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Big Messy Baby

I have forgotten that I am 25 years old. I have forgotten how I met these people, and became drawn into my current role. I am very satisfied.

Every morning I come into waking aware first of one thing, my diapers are wet between my legs. My bedding is dry only because of the vinyl diaper covers with elastic around my waist and legs. Any leaking at the edges is readily absorbed by my thick flannel cotton sleeper. I am warm and wet and groggy from sleep. I may have been wetting myself as I woke up, but the diaper is soaked from wetting myself through the night. With several bottles and nursing before sleep, this is what I do. I wet my diapers all night. When I was younger, I dreading getting out of my warm bed, stumbling to the bathroom, only to be confronted with problems of missing the toilet and cleaning up mistakes when I would rather be asleep. So it was easy when I was returned to diapers to forget the unhappy habit of having to wake up to pee. Now instead of a cold walk to the bathroom I stay in my crib, sucking on my pacifier as I sleep. Sometimes I wake up as a warm stream of pee caresses my crotch. It is comforting now, in stark contrast to the terror of my early days when wetting the bed was a nightmare.

I was still leaking during the day in first grade. Soft little grayish yellow spots dotted the front of my underwear by the end of the day. My mother tried all sorts of monitoring and inspections. I am not sure which was worse, the daytime checks or the nights of bedwetting. At least once she put me in diapers and paraded me through the house. That didn't help.

But now I have a new family that wants a big baby in diapers. My new Suzy loves me because I nurse on and off all day, and she can enjoy eating more because she is eating for me too. She loves the feeling of my sucking on her nipples. She will pat my diaper when I start to fall asleep nursing, or she will roll my little nipples in her finger which arouses me to rub my diapers against her. When she wants to play, I will suck and lick anywhere she wants. When she changes my diaper, she plays with me. Sometimes she will slip my hard little dick into her and rock back and forth on me as I nurse on her erect nipples. She feels so good to me, that even though I get tense and squirt in a minute or so, I stay hard and enjoy her sliding on me until she tenses and moans, and often pees on me. Sometimes I wish she would do this with every diaper change, just like I sometimes wish she would rub my crotch every time I nurse . But I enjoy myself all day, so I cannot get completely excited every time.

In the morning my sister comes in to my nursery to wake me up and play while Suzy and Johnny are still sleeping. She too still wears diapers at home, but she goes to school. She does not know if she will be a baby when she is older. She likes to let down the side of my crib and climb in with me. The sounds of her feet or the lowering of the crib is what usually wakens me to the feeling of my diapers. My next awareness is that she is there, and I am going to wake up and play with her. I may never completely get over the embarrassment of being a diaper baby, so the feeling of the wet diapers, and hearing her near usually wakes me up quickly. But I am still a bit groggy as she slips her hand into the slit in my sleeper and finds my right nipple. She rolls it in her thumb and forefinger, knowing it will excite me. I make a little whimper, and roll over so she can place one of her nipples in my mouth. She teases me, "Suck little baby boy. Try to suck some milk to wet your diapers. If you suck me nicely I'll keep playing with your nipples."

She finds my other nipple with her other hand. I am still half asleep, but my peenie is getting very hard down in those warm wet diapers. I reach my hand up and play with her other nipple. Unlike Suzy's nipples, I get no milk from Sissie. She is old enough to have babies and nurse them. I can tell from the soft sounds she makes that she enjoys my sucking, and I enjoying her touching me. She rocks her diaper gently against mine, and I think vaguely about rocking back. But the lull of her nipple in my mouth and the nagging of her fingers on my nipples is hypnotic, I do not want it to end, I am not awake enough to initiate wiggling my diaper back at her.

I hear Suzy call from her bedroom, "Ten minutes Sissy, or you will be late for school."

She calls back, muffled, "OK, OK, I know."

She touches my cheeks, and slides the nipple out of my mouth.

"OK little diaper boy." My nipples are rolled simultaneously. I moan.

"Time to smell the diapers, little baby. Time to get your nose wet." She stops the nipple play and slides herself up in the crib, and guides my head toward her waist.

"That's a good little diaper lover. Can you smell Sissy's diaper? Let's get you where you can smell and suck, and I'll play with your nipples some more."

My nipples long to be touched again. I catch a whiff of either her night-time diaper or mine. We do this most mornings. It is no surprise, but from my haze I never expect it when it happens. Perhaps because she must run off to school and her friends, and I have all day to be babied and touched. She wiggles her hips up so her diaper and plastic pants slide down over her new pubic hair. Her skin there is not bare like mine. She is not the baby I am. But she is wearing a warm wet diaper, and I nuzzle into the space between the diaper and her tummy, pushing it down as she wiggles up. I lick at her tiny pink bead, and suck on her little lips. Ahh, my nipples are being rolled again in her fingers. She is resting her cheekbone on my diaper and gently nudging it. On days when there is more time, she will invade my diaper the way I am now invading hers. But this is her special time right now. She is awake and I am still groggy. I reach a hand up and touch her nipple as she massages mine. She gives me a extra firm pinch to thank-me, and digs her chin back and forth along the shaft of my penis buried under the plastic pants and diapers. She knows where it is.

I continue to lick and suck, and her hips rock gently up and down my face. They tighten more, and then suddenly rock furiously, arching her back up. I dig my tongue in as deep as I can and then latch my sucking on that tiny pink bead. She releases my nipple and directs the pressure of my face against all her tingling pink skin. As she moans and shivers, and starts to quiet, I feel a small stream pee on my chin. It will collect in the diaper below. The warmth and smell make me want to wet my diaper, but I know I am too hard to pee. I can wet my diaper in a few minutes, on the way down the hall to Suzy's room as I waddle, or snuggled into Suzy's bed.

Sissy wakes me up most mornings. Her dreams and her diapers make her want me to lick and suck her to come. But I really start the day when Sissy pulls her diaper and plastic pants up, and helps me out of my crib. She tucks my pacifier in my mouth, and holds my hand as I waddle out of the room and down the hall to Suzy and Johnny's room.

"Come on, I'm gonna be late. You are such a big diaper baby.

" she says impatiently. I know she is happy, because she is smiling at me as she says it, and she knows the teasing about being a baby just riles me up. She's a baby too, and she too would be embarrassed if any of her friends knew it.

"Sweety," says Suzy, "You'd better hurry to get to school. Just let him crawl over to the bed."

I let go of Sissy's hand. I used to walk and run, sports everything, just fine. But every week or so, Suzy and Johnny have changed me more and more into a full baby. As they increased the size of my diapers, it got harder to walk with balance. They gave me huge plush slippers. We played games with the slippers, and I loved them and insisted on wearing them, also interfering with walking unless helped. Then I was encouraged to crawl. If I crawled, really nice things happened to me. If I tried to walk, because I was eager or in a hurry, or just from habit, I was sometimes punished. Spanked, threatened with a loss of diapers, or Sissy time in the morning, and so on. This did not happen more than a few times, as I quickly adapted to crawling if a supporting hand was not present.

I was also in steps being shifted to an all-liquid and cereal diet. This of course increased my wetting, and changed the smell and consistency of my poops. It also made it easy for Suzy and Johnny to put things in a bottle that allowed them to play with me in ways that I needed to learn to enjoy.

A pacifier was almost always in my mouth unless I was nursing on Suzy or a bottle, or playing with someone. As weeks went by, I was encouraged to suck my thumb any time my pacifier slipped out. This usually happens at night, or when I am napping. It was quite easy to encourage, as again I was rewarded with lovely touching whenever I was found sucking my thumb. At the same time, my babyhood was pointed out and encouraged. I was their sweet sweet baby boy in diapers. And if I did not have something in my mouth, I would have playing cease, and occasionally a reminder swat on the rear of harsher punishment that might be employed.

As Sissy let go of my hand, she gave my backside a love tap, and murmurred, "Be a good baby, baby." I dropped to my hands and knees and began crawling over the carpeting to Suzy and Johnny's bed. My diapers were hugely wet, and sagging. Without the plastic pants and their elastic legbands and waistband, I would have crawled out of the diapers. Well, yes, the sleeper helped too. I could feel my tender cheeks just a bit red, rubbing each other, and my peenie dragging gently against the soaked cotton. I loved crawling in Suzy and Johnny's room, because the carpet is soft, and because the bed and Suzy are soft too. And Johnny makes me feel good in different ways that Suzy does not seem to think of. I love going to Suzy and Johnny's bed.

Suzy sits on the edge of the bed and helps me up into the covers. She smiles and pats my behind, and says "Here's my little baby. Come to suck on Suzy? Come to get some real milk? You must be hungry and thirsty, and I bet you would like to wet your diapers even more before I change you. Come on, come suck little baby."

My mouth is open and sucking before she even slips her breast to it. I nurse on the nipple and feel the milk ease out of the tip as I suck. I fall into an easy rhythm. As the milk lets down and flows faster, I sometimes feel it squirt in a thin stream against my tongue or the roof of my mouth. Suzy sighs and relaxes. She pats my back and my diapers. She unzips the back panel of my sleeper, and slides her finger under the waistband of the pink vinyl baby pants. They have the same nursery animal print that I see frequently when Johnny plays me a diaper-lover adult baby slide show from the internet. She checks the wetness of my diapers, making sure that there is capacity for more wetting. There is.

She leaves the back panel open, and, like Sissy, reaches under the front chest slits and begins rolling my nipples, first one and then the other. I moan for a few seconds, then she shifts me over to her other breast. It is already wet, and flows immediately. Sometimes milk flows right away, sometimes I have to work at it. Sometimes I can get a lot, sometimes not as much. I love sucking Suzy's breasts, and it is never quite the same. The flow of the milk, the way she plays with me as I nurse, with my diapers, with my nipples, and reaching down inside my diapers too.

Often she unzips the front of the sleeper and reaches down to play with my peenie. The first time that she reached down the back, and with a big dab of vaseline she began massaging my hole, I squirted come in a few seconds. Now I relax and enjoy a slower buildup. But I can be awakened and aroused any time by someone playing with my nipples or massaging my hole.

Today Suzy just pats the front of my diaper lightly, while her other hand goes from left nipple to right nipple. I feel her getting tense as the milk is almost gone from the second breast.

"OK lovely little licker. I haven't got a juicy diaper like Sissy's, but you enjoy Suzy sweet love lips. Down you go. Suzy wants to come after her breasts have been sucked so nicely. Down you go.

I slide down toward the foot of the bed, where there is plenty of room. Lying on my tummy, so I can rock my peenie and diapers against the bed, I bury my face in Suzy's genitals. Suzy and Sissy have taught me well how to pleasure them, and they guide me as I lick and suck them to perfection. Suzy cannot reach my nipples, which ache to be touched, but a find a position where I can rock and slide my peenie back and forth in my bulky wet diaper. I reach my hands up and can just barely reach Suzy's nipples which I roll gently in my fingers, like she was doing to mine. She tenses and sighs. I must be doing it right. Suzy is happy with me sucking on her and touching her nipples. I am happy rubbing my peenie against the wet diaper inside my sleeper.

Then I feel Johnny move, and his hand reaches over to pat my backside. Suzy is rocking her hips, and holding my head with her hands. Johnny's hand finds a nipple, and I am in heaven. I try to stay right in that groove, that foggy, wet, pulsing, aching groove of being babied to the extreme, wet and sucking. I feel Suzy coming, without peeing like Sissy. She pulls me up to suck her breast and she slows down.

Johnny gets out of bed for a minute and returns.

"You have been such a good baby, learning to wear your diapers all the time, wetting them while you sleep, nursing Suzy and Sissy and helping them come. What a lovely little diaper baby you have become. You are sucking your thumb and crawling, and taking bottles and cereal. You are just absolutely delicious and cute and we all love you so much."

He has one of my nipples in his hand.

"I know it is had for you to listen when I am playing with your nipple. But that's OK. You are becoming a complete big baby, and I think you will enjoy only half knowing what game we will be playing today.

I was glad I had not come while sucking on Suzy. Games were always more fun when Johnny did things that brought me to coming. I loved sucking and rubbing Suzy and Sissy, but Johnny did things that made me have dreams at night, that made my peenie feel like bursting sometimes. Johnny was talking, and I was only half listening as he played with my nipple, reminding me of previous games.

Sucking games and licking games. Whenever I learned to suck or lick anyone, I would be sucked a licked. Anyone. Anywhere. I learned to nurse, and to suck a bottle, and any pacifier, and my thumb. I learned to suck Sissy's crotch, every inch of it. And of course Suzy's, and recently Johnny's.

Johnny plays thumb and cock. I suck my thumb and he plays with my nipple for a minute. Then he stops and puts his hand on my other nipple without rolling it. If I take my thumb out of my mouth and move toward his crotch, he massages that nipple. When I touch my lips to his cock, he massages both nipples for a minute, as long as I suck and lick. He stops massaging one and then the other. That means I need to suck my thumb. When I do, I get a nipple touched. When it stops, I head for the cock again and get both nipples massaged. I love sucking Johnny's cock now. When we have played long enough, he lets me rock in my wet diaper until I come with his cock in my mouth. I have a peenie, without any hair any more. Johnny has a cock, with lots of hair. I like to lick and suck everywhere in Johnny's crotch now, because he has trained me to love it all. Johnny tells me I am becoming the best big baby ever.

I like the new things Johnny teaches me, and I like the daily routine with Suzy and Sissy. Once I heard Suzy tell Sissy that I am one very horny big baby. She said that it keeps Johnny busy thinking of ways for the three of them to funnel my energy. Johnny has been busy again.

Johnny slides me off Suzy's tummy so I am lying on my tummy between them on the bed. Like Suzy he slides his hand down the back of my diapers, and with his middle finger he wipes a big dollop of vaseline. He rubs back and forth, and then a little in and out.

"Touch your nipples" he says.

"Go on, reach up under your nightie and play with your nipples.

I do it. I am playing with my own nipples, as Johnny tests all the pressures and slides, and insertions that make me moan. If I try to rub myself in my diapers against the bed, he stops. 'Not yet, not yet big baby"

I hear Suzy unwrapping a piece of plastic. She hands something to Johnny, who slides his hand out of the diaper to get it, and slides the hand back down. The slides makes me moan. He inserts a finger, and then something smaller, and then the finger again. The finger pushes farther in. And then slides out and up and fetches another something from Suzy. Three of these are inserted, and after the last one Johnny rocks his finger in and out of my hole. I feel like I am violated, this was a private space my whole life. But I enjoyed touching of the opening, and I know Johnny enjoys touching there. I hear Suzy and Johnny's voices, but I am not understanding them other than they are talking to me sweetly. I want to stop this Johnny game and just go back to sucking Suzy and rubbing my diapers. But when Johnny stops moving his finger, I rock my hips and he starts. When he starts, I must relax and moan, or else his finger stops. I vaguely hear Johnny say to Suzy, 'Oh he loves this, this is going to be an easy training after all. He will be begging for the whole thing in just a few days.

" I was not thinking ahead to anything, this was completely engrossing. Everything Suzy and Johnny had trained had become a delight. I trusted them. Whatever they were doing now was bound to be as wonderful as what had already been changed in my life.

I love my diapers. Dry, I can rub them to climax in a few minutes. Wet, they are never the same, but always bulky and always reminding me that I am a sweet lucky touchy loveable big baby. I am a thumbsucker- I love my thumb. And I love feeling my diapers get wet. I love sucking my bottle and Suzy's breast. I love to wake to up Sissy's horny nagging at my nipples, know that I be smell her dirty diapers, and her perfume, and her clothes at least twice every day. She loves to masturbate, but she loves what I do to her even more. So she loves me a love, and I love her back. I love snuggling Suzy, and the diaper changes when she plays with my peenie, and how she plays with my nipples as lovingly as I play with hers.

Johnny's finger has stopped. I rock my hips up and down to start him again. I probably would not stop, but Johnny slides his hand out of my diaper and says

"I bet you do not remember anything we just said. So let's stop with your nipples for a minute." Suzy, pressed my hands gently, so my fingers stayed on my nipples, but I stopped to listen.

" You have been such a good wetter. But you are not pooping in your diaper like you like it. We want you to enjoy every part of being a baby possible. Pooping in diapers is what baby's do. Other people who might want to enjoy you as a big baby will want you to poop happily in your diapers. We are going to train you to enjoy pooping. What a sweet baby.

I felt him gently patting the back of my diaper.

"Here are three bottles for you. You know how nice you pee when you suck your bottles. Come on sit up.

They rolled me over, daze, and sat me up on pillows.

"You can have these nice bottles after your breakfast. He took the bowl of warm cereal and fed me spoonful by spoonful while Suzy massaged by nipples. I was eating in a daze of pleasure. I ate a lot. I fact I sort of felt like it went on for a long time, eating eating eating cereal. My nipples were hot, and I felt the ache in my hole from when Johnny was touching it. I wanted more of that.

Johnny reminded me as he fed me.

"Nice bottles after breakfast for our baby. And then a nice big come. Baby is going to come in his big wet diapers. Suzy and Johnny will be right here to make Baby come.

I loved my diapers. I liked coming three or four times everyday in my diapers. I liked wetting them. The bottles would make me pee. I wanted the bottle. But I also liked being fed the cereal and have Suzy and Johnny say nice things and play with my nipples.

As Johnny finished giving me the last of the big bowl or cereal, he said, " There there Big Baby, you are going to have a nice big messy diaper. Your nice big wet pissy diaper with your pink baby pants, and the cute little animals, and the pink diaper pins. You toddle so nicely in those diapers, and crawl like a little baby and rub them and rub them to come whenever you can. Pretty soon you are going to squirt and little come into those big wet diapers, big Baby. And when you do, I am going to hold your hands and look right into your eyes and tell my Big Baby that he is coming in his nice big wet diapers. And Suzy right behind you is going to be massaging your lovely little nipples. And the next time we play this game, Suzy and Johnny will trade places. We will look right in your eyes and tell you that you are coming in your big wet diapers and that you are a sweet sweet baby.

My peenie was very very hard hearing these words. To lose privacy when coming, to being looking right at Suzy or Johnny was very scary, but exhilarating. I knew I wanted to do it, just like I wanted to be caught wearing diapers, to be humiliated and loved at the same time, to be controlled, but with my every desire satisfied.

I felt Suzy hand reaching down into the front of my diaper.

"Yes, he is really loving this. His little woody is stiff as can be. Suzy and Johnny were having fun, playing with me. Making me a complete baby.

I felt my tummy rumble, and looked surprised.

"Here we go , said Johnny, ' I think we are getting some action from those little love drops my fingers pushed inside you. Not to mention all that baby food you ate. And you are on your third bottle already.

I was feeling a little bloated, and with the long erection, my bladder was full. I wanted to pee.

"I bet you have to pee" said Suzy. 'Well you just enjoy what is happening and when the time comes you will have a nice big Baby come, and then a nice big Baby pee you your messy diaper.

My full bladder added to the buzz from my nipples, and Johnny and Suzy occasionally patting my diaper. I knew something was happening, but had not quite figured out what. I heard sucking air sounds from the third bottle.

"OK said Johnny, just a few more minutes to take off for this big baby." He took the bottle from my hands and he brought his cock up to my mouth and I sucked quietly on it for a few minutes.

My tummy rumbled. I was feeling very full. Suzy gently played back and forth on my nipples.

Then Johnny pulled away, and he pulled me to the side up the bed and up onto my feet. Facing me and holding my hands, he looked down a me and said,

"OK Big baby with the biggest diaper in town, with the biggest wettest diaper in town. With the cutest little ass, and the nicest sucking and licking. Look at me. Look at Johnny. Come on look.

I looked up and he caught my eyes. I could feel pressure and looseness in my crotch. Suzy was brushing my nipples.

"Yes, the biggest wettest and messiest diaper in town. You are our big baby and we even love your stinky poopy diapers. You are a real baby with pee and poop in your big white wet diapers. Sure we need to clean you up, but before we do you can love that hot wet stickiness of a messy diaper. We love how much you are going to love being a real baby. Are you ready? Ready to do doo-doo in your diaper big baby? Are you going to make a big wet messy diaper for Suzy and Johnny?

My eyes were locked on Johnny's. I tried to turn away once, and Suzy pinched me hard. Not again. Johnny held my hands. I felt my backside open and out slid a warm wet going mess. I had just messed my diaper, real messed it and it felt wonderful. Suzy and Johnny loved me as a big messy baby. I wanted to cry. I had tears in my eyes. Johnny was smiling and let go of one hand to pat my diaper. Another spurt came down. Warmer and stickier than pee. Very bad, but very good. Can't stay all day in a messy diaper, too bad too bad.

"Goody baby, Suzy whisper in my ear.

"Have a nice big messy poop in that big diaper,. We want you to love that pooping. We have lots of games to play. But pooping is a natural part of being a big baby, and you are going to love popping every day. Johnny and I won't have it any other way. I don't think we are going to have to do anything else. I think this is working just fine. Isn't this a much nicer messy diaper than the ones you have been having?

It was. I felt like I had discovered a missing part of my body. Maybe Johnny had awakened it with his finger. Maybe it was the trust and eye contact. I just knew that I wanted to mess in my diaper again, soon.

And I did. Right then, out came more, hot and gooey. Johnny was tussling my hair. No eye contact this time- I missed that. I turned around and caught Suzy's eyes. She was smiling. Her nipples were erect. Johnny was touching her breast.

"OK said Johnny, you may get a few more spurts, but I think you should enjoy them in your crib. You are the big poopy baby with the messy diaper, and you need to spend some time alone in your crib with your messy diapers. And Suzy and Johnny will celebrate their little success and change your diaper after you have a little nap. Come on.

Holding my hand he led me to the door, down the hall and into my nursery. I was bubbling with excitement. The gooey poop was rubbing my crotch. I knew I smelled messy, but it felt so so good. I was feeling each step, toddling more slowly than ever. Johnny was patient. Smiling at my pleasure.

As we reached my crib, Johnny unzipped my sleeper and pulled it down over my shoulders, to the floor. I stepped out as directed. I was standing in a huge messy diaper and pink plastic pants. I wanted to be in my crib, so I could rub my diapers. And I had to pee, but couldn't from the excitement. Johnny lifted me into the crib, and into sitting position.

"Here's an extra treat for our messy baby. With all that pee and poo inside, let's have some fun.

He pulled out a frilly lacy white pajama top from the top of the changing table. It had little pink bows, and little pink yellow and blue animal patches. He pulled it over my head.

"Beware: Messy Diapers" it read in big Pink letters. in small letters is read "Suzy's turn". On the back, it read, "Johnny's turn." It was big and loose, hanging down to diaper level. If I was standing it would half cover my diapers.

"Now you can lay down, said Johnny.

"And boost up that tush.

I lifted my tush as if being changed, and Johnny slid something under, which he then pull through my crotch and snapped up, like another plastic baby pant.

"Have a peek, big messy baby. I had been lying soaking up the feeling without looking.

I looked down as saw an all white lacy diaper cover. They were reading my mind somehow. I was messy, and being sissified too. And I loved it. I would be big messy baby rubbing the pee and poo in his diaper, wearing girly clothes all lacy and white. I felt a little twinge in my hole ,and another squirt came out, heating the pool. Oh this was heaven. A mess baby dressed in white ruffles.

Where did Johnny get all these bottles? He was putting the nipple in my mouth.

"I want you to finish that bottle before you touch your nipples and start rubbing, he said.

I would feel the mess ooze, with one more spurt, while I drank the bottle.

Then I rolled onto my tummy and started gently rubbing this way and that. I put my thumb in my mouth. I could see the red light flashing on Johnny's video recorder on the tripod. They would watch me later. They would have me watch myself later. We had done games like that. I wished Johnny was there to play with my tush, that had felt so good. Maybe he would do that again . Of course, they would. Suzy had said I would come looking into her eyes. Or was that Johnny? I could hear him and Suzy in their bed, lovely sounds. But now I was all messy and after a few minutes I tensed and throbbed and came a little white spurt of come to join the pee and poop. I was exhausted and happy, and very messy and smelly. I thought I should go to Suzy and Johnny, and sat up in my crib and up onto my knees. The diapers oozed. NO, they would not like an interruption and I felt so tired. I did not want to crawl that whole way. My bladder finally pushed past my fading erection, and another puddle of pee joined the mess in the diaper.

If it leaked out the side of the plastic pants, my nice white panty cover would be stained. I should go to sleep, and dream of Johnny pushing things up inside me while I wore my pretty lace nightie, with my nipples growing like Sissy's, and then dream of messing my diapers, and rubbing. The best big baby in town.

I awoke as the late morning sunlight streamed into my nursery. I had been dreaming of a big greased finger sliding between my buttocks. It would lightly touch my hole one each back and forth slide. I was aware of my messy diapers, the dripping of my peenie as I was just peeing in my sleep. I remembered I was dressed in white frilly girly panties and teddy top. Immediately began rubbing myself on the crib sheets, thumb in my mouth.

Well, said Johnny, your nightie top says it is my turn.

Johnny was watching me wake up. He unsnapped my white diaper covers, and then the pink plastic ones. The smell was not as bad as I expected, the poopy pee smell. He unpinned the diapers by rolling me just a bit to one side then the other. He folded the back half of the messy diaper under me, so I was lying with my buttocks in the air, on top of the messy diaper. He wiped my backside and crack with a few baby wipes. Then he wiped a big dollop of vaseline into my crack with a few swipes, and then placed a big dollop right in my hole.

"Well, those suppositories certainly relaxed things, he said, as he slipped his finger in and out of me. I was aching to be touched. Any time he stopped for a few seconds, I lifted my butt into the air, searching for sensation. His touching would push me down into the messy diaper, wet and warm and like magic on my peenie. I was not even aware of what I wanted before I got it. Johnny stepped into the crib, and slid his cock up and down my crack. I lifted to find the cock with my butt, wanting to be filled, some part of my brain wanting to be a lacy frilly nipple aching, fuck-me fuck-me big baby. Maybe I was being drugged. Maybe the cream Suzy rubbed onto my nipples to make the grow was telling my brain to be receptive. Maybe I was just being trained for something to which I had a disposition.

I felt Johnny's cock sliding in and out of my ass, and opened and closed myself gently, somehow knowing that he would enjoy the tugging as he pulled out and the looseness as he pushed in.

"Mmmmm" I groaned.

Johnny did not take long to come in me. I felt I would spend the rest of my life looked for nipples and pussies and cocks to lick and suck, and trying to get a cock into my ass. My big wet diapers would turn someone on. I hoped. Well sure, here were Sissy and Suzy and Johnny who enjoyed making me into the big sissy baby I had become in just a few weeks. Johnny stayed in me as I ejaculated into my messy diaper.

"You are such as easy baby, so an easy big messy sissy baby. Let's get you cleaned up and show Suzy how you look in your frilly nightie. I think she has some ideas for pigtails in your hair.

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