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Chapter 5

Written By: Baby Jay NY

Mommy finished putting my diaper on. She picked me up and hugged me tight. Mommy was so warm and loving and I was enjoying my new roll. If the only think that she would do was to me was to spank me then let it be. It was better than having my mother find out about all this, I thought.

Now my baby Jerry is all warm and comfortable, how about something to eat. I looked at her and gave her a big smile and a hug. I was hungry. I could use something to eat after all, I am a growing baby. Mommy sat me in her lap looking straight into her eyes. She started to remove her blouse and then her bra. Her tits were medium size but they looked like that wanted to be sucked. She repositioned me into her shoulder. My head just inches form her left tit. Mommy held me close and put a nipple in my mouth. I started sucking the second my tongue touched her. That's my little boy she said. See this is what good little boys get when they are good. I sucked on that left tit as if I were a one year old. I was getting more excited by each suckle. Mommy had her hand on my tummy and was rubbing it lightly.

I slide my hand down to my diaper and put my hand in. I was expecting her to stop me but she watch as I continued to reach for my dick. I grabbed my dick and slowly started to stroke it. That's my baby Jerry stroke your pee pee and cum into your diaper. I heard mommy making these little sounds. She had her head back and her eyes closed. Mommy switched tit and I didn't miss a suckle. I stroked harder and I exploded in my diaper. I had a gallon of cum in my diaper and I felt relaxed and never stopped sucking on mommy's tit. She opened her eyes as she pulled her tit from my mouth. I started to fuss and she told me later baby. You can take care of mommy later. I was so relaxed that I feel a sleep in her arms. What a warm and wonderful feeling I had.

When I woke up my pacifier was in my mouth and I was lying on the couch. There was a blue baby blanket on me. I didn't feel the stickiness of the cum I had just put in my diaper. I had a clean diaper on. I pushed the blanket off me and noticed that I had a new shirt. It was yellow to match my yellow plastic pants. The shirt had a picture of Elmo on it. I also noticed that it was very tight. I looked down and saw that there were snaps at the crotch. The same as the snap on pants. I heard mommy call from the kitchen. Is that my little boy? Did you have a nice nap? Mommy came in from the kitchen and sat down next to me. She picked me up and placed me in her lap. She gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek. Now how about some dinner for my baby she said? Mommy picked me up and put me in a chair with 2 phone books on it. She put a pretty yellow bid around my neck. Is my boy hungry she said as she walked back to the stove? Mommy was blowing on my food as she walked back to me. She put the dish on the table and grabbed the spoon. Here we go sweetie. Here comes the train. Open wide for the choo choo. I opened my mouth wide as she put the spoon into my mouth. I laughed and a little of the food feel onto my bib. Mommy scooped it up and put it in my mouth.

What a good baby. Open wide again she said her comes another choo choo. She repeated this until the dish was completely empty. Mommy washed my face and hands and took the dish to the sink. She took a bottle out of a pan on the stove and tested its contents on her arm. Just right for my baby. She brought the bottle and her dish to the table. With one hand she feed herself and feed me the bottle. It was strange drinking out of a bottle again but I liked it. The bottle itself had cartoon characters on it.

There we go mommy said. Drink it up. Soon it will be time for your bath. We finished together and she put the dish and the bottle in the sink. Mommy put a towel over her shoulder and bent in front of me as she held me over her shoulder. She patted my back. I wanted to please her so I tried to burp. I was surprised that when I DID. Mommy took my bib off and put it on the counter. She helped me down and reached for my hand. I followed her to the bath room. She put me on the edge of the tub as she started to fill the tub. She reached under the sink and poured Mr. Bubbles into the running water.

The bubbles started to fill the tub. She picked me up and went into her bedroom. She took off my diaper and plastic pants. She smiled when she said. My little baby wet his diaper. I was shocked. When did I do that I wondered? Mommy picked me up again and put me in the tub. It was filled with bubbles. She started to wash my hair and rinsed it off with a cup. Grabbing a wash cloth she lathered it up and started to clean my face and hands, my chest and my back. Mommy reached for me and pulled me up. I got up and she noticed that I was hard again. She continued to wash my legs and my hinny. She turned me around and wash my pee pee and in-between my legs. Mommy also noticed that I cut my hair short. Nice to see that baby listened to his mommy and wants to keep down here clean. I sat back down and she gave me a few toys to play with. I started to play with the ships as she left the room. When she came back she was wearing her rob. She picked me up and out of the tub and dried me off. Now follow me baby she said. The towel was bigger than me and was wrapped around me. I had a hard time walking with the towel around me. I was lost in it. I followed her into the bed room again. Mommy made sure I was dry and put me into bed. She removed her rob and got into bed with me. She pulled the covers up and put her arms around me. What a feeling.

She kissed me on the cheek and then kissed me passionately on my lips. She nibbled my ear and whispered in it. Now I want my baby to love me. I had no problem with loving my mommy. She has shown me nothing but love and affection. I started to kiss her and caressed her warm and soft body. I kissed the back of her ears and her neck as I fondled her tits. I kissed and licked my way down to my hand. I put my lips on her tits and caressed her hips. She was lying still as I was working hard to take care of my mommy. My hand was on her hips and I gentle turned her onto her belly. I kissed and licked every part of her. Sliding and kissing her back down to her ass. I caressed her butt and slid my tongue down and into her crack. She lifted her butt to meet my tongue action. I took that time to put my finger on top of her pussy and rub her from below. I had my tongue in her hole and was pushing it in as deep as I could. Her butt was moving up and down on my tongue and my finger. Mommy was moaning with pleasure as I was happy that I was doing a good job. My tongue was in her back hole and my fingers were in her front hole.

I turn her over again and start to lick and kiss her pussy. Her pussy was wet making it easier for me to go right into her. My fingers and tongue are in and out of her. She reached for my ears and pulls me up to her lips. She opens her mouth and our tongues are fighting with each other. Mommy reaches for my pee pee and starts to stroke it. Her hands felt wonderful on my dick. I moan gentle in her mouth as she handles me. I'm getting close to letting my load go but manage to hold on. Mommy places my dick into her and I start my pushing. In and out gentle at first. Then as mommy grabs my hinny she pushes me in deeper. Oh Baby she said. What a good baby you are. Please mommy baby and make her cum. You are so warm inside you. You make me feel so good mommy I want to please you. I enjoy our baby play and want you to cum. I start pumping in and out faster and I hear her getting ready. That's it baby fuck your mommy hard yes baby yes. I start cuming in her and kissing her at the same time. Mommy grabs my hair and I know that she is cuming at the same time.

Yes baby yes. Oh Jerry mommy said. I start to slow down a little hoping that she is satisfied. Mommy wraps her arms around me and holds me tight. What a good baby I have. Mommy opens her eyes and kisses me. We roll over and put our arms around each other. Mommy kisses my nose and I kiss her back. We stay holding each other and fall a sleep.

I feel something warm on my balls and dick and wake up. Mommy has a wash cloth and is washing me up. Mommy puts lotion and powder on me. She lifts my legs and puts a diaper under me. We don't want any accident in my bed do we sweetie as she finishes with the diaper. She gets back into bed and kisses my lips. I put my arm around her and we fall back to sleep.

To be continued......

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