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The Cable Kid

Chapter 1 - Exposed Cable

Working for the cable company, I met a lot of interesting people. I would like to tell you that the stories you hear about the women/men hitting on the cable guy is are true. This is one of those stories. It was five o'clock and I was hoping I wasn't going to get another call. It was my Friday and I had the next 3 days off, but mainly I was wet. You see I wear diapers all the time. Now most people think I need them for medical reasons but a few know the truth. I wear them for fun. It is a fetish of mine.

The call was to do a new install for this address. It was close so I gave the number a call and a sweet sounding lady answered. I told her I was on my way and I needed to collect the COD of 78$ after I hooked her up. She told me it was no problem and to come on. The house was a nice big house set back from the road. I did some work their once before for the last owners. I did the hook up and went to collect the money and signature for the install. The lady who came to the door was in her late 40's and in good shape. She told me that her sister didn't leave a check for me like she told her she would. I told her I had to check hook up all of the TV's so she could get in touch with her. She paged her sister as we talked. I learn that they both just moved here from Maine to help take care of their mother who was in a nursing home. I made a comment about nursing homes and she asked if I had been in Hill Ridge? I told her no most of them are the same. She told me that her sister and her just bought that one. Her sister was a doctor and she was a rn. I bent down to screw the cable to the TV and as I did I knew this was a big mistake. I could feel the wetness leak out of my plastic pants to me jeans and second my shirt was untucked. My customer was right behind me and I looked back to see her watching me reached and pulled my shirt down over my exposed diaper. As I stood up my face was probably as red as my shirt. She spoke in an understanding tone,

"from the redness in your face and the fright in your eyes you are embarrassed." I told her yes I was. She asked what kind of problem did I have. I told her my doctor thinks it is some kind of nerve problem, but wasn't sure. She asked how long have I had this problem, and I told her over 4 years. She told me that there was some good medications that could help with my problem, I told her yes but they cost to much even with insureance and they have side affect. I tried some but when I passed out in an attic while taking one drug I decide to just wear protection. I added I don't let my problem change my life I just adapt. What she said next really shocked me. Plus they are convenient to wear. I responded with a yea.

"Just to let you know there's a kind of t-shirt that you can wear to help hide things when you bend over" she told me. I said I have seen them online but they look like baby onsie.

"Nothing wrong in wearing something like that. I think we have some at Hill Ridge," she said. A call thankfully interrupted our chat. It was her sister and she couldn't leave. . The lady asked if I could take her up to hill ridge and I could get the money there and I would get a nice tip. This lady was nice so I said that it would be ok. I called my office and told them I was done with the job and I'd bring my paperwork and money in, in the morning. Before I got in my van I put a towel on my seat. She saw and asked if I was ok. I told her I meant to change before this call but I and out of diapers in my bag. She commented that my bag didn't look like a diaper bag at all no little bunnies or duckies on it. We laughed and went to the nursing home.

Chapter 2 Time to Change the Channel The trip to the nursing home was quick but I did get to know my passenger. Her name was Cindy and her sister was Liz. The parking lot was empty except for one car close to the door. I told Cindy I would stay in the van I didn't want to get out cause I was sporting a nice wet spot. Cindy told me she didn't like to go in there all alone and the only one else in there was her sister. She then told me, she would give me a dry diaper and a pair scrubs to change into. I agreed and we went in. Cindy left me at the nurse's station to go find her sister. I heard talking and thin I saw Cindy and who must be her sister Liz. Cindy introduced me to Liz an older lady but just like her sister a warm face. She thanked me and handed me a check for the install of her cable. I told them I didn't really mind I didn't have any plans. Liz spoke " My sister tells me you have a bladder problem and need to get changed." I said yes as my face turned red again.

"You see a nice cute red in those checks" Cindy said to Liz.

"We'll take care of you Chris if that's ok. I shook my head in agreement; Liz followed by Cindy led me to a supply room.

" You look to be a large in the pants and an XL in the shirts Right" Liz said to me as she picked up a pair of scrubs.

" In this next room we'll get you cleaned up. Liz told me in a nice but commanding voice to get on the table. I did as I was told in a state of complete embarrassment. Liz started to take my shirt off and I started to help to but she smacked my hand and she said she could do it. This just added to the embarrassment. Next she started to take my pants and my hand moved to help again but she raised her hand to smack it and gave a no no. I put my hand down not wanting it to get popped.

"Oh good you do wear plastic panties, you must of wet a lot to get a leak." Liz said as she took off my plastic pants.

"Yep really wet" she said. Cindy came into the room with a cart. Cindy said to me that the disposable diapers are still packed or not been inventoried so I would have to wear a cloth diaper.

"He'll need a new pair of plastic panties, his are to wet." Liz told Cindy.

"Oh Christopher I brought you one of those onsie we talked about but all we have are prints, is that ok?" I just nodded yes. Cindy placed a pad under me and started to remove my diaper. She tossed the wet diaper away with a pee-u. She covered my penis with a pad as she took a washcloth and washing me first my hands, arms, face, chest and continuing down washing all of me. Liz came back in and went to examining my gentals, she said I little bit of a rash around my little peepee. I felt a finger being pushed into my bottom and she commented might need to flush thing soon. Liz put some cream and powder on me and pulled a thick cloth diaper up between my legs, pinning it in place. Cindy handed her a pair of plastic pant with duckie on them. Next the onsie was put on me. I was helped to my feet and I was still dazed but I felt my diaper, it was soft and comfortable.

"How do you feel now?" one of them asked. I said it felt good. Liz asked if I was hungry because they were and wanted to treat me to a good dinner for my help. I looked at my self and started to say not like this but Cindy moved closer holding out a pair of scrub bottoms. I said yes and Cindy helped me get into my scrubs. I decided to go to dinner with my new friends. Liz needed to get ready so Cindy asked if I wanted to take a tour. I told her I didn't mind, but as we started I noticed it was hard to walk with such a thick diaper on. Cindy noticed it to and told me to stay there and she'll be right back. We she returned she was pushing a stroller but bigger, I have seen people in them that had MS or something. She told me that it just arrived and it really needed to be tested if I didn't mind and it would be easier than walking around. I agreed sitting down Cindy fastened the straps. I was feeling very helpless. Liz caught up with us and we were off. I started to get out of the stroller but Cindy said I thought you were going to help test it we need a good run with it. I settled back in the seat. We went in the nursing home's van. It had a lift and locking places for the stroller to go, so the patient didn't have to get out. I was surprised when we pulled up to one of the most expensive restaurants. I was allowed to walk in but being led by Cindy like a little child. We were seated in a quiet corner, where we chatted over a glass of wine waiting for our food. I told them I appreciated them taking me out. It made my weekend. I was just planning to stay home for the next three days and watch TV since my wife was out of town. Cindy and Liz peaked up and one of them asked you off the next 3 days? I said yes. Liz asked if I would be willing to help train the new staff. I could stay at the home and I would get paid 100 a day. I asked what I had to do Cindy said, "Nothing, just what you did tonight." Liz said she would give me a shot of a strong muscle relaxer to help make it look like I was disable. What I said next was a slip that helped change things. I excited. Said " All I have to do is play like an AB and you'll pay me for it. Sure." I saw them both peak up again and Liz spoke, "You know what an AB is do you?" I knew I was busted. I shock my head yes and she asked the question.

"So do you like to an Adult baby?" My head lowered in a shame and nodded yes. I saw smiles coming from both of them.

Chapter 3 . During dinner they whispered between them self. The said they would skip desert and stop a get ice cream. We left the restaurant and I was told to get back in my car seat/ stroller. Before I was bucked in but this time Cindy took my scrubs off. Leaving me just an onsie I noticed it had little pastel figures on it. It was quite obvious I was diapered too. I noticed that the buckles on the seat now locked. I heard Liz in the back of the van looking for something, heard a sigh of relief as she placed a passie in my mouth. I heard Liz tell Cindy to hold my head down. I felt Liz pull down the collar of the onsie and poked a spot on my back with her finger but then a cold wet feeling. I knew she was cleaning a spot for a shot. The needle went in with surprising very little pain. I felt a cold then warm feeling start to spread. My arms and head felt extremely heavy and my muscles were working very slow and awkwardly. Liz told me she gave me a muscle relaxer, it was to help me relax and look and feel more like the part. I mumbled out "Part"

" yes the part of our weekend baby" Liz said. I knew I was in for it. The next stop was the ice-cream shop. I was wheeled into the shop my head hung off to one side and drool could be seen around the pacifier. Liz took a blanket and wiped the drool off and covered my legs. Then went to order. There was a toddler in his stroller wearing a similar outfit. He was playing with a toy car. I tried to say hi but it came out bad but the kids seemed to understand and said hi back. Cindy spoke to the kid's mother saying kids seem to understand each other. They smiled and went back what they were doing. The kid never took his eyes off of me. Cindy rolled me to a table and reached in her bag and pulled out a bib. I looked back to the kid as she put it on me. I could see his mother was telling him something. Liz returned with the ice cream. Mine was in a cup and Cindy began feeding it to me. But then Liz said for her to let me feed myself and for her to eat her ice cream. With my arms not wanting to work right I had that ice cream over my face in no time. Cindy wiped my face clean now and then. I noticed the boy and his mother got up and went to the bathroom. When they came out she started to put him in the stroller but he wanted to walk. As they past us the little boy handed me his toy car and said "Me a big boy not baby." I think the whole ice cream parlor heard it. The mother recovered from her giggles and said to Liz and Cindy that she explained to her son I was just like a baby and couldn't grow up. I had to wear diapers just like a baby too. He told his mother that he was a big boy and he need to go potty and he went pooped in the toilet. Liz and Cindy told the kid that he was a big boy. I felt proud for the boy but ashamed for myself. But I did it I passed for a baby. On the way back to Hill Ridge. I did wet but after that I must have dozed off. I woke as I was being taken into the nursing home then to the changing room. Liz had me sit on the changing table where she started undoing my onesie and my diaper. She tossed the diaper into a pail. She then had me get back into the stroller where she took me to a room where Cindy was. Cindy helped me up out of the stroller and led me to where Liz was sitting. She placed a pad on her lap then Liz looked at me and told me to lie down. I did as I was told. I knew what was going to happen. As the first smack hit from the brush, and the pain set in I was right. Another spank, She told me I was being spanked because I lied to her and her sister about my diapers. I tried to be a man about the spanking and not cry but it didn't work at 8 years old and it didn't at 30. Tears ran down my face and on to her lap. I was told to get up and bend over the table. Cindy gave me two more smacks but with her hand. I felt something being inserted into my rear, I tried to turn and look but Liz gave me a pop on the butt and told me to turn around. Cindy spoke and told me she was going to give me an enema. I had to hold it as long as I could and as long as it to get me rediapered. I felt the fluid start to run into me and start filling me up.

"Now hold it," she told me as she quickly taped a thick disposable diaper on me. I felt another prick of a needle. I tried to hold it but I couldn't hold it any longer.

"They never hold it long after a shot of muscle relaxer." I heard Liz say. I sat on the floor as I filled me diaper. I must have dozed off on the floor cause I woke to a smell of crap. It was me my diaper was full. Liz came in and took me to one of the residents' room. I noticed it had a small couch and a changing table with a lift. In the corner of the room was a metal crib. It was bigger than most babies, but I was bigger than most babies. Liz hooked me up to the lift and set me on the table. My diaper was changed and my onsie was snapped into place. She set me down on the couch where she had me sat beside me then eased me my head to her lap. Once there she reached over to and picked a bottle out of a bag. She placed it in my mouth and I just naturally started to suck. She then told me that is is a room that was designed for patients who are true AB, adult or teens that have no or little mental cognitive and the body of an adult. She also said she had fun today and aprecietated my help testing things. Then she told me that in the morning other nurses were going to becoming in for there training. I was going to be the main patient. Cindy came in and said all is secure and when she leaves please locks both main doors. Liz and Cindy exchanged positions but not before Liz gave me a kiss on the check. And said "night night baby." Liz left and Cindy finished feeding me the bottle. I finished the bottle and she sat me up and patted my back and I let out a nice burp. Cindy guided my head back down to her lap but she opened her blouse exposing a nice breast. I she leaned forward placing her nipple in my mouth. I gently sucked and that is all I remember because my eyes grew heavy and I went to sleep. MORE TO COM.

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