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Final Chapter 7

Written By: Baby Jay NY

I woke up when I felt fingers in my diaper. When I opened my eyes Cynthia (mommy) was standing over me. Well hello there she said with a big beautiful smile. Looks like me little baby has a wet diaper. I looked up at her and smiled back with my binky in my mouth. I peed in my diaper again while I was sleeping. I don't even feel when I pee anymore. Maybe I was just really tired that's why I didn't feel anything. Those girls gave me a work out that's for sure. Mommy started to change my diaper. She always takes good care of me. She changes me, feeds me, baths me, hugs me, cuddles me and breast feeds me. Cynthia is a wonderful mommy. I am happy to be her baby. I enjoy everything she does for me. Mommy has a warm wash cloth in her hand. She is proceeding to wash my diaper area. The warm water feels so good on my skin. Her hand goes up to my hair as she brushes it back. Just her touch makes me feel so safe and secure. I had no idea that wearing diaper at my age was so enjoyable.

After mommy finishes diapering me. She takes my hand and we walk into the kitchen. She puts me on my chair with the phone books and places a bib around my neck. I was really hungry too. My little baby sitters pooped me out. They made me crawl all around the living room so they could see my diaper and pat it when I went by. They bounced me on their lap and played pee a boo with me. They tickled the hell out of me making me pee pee in my diaper twice. Mommy brought over the dish as she said; I heard you were a little angel for Amy. I started to kick my legs a little. She sat down and started to feel me. I was hungry. She tried to keep up with me but I was eating to fast. Slow down mommy said. You're going to get a belly ack if you eat to fast. I was done in no time. Mommy grabbed the towel and washed my face and hands. Then she helped me down and grabbed the bottle as we left the kitchen going to the living room. Let's go inside and watch some TV and you can drink your bottle she said as we walked into the living room. I pointed to the bottle and said baba. Oh she said I see you learned a new word. I took the binky out of my mouth and said binky. Two words. How smart are you she said? Giving a big smile of approval.

Mommy sat on the couch then picked me up and put me in her arms. Warm arms, protecting arms. I settled in her arms as she gave me the bottle and said baba. I smiled as I opened my mouth and accepted the nipple she had for me. I really enjoy this attention. I was so relaxed in her arms that I pee peed again in my diaper. I smiled as I was sucking the nipple. She looked down at me and said, what are you doing in that diaper, little boy? Do I have to change your diaper again? What a pissey little boy you are. OK let's go. Mommy will change you diaper again before we go to bed for the night. Back to the bed room we walked hand in hand. Mommy giggling all the way. Mommy places me on the bed and puts my binky back in my mouth. I start sucking on it right away. Such a nosy baby too. Mommy had my diaper off in record time. This time she didn't replace the diaper. Instead she starts to fondle my semi hard dick and my balls. Her hands are so soft. I feel electricity going threw my body. As she fondles me. She whispers about how good I was for her all weekend and that she will never tell my mom what I was doing.

Mommy gets up and starts to remove her nurse's outfit. My binky is getting a good work out as I watch her get naked. When she is undressed she lowers herself down to my throbbing dick and places it in her mouth.

Mommy was sucking my dick like it was her own binky. Her warm lips around my dick made me rock hard. Her hands were all over me. She was licking my balls and sucking my dick and it felt so good. I tried to slow her down but she wouldn't hear of it. Pinching my nipples and kissing my chest and biting my ear lobs. I'm on fire and am about to give her a present. I could hear that she was as hot as I was. Mommy suddenly stopped her sucking as her hands came down the sides of my body. She turned herself around and put her hot and wet pussy in my mouth. I have never done a 69. This was my first time. I licked every inch of her pussy. Hoping that I was doing it OK. From the moans I figured I was. Mommy has her sweet pussy in my face and sucking my cock. She starts to lick my balls and my rear hole. I feel her near my hole with her finger. Then suddenly feel her ram the finger to the hilt. I was surprised and didn't stop her in anyway. She is finger fucking my ass as her mouth returns to my dick. Now I am the one who is moaning. I stick a few fingers into her pussy and return the favor.

She let my dick go with a pop and come face to face with me. Her kisses were like lightning bolts. Our tongues fought with each other. I'm going to cum I can feel it. I'm holding back as much as I can. But I'm really close to exploding. Mommy gets up and sits on my belly. She guides my dick into her as she slides down the shaft. Once she has me all the way in. She starts to move up and down on it like she was riding a horse on the merry go round. Mommies merry go round is going faster and faster. I hear her moaning as she is letting me make love to her. I was going to cum and I didn't want to stop it. I exploded deep into her. Pushing my hips up to meet her ever move. Oh yes baby, cum in your mommies pussy drive those hips for her. Yes baby Jerry, yes. Mommy is sitting on my dick straight up and she is riding me into the country. I feel her tense up as she moans, yes baby don't stop pushing. Push into your mommy. I feel her climax as she bends down and kisses me. Mommy is holding the side of my head with hers. I put my arms around her and hold her close.

We start to breathe a little slower now as we come down from our exciting love making. Mommy rolls off of me and I feel my dick come out of her. Her arms are wrapped around me and she is snuggling into my neck. I don't want her to move so I keep my arms around her. She looks me in the eyes and said good baby Jerry good baby. She kisses me then gets up and goes into the bathroom. She returns with a wash cloth and towel. She washes me up good and dries me. Mommy gets the baby powder and sprinkles it on my skin as she rubs it in. She picks my legs up and slides the diaper under me then lets my hinny down onto a nice soft diaper. Pulling the diaper tight in between my legs she tapes it tight. Mommy reaches for my plastic pants but this time they are not blue. They are pink, with white and pink ruffles. These will look so good on you. Mommy pulls my legs threw the openings of the pants. Pulls it up past my diaper. Making sure nothing is hanging out. Mommy put her night gown on and gets back into bed with me. She pulls the covers up and wraps her arm around me. Good night my little one. As we both close our eyes and drift off to dream land.

The End . . . . . . .

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