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Chapter 6

Written By: Baby Jay NY

The warmth of the sun shining on my face wakes me up. I rub the sleep for my eyes and sat up in bed. My pacifier slips out of my mouth and quickly I replace. Mommy wasn't sleeping next to me but I smelled bacon. She must be in the kitchen cooking breakfast for us. I look at the clock on the night table. It's 10am. 10am Saturday I say to myself. I felt my diaper and it was not wet. I waited a few minutes to clear the sleep from my head. Mommy I called out. Mommy. I hear a voice in the hallway. Is the baby8finally awake? But it's not Cynthia's. It's a much younger girl's voice. I saw a shadow in the doorway. I couldn't see who it was because of the sun in my eyes. I tried to cover up as she came closer to the bed. But who ever it was grabbed the blanket and stopped me. Oh no you don't she said. You look so cute in your diaper and plastic pants. The girl sat on the bed next to me while pushing me back down on the pillow. The sun finally allows me to see that it is Amy. Cynthia's niece. The girl from the department store. Amy lends over to me puts her hands through my hair and said, "I guess the little baby is a fibber".

"I see now that I was right about whom those plastic pants were for and it wasn't your Grandpa". Amy lends back up and puts three fingers into my diaper to check to see if I was wet. I try to stop her and she slaps my hand and throws the blanket on the floor. Now let Aunt Amy check to see if you are wet she said. I' mortified, embarrassed and red faced. Aunt Amy I said? You are 5 years younger than me. That's not what Aunt Cynthia told me. You look soooooo cute in your diaper. Besides it's time for breakfast she said. Aunt Cynthia sent me in to get you. Now let's go eat numnum. Come with Aunt Amy. She reaches for my hand a pulls me out of bed. She has my hand as I stumble to follow her. Now hold my hand tight she said. Like I had a choice.

We go into the kitchen and Cynthia is at the stove all dressed in her white uniform. I said to myself.

"This can not be a good sign". Cynthia is cooking breakfast at the stove. She turns and sees me. She comes over to me and asked.

"How did my little baby sleep last night"? I looked at her then at Amy then back to her again. Well Cynthia said with a smile. I swallowed my pride and answered, Goo Goo Goo. Good boy she said. Amy bust out laughing. I thought she was going to pee in her panties. Amy! Cynthia said, "Don't laugh at you nephew".

"He was a very good boy yesterday" Cynthia smiled at me and winked as she went back to the stove. Amy, help the baby into his chair. Amy was still giggling as she helped me into the chair. As she was helping me into the chair and Cynthia wasn't looking I gave her a big wet raspberry. Put his bib on please, it's on the counter. Amy bent in front of me to put the bib on and whispered in my ear. I'll get you for that one you bad baby. OK Aunt Cynthia his bib is on. Can I feed him please? Yes, here is his dish. Now don't get him dirty. He had a nice bath last night and he is nice and clean.

Amy takes the dish from Cynthia and places it in front of me. Amy picks up the spoon and tried to feed me but I had the pacifier still in my mouth. I spit it out at her and said NO! I looked at Cynthia with a pouting face. OH look isn't he cute. His pouting. Now now Baby Jerry, Aunt Amy will feed you today. Mommy has to go to work this morning. TODAY I said to myself. My eyes are bugging out. Cynthia looks and me and reminds me of what would happened if I don't cooperate. I don't have a regular baby sitter so I called Amy. She will take care of you while I'm at work. I should be back by 3 and I expect you to do what ever Aunt Amy tells me to. Is that clear? Es mommy I replied. Amy is grinning from ear to ear. I know that I am in for it now.

When he is finished give him his bottle. There is juice in it this morning. I have to leave now if I am going to make it on time. You be a good baby or you know what will happen. Cynthia comes over and gives me a kiss on the forehead. Be good boy now. Amy started to feed me my eggs and bacon which was all chopped up in the dish. Cynthia tells Amy to make choo noises he likes that as she closes the door behind her.

After her Aunts closes the door. Amy asked me what will happen if I don't behave myself. I keep eating and didn't answer her. I bet she is going to spank your bottom right? Again I didn't answer her. Amy got pissed as she finished feeding me my breakfast. FINE she said. I will find out one way or another. You might just get a spanking anyway before Aunt Cynthia comes home because you lied to your Auntie. Amy got up and placed the dish into the sink and got the bottle and brought it over to me. Now drink all your juice. She puts the nipple in my mouth and I started sucking on it. It was nice and cold just like I like it. Amy said, but you are really cute like this. All boys should be in diapers and we girls could control them as we see fit.

I finished the juice and Amy said good boy. Amy then tried to put me on her shoulder to burp me. Put I resisted and ran into the living room. She started running after me and was close behind me. When I got to the couch Amy pushed me down on the couch and landed on me. She started to tickle me. I'm very ticklish. I started to laugh and she keeps it up. I was laughing so hard that I felt myself starting to pee. I tried not to let on but she saw the look in my eyes and said, "Is the baby doing something in his diaper"? I shook my head NO. But Amy is sitting on me and puts her fingers into my diaper. Oh the baby pee peed in his diaper. OK let's go get you changed. I really didn't want her to change me. I would have preferred that I wait or I do it myself. But she grabbed me and said OK lets go get you changed. I pulled back and she said, "Do I have to tell Aunt Cynthia you are being a naughty baby"? I stopped resisting and followed her into the bed room. Now lay down for Aunt Amy while I go and get you a clean diaper.

I lay down on the bed on my back. She comes over with the diaper and the baby wipes lotion and powder. She takes my pacifier out of her pocket and places it in my mouth. I took it and started to suck on it. Aren't you the cuties thing she said? Amy removes my pants as she said.

"I would love to know what Aunt Cynthia will do to you if you misbehave". I can feel that my dick is semi hard and I'm embarrassed to let her see it. I start to kick my legs. I don't want her to hurt her but I also don't want her to see me hard. She spanks my bottom. Do you want me to tell your mommy your being bad? I stop immediately hearing that. Amy untapes the diaper and my hard dick springs out. Again I am mortified. She takes one look at it and said, WOW! I have never seen a babies pee pee this big. WOW she said again. Now I am not that endowed. But in her eyes I was WOW big.

Amy took a baby wipe and started to clean my diaper area. She was spending a lot of time on my boner. She wasn't making matters any better by playing with it. I was getting harder and harder as she keep playing with it. I tried to say something but it was too late. I exploded cum on her lips. Amy jumped back a little. WOW I never made a boy do that before. I like it she said with a cum smile and finished me off. She grabbed about 5 baby wipes. She cleaned herself off then cleaned me. I was totally spent. I must have feel asleep. When I woke up I had a clean diaper on. I had the covers over me too. I looked around and saw Amy naked in the bed with me. I must have jumped 10 feet into the air. OH No I said. Forget it Aunt Amy. Its not that I don't want to but you are only 17 years old. I could go to jail I told her. No I said again. I will do anything else as long as it is being a baby. She smiled and said ANYTHING? OK she said. You better remember this then or I will tell Aunt Cynthia that you DID DO IT TO ME. Amy covered up and ran out of the room. I was so tired that I feel back to sleep.

As I woke up I heard giggling. I also felt like someone was picking up the covers I was under. The giggling sounded like 2 or 3 young girls. I opened my eyes and found one of the girls looking at my diaper under the blanket. There was another girl at the side of the bed. They both looked to be the same age as Amy. When I started to move they saw the pacifier in my mouth. One of the girls yelled, "Look he has a binky, isn't that cute"? They are started laughing. Amy came by my side and whispered, "Remember you said, 'ANYTHING". I shook my head. A deal is a deal even if it embarrasses me. And then it thawed on me. I think I may have been set up?

Girls I want you to meet my Nephew Baby Jerry. This is Carol and this is Ann. Say hello baby. I looked at them and at Amy and answered Goo Goo Guu Guu. They all bust out laughing. His sooo cute as they each pinched me my cheek. OK baby Jerry it's time to eat lunch. You girls bring him into the kitchen when you are ready. The girls sat on the bed. They were patting my head and kissing my forehead. Patting my diaper and telling me I was the cuties baby they ever babysat for. When they had enough they pulled the covers down then took my hand and walked me to the kitchen. Amy, Carol said, "He is the cuties baby I ever babysat for". OK OK Amy said put him in that seat there. As she pointed to the chair with the phone books on it. Ann asked Amy if she could feed me first. Carol objected and said I want to feed him. Amy told them that Ann asked first so she will feed me and Carol you will give him his bottle. He drinks a baba too? Carol said my brother was never this cute when he was a baby. Ann said mine neither.

Amy gave Ann the dish. Ann he likes to hear train noises when he eats. How cute is that Ann said as she put the cold cereal in my mouth. Choo choo here comes another train open wide you cute little boy. I finished my cereal with out any more cute talk. Carol jumped up and said, "OK it's my turn". Amy gave Carol the bottle and was over by me in a flash. She said OK baby Jerry here is your baba, drink it all up like a good baby. She placed the nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it as she held it up for me. A few minutes later she said this is boring and its not the way my mom feed my brother. With that she grabbed me off the chair like a rag doll and went into the living room. The other girls followed her. She sat on the couch and pulled me into a feeding position like Cynthia did the other day. Now this is how you feed an infant she said with a smile. OK baby she said you rest in mommies arms and drink your baba. If she opens her blouse like Cynthia did I'm heading for cover. She was enjoying her motherhood experience. And to tell you the truth so was I. I didn't say that did I? I was enjoying it until she put her fingers in my diaper to see if I needed a change. The problem was that she put her hand in and was feeling my semi hard dick. WOW she said. What a big pee pee he has. Amy came running over and removed her hand from my diaper. The baba was empty now and Carol (With no resistance from me) put me over her shoulder so she could burp me. I let out a little one just for fun. They all got a big laugh out of that one.

The girls put me on the floor and started to play with me until Amy announced that it was time for my nap and time for my baby sitters to go home. Ann and Carol gave me big hugs and kisses and let themselves out. Amy took me into the bedroom and put me in bed. As Amy was tucking me in, she gave me my binky and said thank you for playing baby with her girlfriends. They really enjoyed it and so did I. I'm going to tell Aunt Cynthia that you were an angel if you promise not to say anything about your extra baby sitters. I shook my head OK. Amy gave me a kiss and said good night.

To be continued......

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