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This story has adult baby and diaper themes with heavy BDSM (bondage, domination, etc.) included. No actual children are imagined in this story, only adults.

Bobby stood in the garden of a stranger with a man at his side, a social worker. Together they stepped onto the porch. The social worker ran the doorbell. A woman in her mid thirties opened the door. A redhead with sinewy lips curled into a snarl and a cigarette caught between them. She eyed the social worker, then Bobby, with a cold intensity.

"Hello ma'am," the social worker began, "My name is Lex Harrington. This young man here is Robert Terence."

"Terence?" she interjected, "Jody's kid?"

"Yes, unfortunately Jody Terence passed away three years ago. We can't locate Benjamin Terence, Robert's father. Mrs. Terence listed you as the child's godmother..." Lex Harrington trailed off, aware that he rushed the news. But he felt pressured to spit it all out before she slammed the door in his face.

"Shit..." the woman said receding from the doorway.

"Well, you might as well come in then."

So that was it. Two horrible years beginning with his mother's funeral and culminating in various stints at foster homes had resulted in this. Bobby eyed the house of his recently discovered godmother. It was nice. Tasteful and sparse, the place reflected the style of a male bachelor more than a female homemaker. Which seemed to fit, since Janet did not strike him as a typical woman. She was tall with a fleshy build. Voluptuous yet muscular, she resembled an Amazon. Pair that with her red hair and sharp condescending beauty...Janet was so intimidating that she could make men's dicks shrivel from a parting glance.

Bobby turned around to give a shout at finding her standing close behind him.

"I'm sorry..." he stammered, "You were so silent...I didn't hear you approach."

"My apologies." Janet was not amused by the boy's nervous nature. She examined the child with a raised eyebrow. This kid was going on 18? He looked like a prepubescent girl. Fragile and delicate, she had watched him from the corner of her eye as he entered the house behind the social worker. He walked the hallways like a deer in the woods, lost in his thoughts, flinching when Lex Harrington called out his name.

Funny that this little shivering whelp was Jody's kid. Jody liked tough men; she was a tough bitch herself. The woman was a lit fuse. She was charismatic, flaunting a steely bravado that could disintegrate into a maniacal rage. The boy had Jody's colors: dark hair, wild green eyes with flecks of yellow. But he had Benji's pretty porcelain face. What a fucker, Janet thought, reflecting on Jody and Benji's shared hatred for one another. She wondered if Benji was also dead by now.

Janet found the boy gazing at her and shook herself from her thoughts.

"Follow me," she instructed, leading the boy to her bedroom. Oh no, Bobby knew what was coming. This had also happened during his past stays at foster homes.

"No!!!" he cried, sprawling backwards down the hall.

What an uncoordinated mess, Janet thought. Sneering, she wrestled the boy down before throwing him over her shoulder. She walked to her bedroom and dropped him on to the bed. He struggled and kicked with the spirit of a lamb aware of its imminent slaughter.

"NO! NO! STOP!" He screamed as he frantically writhed within her grip. She gave him a clean hard slap, demonstrating in one brief physical motion her complete dominance, hinting at her untapped prowess, showing the boy the futility in his struggle. Bobby understood. He lay stunned, his body still, mutely awaiting his fate. Janet tore off his clothing like a candy wrapper. Then she did something that completely baffled him, she laid out a diaper.

Janet sprinkled some powder over the crinkly soft padding and shot Bobby a sinister look. She hoisted him up and laid his naked butt cheeks in the center of the diaper. What the hell was happening? Bobby stared at the ceiling feeling the plastic fabric gently pull about him.

"Perfect" he heard her say.

She roughly yanked him to his feet and dragged him to the doorframe. There she bound his wrists to metal cuffs nailed to the doors trim directly above his head. It was a far reach and Bobby had to strain to stand. Janet disappeared into the bathroom.

He hung from her doorway by his wrists, barely able to stand on his tippy toes. His lithe athletic frame was free of any clothing save for a diaper. His hands were bound together by chains. Sweat gathered on his upper lip. She approached him wearing a crisp white dress and holding a leather whip.

"Would you like to know what I think Bobby?" she spoke in a cool tone, "I think you can't be an adult, you need to be treated like a child, specifically a baby."

What?! Bobby's eyes opened in alarm, it explained the diaper, but to hear her intentions articulated was bizarre on a whole other level. He was too stunned to speak, the moment felt surreal, something he was unable to process.

"I'm going to adopt you, Bobby, but as my new baby boy. Not as a teenage son. I understand you feel like a teenager, but that will soon change." He heard the whip thud against her palm.

"I doubt you'll go along with my plan, which is why I must force you."

She stepped directly in front of Bobby, gripped his chin and glared into his eyes. Bobby was scared as he gazed into those sharp dark discs, but couldn't suppress a feeling of wild exhilaration.

"I will whip you, bind you, fuck you, torment you until I obliterate every last strand of will you have. Until your actions bare no resemblance to a man but to a baby. In other words, I will break you Bobby. You will be reduced to a blubbering infant...and you will crave your new mother. I call it 'forced regression.'"

Her eyes glared into his as she said this. Bobby could see the menace within her vicious beauty. Heart pounding, he realized that he had already dribbled a little piss into the diaper out of sheer terror. He clenched every muscle, cursing himself for being weak in the face of a maniac.

"Now" she said stepping back, her heels clicking against the wood floor, "the first thing to address is your bladder and the control you have over it. You must relinquish all control to me, or I will take it from you." She patted the thick wadding over his crotch.

"Today you will pee because I want you to, not because you choose to."

As if on cue they heard a merry "ding!" from the kitchen. Janet left to fetch whatever was ready. She returned with an oversized baby bottle. It looked to contain half a gallon of milk and was adorned with pictures of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. And on one end was indeed a thick rubbery tip at which to suck.

"No!" Was the first word Bobby uttered since he found himself in this predicament, "No! Please! Don't!" But she had every intention to and reached for his head with the giant bottle in one hand. Bobby clamped his mouth shut. To his distress, his unwillingness brought a sinister grin to his godmother's face.

"I thought you'd do that." She said, setting the milk down she pulled something shiny out of her pocket and fastened it to Bobby's nipple before he had a chance to realize what it was.

"AAAUUUUUUUUURH!" Bobby screamed as the nipple-clip sunk its teeth into his nickel-sized tit. Tears beaded his eyelashes. The rubber tip of the bottle rammed its way between his teeth.

"Suck it." Janet commanded. Bobby did so.

The milk was warm and sweet; a pleasure contrasting so vigorously with the pain on his chest. Frightened, he gulped it down until his flat abdomen swelled with milk.

"Good boy." She said.

His captor took her time retrieving her next instrument of torment. She pulled it slowly from a trolley stocked with baby supplies. It was a rubber ball gag with sturdy leather straps, but the true horror was the five inch cock that protruded from the ball. Bobby shook his head, pleading with her.

"Please Janet! Please! Oh God - no!" his voice rose as she slowly approached him. A second clip was applied just for showing the slightest amount of resistance.

"G-AAAUUUUU!!" Bobby screamed again as the clamp bit his right nipple. He pinched his eyes shut and kept his mouth open feeling the head of the cock slide over his tongue and lodge itself deep into his throat. His lips fastened around the base of it, a tear rolled from the corner of his eye. Janet stood back to admire her work.

A slender teenage Adonis swayed from her ceiling, his toes just touching the floor. The position forced his body to display its full splendor: every twiney muscle was tense and bulged as his body strained to steady itself. The thick diaper clung to his hips, ready to be soiled. She reached back, gripping the leather handle...


Various leather strips hit Bobby's side, wrapping themselves about his torso.

"UUUUUUUUNNNNNHH!" The volume of Bobby's smothered scream wracked the air about them. His eyes wide open, clearly displaying fear. Tears ran steadily down his flushed cheeks. The diaper was still a pristine white, Janet reeled her arm back again.


This time it hit his inner right thigh.

"AAAAWUUUUUUUU!!" Bobby howled, writhing madly. Gagging on the solid unforgiving dick inside his mouth. He girded his loins, he couldn't wet himself. He couldn't give in to that monster.

WWWPSSHT! Another on his belly, harder.





He was in the thick of a flogging. Tears collected under Bobby's eyes, making the world look a runny mess. His body was stretched, battered and engorged with milk. His throat erupting screams that smashed against the unwieldy cock inside it. Each new sting from her whip made it increasingly harder to contain himself. Bobby sobbed as a hot stream of urine burst forth and flooded his diaper.

Janet watched her godchild. She smelled the dampness immediately and looked down to see his diaper bulge like a soaked sponge. It was unable to contain it all and a trail of urine soon broke from its edge and snaked down Bobby's inner thigh to his ankles, pooling about his toes. Drops of pee fell with a plip plop from the crotch of his diaper. Bobby was humiliated, feeling the warm, gushing shame dampen his buttocks, his genitals, and dribble down his legs. She had won.

Janet reached around Bobby's head and gently undid the gag. The boy flinched, expecting the worst from her touch.

"Ssssshhh." She cooed, "Baby wet his diaper just like Mommy wanted him to." Bobby coughed and hacked as Janet pulled the rubber erection from his mouth, unclipped his nipples and unhooked him from the ceiling.

She carried him to the bathroom and disposed of his soggy wet diaper. Wrapping a towel about his waist, she picked up the boy again and headed downstairs. Aching, Bobby collapsed into the arms of the woman who had beaten him so mercilessly only moments ago. He needed her sudden compassion in his disparate state.

They reached the basement and stood outside an unremarkable door. Upon unlocking it, a perplexing amazing sight greeted Bobby.

The room was large and fashioned in the style of a nursery. The only difference was everything was enormous. Upon closer inspection every item had alterations to it (other than its size) that made it significantly different than its childhood inspiration.

There was a crib about seven feet long that stood on four massive legs made of wood. In fact the whole crib was constructed in a way that made it seem unbreakable, so it had the essence of a prison despite its frilly pink appearance. In fact it had a barred top and solid steal lock. It was lined with thick pillows, stuffed animals and lights in the shape of stars. A black padded cuff occupied each corner.

In the center of the room rose a huge changing station. Although its top was padded and soft and decorated in a pink childish motif, it bore a close resemblance to an operation table. Numerous drawers and cabinets were beneath it, painted white and decorated with pink hearts and shooting stars.

A giant closet was painted in a similar design and sat in the farthest corner of the room. There was also a giant toy chest, a big plastic rocking horse, and more stuffed animals. Bobby spotted other apparatuses in a corner beside the closest, but couldn't tell what their purpose was. Covered with straps and chains, they looked menacing. There was also a bathroom and a second door leading to the backyard. The door had the only window in the room, which was small and barred. Heavy locks lined its frame.

Janet set Bobby on the dressing table and pulled the towel from his waist. He shivered, completely naked before her. Janet laid him flat and began to tend to the wounds that cluttered his chest, stomach, sides, and legs. She cleansed and dressed each one carefully. She rolled him over and did the same to his back.

Once finished, she lifted each leg and hooked the foot through a loop that hung from the ceiling, much like the ones from hospital beds. Now Bobby's legs were comfortably suspended in the air, pointing outward. Janet positioned herself between them. She fished baby wipes and powder from the cabinet below. She wiped between Bobby's legs, pleased to see his penis stiff. Bobby was oblivious to his erection, overwhelmed by physical agony and the prior crushing humiliation. Not to mention the sleeping pills Janet had laced the milk with.

After applying a thin layer of powder, Janet lifted Bobby's posterior and laid another diaper beneath it.

"No.." Bobby wailed feeling the diaper strapped about him. To quiet his pleas, Janet pushed a large pacifier into his mouth and tied it around his head. She secured a soft pink straight jacket about the boy with a matching pink bonnet. Helpless, he was plucked from the dressing table and laid in his new crib.

"Nighty night, baby boy." Janet sang as she pulled the barred top down over the opening of the crib and locked it.

"Mmmmnnng!" Bobby moaned before succumbing to slumber.

Janet sat on the porch smoking. Her hand shook from excitement; she was amazed she could hold the cigarette. In the basement Bobby was curled up within layers of captivity, lost in the depths of dreams. What luck that such a boy fell into her possession. Completely, entirely hers. She could feel it when she first saw him, a slender wincing shadow behind the social worker. He was a prime candidate to make into her new baby fuck slave. Beneath that thin coat of posterity was the desire to be cherished and protected. She could smell it. And she knew how to give that intense encompassing love that so few people could give; it just came with a price.

A car drove by slowly. Janet did not wave, but narrowed her eyes, studying it. Ah, that's right, social services. She would have to make everything appear normal from the outside. She needed Bobby to act convincing when they asked him if everything was okay. To do that she would have to get him to trust her.

First was his pride. It must be crushed before she could successfully turn him into her baby. She must break any sense of entitlement he had: his entitlement to privacy, decency, humanity, destroy all of it. He would be beaten and tormented until a broken mewling creature remained. Fears exposed, disoriented and confused he would scream for salvation and she would save him. She'd love and comfort him and he will happily fall into the role of her docile baby boy.

At least that's how the plan went. Janet finished the cigarette and trotted around the house to the back door, which was partially obscured by some overhanging flora. She looked in at the figure inside his infantile prison.

"You're mine, baby." She snarled softly, turning as she went to sign the adoption papers.

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