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Chapter 3

Written By: Baby Jay NY

I woke up the next morning with the alarm ringing in my ear. My diaper was wet but my bed was dry as a bone. I was relaxed and ready for another day. The first good sleep I got in two months. The Doctor was right. I had a great attitude. Things were looking up for a change. I stretched out and got out of bed. I made my way to the bath room. I washed and brushed my teeth and combed my hair. Went into the kitchen and took a slice of pizza and locked the door as I left.

I went to a drug store a few blocks from my apartment. I went in and headed to the disposable diaper section. I was hoping that they had the diaper that I was wearing but I did not see the brand I was using. Up and down the isle 3 times. I felt a tap on my shoulder. An older woman asked if she could help me. I see that you were looking down the diaper isle. No not really I said. Don't be embarrassed. If you need to wear diapers you need them. So what. If they help you, you shouldn't feel embarrassed. Now how may I help you? Thank you very much. My doctor recommended this brand but I don't see them. The lady took a look at the note and said we carry these but they aren't in this isle because they are on our sales table in the front of the store. Do you need anything else young man while we are here in this isle. No thanks I have every thing I need. We went to the front of the store and I picked up 2 packages and brought them up to the check out. The lady rang them up and I paid for them. Would you mind putting them in a double bag please? I thanked the lady for all her help and walked back to my apartment.

I put the diapers in my room then went into the kitchen and had a real breakfast. I was feeling pretty good. I got a great night sleep and I bought more diapers without any one seeing me. I ate breakfast hopped in my Jeep and ran the rest of my errors including renting a tux for Johns wedding. It was about 7 when I finally got home. I opened the door of my apartment and immediately heard my answering machine peeping. I went over and pressed the play button. It was Nurse Cynthia. She called to see how I made out with my problem last night.

I reached into my pocket and got her number. I dialed the number and a sweet voice answered. Hello. Hi Nurse Cynthia its Jerome. Oh hi sweetie. I was just thinking about you. I called before to see how you made out last night with your problem. Did everything go OK? Yes it did as a matter of fact. OH I'm sorry to hear that. Excuse me I said. I was hoping you had a problem so I could come over and give you another listen. I did have a little problem putting the diaper on. I put the diaper on as you explained but when I got up the diaper fell to the floor. She started to laugh and said now that must have been a cute sight. Baby Jerry naked and his diaper around his ankles. I really liked her. She was very helpful yesterday. Nurse Cynthia she interrupted, call me Cynthia. Cynthia, are you doing anything tomorrow night. No why do you ask? Would you like to go out for dinner then maybe a few drinks? That would be very nice. That's great. I'll pick you up about 7:30. OK here is my address, see you at 7:30 and Jerry don't be late. OK I won't. See you tomorrow, Good night.

I said out loud. Today was a better day. I put my shopping away sat down had a beer and watched TV. At 11 I got up and went into the bed room and put my new bed time cloths on. I was asleep in a matter of minutes.

To be continued......

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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