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I got a package of GoodNites and a case of beer, getting ready for a night of drinking, surfing the web, and peeing in my pants.

I drank a beer or two at the end of the evening, waiting for everyone to go to sleep. I was hoping that everyone would go to sleep early, but they were staying up later than usual. I was trying to hold it, but had to pee in the toilet. Sure enough, right after that, everyone went to bed. Now, it was time for my fun. First, I put on my latex bikini. It is so cute and sexy. I bet all the women out there would get really turned on if they could see me.

Then, opening the package, the GoodNites go on. Then, on with Gerber Toddlers. They are so tight. The feeling of Goodnites puffing up in Gerbers is so nice. Then, on with rubber pants (from Fetware). They are size small, but they seem like medium to me. They are great protection, and will hold a lot. Finally, clear plastic pants, size medium, for added protection. I can see through them, so I know if something is leaking.

I got a beer, and sat down at the computer, ready to search for pictures. After a couple of beers, I felt the pressure building up. I was able to hold it off every time the need came up. I was finishing off a beer, and the need came on real strong. So great, it was starting to hurt my stomach.

I was able to hold it off, but I knew that the next time it came around, I would have to let go. I went for another beer, hoping to drink it down before that happened. After opening it, the need came on. I held it as long as I possibly could, and just let go. What a wonderful flood, along with the feeling of relief. I enjoyed this for a moment, then decided to try and squeeze it off. That worked for a second, then another flood. I tried this again and again, holding off longer each time. Then I just let it all go. I could feel the GoodNites starting to puff up. I finished that beer, then went to the refregerator, and got two more. I planned to drink them fast. Finishing off the second one, the need came on. I held off as long as I could, then let go. I squeezed off, and let go, just like the first time. I like doing that, because I can enjoy the pee for a longer time. I could feel the GoodNites puffing out, and I thought they would be soaked.

I went for two more beers. I drank them fast. Just after opening the second one, the need came on real fast. Instead of holding off, I just let go. The feeling of relief was so wonderful. It just kept flowing. I could feel the GoodNites puffing up more, and I knew they would not be able to soak up any more. The Gerbers were probably starting to fill up. I finished off that beer, and went for two more.

Now I had to be careful. I was feeling the effects of the beer, trying to concentrate on the computer, and checking my pants. Finishing off the beers, the need came up, and I just let go. Surely the GoodNites were soaked, the Gerbers were leaking, and the rubber pants had to hold everything.

As I spent the time with the computer, surfing and collecting pictures, I knew that I would have to deal with my pants. So far, everything was holding, but for how much longer? The pressure was building up again. Feeling the need coming on, I grabbed a beer, and headed to the bathroom. There, I drank the beer fast. After that, the need came on, and I let go. I could feel the Gerbers filling up, and starting to pull down. So delightful to see nothing leaking into the plastic pants yet.

I enjoyed this fullness, then realized that it was time to clean up. I went in the bath tub. As I took off the plastic pants, there were only a few drops. They had done their job. Then, the rubber pants came off, splashing as they hit the tub. They were full, and had done their job.

Then, off with the Gerbers. I have to be careful not to rip them. There was pee pouring out as I took them off. Of course, the GoodNites were drenched. I tore them off, and tossed them in a bag. The latex pants were last. They are a pain to clean up. I went outside to throw the Goodnites in the trash can. Out there, I felt the need to pee, and went on the grass.

After all that, I got another beer, and went back to the computer. I wanted to put on another GoodNites, and another pair of plastic pants. Instead, I shut off the computer. I went outside to pee, then went to sleep.

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