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Chapter 8 - The Punishment

There, George and Claude had been waiting for us for only God knows how long. I braced myself for the scolding of my life; however, they just told us in their lovingly yet firm way to go back to sleep and that our punishment would be discussed in the morning.

All this waiting drove me mad. George and Claude must be really good at this punishing thing because the worst thing that could torture a man more than anything is time- time to think; and time to go crazy. All these thoughts of what they could do to punish us raced through my head. I could not go back to sleep. I just laid there and looked at Jerry who did go to sleep, sound asleep. How could he sleep? Didn't this make him crazy too? Probably not. He has probably gotten into this same kind of trouble since he has been here for so long and he knew how to open the cribs. Exhaustion started to finally kick in and after what seemed to go on for and eternity, I went to sleep; a light sleep that could only foster more questions.

Morning came and with it came the verdict of the punishment. George and Claude went through the morning routine with the rest of the adult babies.

When that was finished Claude took the group over for breakfast while George, Jerry, and I stayed behind for the "punishment". It turned out that George and Claude didn't want to scare us that much rather they needed to get permission from our fathers to carry out the punishment. They already had permission from Jerry's daddy ever since he had started being mischievous a while back but they had called my father first thing this morning and told him the story and asked him if the actions they wanted to take was all right with him. With some reluctance, Daddy finally gave in and gave George and Claude the permission they wanted.

George started to tell us the punishment. First he stated that we had been bad babies and that we should not have gone out of the cabin; he later said that we could have gotten in serious trouble, as there are wild animals in the woods. Then he explained the rules: 1. We would have 10 spankings every hour on the hour.

2. We would have to then drink a bottle of liquid after each spanking.

3. We would have to stay in the cabin all day save meal times.

4. We would have an additional 10 spankings before nap and bedtimes.

5. We would have to go to sleep early and stay in a locked crib all night.

As George was finishing up with his speech about the rules Claude had reentered the cabin. He had obviously handed over the other babies to different counselors so that he can help in giving to punishment. We were stripped naked and were motioned over to George and Claude who were sitting on stools. We were then ordered to lie down face to the ground and our butts in the air. I went to Claude because I knew he had the softer hands of the two. Here we were dealt our 10 spankings. It turned out that Claude's hands might have been softer; however, he dealt the harder blows. As each new blow to the bottom continued, tears had squeezed through my eyes. Although the pain had been evident, I soon began to have an erection. Claude quickly took notice of this but said nothing. He could tell that the embarrassment shown on my face was punishment enough. That compiled with a very red behind.

After the spankings had been administered we were finally led to the changing table where we would, thankfully, be changed into fresh diapers.

George had noticed my erection then and said that I cannot be changed into a diaper until I took care of it. He told me to go to the back "bathroom" to take care of it there. I got down and walked to the bathroom with a rather red face. Not even ten seconds after getting in the bathroom, though, Jerry came in. He told me that seeing me aroused made him aroused and so he was sent in here to do the same thing as I was told to do.

Jerry led me to the bench at the far end of the room but before we sat down he went over to the tub-side table and got the lotion. He quickly rejoined me where I had already begun to masturbate. Jerry, meanwhile, knelt in front of me, took my hands off my penis and began to suck it. Oh, did this ever feel so good! It was my turn to return the favor. I knelt in front of him after he had gotten on the bench. Knowing that George and Claude were waiting on us and that neither of us had come yet, Jerry squirted a liberal amount of lotion into my hand and he then took some in his own hand. Instead of doing ourselves Jerry decided that we should finish each other off. So I took his rather thick and long penis in my hand and with the lotion gently gave him a hand job. After the sucking we gave each other, the hand jobs quickly escaladed but before I came I stood up in front of Jerry and finished all over his chest and he finished on my thighs.

Bliss was all that could come to my mind as Jerry and I cleaned up our mess and walked over to the changing tables where George and Claude had been waiting. We climbed back onto the tables where we then lifted our legs welcoming the new diapers. Before George and Claude had actually put the diapers on us they applied some kind of cream to our rather sore bottoms, which in turn soothed them. Was I ever thankful for that and I am sure that Jerry was too. After we were finished with the diapering, George and Claude then gave use both a bottle filled with a creamy liquid which I thought was to be milk however turned out to be something more than milk. It had a funny aftertaste that no one could describe. Well, after the feeding and all we were then sent to the corner of the cabin where the only thing that we could do was talk to each other while George and Claude went into their room. And so, this started off the day that was our punishment day.

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