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Business Trip With My Boss...

Veronica Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Veronica and I am 23 years of age. I work for an older gentleman that owns his own company. He hired me to organize tradeshows and work them then take them down and follow up on all the leads. I went to school with his daughter and so he has known me for about 10 years or so. His daughter was never a really smart person and did not want to go on to college like I did. I think he always wished that his daughter would be more like me. She worked for the company as well, but was in the shipping and mailing department - it seemed more her speed. He called me into his office one day and said that he would like the company to attend a trade show in NY. He said that he knew I was a very independent woman, but that he felt that I should not go alone to NY on this show (I had never been there before and he had worked in NY for many years). He informed me that just the two of us would be driving there and setting up the show and working it then driving back.

Over the months of preparing for this show, I was getting more and more excited about going. It also was great dreaming about the fact that I would be alone with this man. I had always had a schoolgirl crush on him. The big executive type that was always so in control. I think that is why he liked me so much, as I tended to emulate him in the things I did as well. I was so excited about doing a show in NY that I went and purchased some new things to wear. I could hardly wait for him to see how professional I could look and how sexy I could be when we went out for dinner in NY after the show everyday.

It was going to be a long drive as we were in Michigan and the show was in NYC. He kept making comments to me about getting prepared for the trip; get plenty of sleep, and how it would be a long drive. I had never been on such a long road trip as I usually flew out to the tradeshows when doing them alone. I took his advice and got plenty of sleep the night before we left. I arrived bright and early the morning we were to leave. It was so early it was still dark outside. He was already in the company truck and it was fully loaded with the show materials when I pulled in. It was running and he said he wanted to warm it up before we left. He got my things and put them in the truck and said lets go.

We hit the road. He said he would start the drive and maybe have me take over in a while. He kept making comments that when he went on the road with his wife and daughter they never stopped for anything but food. After about the fourth or fifth time he dropped this, I was beginning to think to myself 'okay, I get it!'. Probably about an hour or so into the drive, I told him that since he was all ready to go when I got there I did not have a chance to use the rest room, and could he pull over at the next rest stop. Sure he said and then proceeded to pass the next few that we encountered. I asked him again when I saw one coming up - by this time my legs were crossed and I was rocking from cheek to cheek in my seat trying to hold it. He pulled off at the rest stop and before I got out he said that this was going to be the last stop for at least the next 6 hours. He then asked me if I understood that. What the hell was I suppose to say? I just shook my head and said

"sure". I ran all the way into the bathroom and it was pure relief for me to finally release my bladder.

When I emerged from the bathrooms, he was sitting on a bench outside the woman's restroom door. He motioned for me to come over and have a seat. I sat down and could tell he had something in his jacket; I just had no idea what it was. He started to explain that he had a rule for traveling when with his family and since he felt that we were close to family, he felt that it was important to stick to it. He said that he hates to stop unless absolutely necessary, like for food and then only do the drive thru to save on time. He said that as a man, it was easy for him to hold his bladder. But having a wife and a daughter, he realized we had other needs. He explained that he had packed some things for me realizing I would probably never think about it. He pulled a diaper out of his jacket and explained that I would only have to wear it while we were driving so that there would be no stops till we got to our destination. I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing! The rest stop was pretty dead, so he just handed it to me and said to go back into the ladies room and put it on and that he would wait for me. I felt like I was an 8 year old. I did not know what to say to him. Being that I so looked up to him and he was my boss, I just said okay and went into the restroom. I fumbled with it for a while before realizing how to put it on properly. It felt so bulky between my legs, I mean, I am one of those girls that never even used pads while having my period, because of the bulk. Then I had to pull my jeans up, that was even stranger, as the bulk of the diaper made them fit pretty snug. I started to walk out of the stall and stopped in horror. The noise it was making was so loud. Every step, hell for that fact, every breath I took I could hear the damn thing crinkling. I put my coat in front of me and walked out of the restroom to find my boss just standing there waiting for me. He had a smile on his face and said, "there now, you will be so comfy for the rest of the trip, and its not so bad is it". I did not reply. I just started walking to the truck. He walked to my horror behind me. I just kept wishing I had put my jacket back on, since he now had full view of my diapered rear end. Every step I made back to the truck was so humiliating, I thought I would pee my pants just getting to the truck. My boss opened the door for me and waited for me to climb in and then shut the door. He got in the drivers side and off we went. I said nothing for about the first hour. I was in too much shock that I was sitting there in diapers in front of him. He finally broke the silence, "you know, it is natural for women to need diapers. You need them for a week every month anyways - it should not be any different then the pads women use". OH MY GOD!!! I cannot believe the conversation happening here. I informed him that I don't use pads and have not used them since I was maybe 12 years old. He said he was shocked at that. He said it was not healthy to introduce things into your body that weren't meant to be there. I took that to mean that he did not believe in tampons. He went on to say that his wife and daughter got used to using the diapers when then went on road trips. He reached over and put his hand on my leg and said not to be embarrassed, he thought is was a natural thing, besides he said, "it fills a woman's natural form out better". I knew not what to say in return. My head was swimming with so many thoughts about the situation I was in.

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