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I came home to an empty house as usual about 3 years ago and quickly changed from my uniform. I went to the closet where I hide my, well for lack of anything else, my virtual fantasy clothes, grabbed the items and went to the bathroom where I stripped and laid down on the floor rubbing baby oil all over my genitals and rear end then I sprinkled baby powder on the overnight depend diapers and put my diapers on nice and tight then pulled out my pretty red ruffled plastic panties and pulled them up over my diaper, I kept things hidden because my wife had no idea that I enjoyed being a diaper lover. Well then I went back to my hideaway and pulled out a cute short dress of white satin and full of ruffles, I pulled this over my shoulders and pulled down as far as possible still showing my ruffled panties. I have close to three hours before my wife comes home to enjoy myself as a diaper loving little girl. It wasn't long before I wet my diaper for the first time this day; I was playing on-line with diaper pictures and stories, diapered web sites like DPF and the likes. I wet my diapers one more time and was in heaven. I did this religiously every day when my wife was not home from work. I would clean up and put the dress away in my hiding place and throw the soaked diaper in a plastic bag and dispose it in the trash under other things so my wife would not know what I was doing, I would get cleaned up and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and greet my wife when she come home.

One day my wife came home early, I was still on-line and still in heaven, I did not hear her until she was in the house. Needless to say, I was caught, I was embarrassed, I was about to be humiliated for the 1st time. What in God's name are you wearing, she asked? I am now beet red and ashamed, humiliated, yet thoroughly exited inside.

I could not say much as she scanned me up and down, she was in shock and smiling at me, she said diapers and plastic panties? Are you wet? Yes I am I told her. I will go change and get cleaned up, I am sorry you saw this; I tried to keep it from you. That's a cute dress little girly she said. No you stay here she said, let me look you over pretty baby, you like this? I could not say a thing. She walked over to the computer and saw I was on DPF. Well, what am I to do with you sweetie she asked? For now, come over here and show me what this site is all about. I did as she asked, knowing I was in deep trouble. OK, thank you, she says and what I want you to do now is take off that dress. I told her I would do this and get out of the diapers and get cleaned up. No, she said, no way young girl, I did not tell you to get out of your diapers did I? No Babe you didn't. You are the baby not me, don't call me babe again, do you understand? Yes, I said with my head hanging down. You will call me Mommy from now on, is this clear Alicia? But I am not Alicia, you know this Mommy, I said. She said you are Alicia from now on at this house, baby Alicia. Now get out of that dress. Yes Mommy. I pulled it off, she looked and giggled. We are going to have fun from now on. I am going to expect you to be in diapers every day when I come home, is this clear? Yes Mommy I do, smiling. Wipe that smile off you face young girl, she said. You will not use the bathroom anymore in this house; your diapers are your toilet, is this clear? Yes Mommy, doing the best I can not to smile. Go sit on the floor and wait for me. Yes Mommy. I wasn't able to change my diaper until I finally could no longer hold it and I messed them. The smell was terrible and she made me sit in the mess and very wet diaper for two hours while she was on-line doing something, smiling almost all the time, I was very nervous.

Well let's get you changed young lady as she leaves the computer. Come with me. I followed her to the bathroom, where are the diapers she asked? I took her to the closet and pulled them out. Good she said, and pulled two diapers out, back into the bathroom. I did as she said. Stay here, I will be right back. I will. She went to the kitchen and came back with a knife, this scared me. Andi, what are you going to do to me? She came to me bent down and slapped me, who she asked? Really scared at this point, I said Mommy, I'm sorry. She picked up and opened one diaper and cut slits in it, then put it down. She came to me and pulled my panties down, demanding I lift my butt, then untapped the soaked, dirty diaper and pulled it away wiping as much off as she could. She finished cleaning me and then rubbed baby oil all over me, I quickly got an erection, and she squeezed me hard and then slapped me, telling me that she was now in control of my penis and I will come when she says so. I quickly answered, yes Mommy. She sprinkled baby powder on the diaper that she cut slits in had me raise my butt and secured the diaper on me, taping it tight, then raise your butt again young lady, I did and she put the other diaper over the slit one, securing this tightly on me. She then put my plastic panties over them. There, that should work! I was confused because it was now late and in one more hour it was time for bed. Why did you put two diapers on me Mommy? It is late and we will be going to bed pretty soon. She stated that as she said previously, you will never use the toilet at home again; this is your diaper, your toilet, for the evening. I have ordered a few items that will take a couple of days to come in and you will sleep with me for now, but you will not take your diaper off and there will be no sex, unless I say so, is this perfectly clear baby Alicia? Yes Mommy. We went to bed and I did not sleep well, the diapers and panties made a lot of noise and kept waking me up, I did find myself having to pee and did so, hoping I won't leak. The morning came soon enough, she checked me and I was pretty wet and needed to go when I got up, I walked to the toilet getting ready when Andi came over and said, you better not young lady. But Andi; I need to get ready for work, she smacked me and told me not to use the toilet as previously stated and that she was to be called Mommy and not to forget this again. I wet them again and was mortified. She got out of the shower and told me to take my diapers off and get in the shower baby Alicia. I did as she said. You can get cleaned up and get dressed for work, but remember when you get home this afternoon, you better get in your diapers and I expect them to be wet when I get home is this clear young lady? I expect you to put two diapers on like I did to you last night. Yes Mommy.

She was off work, because it was Saturday, I kissed her goodbye and told her I was sorry I upset her and that I love her and drove off to work. I came home after work and she was not home, I found the diapers were out along with my plastic panties, baby powder and oil. I did as I usually did with the exception of putting two diapers on, she left a note not to put a dress on, but to sit in the living and to play the DVD, and not to watch TV, only the DVD. I did this and found it to be cartoons all about girl power. Andi walked in the door with more depends and a couple of bags full of things, I said Hi Mommy, I did as you told me! She said, Hi baby Alicia! Finish the DVD and she disappeared into the bedroom. The DVD finished and she came out. Let me check your diaper little girl. I got up and she put her hand down the front of my depend diapers. Good girl Baby Alicia, I have a surprise for you! She took me in the bedroom and showed me a rubber mat on my side of the bed the bedroom was now filled with pink bedding, throw pillows, and very frilly, I was embarrassed and she saw that I was , what's wrong little girl, we can now enjoy these wonderful colors in the bedroom it was too dreary before, now it is really girly. Tonight you will bath instead of in the morning, I will make us dinner and you will bath, clear? Yes Mommy. Good, go sit down and watch the DVD again, yes Mommy. We ate dinner and she had all my food chopped up and in a bowl with a spoon, I did not realize she put a diuretic and laxative in my mashed potatoes. But as embarrassed as I was, I was hungry and ate it all. You will clean the dishes and put them away young lady then you can watch a little TV before your bath. And she went to the living room and turned the news on while I did the dishes. When I was done with the dishes I had such a cramp, I tried to keep it back, but I finally filled my diapers; they were soaked. Mommy can I change, my diapers are full, I have diarrhea. No baby, she said sit there and be quite. I did as she said, squishing and loose. The news was over and she said, I am going to start your bath water, I will be right back. 60 minutes came on and I was watching it when Andi came out of the bathroom and said come sweetie, time for your bath. I got to the bathroom and she had me lay down and removed my panties then my diapers cleaning as best she could, I noticed the tub was full with lots of bubbles and smelled of lavender. I got up as she told me to and climbed in the tub, the water was really warm, as I like it and I said thank you for making the water nice and warm Mommy. Andi told me to shush as she washed my back and my face, she told me to soak for a bit, she left and I finished washing up and just sat there in the bubbles, Andi finished the 60 minute program and came back in the bathroom. Go ahead and pull the plug baby, I will rinse you off; I did as she told me. As the tub emptied I saw a lot of hair, something that I normally don't see. Sure enough I looked and all my hair was coming off as she wiped me down after the rinse. There she said, now you look more like a girl, no more hair all over your body! She put something in the water to make this happen, which is why she wanted me to soak, it worked. OK lay down, she rubbed Baby oil and yes I became aroused again, this time she slowly teased me, rubbing up and down slowly and the a little faster and faster and finally I exploded as she put a suppository up my a-hole she powdered the diaper and placed it on me adding the second and securing them nice and tight, she pulled up my plastic panties over the diapers and told me it is now time for her to be pleased and she sat on my face, saying you better make this good if you want me to milk you ever again, I had no problem beginning to lick her pussy, it smelled so sweet and she was moving to my licking, soon I was sucking up the juices and sticking my tongue in her pussy, she was going crazy grinding her pussy over my face, I was soaked. After her climaxes she wiped my face and kissed me good night, I was surprised it was only 9:00PM, she said as a little girl, you need more beauty sleep and told me to go to bed, I did. Again, not a restful evening now on the rubber mat.

Next morning, I get up, my diaper is full, I finish filling and pull it off. I brush my teeth, take a shower and feel how nice and smooth my body is, I go to the drawer and open it to find my underwear is gone, in its place are panties. Andi says, surprise Baby Alicia, these are what you will wear from now on when you have to work, don't wet them or you will wear diapers to work. You will also wear these and she pulled out nylons and a garter belt. You can wear socks over them. But you will learn to start dressing as a girl. Do you have any questions Baby Alicia? No Mommy I will wear them and I won't wet them Mommy, I promise!

Monday comes and the ritual continues, I come home and Andi took the day off. She is all smiles and brings me in the spare bedroom. Surprise baby Alicia, your new room. It was a room for a baby girl all pink with flowers painted on the walls. The bed was a crib large enough for me, there was a changing table with cabinet underneath full of diapers and plastic ruffled panties. Strip and get on the table sweetie! Yes Mommy, I did so. She placed me in my dual diapers and a pair of red ruffle plastic panties. Andi went to the closet and opened it. It was full of young girl clothes with really short skirts and dresses and black baby janes, she pulled out a school girl red plaid skirt and a cute top, she also had a bra for me to wear and she placed fake breast in them. I was in heaven and still am. Andi, Mommy is my dominant and I will do whatever it takes to appease her, she has dressed me in French maid and has me clean the house. She has also got BDSM equipment and occasionally she ties me up and whips me, she has cuffed me to my crib and puts a big baby bottle nipple into my mouth and forces me to drink her surprise cocktails full of diuretics, sometimes I have a big pacifier tied to me so that I can't spit it out, that's when she doesn't want me to talk, Recently Andi has introduced a 12 inch dildo and has taught me how to fondle and lick the big cock and suck on the balls, sometimes she pulls my diapers off, ties me up to the crib in a position that I am in the doggy position and rubs Vaseline on the dildo, she slowly inserts the big staff in my new gina, which you know as my a-hole and while it hurt at first now it feels so good, she moves that cock in and out and does so good that I come every time. After I calm down she will pull it out and placed a laxative in me and then pushes a butt plug in me, and puts my diapers on me. Once a week after my bath, we make love, as long as I have been good during that week. I love her and will obey her every command.

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