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Bed and Breakfast

by Chlorobaby (

Bed and Breakfast available At good rates For Male 20 - 30 years old. Telephone XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXX


I had found the advert by chance as I passed a telephone box. I had recently won some money on the lottery. Not a great deal but enough to go travelling with. I had been looking for a place to spend the night before my flight to Spain . This seemed ideal to save a few pennies before my trip. I phoned the number and a female answered. She seemed to ask a lot of questions, my age, marital status, any family and reason for staying. I thought nothing of it when she stated the price; I couldn't believe it was so low. The woman gave me the address and asked me to bring the card with me saying that there were no more rooms available once I arrived, so did not want to advertise any. Doreen had been waiting for the call. She had only placed the card in the phone box a few hours earlier and could not believe her luck that PJ (a single man) had been the first to call; she hadn't even had to turn anyone away. She prepared her guests room for his arrival. I eventually found the address. The directions I was given were correct but the house was well out of the way of the main road down a country lane. I knocked the door and waited. Thirty seconds later a female opened the door.

"You must be PJ" said the blond woman dressed in a blue skirt and white blouse.

"Yes" I said as she invited me into the house and into the living room. The house was very large and well looked after. The woman introduced herself as Doreen and invited me to sit down on the sofa. She double checked my details about my reasons for staying the night and I confirmed that the reason I was travelling alone was because I had no family and few friends. Doreen offered me a drink and I accepted a cold drink of orange juice. As I drank my drink Doreen spoke of her rules for the house. Stating that she had the final say in meal and bed times. What the hell was she going on about, I thought to myself as I finished my drink. Still I was only staying one night anyway and I didn't really care what types of rules she had. Doreen took my glass from me and took it out to the kitchen. The drug will start to take effect soon she thought to herself as she picked up her handbag from the side table in the kitchen and returned with it to the front room. I was starting to feel very hot and uncomfortable; when I tried to stand I fell to the floor. Doreen was standing over me.

"Are you ok?" She asked, as I looked up at her. I tried to get up but became weaker and weaker by the second. I was on my back and by now my limbs felt so heavy I could not lift them. I tried to talk to Doreen but my tongue did not function properly and only mumbled jargon escaped my lips. I even started to dribble! Doreen opened her handbag and removed a packet of tissues. She opened the packet and pulled four tissues from the pack. She knelt next to me.

"Don't be scared sweetheart, everything is going to be just fine," she said as she wiped my chin and then stuffed the tissues into my mouth effectively gagging me. I tried to push the tissues from my mouth with my tongue but could not even manage that. Doreen stood up and left the room. I was scared, I didn't know this woman, no-one knew that I was here and I was unable to move a muscle. Doreen had gone to her room. She was so excited that the moment had finally come for her to become a mommy. She changed from her skirt and blouse into her blue nurse's uniform. She also tied her rubber apron on as she new that it would be needed very shortly. She left he room and went into PJ's room and picked up the bag near the door and returned downstairs. As she entered the room she looked down at me and smiled at what she thought was a helpless man. She walked beside me so that I could see her and started to speak.

"I have drugged you darling, which has removed all of your control over your muscles for thirty minutes or so. You will stay with me until I decide that you can leave. Do you understand?" I could only look at my kidnapper as she spoke to me. I suddenly felt the urge to wee but as with all of my other muscles I could not hold the urge and begun to uncontrollably wet myself. Doreen noticed immediately that a dark area had appeared on my jeans.

"Naughty baby, you couldn't even wait until mommy had diapered you!" Doreen knelt down beside me and opened the bag she had brought down from upstairs. She placed a pair of latex gloves on, took off my shoes and socks and then emptied the contents of the bag. I stared in disbelief as Doreen removed several bottles of liquid from the bag, an adult sized diaper and plastic pants, a pile of tissues and finally and pair of scissors. My eyes widened when Doreen picked up the scissors. She proceeded to cut away my jeans, t-shirt and finally my boxer shorts. I was now completely naked. Doreen stood up and took the clothing to the kitchen. She returned with a bowl of warm soapy water and flannel. Doreen then proceeded to clean me "We don't want baby to be smelly do we?" she said as she started to wash me. She then picked up one of the bottles form the bag and opened it. She sprayed it onto my pubic area and foam appeared. As Doreen removed the gag in my mouth she said "the foam I have just put on you will remove your pubic hair. You see you will be my baby while you stay here and babies don't have hair there do they?" Doreen used the flannel to remove the foam. She took great delight showing me my hair in the flannel once she had finished. Tears begun to form in my eyes as the full extent of my predicament became apparent. Doreen noticed the tears streaming down my face "Don't cry honey" she said as she took some tissues from the pile and dried my eyes. Doreen took the bowl to the kitchen to dispose of the hair and water. While she was gone I started to regain slight movement in his limbs and tongue. Again tears streamed down my face, what was in store for me next? Doreen returned, she took something from her handbag and lifted my legs. She inserted two items into my bum hole and slipped the diaper under my bottom. She took some tissues from the pile and parted my buttocks and shoved them between them before lowering my bottom onto the diaper. She then placed lots of tissues around my penis and ball area. My penis started to become erect.

"I see that the muscle relaxant is starting to wear off isn't it sweetie, the suppositories that I have put into you will do their job later" She said as she taped the diaper tightly in place. Doreen then pulled the plastic pants over my legs and up over the diaper. She tapped my penis through the diaper and smiled at me as she wiped the tears again with some tissues and put them into her pocket.

"I think its time for a nap sweetie, while mommy moves you to your room," Doreen said with a smile. I started to mumble and move on the floor as my limbs started to return to use. Doreen picked up one of the bottles on the floor and unscrewed it. She picked up the remaining pile of tissues and applied the liquid to them.

"This will send you to sleep darling, while mommy settles you into your nursery." Doreen sat on my chest and looked into my eyes "good boy" was all she said before clamping the tissues to my face. The Tissues covered my mouth and nose and I had no choice but to breathe in the liquid that Doreen had placed on them.

"Good baby" Doreen said as I took my first breath. The drug hit me hard and I started to struggle as my limbs used all of the energy available to them. I tried to hold my breath as long as I could; Doreen could see this "theres no point in holding your breath sweetheart the chloroform will put you to sleep eventually, just breathe it in and it will be over very soon." I could hold my breath no longer and took another breath. The room started to spin; I tried to concentrate on Doreen's eyes and not on the drug putting me into bye bye land. I moaned into the tissues that Doreen held firmly to my nose and mouth "ssshhhh baby ssshhh" was the only response from my kidnapper. My eyes started to roll as I started to lose consciousness "sssssshhhhh that's right baby sleepy baby ssssssshhhhhhhhh." I was asleep. Doreen held the tissues over my mouth and nose a few more seconds just to make sure before removing them and standing up. She looked down at her handy work. She was so happy that the kidnapping had gone so well. Now it was time to move her new baby to his nursery. Doreen retrieved a wheel chair from the kitchen and after some pushing and pulling was able to move me into it. The hard work was now done, after the compensation that she had received after her operation a few years ago which left her unable to have a baby. Doreen had a lift installed into the house, she had been planning this kidnapping for some time and the lift was to enable the transportation of her new charge upstairs and down without the problem of negotiating stairs. Doreen pushed the wheelchair to the lift and then once on the upper level to the nursery. She wasted no time in moving me from the wheelchair onto the bed located in the room. Doreen used the straps on the bed to secure me to it each ankle, and wrist was secured with the leather straps and a strap was fastened across my chest. She took an oversized dummy from the side cabinet and pushed it into my sleeping mouth and secured it behind my head. She then picked up a blindfold from the cabinet and secured it over my closed eyes. Doreen exited the nursery and went to her bedroom, once there she stripped to her underwear and switched on the television in the room. She used the remote control to select the channel and an image of her new charge appeared on the screen. Doreen had fitted CCTV into the nursery so that she could watch her baby from the comfort of her bedroom. She started to get excited and started to play with herself rubbing her vagina with her hand. She continued to play with herself for a full hour before finally climaxing. She then took some tissues from the box beside her bed and dried herself before turning the television off and going to sleep herself. During the night I woke, it took me some time to realise where I was, however as I tried to move and the restraints stopped me I soon realised the reality of my situation. I realised that I was blindfolded and gagged. I tried to push the gag out with my tongue but as it was strapped in, it did not budge. I did not know whether it was still daytime or night. I must have laid there for hours, the suddenly I felt a rumble in my bowls. The suppositories were starting to do their job, just as Doreen had promised. It was not long after the rumble that I begun to uncontrollably fill the diaper. The mess was gross and the warmth in my diaper was unbearable but I had no choice but to bear it, I started to cry. It must have been a few more hours before I heard movement in the house. By now my diaper was cold mess and very damp. I heard a shower running and about thirty minutes later I heard the door to the room I was in open, I was still crying and was unable to stop. I turned my head as Doreen entered.

"Morning sleepy head, did you have a good nights sleep?" I violently pulled against my bonds and moaned into my gag.

"Now, now sweetie calm down!" Doreen said as I felt her feel my diaper.

"Has baby messed his diaper? Would he like mommy to change him?" She asked as she removed my blindfold. It took a few seconds for my eyes to become used to the light, I then looked at Doreen.

"Ah you've been crying sweetie haven't you?" Doreen said as she took some tissues from her nurse's apron pocket and put them to my nose.

"mmmpppphhhhhh" I moaned into my gag as she held them there.

"The drugs that you drank last night will make you very emotional; now blow your nose for mommy!" Doreen said sternly. I refused and shook my head. Doreen pinched the tissues to my nose and held for a few seconds saying "Blow for mommy!" sternly again. I had no choice as I would not be able to breathe if I disobeyed her command.

"Good baby" she said as she wiped my nose with the tissues and disposed of them in the bin. Doreen then opened a draw and removed a pile of tissues and bottle of chloroform. She applied the clear liquid to the tissues, "I'm not going to put you to sleep darling just relax you will I change your diaper." Doreen removed my gag; I immediately tried to protest but was cut short as the tissues were applied over my mouth and nose. Doreen was true to her word, I moaned "mmmppphhh" and tried to turn away from the drug filled tissues but she held them firmly until I became sleepy and could not struggle any longer. She removed the tissues and put them on the cabinet beside the bed, put on a pair of latex gloves and begun to unstrap my legs. She quickly removed the plastic pants and diaper.

"Poowee, smelly baby" she said as the smell hit the room. I could only watch on as she got to work cleaning my private and bottom areas with baby wipes and then washed them with a flannel. Once I was clean she disposed of her gloves and came close to my face and looked at me in the eyes "Good baby" she said and kissed me on the lips. Doreen then went to another draw in the room and removed a fresh diaper and plastic pants, she also retrieved a pile of tissues from the first draw were she had previously obtained the chloroform from. She placed the items onto my chest and diapered me as she had done the previous night. She lifted my legs and slipped the diaper under my bottom, took some tissues from the pile and parted my buttocks and shoved them between them before lowering my bottom onto the diaper. She then placed lots of tissues around my balls. My penis again became erect; she pulled the foreskin back and wrapped a wad of tissues over it.

"In a moment darling, in a moment" She said as she taped the diaper tightly in place. Doreen then pulled the plastic pants over my legs and up over the now bulging diaper. Doreen then secured my legs back to the bed. She again looked into my eyes "Now you've done number one and twos for mommy, I think that its time for baby to do number threes isn't it!" Doreen said. I shook my head as I started to regain my movement.

"Oh yes sweetie you are going to enjoy being mommies little baby" Doreen pushed her hand down the front of my plastic pants but not into the diaper. She started to rub my hard member through the diaper and thick tissues surrounding it. Immediately I started to feel my penis respond to my kidnapper's actions. I was getting more turned on by the second. I tried to resist the stimulation but could not help being turned on by her. As I started to moan Doreen picked up the chloroform tissues and clamped them over my mouth and nose once again. I shook my head to try and find some fresh air, but the wanking continued and I was forced to take a breath from the chloroform scented tissues.

"That right honey, breathe it in for mommy." I struggled against the restraints holding me down. I was becoming so excited now and could hold on no longer as I took another breath I came into my tissue filled diaper. Doreen felt my spunk hit the tissues "Good boy, good boy" she looked into my eyes "now then its time for another little nap sweetie" she said. I had no choice but to breathe the chloroform.

"ssssssshhhhhhhhh" was all I heard as I slowly was overcome by the drug and fell into a deep sleep. End of Part 1 Feedback welcome and wanted Contact

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