tim off with his soiled and wet nappies and plastic pants, then showered his nappy area clean. Then she got in the shower with him. They dried each other as Tim noticed her breasts leaking a little milk. Dried off, Sue led him to the bedroom where they lay on the bed as he started to suck from her. Grabbing him, she pulled him into her and they made love while he gave suck. Both of them collapsed afterwards from the most sensual coupling they'd ever had.

They needed to shower again and made love in the shower before drying off. Sue then took Tim to the changing table to cream him against nappy rash and put a thick layer of nappies and, this time, rubber pants on him. She handed him a set of jogging bottoms and a sweat shirt to wear as she dressed the same.

"We need to go shopping, so let's go to that new hypermarket. That'll be great because we'll be anonymous there." Tim drove, feeling strange, yet so comfortable in his terry towelling nappies and rubber pants. At the hypermarket they filled a trolley for the next week and then adjourned with it to the in-store burger bar for a lunch of burgers, fires and Coke. Tim whispered to Sue, "I'm going to need the toilet soon." Sue laughed, "Good job we're going home soon. You're wearing it! You'll have to wet your nappy then if you can't wait." They checked out their purchases as Tim pushed the trolley across the car park. Suddenly, a car roared around the corner straight at them. Sue got out of the way, but Tim was hit by the corner of the car with a sickening crack as his leg broke from the impact. He collapsed on the floor as the car, driven by a youth too young to have a licence, skidded around the corner and disappeared. Sue used her mobile to ring for an ambulance.

Tim beckoned her close to him, "But I can't go to hospital - I've got nappies on!"

"You certainly can't get home with a broken leg. I've got an idea!" Sue leaned closer and repeated "Dirty wet-wet" three times. Tim's bladder emptied and he soiled his nappy as well.

"But that makes it even worse!"

"No it doesn't, silly! I'll tell the hospital you've been having problems and have been too shy to go to your doctor and I was bullying you to go to see if anything could be done for it." That is exactly what happened. Tim had to wait until the food and drink had passed through him far enough to have a general anesthetic to set his leg. Two of the nurses removed his soiled nappy and rubber pants and put him in a larger disposable adult nappy.

One of the nurses said, "If you just wet yourself, then we'd use a catheter, but we can't do that because of infection risk as you are soiling also. So we'll keep you in disposable nappies until you're well enough to go home - which should be within a week. We'll also arrange for one of our specialist nurses who deals with incontinence issues to see you. Don't look so worried. it's far more common than you'd think!" She smiled at him to reassure him.

Tim actually enjoyed the attention of the nurses after his leg had been pinned and plastered as they washed and changed him regularly. The continence nurse came to see him and Tim told her the story that Sue and he had worked out. She believed it and said that, when he was out of plaster, she'd see him to do a full assessment.

All was going well until one day when Sue came to visit, the day before she was to take Tim home, Tim suddenly became ill and rapidly unconscious. She called for a nurse who got a doctor quickly.

"He's had a stroke! It must be a blood clot." The doctor got other doctors and the nurses were busy with them doing things to Tim while she waited outside the curtained off area. Tim was rushed to Intensive Care after he'd been stabilised.

Days passed and, to her joy, one day Tim opened his eyes, but there was no recognition there. The doctor came to examine him.

"I'm afraid there's bad news. The stroke was caused by a blood clot due to his inactivity because of the broken leg, despite the blood thinning drugs we were giving him. I'm afraid he's suffered severe and permanent brain damage. We think he'll be doubly incontinent permanently as will basically be at the mental level of a baby. We can put him in a nursing home or you can choose to look after him at home. If you look after him, we'll get you nursing help to care for him."

"Oh, no question! He's my husband and I'll look after him." Later, back at home as she and the nurse changed Tim out of his dirty and wet nappies and then they fed him with a spoon and bottle between them, she'd got her baby to look after, but lost her husband in the process. She wished she'd been more careful for what she had wished for.

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