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Bob was 35 and considered himself one of the boys. He had grown up tough and was proud of the fact that he along with his friends was feared and respected. He was part of a gang that was under investigation by the police for extortion of money from shop keepers and he and the boys regularly got their way. He worked as car salesman with his buddies and frequently sold drugs.

But Bob had a secret. He loved being a baby. He just loved the affection he got from being in a playpen, sucking on a pacifier, wearing a diaper and bib and shaking a rattle. Bob had to be careful though, because if they guys found out about it, he would be chucked out of the group and would lose his reputation as a 'tough guy'.

Bob would go out of town to visit a prostitute who would be his nanny. She would set up a blanket on the floor as a playpen and he would crawl around on it going 'goo goo gaa gaa' while she would tickle his tummy and say 'theres a good baby, coochie coochie coo, heres your bottle'. Bob loved the attention but the only problem was that it didn't go for long enough and when the hour or so he had booked with the prostitute would end she would say 'times up baby Bobby, see you next time sweetie'. Bob really wished that his dreams of being a baby would come true for real. But he knew that it would probably never happen, so he kept his 'bad' image up with the boys.

But that dream was to come true for real.

Two of Bob's buddies, Tony and John were going to see Melanie, Tony's girlfriend. She was stunningly beautiful, with large breasts, shapely legs and a pretty face and the girlfriends she hung around with were as well. Although she liked Tony, she and her girlfriends didn't like the other boys that Tony hung around with, like Bob. They would flirt with the girls and constantly try and force them into coming on a date with them. Melanie's mother actually owned a baby supply store and now and then Melanie would help out. When Bob went there with his buddies now and then, he would look at all the baby clothes and get excited about being a baby. But he couldn't show it, as he didn't want Tony, John and the other boys to know his secret. This time Tony was going to see Melanie about coming out to the bar where the boys hung out that night. Melanie's mother knew all about Tony and the guys and their drug dealing and extortion attempts and did not like them. She wished Melanie would meet another guy, but she was too afraid to say anything, so she always smiled and joked whenever Tony and the boys came round.

As they walked to the end of the store where Melanie and her mother were working hanging up clothes, Bob and the other guys noticed a huge playpen. 'What's this for Melanie?' said Tony. 'Are you going to sleep there when you get tired later on?' Everyone laughed and Melanie's mother smiled and said 'No we are having a yearly sale on Saturday and we thought we would add some entertainment this year as its our biggest sale day. We were going to get old Harry, the old man who lives down the road to be the big baby, but he's gone away and wont be back in time. You guys wouldn't wear diapers for a day would you? Come on it would be fun' . Everyone laughed and Tony said 'Fuck off, as if. Get some other old loser too.' Tony then said that he would see Melanie and the other girls that night and the boys went off back to the car yard.

Bob couldn't believe it. He was so excited. They actually want someone to be a big baby he thought. He could hardly contain his excitement. Perhaps he could volunteer to be the baby? But then reality set in and he knew he couldn't. Imagine what would happen if he did. Naturally Melanie's mother would tell Melanie and then she in turn would tell her girlfriends and Tony who would in turn tell just about everyone. He would be thrown out of the group and Tony would sack him from the car yard. And he would lose his reputation as one of the tough guys in town.

At the bar that night Bob, John and the other guys flirted with Melanie's girlfriends, while Melanie and Tony held hands in the corner and kissed. Bob and John talked with Julie, Melanie's best friend. She was stunning, had nice legs and a cute bum. She would wear short skirts but this night she wore tight jeans and looked hot. She, like the other girls couldn't stand Tony's friends and she would say, after being asked to go out on a private date 'Okay, ill let you know. Bye' and walk away to the other girls. But the boys would always persist which annoyed the girls. All the guys loved the girls and Melanie especially was really liked. But no one would go near her for fear of getting a bashing from Tony! The guys drank, smoked and talked and then later that night they went back to their office to discuss a drug deal. They would have to be careful as the police were watching them.

Later that night Bob went back home to his apartment where he lived on his own. All night he couldn't stop thinking about Melanie's mother wanting a big baby for her shop. Bob regularly did the drug ecstasy and tonight he popped some tablets and drank, getting high, thinking all the time, fantasizing about being the baby at Melanie's mother's baby store. She would treat him well and nurture him he thought and he could play in the big playpen she had erected, crawling around in his diaper in safety and comfort. Bob loved the baby fantasy. He loved not having to worry about the hardships of life or trying to be tough with the guys. He would just put a diaper on his bum, bib around his neck and suck on a pacifier.

The longer the night went on, the more intoxicated and high Bob got. In the early hours of the morning he was really high. When he got like this he found it hard to even speak he got that bad. The next day he was awoken by the phone ringing. It sounded loud and Bob answered. It was Tony and he was angry. 'Where the fuck are you? Its 11am!' said Tony. Bob looked at his clock. Oh my god he thought. I've got that high and drunk I slept in. He thought quickly and said to Tony that he was really sick and wouldn't be able to go to work that day or do the drug deal that night as the guys had all planned. He told Tony he would need a couple of days off to which Tony got really angry. In the end Tony said that if he was sick he was sick and there was nothing he could do about it. He told Bob to get better quick as they had work to do.

Bob hung up the phone and had something to eat then watched television. But he quickly started fantasizing about being the baby at Melanies mother store. Out came the ecstasy drugs again and he got himself high again. All day he thought how good it would be. It was Thursday and Melanies mother had said they needed a big baby for their big sale day on Saturday. The higher he got, the more he thought. Tony and the boys would be out of town on Saturday to do the drug deal and wouldn't be back until that night. He could be the baby. Yes he could do it! The drugs completely took him over and overrode his commonsense. He no longer saw the reality of what would happen 'after' he was the baby on Saturday. He just kept thinking how good it would 'be' on Saturday. For the rest of the day and through the next day, Friday, Bob kept on getting high. In the afternoon he couldn't contain it any longer. He would have to act now and go and ask Melanies mother wether they had found anyone to be the big baby or not or it would be too late! He would miss his chance!

Bob hurried to the store which Melanies mother owned. But just when he was about to go round the corner, he had a reality think. How could he do this? What would happen afterwards? He knew he would be in trouble. He started to walk away from the store, but then the drugs kicked in again and he was a little high and started to fantasize about being the baby. He turned around and walked back into the store.

Melanie's mother was at the back of the store and greeted Bob when he walked in. She was a little surprised to see Bob on his own, as normally when Bob came to the store, he was with Tony and the other guys. 'You looking for Tony?' she said to Bob. Bob again had a reality think and almost said no and was about to turn and walk out of the store when he saw the big playpen again and he immediately got high. 'Ummm, I was just wondering, have you found anyone to be the baby on Saturday?' he said. 'Why no, not yet. Still looking. Why?' said Melanie's mother. 'I was thinking about being the baby' said Bob. Melanie's mother had a really surprised look on her face and then smiled and said 'Really? Are you joking???' Bob said no that he wasn't and Melanie's mother became even more surprised and said 'Did Tony or one of the other guys dare you too', laughing a bit. 'Yeah, kind of', said Bob. Melanie's mother laughed a bit and then said okay, to be here really early on Saturday morning, which was tomorrow. Bob turned and walked out of the store to go home. Melanie's mother immediately got on the phone and called her best friend Alison, who also helped out at the store. 'You won't believe this, but we have found a baby for tomorrow' she laughed.

Bob went home and got high again. He could not sleep that night, nervous, but excited at the same time about being the baby.

Next morning Bob got to the store at 6am like Melanie's mother had said. Melanie's mother and her friend Alison were there and they both grinned and laughed when he walked up to them. Melanie's mother reached over to a bag on the counter and pulled out a huge towel. 'I take it you know how to put a diaper on?' she laughed and Alison started laughing too. 'I think so', said Bob. Melanie's mother gave him safety pins and told him to go out the back and put it on. Bob went out the back and put it on, pinning the diaper easily and came back. He was naked except for the diaper and when he went around the corner Melanie's mother and Alison laughed. Melanie's mother adjusted the diaper a little and then pulled out two big huge safety pins, bib, bonnet, jumbo bottle, rattle and pacifier. 'You are all set to go' she laughed. 'All you have to do is get in the playpen and be a baby whenever the customers come in. It just adds comedy to the day and makes everyone smile'. Bob got in the playpen. He was still really high and he started to crawl around and go 'goo goo gaa gaa'. Melanie's mother and Alison could hardly believe it. They were amazed that here was one of Tony's tough friends, which they didn't really like anyway, acting like a complete baby in a playpen. They just laughed and laughed and eventually went on about their business, while Bob acted like a baby in the playpen.

After awhile the phone rang and it was Melanie. Melanie's mother laughed and said 'We have Bob helping us at the store today Melanie. He's doing a great job!' Melanie responded 'I thought he was with Tony and the guys out of town??' Melanie's mother said 'No, he heres and he's doing a great job!' Melanie quickly said 'Watch that creep, you know I don't trust him. Hey did you find anyone to be the baby for the sale day?' Melanie's mother answered and said 'No, we didn't. But I'm sure it will be a good day anyway'. They ended the call. Melanie's mother thought she would surprise Melanie who would be along later that day. Was she in for a surprise!

The morning went on and customers came and went from the store. Many knew Bob and they could hardly contain their surprise at seeing him dressed as a baby. Alison would walk over to Bob and go 'Who's a good baby! Coochie coochie coo.' Bob loved that and would go from lying on his belly to sitting on his bum and suck his pacifier.

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