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Diapered Baby Girl Bird in a Cage

NOTE: I was crusing the internet when I came about this story at this website: . I found it very intresting and hope that you can possibly post it for others to enjoy. Just thought I would let you know that I very much enjoy your site and I love how you keep it constantly updated! Thanks! NOTE: I found this story online some years ago, and eventually lost it. I was in the middle of writing my own version when I came across it with a Google search. I found it to be very good :-) Anonymous

Renee inched forward on her desk chair until she was only just sitting on the edge of its seat. It put strain on her legs and lower back but the movement gave her temporary relief from the metal plate of the chastity belt pressing against her shaven vulva. She glanced at the clock and sighed. It was only 5:15. Paul would be another half hour at least.

She willed the clock to speed faster: not because she awaited Paul's arrival with pleasure but because her nightly interlude with him was her only respite from the constant discomfort of his metallic "insurance policy".

The chastity belt was pure torment and she knew Paul intended it to be. It was the only thing that made her long for his appearance. Only the relief from its chafing made her look forward to seeing him.

Distracted, she stood and looked at the backs of her legs, checking to make sure that the french seam style stockings he ordered her to wear were straight. She took a breath and felt the stiff stays of her corset resist the expansion of her rib cage - another torment. Her 4" black patent spike pumps were spotless and she had to admit that those, at least had become bearable.

For the hundredth time that day her eyes were drawn toward the key inside the fire alarm-type box beside her desk. It would be so easy to smash the thin glass, take the key and go to the women's washroom where she could remove the belt and walk away from a life of constant torment.

And, she reminded herself, a job that paid $80,000 a year and a man who had tapped into her deep sense of masochism. She thought of what it felt like when Paul strapped her onto the couch in her office and took her forcefully.

She was always wet for him, always at the brink of multiple orgasms. She didn't know what inside of her responded to his bizarre treatment but whatever it was she could not ignore it.

It was not a night for that escape. Paul left her the key for true emergencies only. There had been few and the one time he disagreed with her use of it the punishment had been terrible. She shuddered at the thought of the week in diapers, with a catheter in her urethra to make sure she used them.

She took another breath and tried to return to the work in front of her.

It was Susan's separation slip. Renee filled in the figures, lying about the girl's salary so she would be able to collect unemployment. Who would believe that a receptionist made $50,000? But then, who would believe the working conditions either. She glanced at the clock and pressed a button on her desk, unlocking the gate to the work area that Susan was confined to.

Just as she finished, Susan came into her office and closed the door. Like Renee she wore high black patent pumps and seamed stockings. But unlike her boss, Susan's skirt concealed a triple thick diaper sealed inside a pair of rubber or plastic panties.

Renee motioned for her to take a seat but the slim redhead shook her head.

Renee smiled in sympathy; by this time in the day Susan's diapers were in no condition to permit sitting. Renee tried to think of something to say but Susan beat her to it.

"Look, I'm really sorry to put you in a bind but I just can't take it anymore."

"I understand," Renee said sincerely, "its not for everyone."

"It's bizarre. How do you put up with it? The chastity belt, the sessions with him, the whole thing. Why?"

"I don't know." Renee said, but she lied. Watching Susan struggling with her own discomforts and having had the pleasure of watching her suffer for the three months of her employment had been one of Renee's favourite past-times.

Renee had to get rid of her frustrations somehow and Paul's approval of her treatment of the receptionist position had given her that outlet. As for why Renee put up with Paul, she had her own private answers.

Susan's hands went to the hem of her mid-thigh skirt. It deliberately only barely covered her garter tabs.

"Do you want your gear back? I brought a change of clothes." Renee shook her head.

"No. We've lots. I'd tell you to enjoy it in good health but I don't think you're into that." Now Susan shook her head.

"You'd be surprised. There were moments...." Renee cut her off by extending the separation slip and a cheque for her last pay, "But not enough good ones, huh? This is your unemployment form and a separation bonus. Of course the non- disclosure agreement you signed is still binding." Susan glanced at the generous cheque, "No problem. I'm only declaring $25,000 a year. With what I've earned here in three months I can buy a house for cash." Renee felt a wave of sadness. Susan had been a fun subject.

"If you ever want the job back, just call." Surprisingly, the other girl smiled, "You never can tell" she said before opening the door and leaving.

Renee looked through the glass window from her office to the reception area and watched Susan's departure. Despite wearing thick wet diapers and very high heels she looked elegant and composed. Renee thought she could hear the crackle of Susan's plastic panty but maybe she was imagining things.

It was 5:45, almost time for Paul to arrive. She went to the file cabinet in the corner of her office and removed the four cuff-and-chain sets that would turn the couch into a bondage table. As she crouched down to affix them to the legs of the psychiatrist's couch she felt the chastity belt tighten, her garters strain and her feet complain about her high heels. It all added up to a burning desire in her loins for Paul. She prayed he would be early.

Paul came at 6:00. Renee finished coming at 6:40. She was strapped down on the couch on her back, still fully clothed but for her chastity belt. She watched him get off her and wipe his penis with a tissue. She loved this moment of helplessness, tugging at the wrist and ankle bonds that held her spread open for him.

She felt her own secretions, mingled with his, drip from her vagina onto the vinyl covering of the couch. Her breathing was still accelerated from her orgasms and she was still aroused enough to take perverse pleasure in the fitting of her chastity belt, an act that closed off her pleasure until her master returned again.

He did it carefully, settling the oval metal plate over her shaven pubis with care before threading the network of fine chains into place. She wore the lock over her pubis, a departure from traditional chastity belt designs, so that he could fit the appliance without releasing her. One by one the chains tightened and then she heard the familiar, gentle click that signalled her return to intimate bondage.

He released her and waited for her to adjust her clothing before speaking to her.

"What have you done about a replacement for the receptionist?" It was always "the receptionist" to him. None of the four girls she had employed like Susan ever had a name in Paul's mind. Renee took some comfort in that. It meant he had eyes only for her - just as well considering what she put up with from him. She stood and made a teasing show of straightening her stockings as she replied, "I have a final interview at eight tonight."

"Final?" Renee looked at him with the most confident expression she could muster, "As final as I can manage. Few girls are willing to put up with the terms we insist on."

"You insist on," he intoned.

She walked toward him, sensing the metal plate between her legs and, still aroused, welcoming its discomfort. She knew that in less than an hour she would hate herself for letting him fasten it on her again but for now she perversely welcomed it, "We. I buy their discomfort with your money." He let her put her arms around him and then let his hands trace the outline of her chastity belt through her skirt. She felt the renewal of his arousal but when she reached for the front of his pants he caught her wrist.

"One is all you get - until tomorrow," he hissed.

She made a disappointed face. Her arousal was ebbing. Soon the chastity belt would be a private piece of hell once more. She searched the depths of her soul for a reason why she let him do this to her but as usual came up with only one answer - part of her liked it. She turned her mind to Donna, the girl she would be interviewing in less than an hour.

"If she agrees, you'll like her. Blonde, petite and sexy, she looks like a long-term candidate." He gave her a frustrated look, "Susan lasted three months..." Renee cut him off, "And she was the best liked, not to mention the longest."

"Relax your demands of them." She lifted her skirt, showing him the taunt garters and the chastity belt he enjoyed so much, "Relax your demands of me" she countered.

His eyes drank in the sight of her lingerie-and-metal bondage. She noticed his erection swelling anew. His voice was a little strained, "Out of the question." >From then on it was almost routine. He watched her return the cuff harnesses to the filing cabinet. She expected him to leave but instead he went to her desk and took a pair of chrome handcuffs from her drawer.

Surprised she waited for a clue but he gave her none. Instead he went behind her and confined her hands in the cold hard steel. It made her feel helpless and the bindings made her acutely aware of the steel plate over her sex.

Suddenly she wanted him very badly.

He read her mood.

"You're horny again, aren't you?" She blushed and nodded.

"And I suppose you think because your hands are cuffed I might be willing to take you again, without the couch fastenings?" She loved his european accent and the way he referred to the leather cuffs and chains that held her open and available to him each night. She nodded.

He slowly lowered his fly and extracted the angry red member that thrilled her so much. Her pussy ached to be penetrated by it and yet she knew it would put him off to display her desire for it too much. She pulled against the handcuffs, willing the chafing of steel on flesh to hurt her a little, reminding her of her bound condition. Her vulva burned in anticipation.

He gripped his manhood in one fist and pointed it toward her.

"Use your mouth." A sudden rush of masochism made her shake her head. No. She wouldn't accept just giving him pleasure. She wanted some of her own. The chastity belt was bad enough but when she was horny it was sheer torture. He owed her an orgasm.

"Use your mouth!" he commanded, his anger aroused by her disobedience.

Again she shook her head but as he moved toward her she automatically sank to her knees. She had no ability to resist and her adoption of the required position signalled the inner surrender she had already made.

A second later he was buried in her mouth and she tasted the salty residue of their coupling mixed with the aromatic essence of her own lubrication.

Even as she sent her tongue to please him she knew she had earned a punishment and the contemplation of it watered her love tunnel and made her press her thighs together, accepting the hard edge of the chastity plate as a poor substitute for his hard rod.

She sensed her power over him as she teased his member until it burst with salty semen, bathing the back of her throat and forcing her to swallow. She squeezed her thighs against the chastity plate and obtained a brief, fleeting orgasm which she hid from him as best she could. When she withdrew her lips the balance of power shifted and she sat back on her knees, waiting for the pronouncement of her punishment.

As he repaired his clothing there was a brief flash of frustration in his eyes. He felt compromised by the fact she had drained him and she knew from comments he had made on other occasions that she had robbed him of the resources he would need to see to Dorothy, his wife, and therefore he would have to make excuses or risk her suspicion.

He turned away from her for a moment as he inspected his trousers for evidence. When his eyes met hers again she felt a tremor of fear. She had gone too far.

"You fool!" he hissed, "my wife already suspects you. If I can't perform with her she will deduce our arrangement." Renee lowered her eyes. With the passing of passion she was now able to assess the risk. If Dorothy ever suspected Paul's liaison with Renee it would be over and Renee could not bear the thought of that. She let her head sink, "Punish me, then. Perhaps it will restore you." Even as the words escaped her lips she regretted them. Paul punished her rarely but each occasion was memorable. She knelt with her bottom pressed into the heels of her pumps and the resulting tension of the chastity belt made almost unbearable while he went to the locked drawer of her desk and used his, the only key, to open it.

Renee knew what the drawer held. She could rehearse its contents from memory but she dared not, now that a punishment was at hand. She listened to his fumbling and vainly tried to divine the nature of his plan for her but in the end she was no more able to predict her fate.

He came up behind her and ordered her to move onto all- fours. She did so without complaint and was not surprised when he reached under her skirt and between her legs and put the key into the lock of her chastity belt.

As the chains around her hips came loose she fought the temptation to look, to see what was about to be done to her. She knew that knowledge of her fate would not make it easier to bear but might, if it enraged him, prolong it.

There was fumbling with the chains of the belt that held the metal plate close about her loins. One chain, that which nestled between her thighs, came loose and seemed to be the object of his intentions.

It was only when the blunt, rounded head of the butt plug first touched her private rosebud that she divined the nature of what he intended.

"Please" she gasped, "not that".

But it was that. He stole lubrication from her moist nether lips and used it to coat the tip of the hard round shaft before he pressed it against her tensed portal.

She bit her lip as she felt it penetrate her most private place, distending and spreading her tense little muscle. It was not that the appliance was large it was only that she could not remove it. Only once had he used this punishment and for the few hours she had borne it she had suffered terribly.

It was not pain, as she recalled, but the constant, irritating discomfort.

No matter what she did she could not shake the sensations of its presence from her mind, nor could she avoid the conclusion that her own actions had caused its application. Whether standing or sitting, moving or still, she could not avoid this punishment and as such she was truly its victim.

She gasped and tried to control her distress as the chastity belt was re-fastened, tightening the appliance inside her. She had attention only for the hard round shaft and was oblivious to almost all else. Only after Paul had finished did she dare step outside her nightmare and assess the world.

He was standing near the door, looming over her prostate form even from so far away. His hand on the knob announced his intention and she felt panic at the commencement of her private and solitary confinement. Somehow the distance between them increased the diameter of the shaft that distended her.

She fought panic to take a breath, "Please, I can't beae this."

"You will." he said flatly.

"I have to face my own test. If it goes well I shall see you at 7. Otherwise I'll be along at my usual time." Then he was gone and for the first time in her life, Renee hoped that Dorothy would fall asleep early, get a headache or otherwise have no need of her husband's services this night.

She drew herself to her feet slowly. No movement was without a reminder from the anal intruder. She allowed herself a gasp of surprise and discomfort at her first steps. She pictured the appliance in her mind and wondered how something so slim could cause such distress.

>From habit she searched the office for clues of what it had witnessed and, after wiping the couch clean, she gently took her seat, only to rise suddenly as the pressure against her rear passage made the position unbearable. She could not imagine how she would survive until tomorrow and again she found herself hoping against hope that Paul would return at seven the following morning.

Renee did her best to make sure that the office was bereft of all evidence as she struggled with the intruder locked in her bottom. Donna was due any minute and she didn't know how she would be able to deal with her. Paul's punishment had created a distraction that threatened to rob Renee of the high ground she needed to recruit a new receptionist.

*** Donna strolled into the reception area of the mini-office complex without making a sound. She didn't intend it that way. She had traded her winter boots for her pumps in the outer corridor and the thick carpets hid her approach.

She wore a bright red sheath dress that showed off her narrow hips and tight bottom. Being short, her heels were relatively high and her dress ended at mid-thigh. She thought she might be dressed too provocatively for a job interview but Renee had hinted that her boss might be present and Donna had learned long ago that a little thigh went a long way in such situations.

She caught a glimpse of Renee through the window between the reception area and Renee's office. Donna thought the other woman looked upset and preoccupied. She took a seat and wondered why her prospective employer had scheduled an interview for eight in the evening.

It was supposed to be a final interview and Donna was pleased that no other candidates were in sight. Since she had broken up with her boy friend, finances had been tight and she really needed a good job. Renee had hinted at incredible wages and Donna was wondering how that could be. Few receptionists made more than $25,000 and while Donna knew she was over- qualified she doubted her experience was enough to boost her salary into the range Renee had quoted.

While she waited she noticed the strange configuration of the reception area. It featured a chest-high counter and a series of plexiglass panels between the counter and the ceiling that created almost a cage-like area.

Strangely, the counter was hollow in its lower areas, providing no modesty panel for a girl sitting at its desk. From where Donna sat, she would have been able to see up the skirt of any female sitting at the desk and it made her cross her legs by way of reaction.

A few seconds later she saw Renee glance at her through the glass partition and soon she was moving toward her in an awkward gait. Donna glanced at Renee's high heels and guessed she was not used to the height. They exchanged pleasantries and Donna followed Renee into the private office, noticing the other woman's seamed hosiery.

Donna settled into the single visitor's chair while Renee tried to sit down without displaying her discomfort. The performance made Donna curious but she was in no position to ask intimate questions. Even as Renee took her seat, Donna detected a flash of pain or discomfort. She wondered what was wrong with this woman.

"If you haven't guessed already," Renee said slowly as she leaned forward to ease the pressure on her bottom, her elbows on the table supporting her chin, "you are the chosen candidate. I'm prepared to offer you a position commencing at $50,000 per year with a signing bonus of $1,000" Donna felt her jaw drop. Renee had spoken the words about money just as she had notice the twin red grooves that circled each of Renee's wrists. She knew from personal experience what had caused them. Something was going on, but what? This was a very strange lady and besides, nobody paid that kind of money for a receptionist.

"Ok," she said levelly, "what's the catch?" Renee's expression changed, "They all ask that." She shifted on her seat as if trying to achieve comfort, "There are some stringent working conditions."

"Like what?" Donna asked, sensing that the balance of power had shifted to her.

"Like there are no bathroom breaks." Renee said flatly.

Donna reacted without thinking, "So I'm supposed to wear diapers or what?"

"Exactly" Renee replied, having gained the upper ground. She let that reality sink in while she evaluated her next employee.

Donna couldn't believe it.

"You are kidding."

"I'm not." Donna took a long breath and glanced around the office. This was out of her world and she firmly expected to wake up in her bed at home.

"Are you telling me that this job pays twice the going rate because the person doing it has to wear diapers?"

"Yes," Renee said, obviously glad to have had the words spoken.

Donna rose from her seat, full of indignation.

"In that case, shove it!" She had turned toward the door before Renee spoke.

"Why don't you look at the fringe benefits?" Out of curiosity, Donna turned in time to see Renee laying out crisp $100 bills across her desk.

"Cash, Donna. Tax free. And there is a lot more where that came from." Donna couldn't help but stare at the money. She saw a rent payment go down, then a car payment, then a month's groceries, then a shopping spree, then, then,....

She gripped her resolve.

"It can't be as simple as this." Renee smiled slightly.

"It's a little more complicated but I'm sure you'll have no trouble with the rest."

"The rest?" Renee tilted back in her desk chair.

"Oh, nothing too stressful, just a little seamed stockings, high heels and nice make-up." Donna felt indignation rise inside her, "Am I to be pawed at too?" Renee's suddenly went cold.

"No. Absolutely not. That's why your work area is a cage of sorts. Nobody but me can let you in or out."

"But I'm supposed to be on display?"

"We are all on display. Why are you wearing make-up, high heels and a sheath dress? To impress me? I think not. You picked up on my mention of the possibility of my boss being present. If you thought you could win him with nice legs and a firm butt you're mistaken - he's got all of it - in me!" Donna had to admit that Renee could out-class her at a moment's notice.

Still she stared at the money on the desk. She tried to sum it all up.

"So I wear diapers and the stockings, heels, the whole bit, and get paid a ton of money." Renee smiled up at her.

"Right. And take your orders from me."

"Orders?" The look on Renee's face hardened.

"You are being paid very well to do what you are told, how you are told, when you are told. Remember that and you'll do just fine."

"And if I don't" Renee sat back in her chair and stifled a grimace of pain from her chastity belt and the attached anal intruder, "The job comes with its punishments too. Don't ask what you don't what to find out about." It was a strange moment for Donna. She felt firmly in Renee's grip but she wasn't sure she didn't like it. The row of bills on the desk spoke to her and she nodded.

"You've got a deal."

"Fine" Renee snapped as she gathered up the bills. She added several to the pile and then handed them Donna.

"You'll need a lot of mid-thigh skirts and dresses. No more pantyhose. Lots more heels and higher than the ones you are wearing and only seamed stockings, and I mean stockings, for hosiery." She scribbled a name and address on a slip of paper and handed it, with the money, to Donna.

"Go to this place in the mall. Lilley and I are well acquainted. She'll give you everything you need. Be here tomorrow at 7:30 for your first diaper. After that I'll expect you at that time each morning ready to be dressed for work. Any questions?" Donna accepted the wad of bills and shook her head mutely. It was all too strange, too weird but the fact of things was she was holding $1,500 in cash and there was obviously a lot more where that came from.

There was suddenly a strained silence between the two women. Donna turned to leave but Renee stopped her.

"One more thing." She turned to see her new boss holding up a legal-looking piece of paper.

"Your employment contract.

Read it carefully so you'll know what you are getting into." Donna returned to her seat, took the paper in her trembling fingers and began to read. As her shock grew she glanced up at Renee, searching for some clue that this was some kind of joke, but each time the other woman's strained face betrayed only impatience to be finished with business. Finally she set it down on the desk carefully, as if it might suddenly strike her.

Her throat was suddenly dry as she tried to stammer out her meek protest.

"If I sign this I give up any right to complain about anything." Renee's face betrayed no sympathy, "Right. That's why you are being paid so well." Donna felt overwhelmed. It was too strange, too bizarre. She couldn't control her imagination as it projected a nightmarish tableau. She glanced down at the wad of bills in her hand. Money. The absence of it was the source of all her problems. Here was the solution, but at what price? Renee's voice was suddenly soft, reassuring.

"It's not as bad as you might imagine. The last girl lasted three months and saved enough to buy a house for cash. Think about being financially independent, Donna. It can mean a lot to a girl."

"But what about the independence I have to give up to get it?" Donna thought to herself. Indecision swirled in her head. Part of her wanted to run from this place but the $100 bills in her hand began to speak their own language.

Before she really knew what she was doing she leaned forward and signed the last page of the document in a shaky hand. The deed was done. She looked up to see Renee smiling with relief.

*** It was almost closing time when Donna entered Lilley's Fine Fashions. One young clerk was counting money at the till while the other ran a vacuum over the carpet. Both were dressed well, in the style of successful business women but Donna knew they would not have been able to afford such clothes if not for their employment in the store. She went to the girl at the cash and asked for Lilley. The girl picked up a telephone and spoke into it softly. A few seconds later Donna caught her first glimpse of the proprietor.

She was a brunette in her mid-40's, slim and well dressed, showing her good legs beneath a short skirt and displaying her style with a fine silk blouse.

She smiled as she introduced herself to Donna.

"Renee called to say you would be coming." Donna's nervousness had not abated.

"I see you're about to close. I can come another time." A strange look crossed Lilley's face for a moment before the professional smile returned, "It's no trouble, really. And I do suggest you stay. Unless you are a very unusual young lady I doubt there's anything in your closet that would be suitable for your first day on the job." At Lilley's suggestion, Donna took a seat and watched as the store was closed up for the night. After the sales girls left, Lilley locked the main doors and turned out most of the store lights, leaving the display area in a soft glow. On her way back from the front of the store she motioned for Donna to follow her into the back room.

Amidst the clutter of clothing racks, shipping boxes and hangers, Lilley pulled a curtain closed, hiding them from any passers-by in the mall, and turned to her guest.

"We are quite alone. Please strip down to your panties while I get a few things ready." Donna froze and stared at this stranger as she went into her office. A few seconds later she returned and seeing Donna's expression, smiled kindly.

"Don't be afraid. I've known Paul and Renee for years. I know what they expect of their over-paid receptionists. Trust me. You have fewer secrets than you would guess." When she saw that her words were having no effect on the wide-eyed girl she went to her and began to lower the zipper on the back of Donna's dress.

"Just relax. I've done this for Renee's girls many times before. We'll have some fun." Her words were soft, reassuring. They stopped Donna's hands from reaching to stop Lilley's. The close presence of the other woman and her self-confidence eroded Donna's fear. She let her dress be eased off her shoulders and then she stepped out of it. Lilley hung it on a hanger.

"Your slip, bra, pantyhose and shoes, please." Donna glanced at the closed curtain for reassurance and then began to work at the clasp of her bra with protesting fingers. Her imagination tried to connect this warm, friendly woman with the troubled Renee and the things she had demanded from Donna. Gradually her fear eased a little. Soon she was standing on a mat naked but for her panties.

Lilley opened the bag she had brought from her office.

"I don't carry diapers for obvious reasons," she narrated as she pulled a strange looking garment from the bag, "so I use this `medi-pant' as a substitute. It is about as bulky as the diapers Renee will dress you in each morning." She held it out to Donna who took it gingerly and stared at it. The medi-pant looked just like an over-size infant's diaper pant. It closed at the waist with velcro fastenings and was thickly padded, especially between the legs. She could tell from the material that it had never been worn, perhaps tried on a few times but not actually used. She looked up at Lilley for reassurance and then stepped into it trepiditiously. As she pulled it up her legs it seemed to engulf her and by the time it hung loosely around her hips, forcing her legs slightly apart, Lilley's last words echoed in her mind: " bulky as the diapers Renee will dress you in each morning". She was troubled by the fact that Lilley knew so much more than Donna did. Part of her wanted to quiz the other woman but another part of her decided it might be better not to know too much.

Lilley began to fasten the garment more tightly. Donna heard herself gasp in surprise as she was forced to part her thighs to accommodate it. Suddenly she felt as if she was wearing the thickest Kotex pad in the world. Is this what she had committed herself to? How could she possibly survive the discomfort? the shame? the humiliation.

Sensing Donna's reaction, Lilley cooed out reassurance, "Relax. Everyone is a little surprised at first. You'll get used to it. Babies wear diapers all the time and they don't complain, do they? Think of it as an extra big maxi-pad."

"But I'm not a baby!" Donna blurted out.

"And this isn't what a baby would wear." Lilley said with a hidden meaning in her voice.

Donna looked up to see that the other woman held a lovely corset in her hands. It was made of white spandex and covered with a fine lace inlay.

There were bowed stays down its sides and long garters trailed from its hem.

It was beautiful and menacing at the same time.

Lilley made her turn around. She brought the garment in front of Donna and slipped the shoulder straps over the girl's out-stretched arms. Then the satin-lined bodice was pressed against her chest. She felt her breasts nestle into the smooth cups as Lilley threaded the laces through the eyelets that ran down the back of the garment.

Lilley began to tug at the laces and Donna felt the firm pressure of the stays begin to press against her rib cage and abdomen. She felt a curious mixture of fear and pleasure. There was something reassuring about the stiff support that increased with each second.

The proprietor picked up on Donna's thoughts.

"Is this your first time in a corset? Strange, isn't it, how something so uncomfortable can be so pleasant to wear." Donna had to agree but she remained silent, lost in the sensations as each lace in the corset was pulled tight. She could measure the progress of Lilley's fingers down her spine and the resulting increase in the grip of the corset.

When Lilley finally stepped away, Donna took a trial breath and felt the unyielding corset forestall the expansion of her chest. She turned to look at Lilley.

"You'll get used to it, honey. We all do. The tough part is learning how to do up the laces by yourself. Don't worry if you can't get it as tight as this. Renee will adjust it for you each morning." The mention of Renee made Donna look away. She didn't like the reminder that this woman was party to the strange contract she had just signed. A brief thought of escape flashed across her mind. She could stop this nonsense right now, return the money and try for a normal job.

But, the corset reminded her, she would give up financial freedom. The corset was a prison in itself but was it worse than financial constraints? She looked down at her waist and noticed that the corset covered the top two inches of the diaper pant. It was laced so tightly that she wondered if she could change the diaper with the corset in place. Suddenly she remembered Renee's words, "..there are no bathroom breaks" and felt a tremor.

She watched Lilley select some clothes for her and a package of hosiery. She was still too mesmerized by the corset and diaper pant to pay attention.

"Will I have to wear this every day?" The other woman nodded, "Yes. You'll need the corset to help hide the bulk of your diaper. Besides, garter belts slide on plastic panties, you'll be thankful for the corset's garters to hold your stockings straight. Here. Put these on." It was hard, even sitting down, to put the stockings on. Each time Donna tried to bend forward the stiff stays of the corset fought her. At first she was a little surprised that the stockings had a seam down the backs and the reinforced heel that made them so obvious. She didn't like that part. If she had to suffer some indignities to earn so much money she wanted her ordeal to be private.

But as the fitting continued, Donna soon recognized that privacy was not a part of her new job. Lilley told her that she had to wear seamed stockings, high heeled pumps and skirts that only barely hid the tops of her stockings.

When she had the first outfit on, Lilley helped her learn to walk in the high black patent shoes, practising bending and reaching until she was aware of the limitations of her clothing.

It was hard. And it was going to be harder, Donna reminded herself. The thick padding between her legs gave her hips an unnatural sway that made her high heels unsteady. The corset seemed to fight her every move and she had to constantly check the straightness of her seams, learning to adjust them discretely. Lilley made one comment that kept ringing in her ears, "Remember, dear, once you are at your desk, you won't be able to excuse yourself to the ladies room. Everything you do will be open to public viewing."

"Like a bird in a cage!" she had blurted out, and to her shock, Lilley had agreed.

Three hours later they had chosen more clothes than Donna had ever owned before. Shoes and hosiery were packed in stacked boxes and dresses and suits hung on a rack by the rear door. Donna found herself wearing a short black pleated skirt and an opaque white blouse over the same corset and black hosiery. She was tired but the clothes seemed to lend power to her. Some of her anxiety had passed but the knowledge of what tomorrow would bring troubled her.

Fortunately she had parked at the back of the mall and close to the loading door of Lilley's store. After they had packed her car the other woman made a strange suggestion.

"Why don't I come home with you? I'll help you carry the stuff in and we can have a drink." Donna had to admit that she feared being alone with her new reality.

As Lilley helped Donna put her new clothes away in her tiny apartment closet she removed some of Donna's dresses and laid them on the bed. Donna thought nothing of it until Lilley began to go through her underwear and lingerie drawers.

"Excuse me!" she protested, "what do you think you're doing?"

"Helping you." Lilley said matter-of-factly.

"It will be better for you if you try to dress like this even in the evenings and on weekends." To emphasize her point she tossed a handful of unopened packages of pantyhose onto the bed." Against her better wishes, Donna let Lilley take the pile of clothes, underwear, shoes and lingerie with her. Later she would wonder why she was so passive; perhaps it was the tight grip of the corset on her torso, reminding her of the day to come.

*** Renee awoke fifteen minutes before her alarm and lay in bed. She knew she had slept poorly because of the anal intruder. Despite that, her full bladder and the nagging of the intruder in her bottom made her a little horny and she let her fingers stray down between her legs where they explored once again the metal device that prevented masturbation and intercourse. The chastity belt was no looser this morning than on any other morning and despite the fact that she could obtain some pleasure from her breasts it wasn't the same, it didn't scratch the deep itch she felt.

She patted the little cage that protected her vulva and prayed that Paul would be along at seven to remove the butt plug. If she played her cards right she might be able to seduce him. The resulting odour and secretions would be a problem but that could be solved by borrowing a pair of plastic panties from the supply cupboard. They were uncomfortable but at least she wouldn't smell of sex all day.

"Plastic pants" she whispered to herself. Today was Donna's initiation.

Thank goodness for Lilley. She depended on Paul's sister to train her new girls and the results were fantastic. In a few hours she would have Donna all bundled up and on duty as her private play thing. That thought made her itch all the worse and she padded to the shower to distract herself.

After her shower she stopped at the vanity in the powder room part of her bathroom. Separated from the bath by a door, its mirror was not misted over.

She stopped and studied the metal chastity belt, loving and hating it at the same time.

Dressing was routine. No panties - Paul forbade her to wear them - but a satin garter belt, matching bra and teddy. Her skirts were a little longer than the ones she prescribed for her receptionists but still short enough to show off her slim legs and the fancy hosiery.

She leaned forward to insert her toe into a stocking and felt the plug in her behind shift painfully.

"Damn you" she cursed Paul out loud.

She got to the office at 6:45 to find Paul waiting for her. From the look in his eyes she knew no words were wanted or needed. He watched while she attached the cuff-and-chain harnesses to the couch before lying down on it, on her back, legs spread to either side and wrists near the waiting cuffs.

He fastened her with silent efficient moves and then removed his trousers.

Being bound increased her arousal and now she squirmed on the padded vinyl surface, urging the little plug deeper into her bottom, liking its discomfort.

His erection was monstrous and she gasped out her need for it but he gave no reaction as he used the key to open her chastity belt.

He moved onto the couch and entered her, no foreplay or guidance was necessary. She felt him fill her and then press against the plug.

It was enough to make her orgasm and she came repeatedly as he thrust himself into her. Long, slow strokes, each one threatening to leave her only to drive inward again. Finally he grunted and she felt a burst of warmth at the gateway of her womb.

He withdrew and she began to descend. Now soreness replaced arousal. He wiped himself and released her, the chastity belt dangling between her legs obscenely when she stood.

His semen and her arousal dripped onto the carpet while he released the rear chain, gently pulled the intruder out and then secured the chastity belt once again. She thought of asking him for a moment's grace, to clean herself, but to speak would be to break the mood and so she let herself concentrate on the tight chains and the residual soreness from both her passages.

Once he was satisfied that she was locked up again he left, still without having spoken a word. She felt disoriented and after straightening her clothing, used paper towels to wipe the couch and soak up the fluids from the carpet. Strangely, she felt more demeaned by these acts than the ever present metal belt.

She tried to sit at her desk but found herself still too sore to tolerate the pressure of the chair on her loins. As her head cleared she realized that Donna would be along soon and so she concentrated on preparing her diapers. She went to the large stationary cupboard in her office that held the things she would need. At the first touch of a pair of plastic panties she felt a new arousal blossom.

*** There were three flights of stairs from the parking lot to the reception level of Donna's new place of employment. She took them slowly.

Had it been only a few hours since she had climbed these same stairs in her old clothes - her comfortable clothes? Now the high heels made her unsteady.

The corset, even though it was looser than Lilley had fastened it, still bound her and the constant pull of her garters reminded her of the tell-tale stockings that graced her legs.

Her skirt was mid-thigh and no amount of tugging or adjusting could make it longer. It hid the fact that she was wearing stockings but only if she was careful of every movement. Not that it really mattered, she reminded herself, the back seams and reinforced heels would call attention to her anyway.

Only grim determination kept her going. She had slept poorly and the shock of seeing so few familiar clothes in her closet had not improved her introduction to the day. She had no energy for decisions and so, after struggling with the corset, she had worn the same white blouse and black skirt that had been her last outfit at Lilley's.

The older woman hadn't asked for any money and when Donna had offered the wad of bills it had been refused.

"I'll bill them directly, dear, as usual" she had said and once again Donna was suspicious of the relationship between Lilley and Renee.

She was uncomfortable and scared. Each step took her closer to a new and potentially more horrific experience. Still, she had not the strength to turn and run. Even as she had inexpertly tried to tighten the corset around her torso that morning something inside of her responded to the very feminine discomfort it offered. Something strange had been woken inside of her and while she was yet to understand it she knew she could not ignore it.

When she entered the reception area she saw it anew. Now the glass panels held a sinister meaning and the absence of modesty screamed a warning to her. She saw Renee through the window that joined the reception area with her office. Renee looked calm, almost too composed. Could it be as terrible as Donna's imagination had painted all night long? Renee looked up when she sensed Donna at the door.

"Come in. Turn around.

Let's have a look at you." Donna felt shaky as she stepped into the office and turned around slowly.

She suddenly felt very conscious of the seams that ran down the backs of her legs and the very high heels Lilley had insisted on. Being made to display it so brazenly didn't improve her self-confidence.

"Excellent," Renee said softly.

"I'm impressed. You and Lilley must have hit it off." Before she could reply, Donna caught sight of the diapers that Renee had spread out on the couch. There was a large rectangle of white cotton, another folded piece of cotton in the centre of that and then two baby disposable diapers taped end-to- end as the final layer. It looked impossibly thick for a slim little girl like Donna but then she remember the medi-pant that Lilley had put on her. The bulk and thickness was about the same, she thought.

Renee followed Donna's stare, "Those are for you. We may as well get started." Donna continued to stare at the diapers while Renee closed a blind over her window into the reception area, rose from her desk, closed the door behind Donna and then, with a hand on the girl's arm, guided her toward the couch.

"Take off your blouse and skirt, release your stockings and lie down on the diapers" Renee whispered into Donna's ear, her tone soft as if sensing the girl's horrified fascination with the garments that lay ready for her.

Donna's eyes never left the diapers for second. She went through the ritual undressing, not caring about modesty. She had come face-to-face with her new reality and she was mesmerized by it. She draped her clothes over the visitor's chair and then slowly walked toward the couch.

Suddenly she was frozen. The kiss of cool air on her bared nether regions reminded her of her vulnerability and she simply could not bear to take the last step. Renee came up behind her and reached around her, holding five $100 bills inches from Donna's face.

"Joining bonus" she whispered. She waited for her new diaper slave to take them and then she loosened lower range of laces on Donna's corset.

"Now take off your panties and lie down so I can get you bundled up properly." Donna stared at the money.

"It's not fair," she whispered, "you can't ask me to do this." Despite her spoken protest her fingers went to the waist of her cotton panties and began to push them down over her hips.

Still unseen, Renee's voice whispered into her ear, "It's fair. Turn around and I'll show you what isn't fair." Donna felt the other woman step away and when she turned in her dream-like state she saw that Renee was holding her skirt up to display something strange that she wore between her legs.

"A chastity belt?" Donna gasped in disbelief but even as the words left her lips she knew it was true.

Renee nodded.

"Paul is very jealous. He makes me wear a chastity belt so I can't possibly catch a venereal disease from another partner. Of course, I can't please myself either." She dropped her skirt and gave Donna a hard look.

"You can go home, take the diapers off and have a normal life. I can't. Does it make things easier for you?" In Donna's warped and twisted world, it did make sense. Renee had said the right words, "taking the diapers off", and it made it easier for Donna to submit. She slowly moved to the couch, stepped across it so she straddled it and then sat down on the middle of the pile of diapers.

The first touch of them against her naked loins reminded her of a maxi pad and her first periods when she had used the maximum protection for fear of letting her condition be known. Renee came forward and gently pushed her into a prone position.

Donna felt passive, child-like as her boss pulled the wadded diapers into position between her legs and around her waist before pinning them snugly.

She even rose, on command, so that Renee could help her step into a pair of plastic panties, keeping her garter tabs outside their efficient embrace.

Suddenly the sensation of thick padding between her thighs reminded her of Lilley and what had transpired the night before. She gulped back a protest as Renee began to tighten her corset but each pull on the laces reminded Donna of her condition.

Soon the corset was as tight as Lilley had made it, only this time the padding between her legs wasn't pretend. She stood still, doll-like, while Renee fastened her stockings for her and then helped her on with her skirt and blouse.

She was still lost in her private world as Renee took her to the reception area, opened the gate and escorted her through it. Then, after a sisterly kiss on the cheek, she departed. The click of the lock seemed to snap Donna back to reality.

She took a step and felt the thick pads between her thighs chafe in protest.

Her mind toured the orchestra of tensions from the corset, the garters and the high heels. A wave of panic struck her as she glanced around at the glass panels that formed her cage. She saw Renee through the window and gasped, "Please, let me out. I've changed my mind. I can't take this!" But Renee only shook her head.

"It's too late now. The lock won't open until quitting time. I'll get you anything you need but you're stuck there for the day." There was a pause while Renee seemed to look for something on her desk. Then she threw Donna's panties toward her, "You forgot these. Don't bother wearing any in future." Donna snatched the garment from the floor. Bending down was difficult and uncomfortable. It reminded her of all she had been made to wear and as she rose she realized that she had probably exposed her garters. She wanted to scream. How could she let this happen to her? She went to the open window and gripped the sill with all her strength.

"I can't stand it. People will stare at me! They'll guess what's going on!" Renee feigned sympathy.

"Don't worry. No one will know unless you are careless enough to betray your secrets, as you just did. Now, enough complaints. Would you like a pot of coffee?" Donna's head was spinning. She went to the gate and pulled at it in desperation but it didn't give an inch. Frustrated she sat down and cried, only to realize that in such a position her garters showed. As she stood again she began to understand her predicament. Renee was still looking at her.

"Yes," she said evenly, "I would like some coffee." Renee smiled and crossed the hall to the kitchen. She set up the coffee maker for a full pot but before she turned it on she added a packet of white powder - half diuretic and half laxative.

While the coffee dripped she looked at the confused and troubled Donna and felt a new blossom of arousal in her loins. It was going to be a fun-filled day - she counted on it.

*** Donna wanted to crawl inside herself and sulk. She felt very much like a bird in a cage and no amount of money could change that. Her mind played with ideas to relieve or lessen her condition but there were none to be had.

She couldn't take off the diapers because there was no privacy and no place to store them. Besides, she reminded herself, she was going to need them.

She glanced at the phone. One call to her family or even her old boy friend and it would be over. But how could she explain how she had come to be dressed as she was? Besides, she had signed a piece of paper that exonerated Renee. Her panic-driven breathing was rapid and each expansion of her chest fought the corset. Meanwhile the thick soft padding between her thighs and around her waist was growing warm as the plastic panty trapped her body heat. The strange sensations danced in the back of her mind like a mirage, constantly reminding her of what was happening and what was about to happen.

The sound of the window to Renee's office opening made her turn. Her new boss wore a normal smile, as if nothing strange was going on. She held out a pot of coffee and a cup.

Donna crossed the few feet to the window on her shaky heels, cursing them with every step. These at least, she promised herself, could be taken off.

When she took the coffee and cup from Renee she searched the other woman's eyes for any sign of weakness, any clue that she might let Donna out of her glass cage - but there was none. Instead she got some brief instructions about how the phones worked and how to refer calls.

She sipped her coffee, noticing a funny after-taste, and tried to get control of herself. One tenant had arrived already and he had given Donna more attention than she liked. Sitting at the open-front desk she had kept her knees clasped tightly together. It was the only position that maintained her modesty. To cross her legs would be to show her garters and to let her legs part even slightly displayed to tops of her stockings. The effort of keeping her thighs together was tiring and she knew she couldn't keep it up for long, besides, it compressed the thick wad of diapers at her crotch, reminding her again of their presence.

The day wore on. Most of the tenants were male and they reacted to her, asking her about her predecessor and letting their eyes scan her carefully.

She became fearful of their seeing the seams in her stockings and she began to avoid turning her back to the reception lobby.

`Bird in a cage' she thought to herself. That's what it's all about for Renee. About nine o'clock her new boss beckoned to her from the adjoining window.

"Relax!" she whispered to Donna, "You look so tense."

"I can't help it!" Donna hissed.

There was the flash of a victorious smile across Renee's face, "I know. I used to have your job." The news shocked Donna but she forced herself to listen to the other woman.

"Just a bit of advice. People are going to see the backs of your legs sooner or later - you'll get so busy you'll forget to backup everywhere. You may as well get used to it and ignore them. If you look comfortable they'll stop staring." Just then Donna absent-mindedly stepped out of her right shoe. She did it out of habit, to give her foot a comfort break, but Renee frowned.

"Don't ever do that." Donna didn't realise what Renee was talking about, "What?"

"Take off your shoes, even for a moment. If you do it again I'll tie them on with fishing line." Suddenly Renee's eyes were blazing. Donna suddenly realized that everything being done to her was in compensation for what Paul did to Renee. Her boss actually enjoyed inflicting embarrassment and humiliation. She felt cold and scared.

Seeing the change in her expression, Renee's voice softened, "The first day is the worst. Think about all the money in your purse and plan on what you'll buy with it. Tomorrow is Friday. Just make it to the weekend and you'll see Monday in a new light." Then she closed the window and sat down at her desk.

Donna stepped back and tried to control her panic. Monday seemed like a long way off. She went back to her desk and decided not to sit down for a while.

Her feet would be aching tonight but at least she could keep some of her dignity.

*** Renee kept a sharp eye on her new playmate as the morning drew on. Watching Donna's antics as she tried to evade roaming male eyes was very arousing. It made her ever more mindful of her chastity belt and she began to watch the clock, counting the hours and minutes until Paul would come and ease her horniness. Still, there was much more to come - and enjoy.

She watched Donna drink the spiked coffee.

"That's right, my dear," Renee said softly to herself, "it is making you thirstier, isn't it. Soon you'll have to start using those diapers and worrying about leaks. And about quitting time you're going to mess yourself." Memories of Susan's first day on the job came flooding back and Renee had to close the blind on her window before reaching into her blouse to massage her aching nipples. It didn't give her the relief she really wanted but it was all she could get - for now.

*** Donna gasped as another spasm from her bladder caught her by surprise. It would not be long, she knew, before she would have to actually wet the hot, damp diapers that so far had had nothing to absorb but her perspiration.

She didn't bother to sit anymore - not because of modesty but because of comfort. Her bladder would not tolerate her sitting. And she had long since become accustomed to the male eyes as they studied her high heels and provocative hosiery. She still minded it but she had little extra energy for it.

The pressure in her bladder had become her top priority. It took all of the attention she could spare from the busy phones and other duties of her job.

It made her ever more mindful of the thick diapers that made her waddle and the tight elastic seals of the leg openings of her plastic panty.

She reached for her coffee cup and as she took another sip she found it strange how no matter how much she drank she always seemed to be desperately thirsty. She chalked it up to the dry winter air in the building and fought off yet another spasm from her bladder.

*** Renee saw Donna's subdued gasp.

"You can run but you can't hide" she whispered to herself. It was remarkable that Donna had yet to use her diaper. She was sure the diaper was still only hot and moist from perspiration because she knew that Donna would have a strong reaction to her first wetting and would move differently because of it. Nothing had changed in Donna's behaviour - aside from an increasing state of anxiety.

She paid scant attention to her own work, watching Donna, wanting to witness her christening, was too important. The clock told her it was almost noon.

Surely the girl's bladder was about to burst.

As it turned out, Donna seemed to handle the crisis as well as could be expected. Renee saw her cross the small work area and then stop suddenly in mid-stride. She seemed to gasp and her face flushed crimson. Best of all, for Renee, she suddenly grabbed her crotch in a most unladylike manner and stared down at it as if it were speaking to her.

Renee quickly surveyed the rest of the reception area. It was empty. Just as well since it would not do to have some well- meaning tenant inquire into Donna's strange behaviour.

Donna was frozen in place while the seconds ticked by. Renee, from experience, could well imagine Donna's horror as the hot pee flooded out of her body and into the waiting pads. The hot wetness was hard to ignore, especially as it threatened to leak out from under the leg bands of the plastic panty or travelled throughout the diaper, soaking it and making it heavy.

As the crisis seemed to pass Donna's attention moved from her crotch to the floor between her legs were a few small dark spots betrayed her condition.

She seemed mesmerized by them but when she did raise her head it was to look directly at Renee with a "help me!" expression.

With a wave of her hand, Renee beckoned the girl to come to the window.

Donna tried to blubber out a complaint but Renee cut her off.

"Just wet yourself, I see. You'll find its better to release a little water every now and then instead of waiting for cloud bursts." Donna tried to interrupt but Renee shushed her.

"If you're going to beg again to be let out you can forget it. The only reason you leaked was because you let it all happen like a flood. Try and get used to wetting a little bit but often. It's much more comfortable. You'll not leak again but I wouldn't sit down for a while if I were you." Before the girl could reply Renee closed the glass window.

>From the corner of her eye she saw Donna move toward her desk with a new, awkward gait. She seemed to tremble and Renee almost felt sorry for her. But not sorry enough, she reminded herself, to let the stricken girl come into her office for a diaper change. Such a rare treat was a reward for something exceptional and so far Donna hadn't earned it.

*** Donna stood at her desk, feet spread and head down, while she slowly unpacked her lunch bag. She wasn't hungry but it gave her hands something to do. Her panic-driven breathing fought the corset and her feet were aching from their constant confinement in high heels but the worst torture of all had been wetting the diaper.

Such a simple thing, she thought. Babies do it all the time. So why was she so troubled? For one thing, it was not the same diaper anymore. Until a few seconds ago it had been warm and moist, bulky and chafing but not uncomfortable. Now it was wet and heavy. It clung to her most sensitive places and hung from its pinnings at her waist. She could feel the places where her pee had escaped the plastic panty to run down the inside of her thighs until the tops of her stockings caught it and then became damp and clinging in their own right.

She felt dirty, soiled. She wanted to run to the bath room to strip the offending garments from her body. She glanced at the locked gate. She thought of trying it again but it would only please Renee to see her suffering so she stayed still and prayed there would be no more leaks.

Her sandwich tasted like saw dust but she ate it anyway and washed it down with more of the coffee that had caused the flood. Then the fax machine chattered to life and she crossed the room to see to it. She had to walk more carefully, or at least she thought she had to.

The wet diaper, pressed against her crotch, had been softened by her water.

It had also become looser, so rather than being pressed against her vulva it now shifted a little with each step, caressing her nether lips ever so gently. By the time she reached the fax machine she felt, to her astonishment, a small blossom of arousal.

On the way back to her desk the same thing happened. And after she had made a few other trips across her confined space she knew she was getting hot from the secret sensations.

Now her face blushed anew. This can't be happening, she told herself, but it was. Her anguished mind focused on the arousal like a beacon of safety and she soon was able to push the soreness of her feet and the aching tightness of the corset to one side. They added their own melodies to the symphony of sensations she felt - and was helpless to prevent.

The afternoon drifted by with Donna fighting to keep some degree of concentration on her job. Suddenly the outside world wasn't threatening, or at least she cared about it far less than the inner world, the one no one but her could know about.

She released little bursts of pee as she felt the need and was surprised when there seemed to be no risks of further leaks. Still, she could measure the progress of the wetness as her diapers did their job. Every time the pads in her crotch were wetted anew they became a little softer and gave her more pleasure. It would have been a wonderful experience until, just a few minutes before quitting time, another type of spasm snapped her into reality.

No. It could not be true! But there was another spasm in answer and another soon after that. She glanced at Renee through the window and saw the sly smile that confirmed Donna's worst fears.

The arousal vanished in a wave of panic that also made her feet seem to hurt more and the corset seem even less bearable. She clenched her bottom to fight the growing storm but she knew it her heart it was not the kind of storm that could be fought at all.

When there was a lull in the phones, she went to Renee's window and after her boss opened it, hissed, "What have you done to me?" Whatever was in Renee's mind seemed to blaze in her eyes.

"It's your first day. I thought you should know how I'll be showing my approval or disapproval. It won't happen every day but, like today, you'll never know when I decide to lace your coffee." Donna struggled to keep a grip on her emotions.

"But I haven't done anything!" Renee smiled sympathetically, "No. But you might have." Then she closed the window, leaving Donna to her fate.

Donna began to watch the clock, knowing that if she could hold out until quitting time she might at least be spared the humiliation of messing her diaper while Renee watched.

She didn't make it. Just a few minutes before the clock would open the gate to her work area a spasm turned into an explosion. Donna had been standing at her desk and she buried her face in her hands while her body did what it had to do. She heard herself grunt with the involuntary effort and then it was over. She was almost sick to her stomach as her mind painted a picture of what had happened in her behind.

She was frozen. Moving was unthinkable. But then she heard a loud click from the gate. It was too strong an urge. She grabbed her purse and ran to the little door. It opened and she went to Renee's office where she closed the door.

Safety. At last. But there was no sympathy in Renee's expression as she cleared her desk. When she reached for Donna's coat Donna could not contain her outburst.

"But you have to help me! I can't go home like this!" Renee winked.

"Sure you can. You have a car. You won't be very comfortable but you can make it. You see, I only put diapers on, I don't change wet or messy ones and it smells like you have both problems." She glared at the astonished girl, willing her to leave. Paul was due soon and she wanted to be ready for him.

"I'll see you at 7:30 tomorrow. Clean the cloth diapers and return them to me then. Good night!"


Donna added more hot water and another cap full of bubble bath before reaching for her book again. The nightmare had been over for more than an hour but she still couldn't push it out of her mind. The sensations of having to sit in her wet and messy diapers while she drove home, the relief of not having to share the elevator in her apartment building with anyone, the hurried stripping of her clothes and then the hot shower to cleanse her tortured body. Then a bath to relax her.

She read some more and then decided to shave her legs. The ritual always made her feel sexy and this time, still holding the razor she looked at her pubic bush with new interest. She could not deny that the wet diapers, rubbing gently on her special place, had aroused her. How much better would they feel if she had no hair down there? Feeling very naughty, she reached for the shaving foam again.

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