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Bed and Breakfast

Part 4

By Chlorobaby - ([email protected])

I awoke to my nanny changing my wet and messy diaper. She ensured that the dry diaper was padded with tissues placed between my bum crack and encasing my hard prick. (Since I had been injected it was hard most of the time.) She walked towards me and reached into her nurses pocket and removed thick white folded tissues and placed them on my nose "blow for nanny" I did as I was told and blew.

"Good baby" she said smiling at me "you have some visitors coming today, mommy has gone to pick them up and bring them here for a coffee morning and to meet baby!" She turned and walked toward the trolley.

I gasped at the thought of more people treating me like this. I quickly noticed that Nanny was the only one in the nursery, she had unsecured me from the cot bed and the gag had been removed. I decided to make a bolt for it. When her back was turned I jumped up, pushed her and ran for the door. I was finding it hard to run due to the bulkiness of my diaper but managed to get through the door and down the stairs as I opened the front door I was confronted by three women, one of them was Doreen.

"Where do you think you are going?" She immediately said. I was shocked to see them and stood still while the other two women had the initiative to grab my arms and push me back into the house as Doreen shut the door behind us.

Nanny appeared and now had the four of them to deal with.

"Quickly the chloroform!" shouted Doreen. I screamed "Let me go! You can't gat away with this."

"Oh we can and we will" replied Doreen.

"I won't tell anyone I promise!" 1 pleaded. Nanny took another thick wad of paper hankies from her nurses' uniform pocket and spayed them with her chloroform spray. I struggled but was pulled and held to the ground by the two women.

"No!" was the last legible sound I made as Nanny clamped the tissues over my mouth and nose. I struggled as the tissues were held to my nose and mouth forcing me to breathe in the drug.

"He looks so cute in a diaper" I heard one of the women say as I struggled.

"He's been a naughty baby and needs to be taught a lesson, don't you baby" said Doreen. I moaned into the gag "mmmppphhhh."

"Don't worry about that now baby you just breathe in that nice chloroform for mommy and go to sleep while my friends and I get you ready" I again moaned into the tissues as I pondered my fate, but I could not think of that now I could not think of anything, I lost consciousness.

I awoke and opened my eyes. I was very groggy and took some time to focus. I tried to move my arms but found that I was in a straight jacket. I found myself blindfolded and a dummy gag also filled my mouth. I felt the urgent need to use the toilet (for a number 2!) I struggled to free myself and heard giggles "Does baby need to do poo, poo in his diaper?" I heard one of the new women say.

"mmmmpppppphhhhh!" I moaned into my gag as I tried to fight the inevitable outcome. I felt my tears being soaked up by the blindfold as I eventually gave in and crapped myself. The women immediately noticed the diaper filling and came close to where I was laying

They waited a few moments before getting to work changing me. I felt so helpless, as all four women removed my diaper, wiped me clean and powdered me. Throughout the clean up they made comments such as "good boy" and "smelly baby" and all I could do is moan at them through the gag.

Unknown to me the dummy gag also had a dildo on the other end. Suddenly my head was held while it was strapped to the bed I lay on. Then one by one the women had turned riding my face. Of course Doreen went first, followed by her mother, Vicky and Hayley.

After pleasuring themselves my blindfold was removed and my face wiped with tissues and wipes to remove their love juices.

"Good baby" Hayley said as she put some tissues to my nose and cupped my balls with a little squeeze.

"blow for Auntie Hayley" she said. I did as I was told. I did not want any trouble in my predicament. Doreen leaned over my head and uncupped her bra. Mommy has been having special injections from Auntie Vicky that allows me to produce milk. Just for you baby. Now then you are going to drink from mommy and you will not bite me, understand!" She said as Hayley again squeezed my balls. I moaned into my gag.

Mommy removed the straps around my head and my gag and inserted her breast into my mouth before I had any chance of complaining.

"Suck!" I was ordered as Hayley again squeezed my balls. I did as I was told and before long felt quite drugged and content sucking on my kidnappers breast. Nanny exited the room with Vicky as Hayley stated that she would diaper me. As I sucked I felt my penis, balls and bum padded with tissues as she diapered me.

Mommy removed her breast, and wiped my mouth with a tissue.

"Good baby!" she said, as I stated to come back to reality.

"Auntie Hayley is going to play with you before nap time and I will see you later honey" she said as she kissed my forehead. Mommy Doreen then turned to Hayley "

"have fun!" she said before kissing her friend and leaving. I struggled but could not free myself "Let me go!" I demanded. Hayley put her handbag onto my chest and smiled at me.

"Before we've got to know each other? I don't think so sweetie!" she said.

Hayley removed the familiar chloroform spray bottle from her handbag followed by a thick folded wad of white tissues and lightly sprayed them.

"NOO!" I shouted as she clamped the chloroform laced tissues over my mouth and nose. I tried to shake my head free of her grasp but failed and was forced to inhale the now familiar drug. I slowly became docile as Hayley made shushing noises and the chloroform took affect. Hayley slipped her hand down my diaper and started to play with my penis which was straining against its tissue prison. She continued to pleasure me rubbing the tissues in my diaper up and down my penis. I was powerless and had no choice but to endure Hayley playing with me, eventually I could take no more. I groaned as I orgasmed into her hand holding the waiting tissues.

"Naughty boy!" she said as she removed her hand from the tissues covering my mouth and nose. I could not move and had no choice but to continue breathing in the chloroform on the tissues just resting on my face.

"You are a messy baby," Hayley said as she wiped my cum with the tissues in her hand and placed some fresh ones around my deflated penis. She pulled back my foreskin and wiped it clean before clamping some more fresh tissues around it and sealing my diaper. She then pulled some plastic pants up over the diaper and strapped my feet to the bed.

Hayley went to the trolley and came back holding a babies bottle and removed the tissues on my face. She held my nose and I opened my mouth. She took this opportunity to force the teat into my open mouth and I was forced to swallow the contents dripping into my mouth.

"Now, now, honey ssshhhh, that's a good boy, drink it all up for auntie" she said as she wiped my mouth as I started to dribble. I continued to swallow the liquid until it had all gone.

"Time for a nap, baby" Hayley said as she applied more chloroform to a fresh wad of tissues from her bag. I could not do a thing as she again clamped the paper hankies over my mouth and nose. I gave a few short moans into the gag as I slowly started to drift off into dream land.

"That's a good baby, breathe into the tissues, ssssshhhhhhhhh, good boy" were the last words I heard before blackness covered me.

End of part 4

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