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Baby Reborn

Amanda and I have developed a warm relationship and enjoyed many sexual encounters together. I'm not sure why, but I never shared with her my innermost sexual fantasy, that of being her submissive baby boy. However, she did pick up on my obsession for her panties. In fact, during some of our sexual interludes, Amanda would take off her moist panties and either place them over my face or sometimes make me wear them.

One day she discovered in one of my desk drawers some of my magazines and articles involving infantilism. Although she respected my privacy, her curiosity got the best of her and she sat there and proceeded to look through them. It was then she decided to enter my private life, by playing out my fantasy of being treated like a baby again.

I was kept completely in the dark about all this until she had her fantasy all planned out and ready to initiate the beginning.

One night she purposely left a pair of her used white panties on her bed. So there I was, on her bed and got the urge to feel, look and sniff those panties. As I smelled the crotch of these panties, she came into the room and caught me. I was caught in the middle of my hidden desires; I just sat there with a dumb look on my face and her dirty panties in my hands.

She broke the silence by saying how infantile I was acting and that she might go out and buy some panties for me to wear. For some reason I mildly protested, and the subject was somehow dropped.

Later that evening we had some drinks together, but I was unaware that she had spiked my drinks with a mild muscle relaxant. When I became groggy, I went to her room and passed out on her bed in a deep sleep.

Well, the next morning I woke up to discover I had wet the bed, which was exactly part of her plan I found out later.

"First I find you playing with my dirty panties and then you wet the bed, just like a baby boy." She said.

I stuttered some and then finally come up with an apology. She then began to unfold her plan to the next step. I jokingly told her I'd make sure that I didn't wet the bed again. It was then that she lovingly embraced me and said "honey; I know you won't wet the bed tonight. In fact, I'm going to help make sure you don't wet my bed tonight."

She then looked me straight in the eye and informed me that "boys who wet the bed are only big baby boys who must wear diapers at night, and so I'm going to put you into a diaper".

It was then that she confessed to me about discovering my secret things, and she then asked me why I never told her about my infantile fantasy and that it would make me sexually excited having her treat me as her baby.

Amanda then admitted to me that she'd love to return me into her baby boy. She then started to undress me, when she noticed my erection she smiled at me, and then instructed me to do as she says. After she had me stripped and I was fully naked. She told me to crawl into her bathroom so she could give me a bath.

As she was washing me she told me that I was such a big baby that I needed to wear diapers 24/7. After drying me off, she took me by the hand and walked me into her bedroom and she took out of the closet all the baby attire she bought for me.

After lying me lie down on my back, Amanda first wiped baby oil over my groin then sprinkled a lot of baby powder all over my diaper area and onto my belly. Right before she picked up my legs to slip the diaper underneath me, she took out a pacifier, inserted it into her moist vagina. I watched her play with herself for a bit before she inserted the juicy pacifier into my mouth.

Amanda told me to get used to that scent because I would get the chance to smell it many times during the following days and weeks. Expertly she taped diaper on me. She held up in front of me a pair of pink rubber panties that she was going to put on me so I wouldn't wet her bed or the furniture. But she insisted that I first beg her to put them on me. I had to confirm that I needed to wear diapers and rubber pants because I wet the bed and I'm now her big diaper baby.

After shaking them out she started to pull the panties up my legs before making sure the panties completely secured my diaper.

She then put on me a white cotton tee shirt, sprinkled some more baby powder on my chest so I would smell babyish, and then proceeded to dress me into one of her baby doll night pajamas.

Needless to say I felt very infantile and was excited to be her baby boy. By this time Amanda was very hot and horny and pulled off her pants, leaving her moist panties on for me, and directed me to lick her entire crotch area.

As I was doing this in the 69 position, I found out that Amanda had urinated a small amount into her panties beforehand, so both the urine and vaginal aroma made me wild.

She rubbed me through my baby panties and after inserting her hand inside my diaper; she noticed I was getting wet. There were droplets of pre-cum oozing out of my penis.

After chewing her panties, I pulled them down, found her erect clitoris and sucked on it until she received the one of the wildest climaxes of her life. She pulled her wet panties back in place. As she nestled my head into her waist and fed me a baby bottle of milk she told me that I was her good baby boy.

After finishing the bottle, she bared her breast and I sucked on them like a baby nursing.

So, here I was, dressed as Amanda's baby. But since I was still dry, she instructed me that real babies crawled around in their WET diapers. I took the hint and since I also had to pee, I had no trouble wetting my diapers. The yellow wet spot was becoming obvious thru my plastic panties. I asked Amanda if she would change me, only to be told that I had to wear the wet diapers for a couple of hours, to really feel like a baby, and for me to start smelling like a real baby.

A little later she had me again lie on her bed and when she pulled off my plastic baby pants, the aroma of pee permeated the room. After unpinning my wet diaper and wiping my face with it, she pulled another dry diaper under me. But before she pinned them on, she pulled off her dirty panties that I had sucked on earlier and placed them over my face

She sat atop me straddling my erect dick before sliding her pussy down onto my hard cock. After having sex with Amanda, she proceeded to diaper me and put on me my white baby pants.

That morning she allowed me to be reborn to a baby boy in diapers.

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