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Bed and Breakfast

Part 3

By Chlorobaby - (

Finally the pair returned to the room. Doreen was smiling at me as was her mother, they could both tell I was in great discomfort.

"Time for a bath baby!" Doreen said as she went to the bath in the corner of the room and started to run it. I was very tired and put up little resistance against my new Mommy and Nanny as they undid my leg straps and removed the plastic pants and undid the diaper.

"poowee!" nanny said as the smell hit the room. Nanny proceeded to wipe my private area clean with baby wipes and Mommy did the same to my bottom as Nanny lifted my legs. Once clean they removed the tube connected to the feeding gag, however the gag was left in place. They then manoeuvred a patient carrier beside the bed and slipped the support under me. My wrists were secured to the carrier and I was transported to the bath and positioned over it. Mommy turned off the taps and looked at me "Im going to give baby a nice little bath to make him nice and clean, and then I am going to leave you with Nanny so she can put you to bed as I have to go out!" I moaned into my gag "mmmppphhh!" but my muffled cries were ignored as I was lowered into the bath. The bath was warm and felt very nice against my skin after being diapered for so long. Mommy produced a sponge and added soap to it before thoroughly cleaning my whole body, my head heir was also washed as Nanny held a flannel over my eyes to stop the soap entering them. I did not dare try to resist the cleaning especially as I was secured while in water. Mommy continued to wash me paying special attention to my penis and balls smiling as she rubbed them. Eventually after about 15 minutes of cleaning I was hoisted from the bath and dried vigorously by my kidnappers. I was then pushed to the bed; Mommy prepared a diaper onto the bed and lined it with tissues I was then lowered onto it. My wrists and legs were then secured using the straps and the chest strap was also secured. Mommy came close to my face and looked into my eyes, as she did so she placed some tissues on my nose "blow for mommy!" I did as I was told - only because I felt I had no choice. As she wiped my nose she said "I am going out now honey, but don't worry Nanny has assured me she will take good care of you! Now be a good boy for her, I have arranged for a coffee morning tomorrow so get lots of rest you're going to need it!" With that she kissed my forehead then spoke to her mother "Don't forget to give him the injections!"

"I wont!" replied Nanny as they kissed and Mommy left the room. Nanny put her head close to mine"Now we can have some fun baby!" She immediately opened a draw and removed 2 needles She brought them closer to the bed and placed them onto the trolley beside me and took a handful of tissues from the trolley and placed them onto my penis. She started to stroke my penis and it soon became hard "good baby! Once you have come I will inject each of your balls, which will enable your little baby prick and balls to produce so much spunk you wont know what to do with yourself and will be begging Nanny and Mommy to release it.!" I was now scared at the prospect of being injected into my balls but with Nanny now rubbing the tissues up and down my member was unable to stop myself spurting into the waiting tissues - as I did so Nanny just laughed and said that I was a "Good baby!" She calmly picked the needles up from the trolley and injected each of my balls with the contents. The initial prick hurt like hell but afterwards my balls started to tingle like crazy. Nanny stood up and unstrapped my gag, I thought she may be giving me a chance to speak but my hopes were dashed when she climbed onto the bed and lowered her virgina onto my face saying "you know what to do and don't try anything funny or you'll pay for it!" I did as I was told and serviced my new Nanny. She eventually came and I think she was happy with the servicing she had received as she cleaned my face with a baby wipe and passionately French kissed me! However I was still her captive and she soon reverted back to the kidnapper role by removing the chloroform bottle from the side of the table "no, please let me go I cried and sobbed, promising not to tell anyone, and to do whatever they said. I begged and pleaded, as the drug from the days feed caused me to become emotional. She took out some thick white paper handkerchiefs and folded them making a thick pad. She poured the clear liquid on the tissues and it quickly soaked into them.

"Time for beddy byes sweetie!" Nanny said as she pushed the tissues towards my face "No!" I screamed as I tried to pull away but Nanny ignored my pleas and clamped the tissues over my mouth and nose. My vision soon became fuzzy and I was soon on my way to sleep.

"ssssshhhhhhhh!" Nanny said as I feel asleep once more. I don't know how long I was out but when I awoke I found that I was strapped down on my stomach and was blindfolded. I could feel that I was diapered. I laid helpless for sometime before I heard the door open. I called out "please let me go!" There was no response; I just heard movement next to me a items being picked up from beside me. I was about to speak again when my words were cut short by thick tissues covering my mouth and nose. I panicked as I thought I was to be put to sleep once more. They were held firm and strapped in place with the buckle of the gag being secured behind my head. Only one of the kidnappers was present in the room, I had no idea who it was. I felt the back of the diaper open somehow, perhaps It was a different type. The tissues were removed from my bottom area. All of a sudden I felt cold gel being rubbed around my bum crack with a gloved hand. Before long the gel was being worked into my crack and eventually a finger was inserted into my bum hole.

"mmpphh" I moaned into my gag as the finger worked deeper and deeper invading my hole. It was suddenly removed and I felt something being pushed back in by the invading finger. The finger retreated from my hole and then I screamed into the padded tissues covering my mouth as something larger was inserted pushed into me. I assumed that I had been invaded by a butt plug. It was then secured in place by straps around the tops of my legs and waist. The tissues were then replaced around my bottom and the diaper done up. I was now whimpering into my gag after the invasion. I then felt movement near my penis and the front of the diaper was removed beneath me. There must have been a gap or hatch in the bed. My penis was held with the gloved hand and fresh tissues wrapped over it, I then felt the straps around the tops of my legs and waist move. Something was attached to them and then the straps were tightened. I screamed once again into my gag as the butt plug moved and a sheath was secured over my penis securing the tissues around it. Tissues were padded around my balls and the diaper was then taped up. I heard my kidnapped stand up and then sit on a chair beside me.

"Time for number threes sweetheart!" I heard in my ears I knew it was Doreen my new Mommy doing this to me. She held a control panel connected to the butt plug and sheath she turned it on and the lights started to flash. As soon as the first button was pressed, I felt movement of the plug and sheath, another button was pressed and vibration started. I struggled against my bonds as the plug and sheath vibrated my most intimate areas. Although the plug was agony the sheath was ecstasy. The two forces playing tricks with my mind. I needed to climax but just could not. After 5 minutes of teasing and torture I finally climaxed and exploded into the tissues in my diaper. However the control panel was not turned off and the vibrations continued. And before long I was coming again. I just could not help myself. This continued for what seemed and eternity. The drugs injected into me earlier must be now working. Eventually the vibrating stopped, my blindfold was removed and I saw Mommy standing in her underwear with her dressing gown over the top undone. She removed my gag and took a babies bottle from her pocket and inserted it into my mouth. I had no strength to fight her and started to suck the warm milk. She ensured that I dribbled the milk so that she could tell me off "naughty baby" and wipe my chin with a tissue. Once I had finished the bottle. She took a thick pad of tissues from her pocket and applied chloroform from the bottle. She the said "time to sleep!" as she applied the pad to my mouth and nose. I was exhausted and could not fight the fumes and as asleep in seconds. I awoke in the night strapped on my back again the sheath and plug were gone but I had a sudden urge to fill my diaper. I could not stop myself as I messed and wet my diaper. I was not awake long before I again lost consciousness. End of part 3 Feedback welcome and wanted at

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