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Part Deux - The Case of the Mysterious Window and the Idiot Social Worker

By Mean Mommy

Bobby parted his eyes to a floating mobile overhead. He watched the space ship and stars complete a lazy revolution as his mind scrambled to piece together his current reality. He wished he could scream but he couldn't. The giant pacifier silenced his screams and, in extension, his panic. He rolled his tongue over the tip, trying to feel revulsion at the sensation but failing to muster the disgust.

He pressed his body left, then right. He strained to sit upright, but couldn't. He lay still for a moment then burst into a frenzied struggle. Straining at the straps, the metal buckles and soft padding that composed the pink straight jacket about him. It was no use.

Two fluffy pink booties tipped each leg. He wiggled his butt to the bottom of the bed and pushed up with his feet. But he was too cramped to generate any real power to break his sturdy wood prison. He collapsed back into his thickly padded pastel tomb, how cruel to be defeated in such mocking circumstance.

Two minutes later he realized he had to pee.

Over half an hour the urge to urinate increased in intensity. Bobby wiggled and grunted. He strained to push his legs together in an attempt to squeeze the impulse away but couldn't due to two inches of padding about his crotch.

- Nnnng!

Bobby exclaimed realizing he would wet his diaper again.

He kicked his legs furiously, he rocked side to side with eyes pinched shut.

- Nnnnnnnnnnnnmg!

The warmth dribbled forth, then gushed, and soon Bobby could feel it all about him. The wetness spread down to his ass and crawled up his belly.

- Hnnnnngh! Hnnnng!

He wailed.

The sheer degradation of it! His utter helplessness! Bobby grew angry and to his surprise began to cry. He was even more shocked to discover stiffness in his wet soppy diaper. Suddenly he heard a click and flicked his eyes over to Janet's wide grin.

- Look's like somebody wet themselves.

She sang in a soft derisive voice. She lifted Bobby from the crib and took him to the kitchen for his breakfast.

- Please ma'am, don't make me do this.

The boy begged her. The rubber nipple hovered an inch from his lips. He sat two feet from the floor in a giant high chair. His arms were pulled back and strapped to its legs, his knees were forced open by the built in spreader bar, his feet were anchored in place by padded cuffs. The chair came with a head rest that kept Bobby's head fixed forward.

- You better Bobby, or you'll get a nasty shock.

Janet warned.

Not eager to see what she had in store for him, Bobby reluctantly locked his lips about the tip of the bottle. He took his first suck, squeezing a mouthful of warm baby formula into his mouth. It was thicker than milk, sweeter. He grimaced and took another, steadily ingesting the half gallon that sloshed in her hand.

- Good boy.

She said, putting the dirty bottle in the sink.

Bobby felt like bursting. His belly pushed against the plastic tray of his high chair prison. The pressure was uncomfortable, painful even. He grunted and squirmed.

- Let me out! No more!

Janet unshackled him and lifted him to her chest. She gently pressed him close. Bobby burped over her shoulder. The humiliation of it all! Bobby kicked his feet in protest.

- They won't let you get away with this!

He screamed.

Janet laid him on his back and firmly rubbed his belly. Bobby's face turned a fiery shade of fuchsia as he released bursts of gas between his legs.

- Uurgh! Stop it!

He pleaded.

Janet laughed and continued to rub until the boy was fully ventilated. Humiliated and resentful, Bobby kicked and wiggled vigorously as Janet carried him downstairs and laid him on the changing table. Straps were firmly clicked in place, securing his arms by his sides and his legs suspended upwards with his feet pointing outwards.

- If you're going to be a baby, you're gonna have to look the part.

Janet stated, pulling off his diaper and disposing of it.

She reached for a box of wet wipes on a table to her left. She pushed a can of shaving cream aside, snatched one and carefully wiped off the sticky secretions from the head of Bobby's penis. Bobby moaned helplessly. A bowl of warm water was retrieved from the bathroom. Janet dipped a small terry cloth towel into it and proceeded to bathe Bobby's privates. She wiped his genitals, his buttocks and inner thighs. She lifted his testes and wiped his taint, working down to his asshole.

- Uuuu! Stop it! Please stop! Or else!

- Or else what?

Janet demanded.

- Or else social services will come and throw your fucking ass in jail!

- Oh yeah? How will they ever know, little boy? Are you going to tell them?

Her eyes drilled into his. She slowly approached his side; he held his breath, cooking under her intense glare. Her hand shot forward and firmly grabbed his jaw, her fingers curling into his cheeks, squishing them together.

- You think, you little pathetic slut, that you can bring me down? You believe that it could be that easy to escape me? Oh no, my dear. You are doomed. You will learn. By the time that motherfucker does come around you will be trained and obedient. Well rehearsed to convince Mr. Harrington that you are a typical teenager doing typical teenager things under my care.

Bobby stared at her hatefully, trying to pull himself from her tight grip.

- You haven't seen anything yet, my dove.

She turned and walked back to her position between his legs. Bobby fought the painful lump rising in his throat.

- Wait! What are you doing?! NO!

- This is part of your metamorphosis, baby.

- DON'T!

Bobby cried, hearing the hiss of the aerosol can, the feel of a foamy lather coated the base of his penis.

- Stay still.

Janet said, setting the blade on his skin, carefully navigating it under his cock.

- Uuuuurgh!

Bobby wailed.

Still and helpless, he could only lay on his back, exposed, violated, feeling her take his masculinity with every square inch of delicate white skin. He wept as she shaved his testicles.

- You're a monster!

He screamed. To which she smiled.

She undid his feet from where they were hooked overhead. He kicked wildly, fervently, wanting to hit her with everything he had. Janet held both legs tightly by the ankles and folded them up until his knees almost touched his shoulders. She fixed him in his new position, and blew on his asshole. His ass pointed high in the air, his buttcheeks, stretched and taut, allowed the crevice of his ass to be visible. She shaved there too, then his ass, and then his thighs, then calves, then underarms, until everything below his nose was smooth.

Satisfied, Janet squirted some lotion on her hand and ran it over his body. Caressing his thighs, fondling his privates. She cupped his testes in her palm, and Bobby became stiff. He gave a cry as her hand ran between his buttocks and a fingertip was pushed in.

Lex Harrington stood at the door, knocking on it occasionally. True, today he hadn't scheduled a meeting with the new foster parent but he wanted to stop by for just a quick check up. He knocked again. No answer.

Bobby lay on the living room floor and watched him approach the door. He was secured in the pink straight jacket from last night. A bonnet was tied about his head, with a big bow beneath his chin. Pink bootsies capped his feet. A thick diaper pushed his legs apart; in fact he wore three layers of diapers.

- Mr. Harrington!

Bobby cried spotting his savior. Janet glanced up from her prisoner at her feet.

- So it is.. Good. Good that he came. This will show you how silly your ideas of rescue are.

She placed a stilettoed foot on Bobby's stomach.

- Now. You're going to shit on my command.

- NO! Please no! Don't! Don't make me do it! Please!

- I've got a snappy leather horsewhip here I've been dying to try out..


Bobby sobbed,


Mr. Harrington could only hear the faint sounds of birds in the trees overhead. He looked at his watch.

- GOD! DON'T! Don't make me!

Bobby squealed as Janet ran the horsewhip over his thigh. It was thin and cold. She suddenly gave a short push from her foot into his stomach. Bobby groaned. It hurt. A pressure mounted within his anus..


He screamed. The first sting of her whip left a diagonal bolt on his leg.

- Hmm, seems Mr. Harrington is hard of hearing, doesn't it?

The cruel bitch purred overhead. She whipped him again.







- H-AAAAUGH! Haaauu! Ahhaauugh! Stooaaap!

The boy sobbed. He clenched his asshole tight, feeling a weight push against it.

- Go on, call him some more, let's see if he hears you.


Bobby screamed at the man just outside the window, no less than ten feet away. But when Mr. Harrington finally looked in his direction, he gave a cursory glance; his face didn't betray spotting anything abnormal. He was oblivious to the 18 year old boy, bound and humiliated, beneath the boot of his Amazonian care taker.

Janet pulled his left leg 90 degrees off the floor. She steadied herself and aimed the hardest blow on the soft buttery flesh of his inner thigh..


Bobby's mouth was open, belting out notes of anguish as hard as he could. Tears clogged his vision. His pinched asshole trembled then burst open.


A warm coil rolled out of him and squished against his cheeks. More followed. Messy, sloppy and wet, it spread over his ass, the corners of his inner thighs, slowly running between his legs. He tried to squeeze his anus closed but it wouldn't oblige. He continued to feel the rolls of feces pass through him.

- Very good boy. You've earned yourself a free taste of my heel.

What would Mr. Harrington say if he only knew what he was staring at? For at the moment he was actually investigating Ms. LeBeau's front window. The glass was strange. From afar, it looked like normal glass, but up close it had this reflective quality he hadn't seen in glass before. How bizarre. Lex Harrington took two steps toward a window plane and scrunched his face, trying to make out the reflective film within the glass.

How horribly ironic, that he was unknowingly staring at a scene of depravity. Bobby swallowed sobs and sucked on the pointy spike of Janet's boot. Tears left his face dry and tight from endless crying. A trail of drool was working down his neck. He licked the sole of her shoe. Pressed his tongue flat against it, tasted its smooth finish. Then he worked his way to the pointed tip of her boot, and gamely sucked it.

His eyes were locked on Mr.. Harrington, standing just outside the window, with that stupid wrinkled expression on his face. He was absolutely oblivious to what was happening. Bobby began to cry again, not out of pain or wretched humiliation, but for himself. He cried with the understanding of how hopeless salvation would be.

A thick hard potato-like mass poked out of his asshole, Bobby's anus clenched and re-clenched, but the mass wouldn't budge.

- UUUrgh.

Bobby's strained face was all Janet needed to know.

- Whatsa matta?

She said, bending down to face him with a condescending smirk on her face,

- Bobby can't make poopy?

- Uuuurgh!

This was too good. This whets her appetite for some real pain. Let's rip the boy to shreds right under the social fucker's nose.. How delicious. She dropped the horsewhip and strode out of the room, leaving Bobby alone with Mr. Harrington for a good minute.

Bobby looked at the idiot morosely. He couldn't stand up, couldn't walk over and break the glass due to the bulging diaper between his legs. He gave another futile push against the rock wedged between his cheeks. No go.


He screamed at the squinting social worker, who was now tapping on the glass,


Mr. Harrington blinked.


Bobby dropped his head to the floor. No use screaming.. No use talking really. But in his miserable state he would hope against anything.

- She keeps me locked in a nursery!

He cried in futility.

- She's making me into her baby sex toy! She's forces me to piss, shit and cum for her! She's going to fuck me!

- Any luck?

Bobby gave an audible sob at the sight of her.

- Please! No more!

- Oh, but I have to. You don't understand how wickedly delightful this is..

She had two chains in her hand, one cuff at each end of the chains and a hook at the other.

- We're going to give Mr. Harrington a show.

She dragged Bobby to the middle of the floor, pulled him to his feet and forced him onto a pedestal. She snapped a thick leather collar about his neck, stood on a step stool and fastened the collar to the ceiling by way of a chain. She gave no slack forcing Bobby on his tippy toes to comfortably breathe.

Then she lifted Bobby's leg and fastened a chain about his ankle. She also attached this to the ceiling leaving no room for slack.

She stood back, surveying her work.

The boy stood on the tip of his right foot, the left almost pointing directly at the ceiling. His head hung from his collar, she watched his adam's apple bob as he swallowed.

- Please...don't, please...

He pleaded.

Mr. Harrington wasn't one for ESP, but he had a strong feeling that something was amiss. He began to turn around, when the window suddenly shook. He turned back.

Janet had whipped the floor with her bullwhip; the force reverberated through the floor and up the window. The boy screamed and pissed terror. It dripped from his sagging diaper and collected on the wooden planks below. She raised her arm and aimed for his swollen inner thigh..

Mr. Harrington was growing bored. He wondered how the two were getting along. Bobby might look like a whelp but he was remarkably stubborn. He was a difficult child, problematic to say the least. He despised any form of authority. Lex wondered how well Ms. LeBeau was coping with him.

Bobby screamed so hard one could clearly see the back of his throat. A red stripe burned into his skin. The shit was forcing itself out his asshole, stretching it farther and farther. His dick blasted a sharp stream of piss into his diaper, adding to its bulk.

He struggled as valiantly as he could. The fact that escape was impossible did not deter him. He shimmied, writhed in his bonds. He heard Janet give a surprised laugh. He looked to the window, where Mr. Harrington had his face pressed against the glass, his hands cupped above his brow, forming a visor. He squinted, trying his best to peer inside. Janet laughed and delivered another stinging thunderbolt to Bobby's other leg. Bobby's face was sweaty and red, partially asphyxiated, his mouth opened into an O and his eyes clamped shut. The giant shit slowly chugged its way into his diaper.

- That's enough of that,

Janet announced.

- Onto a new game.

Janet released the boy from the ceiling and walked him over to the window. She held him up, he being too weak to stand, and stood him directly in front of Mr. Harrington.

- There you are, there's you savior.

She said,

- There's your idiot knight in shining armor.

Bobby stared at his social services officer. Janet stood behind him and smirked. She leaned over and tapped the glass. Mr. Harrington gave a start, and peered through the window with renewed vigor, straining to see anything. Staring right at a dirty and bruised Bobby.

- What a hero.

Janet snarled,

- Come to check up on us, see if everything is all right. You really thought he could trip me up?

Janet grabbed a handful of Bobby's hair and pushed his face against the window. She ordered him to lick it. Bobby pressed his tongue against the glass as Janet directed his face to where Mr. Harrington's was pressed against the other side.

- Look Mr. Harrington, look at what a great whore your boy makes.

- Auuuh, huuuh, huuuu...

Bobby sobbed, mouth pressed open, running his tongue over the glass separating Mr. Harrington's face and his own. Janet yanked his head away and forced him to his knees.

- Now show Mr. Harrington what else your tongue can do.

She pushed her jeans down, twisted Bobby's hair tight, Bobby gave a shout and had his lips firmly planted about her cunt. She tapped on the glass, lower, so that Mr. Harrington would look down at Bobby, forced to pleasure his godmother. Bobby gazed up, quietly weeping, as he steadily licked her clitoris. Eventually Mr. Harrington returned his gaze upwards to Janet.. He squinted at her.

- You can't beat me, little man.

She growled, holding a cigarette in one hand, the other behind Bobby's head, monitoring his blow job.

Lex dropped his hands and squinted into the glass pane one last time. It still refused to show him anything but his own partial reflection. He felt like an idiot. But this is what you had to do to be a good social worker, you had to snoop. He shot a look over his shoulder, wondering if anyone could see him from the street. Funny, but he and the front of the house were shielded from the eyes of sidewalkers by bushes and overgrown flora in the garden. He wondered if that was on purpose. Ms. LeBeau seemed to be a private individual.

Lex allowed his mind to dwell on Janet LeBeau. Her curled sneer with a cigarette dangling from her lip. The green eyes narrowed into distrustful slits at the sight of him. The red hair. The small waves of muscle beneath her skin. And those curves that wouldn't give up!

Bobby, bleeding and filthy, looked up those persistent curves to those cool emerald eyes, formed into thin slits as she glared down at him. She pushed his head deeper, and he opened his mouth, swallowing her wetness. She bucked, moaned, ready to cum. She leaned against the glass, against Mr. Harrington's face. Bobby locked his lips about her clit, keeping a steady rhythm with his tongue.

She climaxed, watching the tears fall down the boy's cheeks as he pleasured her. She pulled him up by the hair, displaying his face, slick with cum, to the social service officer. She noticed his erection poking out from the cusp of his diaper.

She yanked the diaper midway down his thighs. She masturbated him. Bobby cried as she did so, watching his erection grow between her fingers. He leaned his head back onto her shoulder, pressing his eyelids shut.

- No. Uuuuuu. No. No, please...

Janet's right arm was wrapped about his waist, steadying him. Her left hand flew up and down his cock in a clenched fist.

- Oh! Oh! UUuuugh! NO! NOOO-UUU!

The boy trembled and stiffened with a jolt, ejaculating high into the air. The semen hit the glass directly where Lex Harrington's vexed mug pressed against it. They watched the spunk slowly crawl down the glass, obscuring Harrington's left eye and nostril. Janet laughed. The boy fainted.

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