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Bed and Breakfast

Part 2

By Chlorobaby - (

While I was asleep Doreen pulled down my plastic pants and undid my diaper. She removed the dirty tissues and cleaned me using some baby wipes. She then padded my diaper with some fresh tissues, pulled my foreskin back and wrapped a pile over my helmet before taping the bulky diaper back in place and pulling the plastic pants back up. Doreen left the room and went downstairs, she picked up her handbag and removed her mobile phone she called her mum. Previously Doreen had told mother of her plans, her and her mother were very close and both were well aware of each others sexual games they even swapped tips. This however was Doreen's first full time baby that had been kidnapped and she wanted just a little help with her charge. Her mother agreed to come over later that day. Doreen returned to the nursery. She looked down at me peacefully sleeping; she unstrapped me and manoeuvred me to the wheelchair. She secured me to it before pushing me to the lift and eventually to the kitchen downstairs. In the kitchen was an oversized highchair, Doreen untied me from the wheel chair and managed to sit me into the highchair. By this time I was starting to wake. She saw this and quickly secured my wrists and feet to the highchair before I had become fully awake. As I fully became conscious I tested my restraints and realised that I was again secured. I started to protest.

"let me go, please I wont tell anyone just please let me go!" Doreen ignored me as she went to the fridge and removed an oversized baby's bottle and put it into the microwave.

"Its feeding time sweetheart" she said as she selected the heat setting and timer on the microwave and started it off.

"LET ME GO!" I shouted at her. Doreen turned and faced me.

"I see that baby is going to be a naughty little boy today isn't he maybe I will have to gag you for the rest of the day!" she said. I looked at her and shook my head in disbelief, how could she get away with this? I thought to myself. The microwave beeped and Doreen removed the bottle from it. She walked to me and put it to my lips. I refused to open them, Doreen had perceived that I would do this and quickly produced a few paper hankies from her pocket. She placed them on my nose and pinched it through the tissues. After a few seconds I had no choice to part my lips and Doreen pushed the teat home into my mouth.

"Suck!" she said firmly still pinching my nose with the tissues. I had no choice but to suck on the teat. The bottles contents filled my mouth quickly, and it seamed that I did not even have to suck after the first attempt the fluid kept flowing. I had trouble swallowing the contents that tasted like sweet warm milk and started to dribble some of it down my chin. Doreen removed the tissues from my nose "Naughty baby, drink it don't dribble it" she said as she wiped my chin with the tissues. She knew that I could not swallow the all of the fluid and had purposely selected this bottle so that I would dribble. After a few minutes and a few more wipes of my chin by Doreen I had finished the bottle.

"Good boy!" she said as she put the bottle into the sink. My stomach was now full.

"The milk was drugged honey as will all of you food and drink from now on." Said my kidnapper as she walked beside my chair and pressed a button and pulled a lever causing the back of the chair to bend backwards, me with it. I was now staring up at Doreen.

"now for my fun she said as she bent down and pulled her uniform up and knickers down. She positioned herself above my head so that I had a full view of her virgina.

"Now be a good boy and lick mommy" she commanded as she lowered herself onto my face. I had no choice but to pleasure her, working my tongue into her as I was told. After 10 minutes or so Doreen decided that she had had enough and stood up. She wiped herself with some tissues before using some fresh ones to wipe my mouth and nose and then used a baby wipe to make sure I was noce and clean. She discarded the dirty tissues into the bin. I tried to shout at her "llllllllll" but found that my tongue was again not working properly. I dribbled again and could not stop myself from becoming teary and upset. Doreen lifted the chair back to the horizontal position and wiped my eyes and chin with a fresh tissue and kissed my forehead "The drug is working now sweetie, don't worry mommy will take good care of her little baby even if he is a naughty boy." With that Doreen left the room. Some time passed, I do not know how long but I had been dozing in and out of consciousness. I heard the door bell ring.

"Hello, come in, just wait in the lounge, I will be down shortly" I heard Doreen say. I then heard Doreen's footsteps as she walked up the stairs. I heard movement in the room next to the kitchen.

"Help!" I called I was still very weak and tears were still forming in my eyes, but at least I could now talk, all be it very quietly. A brunette came to the doorway, she was about 50 and very good looking for her age and was dressed in knee high boots, black skirt and white blouse.

"Who are you?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"Im PJ and have been kidnapped, please help me!" I whispered in my loudest voice. The woman came closer to me and opened her handbag "You poor thing" she said as she took a wad of tissues from her bag "lets wipe those tears." I immediately spoke back to her "please don't worry about my tears you must let me go before she comes back!" She put the tissues on the feeding tray in front of me, and removed what looked like a bottle of perfume from her handbag. She sprayed the contents onto the tissues.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"She picked up the tissues and clamped them over my mouth and nose. I was immediately hit with the now familiar smell of chloroform and tried to move my head away from her grasp. She held the tissues firmly over my mouth and nose "breathe honey, good boy breathe for nanny" she said as I had no choice but to breathe in the chloroform from the tissues. While holding the tissues in place she slipped her hand down my plastic pants and started to stroke my now hard member. The chloroform did not put me to sleep but I was helpless as she played with my penis and after a few minutes I shot my load into my waiting diaper. The woman laughed as she removed her hand from my plastic pants and removed the gag. I could not move a muscle due to both the chloroforming and drug that was administered before hand. The woman left the kitchen. I heard Doreen return from upstairs and enter the lounge. I heard Doreen say to come through to the kitchen. The two women entered the room.

"This is my mum, baby!" Doreen said. I still could not speak so wearily looked at the women.

"Hello baby! You can call me nanny" Doreen's mother said. She was acting as if she had not been in the kitchen previously, why was she doing that? I thought to myself. She surely didn't mind the fact that her daughter had kidnapped me.

"Time for Baby to go back to his nursery!" Doreen said. The two women unstrapped me and easily moved me to the wheelchair. On returning to the nursery, they moved me to the bed and strapped me to it. Doreen's mum was quick to place a feeding gag into my mouth.

"Lets check your diaper" Doreen said as she pulled down my plastic pants and untapped my diaper.

"Naughty Baby!" She scolded.

"You have done a number three in you diaper haven't you! Although im glad that my little baby is enjoying being mommies little baby he mustn't do number threes unless mommy says so!"

"I think that you should punish him!" Doreen's mum said, "I agree" said Doreen! I tried to protest and tell Doreen what her mum had done. But only muffled sounds escaped from the gag.

"Nanny is right darling you must be punished." Doreen said. She removed the sticky tissues from my diaper tapped it back up and pulled up the plastic pants. Doreen's mum smiled. She walked behind the bed and pulled a large trolley with a container on it beside me.

"I am going to force feed you your milk all day and not change your diapers until tonight for your punishment. You will be very wet and poopy by tonight!" Doreen said. She connected a tube to my feeding gag and turned on a switch. The warm milk was forced into my mouth and I was immediately forced to start swallowing. The container was massive! As Doreen walked out of the room her mother came over to me and tied a bib around my neck. She whispered in my ear "You are mine!" She then left the room with her daughter. I was forced to lay there for the next five hours swallowing the milk and wetting and pooping my diapers, I may have been given drugs to make me cry but I think I may have done so anyway. End of part 2 Feedback welcome and wanted at

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