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Written By: Baby Jay NY

Lately I have been having a big problem with bed wetting. I don't remember having a problem wetting the bed when I was a kid. The other day I went on line to get some information about it. The problem can be caused by almost any thing. But the #1 problem is stress. I just graduated from college and it wasn't easy. My parents were on my back about my grades. My girlfriend breaking my balls because she wanted to go out and I had to stay in and study. I thought all this would stop when I graduated. Instead it got worse. For the last 2 months I have waken up in a wet bed. Thankfully I have my own apartment. So no one knows.

I made an appointment to see my family doctor right after I graduated. The first thing I asked the Doctor was.

"My business is my business right"? "You will not tell my mother what is going on right"? He told me not to worry and that I was old enough that he would not tell any one. He gave me a good physical. Blood test and all and told me he would call me when the results came in. He called a few days later. I made an appointment to see him. I got to his office early that afternoon and sat outside in his waiting room. The place was packed but luckily I didn't have to wait to long. My name was called and I went into the examine room. Doctor Roberts came into the office with my chart with his nurse. He was shaking his head as he entered. I looked at him and got worried. He looked up at me and started to laugh. Relax Jerry it's not bad new. What are you trying to do to me Doc give me a heart attack? There is nothing wrong with you physically. He asked if there was anything that I was worried about. Yes I told him. I pee in my bed at night. No he said something that has been bugging you. OH I said do you have an hour or two I asked him? I really think this will pass he said. But I think in the mean time you should get protection for when you go to bed. I'm thinking to myself, "Why would I need a condom to go to bed"? He saw the confused look on my face. Protection from wetting the bed! I didn't know he could read minds. He turned to the nurse and asked her to get him some night time protection supplies. I forgot she was even in the room. I said what supplies? He said for the time being what I am giving you will help until you can control you're peeing in the bed at night. He checked my blood pressure, pulse, eyes, ears and throat. While the nurse was away. He finished the exam just as the nurse walked back in with the bag of night time supplies. I had no idea what was in the bag. The nurse gave the bag to the Doctor and stepped aside. He told me to drop my pants and get back onto the table. I hesitated for a minute and looked at the nurse. I turned red instantly. Jerry she is a nurse. Nurse Cynthia has seen more bare bottoms than I have. Now drop those pants. I turned around and said to myself.


"The nurse not only heard about my peeing in my bed, now she will see me naked". I dropped my pants and jockey shorts and when I got up on the table they fell to the floor. Nurse Cynthia would give me a hand please. The nurse went to the counter next to the table and started to take the supplies out of the bag. There was baby powder, baby lotion; baby wipes and what looked like a big diaper. I saw the diaper and went nuts. What are you crazy Doc? I'm not going to wear a diaper at night. I'm 22 years old for petes sake. Jerry, I'm only trying to help you. You have nothing wrong with you. I can't give you medication if you don't have anything wrong. I think this is the best way to handle this problem. I think in time you will stop wetting the bed. Besides the Doctor continued, do you know how many young men I treat for bed wetting? No I said. Plenty. This will at least give you peace of mind at night, now be a good boy and let Nurse Cynthia show you how these go on. NURSE CYNTHIA I shouted. Why can't you show me and with an evil grin he said because I am very busy and Nurse Cynthia is an expert. Proceed Nurse Cynthia. OK Doctor she said. She turned to me as the Doctor closed the door behind him. I looked up and saw an evil grin on her too.

OH great I said to myself. Now the nurse is going to show me how to put a diaper on. What else is going to embarrass me today? I just think that both of them were enjoying this just a little too much if you asked me. Nurse Cynthia came close to the table and said, "Now Jerome it is very important that you put this disposable diaper on correctly or it will leak and then your bed will be wet. And we don't want that do we? Hey I said Excuse me but my name is Jerry. Only my mom calls me Jerome. OK baby Jerry she said with a big grin. OH great I said just great. Nurse Cynthia reached for the diaper and snapped it open.

She requested that I raise my hips a little so she could slide the diaper under me. That's a cute hinny you have there she said. I rolled my eyes up and asked can we please get on with this please. Her response was "Why don't you relax and just enjoy what I am about to teach you. I lowered my butt onto the diaper and was pleasantly surprised on how soft the diaper was. Nurse Cynthia reached for the baby wipes and explained how important it was to insure I cleaned myself each time when I changed my diaper. I could not believe that this was happening to me. She instructed me on how important it was to use lots of baby powder and lotion. She poured some lotion into her hands. Then she gently rubbed it into my skin around my diaper area. Her hands were soft and warm as she rubbed the lotion into my skin. It felt so good I closed my eyes with out realizing it. She whispered in my ear. Looks like baby Jerry likes what I'm doing. She caught me by surprise and I opened my eyes and cleared my throat.

Nurse Cynthia was so close to me I notice that she has the pretties green eyes and smile. Her brown hair was touching my arm. She smells like fresh flowers. I figured that Nurse Cynthia was about 25 or 26 years old. She was very thin in her nurse uniform. But she was also very tall. Maybe 6'. Much taller than me. OH ya I said to myself, "I forgot everyone is taller than me". I was all of 5' and weigh about 115. Nurse Cynthia started to sprinkle baby powder on my diaper area and rub it in. I was enjoying this so much that I started to get a rise from my dick. Now I wanted her to hurry up before the dam thing got hard and really embarrassed me. The nurse reaches in between my legs and grabs the two ends of the diaper and pulled them between my legs. Going right them left making the diaper go in between my legs. The diaper was brought up and taped in place. First the left side. Then the right side. She tugged a little to insure that it was on nice and tight. She explained again how important it was to be tight. Now that wasn't so bad she said. I said hell no you did that really quickly. Thank you and I started to get up. Oh but were not done yet Baby Jerry as she pushed me back down on the table. She reached for the counter and pulled out a pair of pants. These plastic panties will help keep your bed dry at night too. You can pick up more at any department store she said with a smile.

Are they really necessary I asked her? Oh yes they are. I felt ridiculous. This diaper holds a lot of pee pee so you can wet them as many times as you need. Just remember what I said about not staying in them to long. She put her hands throw the openings of the pants and pulled both my legs through. I lifted my butt again as she slid the pants up and over the diaper making sure that all the ends were tucked in. They were comfortable and very warm after she put them on. She helped me down off the table. I felt like a one year old as she was helping me down. When my feet hit the floor my feet were in the openings of my jockey shorts and pants. We both went down at the same time to pull my shorts up and we knocked heads. We stated to laugh. She pulled my jockey shorts up over the plastic pants. She told me that my shorts were the best way to silence the plastic pant. She bent down again and grabbed my pants and pulled them up. She helped me zipper up and tighten my belt. Now you're all secured she said. Nurse Cynthia started to put the supplies back into the bag just as the doctor returned. Here is a list of supplies that are in your bag he said. You only have three diapers in the bag and you're wearing one now. So you will need to get more before the week end. OK Doc thanks and he left the room. I turned around and thanked the nurse and told her I was sorry about acting like a baby. And that I really enjoyed the lesson. That's OK. I know that deep down in every boy they like being treated like a baby. She reached around for the bag and put it on the table. She patted the front of my pants and said I know you enjoyed it. I had a boner like no other. I turned red as she gave me her number. If you need help just give me a call OK. Thanks again I said as I left the office.

On my way out of the office I noticed myself in the mirror in the out going hall way. I looked at my image in the mirror. I had a smile. It's been a long time since I saw myself smile. I looked again and said COOL MAN COOL.

To be continued......

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