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Chapter 1 - Best Birthday Present

A time not too long ago, I had the best time of my life. This is how it all started: I live with only my father and so it was inevitable that he would find out that I loved wearing diapers. So my father, acknowledging my love of diapers, searched for the best surprise present for my 19th Birthday. One week before my birthday my father confronted me with a brochure for an all AB/DL camp. I was astonished. I had no idea such camps existed. The only bad thing about the whole thing is that since I had recently just told my father I loved to wear diapers I really didn't have anything to wear. I had no baby clothes, not too many diapers, no plastic pants, and no protective bedding. My father put me at ease because he revealed the second part of my surprise present. He had order all those things through an online Adult Baby web site. Now I was set and with all the excitement I had wet my fully soaked diaper and leaked into my pants. Seeing this, my father jumped at the opportunity to use the new things he had bought.

He pulled out a new changing pad and spread it on the living room floor. I quickly pulled off my wet pants and laid on the pad. My father, bless his heart, tried his hardest to relearn how to change diapers. To be honest I was red in the face and even today I still get a little embarrassed that he still diapers me. Anyways, with some time, he was able to get the soaking disposable diaper off. He wiped my butt, rubbed oil over my diaper area, and powdered me up real well. A second later, he pulled out the thickest cloth diaper I have ever seen! I raised my butt up in the air to enthusiastically welcome the cloth diaper and just laid there feeling how soft and comfortable it felt after he was done. Next, he told me to stand up so he could put the plastic pants on over the thick diapers. The pants were so cute. They had little nursery prints of teddy bears and little duckies. I thought that this changing was over until he pulled something from another bag. It was an onsie and pair of shortalls. All this excitement in one day was just too much. I quickly climbed into the shortalls after my father snapped the onsie on me. I ran into his bedroom straight to the floor length mirror. I was in awe as I saw how huge the bulge in my crotch saw and how cute a toddler I made.

My father knew that I was exhausted from all the excitement so he warmed a bottle of formula and fed me it. It was time for my afternoon nap so I went into my bedroom to get into my comfy bed. This is where I encountered the last of my birthday present. My whole room was drastically changed. It had become a fairy tale nursery. Who knew my father could pull all this off during my four-day skiing trip with my friends. That sly scoundrel. Anyways, it had everything: oversized crib, changing table, rocking chair, nursery print wallpaper, etc. My father was right behind me when I stopped dead in my tracks with my jaw to the ground. He led me by the hand to my oversized crib where I will spend many naps in the future. My father tucked me in the crib and as my eyes slowly shut closed I whispered to him, "I love you Daddy." That had been the first time since I was three that I called him Daddy. I was in AB paradise as I dreamt of all the things that happened that day and all the things that will come to happen at the AB/DL camp.

Chapter 2 - First Outing in Public

After a three hour-long nap, my Daddy slowly and lovingly woke me up. I groggily went over to the changing table. He lifted me up onto the changing table where he stripped me down to my soaking diaper. He then pulled out another diapered from under the table and changed the wet one. After it was all done, he helped me climbed down from the table. I noticed that he had put all of the clothes and stuff that he bought away. Anyways, we walked to my clothes where he picked out an outfit for me to where to the movies. I put on a light-blue nursery print onsie and a green pair of windbreaker pants that snapped down the crotch for easy access for a diaper change.

Well, we headed towards the movie theatre and before the movie we went to get a bite to eat. I suggested going to McDonald's. As we entered, I could feel everyone stare at me. As this was my first time going out into public, my face had turned a shade of red that I had not even known existed. That all passed, however, as my nerves started to settle. After my long nap, I was starving. I quickly ate my happy meal. My Daddy took a little longer to finish his Big Mac meal so I asked if I could play in the play area. He said yes and I ran over into the pit of balls. I jumped and dived over and over in the pit until my Daddy came over and informed me that our movie would start soon; so we headed to the movie theatre.

Once there my Daddy got the tickets and we entered the theatre where our movie was going to play. I loved the movie and at all the places where the other children were interacting, I couldn't stop myself, I had to interact too. It was fun and even better now that I was wearing toddler clothes as well. The movie ended and like all the other children I cheered also. My Daddy told me it was getting late and we need to go home because it was getting close to bedtime. I followed him out the theatre where I bumped into some people and fell. My Daddy must not have noticed because when I got up I couldn't find him anywhere. I was scared and was lost. I ran towards our car and couldn't find him. As I started to cry my Daddy came up to me and asked me where I was. Was I ever relieved! I started to babble incoherently about how I fell and couldn't find him. At that time I just hugged him and never wanted to let go.

Well, we headed home. My Daddy noticed that I was still shaky from the incident and so he once again warmed me up a bottle of warm formula. He stripped me to my diaper and noticed that it wasn't all that wet so he just put me into a racing car footed sleeper. Then, he told me to sit on his lap while he sat on the rocking chair. He rocked me back and forth while feeding me the bottle. In no time I was fast asleep so he carefully tucked me into my crib where I literally slept like a baby.

Chapter 3 - The Trip to Camp

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very cold. My Daddy misjudged how wet my diaper really was and so consequentially it leaked all over the crib. Thank goodness there was a rubber sheet or else the mattress would be totally ruined. Out of total discomfort I started to cry. My Daddy ran into my room to see what was the matter. He noticed that I had leaked all over the place so he led me over to the changing table for another diaper change.

After the change he grabbed another footed sleeper. This one was light blue with a big teddy bear on the front. He told me to go sleep on his bed for a while and that he would be there after he takes care of my crib. He stripped it totally except for the rubber sheet. He took the bedding into the laundry room where he put it into the washer and started it. He then went back to his room where I was half asleep. He didn't want to disturb me so he gently climbed into bed. After a while, I crawled over to his side of the bed where I cuddled on his chest until I fell fully asleep.

In the morning, I awoke to my father trying to slip away to make some breakfast. My Daddy strapped me into an oversized high chair. He made himself some eggs and toast while I had juice and warm cereal. After we had finished eating, he decided that it was bath time. We headed to the bathroom and once in there I was stripped naked while he started the water. I got my rubber ducky and my Daddy finished running the water by putting bath bubbles in the tub. I hopped in and he started scrubbing me down with a gentle scrubbing mitt. I didn't pay any attention because I was busy playing with Mr. Ducky. Like all things that are great, the bath had to come to an end.

My Daddy dried me off and led me to my room after he cleaned up the bathroom. This is when I noticed that there were two suitcases packed and ready to go somewhere. I asked Daddy what they were for and he told me that they were my stuff for the camp trip. I had totally forgot all about the trip! It must have been because of all the excitement.

Again I was put into a new Attends disposable diaper. It was a cold day that day so this time I was put into coveralls with a sweater underneath. Now I was snug and warm. My Daddy led me to my playpen and told me to stay there and play with all the toys while he goes and takes a shower and all. He soon returned and led me to the van with the suitcases all ready packed inside.

In the van, a row of seats was taken out and replaced with an oversized car seat that was bolted to the floor. I was strapped in and my Daddy started the van. We were finally off. Another wave of excitement came over me and I noticed a warm sensation in my crotch. I had wet again.

Hours went by as I played with my toys that my Daddy had brought and then that's when I felt the urge to go poop. I still had trouble going poop without concentrating on it. About another half an hour later the urge built up so badly that I decided to try my hardest to push it out. With some effort I was able to push out a good size lump of soft poop. It quickly spread across my butt and up towards my crotch; a full mess all around. Soon it quickly smelled up the van also. My Daddy noticed the smell and decided to go ahead and pull into Dairy Queen because it was close to lunchtime anyways. Before going into Dairy Queen my Daddy let the backbench of the van down into a bed. He unstrapped me from the car seat and laid me down on the bench to change my diapers. I wasn't used to the stench of fresh poop and when my Daddy untaped the diaper I scrunched my face in disgust. Obviously my Daddy wasn't used to the stench either because he did the exact same thing. Anyways, he wiped my butt clean, rubbed oil over my diaper area, and powdered me up before taping on a new Attends disposable diaper. He then folded the used diaper and wipes into a nice neat bundle and on our way into the restaurant he disposed of the diaper in the dumpster behind it. We ordered our food and headed for the van. We would eat the food in the van because we were behind schedule and my Daddy wanted to make up for lost time. Before taking off again, my Daddy strapped me back in, popped in a movie in the VCR (we had a conversion van with a TV and a VCR) and poured my drink into a bottle so I wouldn't spill anything on the ground. Before I could finish my movie I fell asleep and took my afternoon nap.

Chapter 4 - Finally There

A gentle shaking on the shoulder by my Daddy awakened me. We were sitting in a parking lot that was full of buses and vans and a bustle of people gathering up their belongings. As I awoke completely, I knew we had finally made it to the camp. All of my excitement before this moment could not compare to what I was feeling now and lets not say my diaper didn't get a good wetting then too.

Before registration and all that, my Daddy wanted to change my diaper as he was getting accustomed to change me after my naps. I laid on the backbench while he stripped me down. I noticed that my butt was a little sore. My Daddy undid my diaper to reveal the beginning of a rash. All that sitting and my butt stationary on the diaper had prove to be too much for my skin.

This wasn't all that bad and my Daddy wiped up and spread Desitin all over the rash. I squirmed at the stinging of it but quickly settled down to the cool soothing sensation brought on by the rash ointment. I was all done and before I was dressed again my Daddy gave me a big kiss on the forehead telling me that I was a good baby.

I followed my Daddy who carried the two suitcases. We were greeted by one of the counselors as we entered a hall packed of ABs and DLs. A different counselor handed my Daddy a pen and a form to fill out. All the form asked was what my name was, if I was an AB or DL, whether I wanted a male or female counselor, and emergency contact information. After my Daddy filled it completely out he handed the form to the counselor who in return pinned a name tag on me saying: Hello my name is Baby Tommy. It was adorned with light blue teddy bears and building blocks with ABCs and 123s. I was assigned to cabin 12 and was shown the way via a map she gave my Daddy.

We headed to the cabin were we met the cabin counselor and the other babies.

My Daddy exchanged greeting with the camp counselor and he in return assured my Daddy that I was in good hands. Put at eased, my Daddy gave me a hug and said his good-byes. This is when I got teary eyed and didn't want him to go.

He held me in his arms and whispered in my ear that I will have fun and that he will come visit on my Birthday. Upon leaving, my Daddy gave me a teddy bear to keep me company when I felt lonely and could cuddle up with it. This made me feel a little better and now it wouldn't be so bad when he left.

I went inside with my two suitcases to put away all my baby clothes. I was assigned to a crib in the corner and only had one neighboring crib. As I was finishing unpacking my neighbor walked over to his crib. I was astonished how much he really looked like a real baby. He had a smooth hairless head (which he later let me feel) and was dressed in just a T-shirt and a real baby look-alike disposable diaper. He introduced himself as Baby Jerry after he popped his pacifier, which was attached to a rope around his neck, out of his mouth. I asked him how realistic he was and he asked me if this was my first year. I said yes and he explained to me the he had practice and that this was his fourth year. That did explain a lot.

Well, after everyone got unpacked and settled two counselors walked into the cabin with all of their stuff. One was a bit older than the other, which made me believe that the other one was his assistant, which later I would find out to be the truth. Anyways, they put their stuff in the back room and came out to the main room to greet his campers. Collectively there were eight of us campers and so we played a quick Name Game in order for them and us to get to know each other's names. This is where I found out that the counselors were George and Claude. George was the older one. After everyone knew everyone else's name the counselors decided that it was close enough time to dinner and so led us all to the mess hall. While in there we encountered more helpers to feed us and oversized high chairs for us to sit in. The helpers brought us our food. I noticed that some other babies had solid food while others ate baby food. It must have been that the form also asked what our fictional age was. I was a toddler so I was given spaghetti.

My helper was a beautiful young lady that was very gentle. I had so much fun role-playing and I got spaghetti sauce all over my face. All the helpers wiped all of our faces clean and let us down from our high chairs.

We all walked back to our cabin where we were informed that bedtime was close and that we would get baths. We were told to strip down to our diapers. Two at a time, one of the counselors led babies in the bathroom where two tubs where full. The other counselor watched over the rest of the babies. I was lucky because I was one of the first babies to get a bath.

Jerry was the other baby that accompanied me. As we entered, I smelled a familiar scent but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Before we climbed into the tubs, the counselor untaped our diapers. This was the first time I was naked in front of other men I hadn't known before. Consequently I began to blush again. I was getting used to all the embarrassing things happening and the blushing wasn't all that bad. Anyways, the counselor helped us into the tubs and scrubbed us down from top to bottom. While I was getting scrubbed I finally remembered what the scent was. When I was little my mother put lavender oil in my baths to calm me down and help me sleep. Jerry and I were helped out and dried off. When we were through, counselor George sent us to get diapered by counselor Claude. Claude lifted us onto the two changing tables and pulled two thick cloth diapers from under the tables. He oiled, powdered us clean, and pinned the diapers on us. We lifted our butts in the air so Claude could slide on plastic pants on the both of us. I noticed that the diapers were extra thick and asked Jerry why this was so.

He responded that these were the nighttime diapers so that there wouldn't be any leaks during the night. We walked over to our cribs where we picked out what we would be wearing to bed that night. I picked out a plain light green footed sleeper while Jerry picked out just a long T-shirt. I later found out that this was Jerry's favorite garb to wear to bed. Claude helped us into our cribs and lifted the sides to our cribs into place. The lavender was working and as my head hit the pillows I was out.

Chapter 5 - A New Day of Fun

The start of a new day; I was awoken by the clanking of cribs that were being opened. George and Claude were doing to morning changing of diapers and Jerry and I would be one of the last babies to be changed. I decided that since I had a few minutes before being changed that I would release all the waste that was still in my system. I found it a little easier for me to push the poop out and into my very soggy diaper. The spaghetti made the poop softer so that could possibly explain the easiness of it.

Jerry and I were the last ones to get our diapers changed. I noticed that the counselors always paired me up with Jerry. I wasn't complaining but I asked Jerry and later he told me that all the campers were paired into twos.

Anyways, Jerry and I were led to the changing tables were we were stripped, cleaned and put into nice dry disposable diapers. I went back to my trunk to get dressed.

Today was our first day full of fun activities. All of the campers were led outside where we would participate in a stroll in the woods. When outside I saw the sign of the camp across the parking lot. I noticed that Camp Chippuwa was in a wooden arch and Sinkpoo was underneath it done with pastel blues and pinks. George noticed me staring at the signed and took it as a sign of confusion. He informed me that Camp Chippuwa-Stinkpoo wasn't always an AB/DL camp. The owners today had lost their son about ten years ago and he really loved being an AB. So the owners bought Camp Chippuwa (a runned down camp then) and fixed it up as a camp for Abs and DLs. In memory of their son they added Stinkpoo, his nickname.

All the campers met at the camp center where we heard the morning announcements. We were informed that at this time off the day we would receive our mail and we would sing our camp song.

It was time for us to all head for the woods to begin our stroll. It wasn't a long hike just about a half a mile and back. I wasn't all that athletic (I was mostly a sickly small child) but I was still able to hike it with ease.

The hike itself was mostly uneventful just some nature lectures we got to see some wild animal run by us. I was just happy to get out and roam the wild land. I took this time to get to know Jerry a bit better. Jerry was an all-American boy, a football quarterback that won the district championship.

About 5 years ago Jerry got into a car accident that damaged some nerves in his lower back; he lets me see his scars. At first he hated the idea of wearing diapers all the time but knowing that there were other people just like him in the same predicament helped him to enjoy his new lifestyle.

Finally we reached our destination, a good size clearing that had a storage shed in the background. Here we had our brunch of scrambled eggs, pancake bites, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that the counselors had brought with them. I had some eggs and a pancake; I didn't want to go the lunch route. After brunch, George, Claude and the other counselors opened the shed to reveal sleeping bags and extra diapers for our afternoon nap that will happen later on in the day. The counselors saw how restless we were and let all of the babies play as long as we all stayed in the clearing and didn't wonder off too far. Jerry and I, being our mischievous selves, decided to slip away to a hideout that Jerry knew of. Remember when I said this hike was mostly uneventful? Well this is when it just got interesting.

Jerry led me to another clearing a few yards from the main one. Here Jerry showed me his stash of comic books and action figures. He told me that the hikes always bored him so two years ago he decided to stash some of his things to keep himself busy. At first he showed me all of his Superman and Spiderman comics. I was reading the Spiderman issue where he and the Green Goblin first meet. All was fun but Jerry pointed out that acting it out with the action figures was much more fun. So he picked Spiderman of course while I was left with the Green Goblin. Its no fun being the villain because it's not the same when you are the hero. Anyways, that's when we started to wrestle. It wasn't like we hated each other but sometimes boys wrestled for the fun of it. Like I said before, I was the sickly child and Jerry was the football captain and of course he pinned me down easily. When he pinned me down, I looked into his blue eyes for the first time and saw how peaceful and tranquil they made me feel. That mixed with the baby powder and lavender, we slowly moved closer and closer until our lips locked.

Passionately, we kissed; he on top of me and I under him. He moved his lips down towards my stomach, kissing every inch of my body. I could feel my penis getting harder and harder and also could feel his becoming stiffer and longer. As he reached for my diaper to undo it, we heard a whistle. That meant our time was up and we had to go back to the clearing for our nap. So as sudden as that all happened it passed just as quick and we went back. I made sure that Jerry and I slept near each other and as we were falling asleep in our sleeping bags the closer we moved together until we fell totally asleep cuddling each other.

Chapter 6 - A Day of Games

When Jerry and I woke up there were pads lined up where counselors were changing the campers' diapers. This time Claude was changing my diaper; however, as he was about to untape mine I quickly release a rather wet bowel movement. It was quickly absorbed since in was mostly runny and so it wasn't all that bad for Claude to clean up. When Claude was cleaning me up I noticed how soft and smooth his hands were: totally different from George. I liked this because it wasn't rough and was rather pleasant. Anyways, Claude was quick about it because both Jerry and I had slept past what the counselors had planned and so we needed to start heading for camp soon.

Before hiking again, the counselors gave us all a huge bottle of water because the sun was beaming straight down on us and became rather hot.

I hadn't taken two steps before I was starting to avidly drink from my bottle. In no time it was all gone which proved to be bad later on in the hike. Anyways, Jerry and I started to talk about life in general. What we thought about as far as movies, games, and other forms of entertainment went. We also talked about what diapers we wore. Jerry said he always wears cloth diapers with plastic pants but when traveling it is easier for him to be in disposable diapers. I told him that I was the same way and that I wore Attends; he said he wore Wal-Mart's brand diapers, Assurance. I told him that I would have to try them out sometimes. Well the hike went by fairly quickly but not as quickly as my diaper. What I mean is that about ¾ of the way through the hike my diaper started to leak fairly badly. I got out of my pants so it wouldn't be so uncomfortable but since the diapers were stored in the shed at the clearing I would have to wait until we reached the camp to get a diaper change. The leaking got pretty bad and the pee started to run down my legs. It was not a pretty feeling but these things do happen and there is nothing anyone could have done about it.

As soon as we got to the camp George and I went directly to our cabin where he quickly changed my diaper. He wiped my legs from top to bottom. A few minutes later he was done (I didn't get dressed because I wanted to try the pants free feeling out) and so George and I hurried back to join the rest of the group that had headed to the mess hall for a quick snack. I took the high chair next to Jerry that he had saved for me and for a snack we had some chocolate chip cookies and milk from a bottle. He was extremely good and a little messy too, which of course I had to get it all over my face. A little mess is always fun to see on others but soon the helpers cleaned off all of the campers' faces and snack time was over. Jerry complemented me on my pantless state and we joined the rest of the group outside the hall.

We went across the camp center to a building that I hadn't been to before.

When we entered the building, loud voices and laughter issued from it and that's when I noticed that the building had silver letterings above the doorway that said "Recreational Building". For the next four hours we had free time to busy ourselves. There were a whole lot of things that we could do. There we cards to play with, board games, a game of twister in a corner of the room, a couple of pool tables and in the far back there was a television with an AB movie playing. Not that many people we watching the movie so Jerry and I went and sat on the couch. The movie wasn't all that bad but must people when they go to the movies or watch movies alone tend not to watch it. This was our case. Jerry and I first held hands and then started to kiss long passionate kisses not caring who would see us. A little before the movie ended Jerry told me to feeling the front of his diaper. I submissively did so and when I did Jerry flooded his diaper. This turned me on so much that I too started to wet myself. Mind warping as that had been, we cuddled and held each other until the end of the movie came.

Once the movie was over Jerry and I went to play pool. This had always been one of my favorite game to play as so did Jerry. Since I was more of the nerdy kind between the both of us, I had the upper hand while playing the game. To this day I didn't know if Jerry was letting me win or what however he wanted me to show him techniques that would help him play better. I noticed right off that he was holding the stick all wrong. I got behind him and wrapped my arms around him to show him how it was all done. Again the scent of baby powder and lavender filled my nostrils and my penis began to get harder and longer. Since I was behind Jerry, he was able to feel it ramming into his butt. Lets just way that he didn't mind, in fact he actually enjoyed it rather a lot as I could tell from the big smile I could see on his face. I, of course, had won the game and by that time our time was almost up. We decide to spend our last ten or so minutes playing cards with some of the other campers from our cabin. We played Old Maid and with my luck I had ended up with the Old Maid. Sulking in my defeat I throw a tantrum like any normal toddler would. Jerry ran after me and when he reached me I started to cry. I didn't know why I did it the tears just came.

Jerry held me in his arms where I cried in his shoulder. As stimulating as this was, Jerry began to wet himself again and not only did I feel it through his diaper I also felt it running down my legs. I didn't care; all I cared about was being in his arms and so I came closer and kissed him on the cheek. At this time, the counselors rallied up their campers to get them all to dinner.

We all marched to the mess hall but before entering George came up to Jerry with a towel and wiped his legs down. After he was done with Jerry he finished by wiping my legs also. Dinner was great. We had pizza that was cut into small bite size pieces. Since we had the snacks of cookies, I wasn't all that hungry so when the helpers weren't looking I threw a piece at Jerry. When he threw it back to me I ducked. It flew past my ear and landed square in middle of another camper's face. This is how the food fight began.

I don't think I have ever had this much fun with food. Pizza was flying everywhere and the pressed peaches that the babies had were catapulted onto everyone's faces as well. It was great and since no one knew he started it all no one got into any trouble. Life is great. Of course we got a lecture on how good babies ate their food and didn't play with it and that it was bad that we all participated in the act. It was well worth the lecture.

When we got back to our cabin it was time for another lavender bath, cloth diapers put on us, and straight to bed for us bad babies.

Chapter 7 - Night Affair

Frightened awake, I peed my diaper; it had been Jerry. He had some how gotten the side of his crib down and he was now letting my side down as well. It was still dark and I asked Jerry what he was doing. He replied that I should just follow him quietly. I did and Jerry led me to his secluded secret clearing we had been that afternoon. When we had gotten there Jerry grabbed me into his arms and kissed me for what seemed a lifetime. Jerry then told me that he wanted to finish what we had started. So we started kissing again and when the lavender filled my nostrils I was in heaven.

Somehow we had managed to get each other's shirts off and Jerry undid my diaper as I did to his as well. Now we were both naked and our bodies next to each other. Jerry was kissing every inch of my body working his way down to my penis. Slowly he caressed it until I was as hard as a rock. That's when he put it in his mouth and slowly sucked back and forth. While doing this, he cupped my testicles and his other hand and slowly moved them between his fingers. I didn't know how much I could take of this but when Jerry saw that I was about to ejaculate he backed off; he wanted it to last so I had taken over. At first I grabbed his penis stroking it while sucking on his nipples. When I felt that his was hard I placed it in my mouth where I did the same sucking back and forth while fondling his testicles. I felt Jerry's penis start to throb but I too wanted the moment to last so I made Jerry lie on his back and his legs in the air. I had placed a condom on my penis and Jerry handed me an individually wrapped package of lubrication.

When I was ready I gently stuck my penis into his anus and started moving back and forth. It took me quite some time before I was anywhere close to ejaculating but when I did I quickly pulled out took the condom off and stroke my penis until I cascaded into ecstasy and exploded all over his chest. I rubbed it in his chest and before he could do the same to my anus I stuck my penis into his mouth where he licked all my sperm clean. Now it was his turn. He put a condom on and lubricated real well. Jerry wasn't as gentle as I was put the pain wasn't unbearable either. Rocking back and forth, Jerry started slow and increased in intensity until I could feel his penis throbbing inside of me; that had been a new sensation for me. When he was finished he leaned in towards me, kissed me and told me that he loved me; I told him I loved him too. We took a moment to rest and while resting I saw Jerry's face gleaming in the silver light of the moon; I could not think of a better site than what I saw then and before we left to go back to the camp I kissed him one last time and cuddled into his chest.

Exhausted from all of the energy that it took, we laid together for another twenty to thirty minutes to rest. When we were well rested we took turns re-diapering each other with the old diapers. My diaper was rather cold from the peeing I had done earlier and began to shiver. Jerry saw this and he held me in his arms while we walked. These past moments must have been what heaven feels like.

We came around the corner and up the stairs to our cabin. Jerry reached slowly to gently and quietly open the door. I held my breather praying that the old door wouldn't squeak.

I jumped and let out a loud at first and then a muffled scream due to the fact that Jerry put his hand on my mouth. The good thing was that I became warmer due to the fact that I had been scared pissless; however, the bad thing was that we had been caught.

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