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Chapter 4

Written By: Baby Jay NY

I woke up Friday morning. I felt like a wet Million Bucks. I'm happy I am using the diaper. If I hadn't my bed would be soaked. I got out of bed and went to the bath room. I did my normal routine of shave and shower. I went back into my bed room and started to put the two packages of diapers away in my closet. I started to think about how comfortable the diaper was during the night. I thought to myself, "If I felt that comfortable in the diaper at night it should feel as comfortable during the day". I had a lot to do today and if I got stuck with no place to take a pee I could use my diaper. I'm very confident now that the diaper will hold what ever I need to put in them, why not wear one when if I go out. I took a diaper and put it on along with my plastic pants. No one will see if I was wearing a diaper if I wore my jogging pants. I looked in the mirror and there was no way any one could see that I had a diaper on. I got this funny tingle when I was going out the door dress in my diaper and plastic pants.

I headed for the mall in town. I thought I can find some plastic pants in that department store that sells every thing. I wasn't sure where to look so I went down the diaper isle. I didn't see any on the pants I needed. I keep looking over my shoulder just in case I ran into someone I knew. A young lady was coming down the isle in my direction. May I help you sir she asked? The young girl looked maybe 17 or 18. Most likely a High School student. I was embarrassed to tell her I was looking for plastic pants for my self so I told her. Yes please. I'm looking for those pants that go over a disposable diaper. There not for me they are for my grandpa. You know at that age they lose their bladder control. Do you mean plastic pants? Yes that's them. Sure the young girl said. I think they are over here. We walked back down the isle then stopped at the end of it. There on the bottom shelf were the pants I was looking for. That's why I didn't see them the first time down the isle. There were all sizes and a lot of different colors. What size does your gramps use she inquired? Medium I told her. She pointed out the medium section. I bent over and picked one up. Say what type of pants are these I asked the girl? Those are called snap on.

They are great. I like when I baby sit and the babies have those on. It makes changing their diaper a lot easier because you don't have to get them all undressed. That's a great idea. My grandma could use those to make changing gramps easier. Thank you for your help. I reached down and took 2 snap on types. 1 blue pair and 1 white pair. Then 2 pull ups. 1 blue pair and 1 white pair. I heard the young girl giggling. I looked up at her. She was laughing at ME. Your grandpa ha. She said. She reached down and pulled the elastic on my plastic pants. You're a fibber she said. I think these pants are for you. You are also wearing a diaper too. Does the little boy need help putting them on? Mommy can show you how if you like she said, still giggling. My plastic pants and diaper must have come out of my running pants when I bent over to get the pants. I turned red. No thank you I managed to say and hurried up to the check out counter. I paid for the items and went back to my Jeep. I could have had her fired for the way she was talking to me but I got excited at what she was saying. So excited that I had to adjust my dick in my diaper before I sat down in my Jeep.

I headed back to my place. Friday evening traffic, is there any thing else that can be more annoying? Just like the last ride I had to pee but this time I just let go in my diaper. It was a good thing I had them on this time. I knew it would not leak. It took me 1 hour to get home. In the apartment I hurried and got ready for my date with Cynthia.

I left the apartment about 7:05. I thought the traffic that I was stuck in when going home a few hours ago would have been gone for the day. So I went back on the parkway. Cynthia lived just on exit from were I lived. I went up the entrance ramp and stop dead at the top. All I saw where red lights. Oh no I shouted. I looked back and all I saw was a lineup of cars behind me. Will backing out was out of the question. The traffic was really bad. I knew at that moment that I was going to be late. I reached for my cell phone and looked in my pocket for Cynthia's number. Then I remembered that I left it on the kitchen table. Shit I said. Now I'm going to be late. Cynthia said not to be late. I finally went past the construction and stared to fly. It was 7:35 when I got off the parkway. But she lived another 10 minutes away. I made every light and managed to get to Cynthia's house at 7:44. I parked my Jeep in the front and ran up the walkway to her door.

I rang the door bell. Cynthia opened the door. She had a very pissed look about her. I'm sorry I started to say. The traffic I said and got interrupted. With a real pissed voice she said "Your late little boy"

"I told you not to be late, didn't I". Yes mam I said BUT. But nothing she said. Get that late butt of yours in here. With vise grip fingers she pulled me by my ear into the hallway. Now for being late she said go put that late nose in the corner over there. As I past her she smacked my bottom then pulled me back as she felt my bottom. You're not wearing your diaper? No Mam I only wear them at night. That's not what I heard she said. I looked at her and wonder if she really knew. My niece works at the department store you bought your new plastic pants. She was the girl that helped you look for the pants for your Grandfather. That girl was your niece I said with a cracking voice? Yes her name is Amy. She is my brother's youngest daughter. She knows me I said? She saw you the last time you were in the Doctors office. She was visiting me for the day. She thought you were cute and asked me what your name was. I didn't tell her what your problem was. But now she knows. So you are not just late but you also a liar too. Now get that nose in the corner and don't move from it until I tell you to. I put my nose in the corner of the living room.

She started to tell me that my mother and her brother went to school together and that my mother and her were friends. Your mom is a little older than me. We use to hang out all the time together. Wait a minute. Your niece I said from the corner. I thought you were 25 or 26. Thanks for the complement but I'm older than that. I have you real good little boy. If you don't behave and do as you are told. I might call your mother and let her know just what a big baby she has here and how you have been wetting the bed for the past 2 months and never told her about it. How would you like that? No I wouldn't like that at all. No I didn't think so. So while you are in my house you will think of me as your other mother and call me mommy. Is that understood? Yes. Yes what? Yes Cynthia I said and with that I got a hard smack to my bottom. Want to try again. OK OK I understand. Smack again. Who am I when you are in this house......? Yes mommy I shouted. That's better. Now take that jacket off and keep that nose in the corner. As I was standing there I heard her doing something behind me.

Cynthia I said, Aren't we going to dinner? I didn't say you could talk she snapped back at me. But I said. But nothing she said. You were late and you lied to my niece. Now be quit or else. About 15 minutes I heard her come back in the room. She came and stood behind me. This will keep you from talking and pushed a pacifier into my mouth. I spit it out and she gave me a wallop on my behind. She shoved the pacifier back in my mouth. Spit it out again and I will be making a phone call home to your mother. I held the pacifier tight in my mouth. I had my nose in the corner she came from behind me she removed my tie, shirt and unbuckled my pants. She let them drop to the floor and told me to pick up my legs so she can remove them. The pacifier still in my mouth I tried to ask her what was going on? She pulled down my jockey shorts and gave me a spanking while standing in the corner. I told you no talking. If I want you to talk, you will answer in baby talk and that is that.

Understand? Es Mommy I said with tears running down my cheeks. I had no idea what was coming next. I got a spanking at 22 years of age. I don't even think my mother ever spanked me, I said to myself. Mommy took my hand and pulled me from the corner. She picked me up and put me on the couch lying on my back. There was a changing pad under me and I saw what she was doing while I had my nose in the corner. There were baby supplies on her coffee table. Now you start to acting like a one year old or you will be getting more tears in those eyes. I think I better start behaving. She really knows how to spank. I didn't realize it but I was hard as a rock. She took one look at it and said, I guess you are enjoying this attention my little baby Jerry. I wanted to hide under the coffee table I was so embarrassed. Mommy thought it was cute but ignored it. She put baby lotion all over me then sprinkled baby powder next. She put the diaper under me by holding my two legs and pulling them up. She slides the diaper under me and brought it up tight. Now don't you look cute? Mommy pulled my legs through the plastic pants and pulled them up tight over the diaper. These pants were yellow. Mommy was talking to me in baby talk all the time she was diapering me.

I felt like a one year old. But the thing was that I was really enjoying it. I guess she was right. Now mommy said I hope you will be a good boy for the rest of the night. Just relax and cooperate and maybe I will take care of that flag pole in your diaper later mommy said with a big smile. She kissed me on the forehead and told me how cute I was in my diaper and plastic pants. I felt more comfortable than I have in my whole life. I was truly enjoying her attention. Her voice relaxed me and I decided to make the best of the situation. I always loved when my mother showed me some attention.

To be continued......

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