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Case Study

It was late evening. I'd been at the finals bash at University and had arrived back at my lodgings. I'd been staying at Jennifer's for the past term and it was great. She was an attractive 29-year-old, three years older than me and we got on like a house on fire.

Jennifer opened the door whilst I was rooting through my bag trying to find my key.

"Fancy a cuppa?" She said cheerfully.

"Yeah I'd love one" I replied. I went through to the lounge and crashed on the sofa. It wasn't long before Jen came in, I was just about to put the T.V on when Jen said " Can you leave that off April you and I need to talk about you staying here".

I did as I was told and listened. Jen sat down and handed me a large mug of tea.

"April, I just want to ask you whether you wish to stay on here or do you have other plans?"

"I have no plans at all Jen I would like to stay on if that's possible." I hoped she would let me stay, she was a good friend and the house was massive (She'd inherited a reasonably large estate from an aunt and didn't need to work).

"Oh that's good April although you may want to hold your decision to stay as there are some conditions attached." She seemed hesitant and anxious all of a sudden and I wondered what the conditions might be, she pulled something from the side of the armchair she was perched on. I recognised the catalogue I kept in my room and I must have gone bright red.

"I just want to say I wasn't prying or anything like that, I just went in your room for some washing and it was laid open on the floor...."

"Jen I'm so sorry I'll get rid of it. I won't bring anything like that back in the house. I really want to stay, I'm really sorry." I blurted out.

" Don't worry I understand, it just means things will have to change, that's all."

"How do you mean?" I said nervously.

"Well firstly I think that big grown up girls go to work and earn a living and are treated like adults but, this catalogue is for big girls who haven't grown up isn't it. I mean to say, you've circled everything you desire haven't you and after I found this I had a look about your room and found the soiled towels and pins. Now it seems to me that big girls don't wear nappies do they?"

"No" I replied meekly. Tears were beginning to well up in my eyes.

Jen continued " I'm a reasonable woman April but, I can't have big baby girls staying here without someone looking after them, plus we have to formulate some ground rules."

"What do you mean, I don't understand?" I started.

"Well I'm willing to let you stay April but you can't be treated like an adult because your not are you, that much is obvious?" Jen moved next to me and held my hand and looked deep into my eyes.

"You're a baby aren't you, a baby who needs full time care and attention?" she was expecting an answer.

"I suppose." I faltered

Jen took control "Well I have already anticipated your answer and made some preparations, that's what all the work in the top room has been about." She was smiling, "First lets get some rules down, just so you know where you are from now on A) You will, in a minute, get all your clothes off and wait in your room, no arguing. B) You are no longer allowed to use any toilet in or outside the house. C) You will be put into nappies permanently, you are not to take them off and when you need to be changed you will ask to be changed. D) You will be treated exactly as a baby from now on and you will be expected in time to act like one except when I ask you for specific services, do you understand all that?

I was in shock; I had always had a fascination and yearning to wear nappies and had fantasised about being treated as a baby but I had never really pursued it other than use a towel and nappy pins a couple of times since I had stayed at Jen's. I replied hesitantly "Yes I understand"

Jen looked really happy "That's great, now go upstairs and get out of those clothes and I'll be along in a minute."

I went up stairs to my room and found that all my clothes were missing and all other my things were in sealed boxes. I was very nervous and still scared by the turn of events but I suppose the lure of my fantasy fulfilled kept me from leaving. I slipped out of my clothes and sat naked on the bed waiting for Jennifer. I was very nervous as Jen had not really seen me naked before and I was flushed although I was confident with my looks quite a lot of men and women had told me I was attractive.

Jen came into the room, she was wearing a very revealing nurse's uniform with black stockings and suspenders and I began to wonder about the services she might require.

"Well you are very pretty aren't you, I mean I'd always known you were but your figure is excellent, you're going to look absolutely gorgeous in some of the outfits I've bought you." She came across and picked up the pile of clothes from the bed, she leant across to me and placed one hand on my cheek "Don't worry little one I'm going to take very good care of you" she purred, the way she leant over gave me a very good deliberate view of her cleavage.

" We're going to give you a bath in a minute and get rid of all that nasty hair, so you'll be nice and smooth and ready for your nappy. You can't wait to be put into a nappy, can you be a darling and tell your Auntie Jen-Jen, in you most babyish voice that you want Auntie Jen-Jen to put you in a nappy?"

I played along and said "Pwease, Auntie Jen-Jens Apwil wants a nappy" The response pleased Jennifer immensely and she pecked me on the cheek "That's a very good baby girl, that's how you'll speak from now on, any adult lapses get punished do you understand?"

The punished bit bothered me so I kept it up "Wes"

Jen lead me to the top floor where the master bedroom door had changed. It now had a sign decorated in pink The Nursery. Jen opened the door and lead me inside the huge room. Everything had changed the en-suite bathroom had been changed, an adult sized baby bath with shower attachment. At the end of the room where the bed had originally been now stood a large cot complete with mobiles. To the left of the room there was a high-chair, play-pen and various wardrobes and chests of drawers on top of some of the Chests were stacked lots of disposable and terry towelling nappies there was also a couple of kitchen type units which had big bottles with teats, sterilisation equipment, baby lotion, baby talc and nappy cream. On the right side by the door was a large adult size baby buggy further down was a changing unit, next to that were some hooks with lots of different types of reins decorated with pink baby girls. A large mirror had been placed opposite the changing unit there was also one opposite on a stand at the end of the room next to a large broderie-anglais bedecked crib. To top it all there was even a large baby walker.

I stood in shock at the transformation and was lead dumbfounded to the changing unit. Jennifer placed me on the white PVC changing mat and placed my hands above my head and secured them with large Velcro restraining straps before I realised what was happening.

"This is to make sure Baby April doesn't hurt herself, now for your feet now that's better isn't it?" I was spread-eagled and unable to move and aroused, I had never experienced anything like this before. Jennifer shaved and waxed me completely raising me with a pillow to pay attention to every nook and cranny of my body. She worked for slowly and thoroughly making me more and more aroused. When she finished she cupped my sex with her hand "Your baby smooth and ready for your first nappy aren't you?" she cooed. All I could do was push myself slightly against her hand and with that I let out a small moan.

"Oooh you are so nearly ready, does it feel nice? Do you feel a bit more babyish my little one? Lets keep you quiet while I give you a special nappy change, lets pop this doedee in your mouth." She nudged a large pacifier into my mouth that I began to suckle in earnest. She put my long blonde hair into two bunches with two pink satin ribbons and then went across the room to the chests of drawers and came back with several disposable and terry towelling nappies. She also fetched some plastic baby pants and some large nappy pins.

She folded two large thick terry nappies and releasing my ankles from the restraints "upsy over baby" cooed Jen as she lifted my legs in the air, raising my bottom and slid the nappies underneath. She let my legs down and unfurled a large thick disposable nappy and then slid that under me the same way.

"Now lets get your nappy area ready shall we?" she said as she got a large dollop of nappy cream on her hand and began to rub it into first my bottom and then gradually into my sex. It wasn't long before my sex was covered in the cream and Jen's fingers began to slowly build up a rhythm. I was reaching orgasm and sucking my dummy like my life depended on it letting out small muted gasps as Jen creamed me up. I had never had any sort of lesbian type experience and had never considered myself that way inclined but Jen was being very persuasive. Just when I thought I would climax Jen stopped and pulled away slightly.

"I think you're just about ready my little one nearly nappy time." I was still in the heat of the moment wondering why she had stopped. She started to powder my bottom and front and then slowly drew up the nappy slightly between my legs and then let it sit there, I could now feel the bulk of the nappy between my legs and tried to rub myself against it to try and prolong my desire, my legs kicked slightly in the effort.

"Oh is that nice for baby, is baby feeling even more babyish now, oh you are aren't you?" She stopped my legs from kicking slightly and I responded by calming down a bit.

"Yes that's right my dear don't be in too much of rush, you want to appreciate your nappy change don't you?" she said in that motherly tone "Now baby just lie there and calm slightly while I prepare the next bit of your nappy change." She produced a large pink vibrator and began to smear some Jelly over its length. My juices began to flow now as I anticipated it inside me. She nudged the bulbous end against my sex tantalisingly and then slowly pushed it deeper, I was in ecstasy and pushed willingly against the hard tool.

"Now that must be nice" she said as she began to get into a rhythm, again it wasn't long until I was close to climax but again she withdrew the member and placed it on the side of the mat "who's a clever girl then, yes you are, that's my good baby girl." I didn't know how much more I could take, sensing this Jen let me rest for a couple of minutes.

"Now lets get you ready for your nappy, shall we". She pulled the nappy down slightly and re-creamed my nappy area and then put the pillow back under me lifting up my bottom and then I felt a weird slimy sensation coming from my bottom. She removed the pillow and rested me back onto the nappies, she then pulled up the thick disposable and fastened it with the four side tabs tightly to me then the first terry nappy was pulled up and tightly shifted into place and the second and last nappy was put into place and then both were tightly pinned into place with two large Pink nappy pins. I loved the feeling of the bulky nappy between my legs and was feeling horny again; I started to rub myself against the soft bulk of the nappy but Jennifer stopped me "Be patient little one no baby-creaming in your nappy until Auntie Jen-Jen says it's o.k." I nodded my head and relaxed as much as I could. Jennifer then produced a pair of thick nappy pants and pulled them over my nappy adjusted them until they were just right, next came a thick pair of pink opaque baby pants which pulled up over my now very bulky nappy and then Jen walked over to one of the wardrobes, as she did that I caught my reflection in the mirrored wall. I was amazed at my transformation I stared at the girl-baby laid on the changing table in nothing but a large nappy and a dummy in her mouth. My thoughts were interrupted when Jen came back with some pink frilly pants, baby-doll dress and matching bootees and mittens. The Mittens were placed on my hands first, they were covered in pink satin and trimmed with white lace but inside they were a tough leather that were buckled at the wrist, it was obvious once they were on they weren't coming off and I wouldn't be able to do anything intricate with my hands. The bootees next followed the heavily frilled plastic lined pants and finally the baby-doll was pulled on over my head. I looked in the mirror and saw the effect of how the baby-doll dress was cut high to show off my nappy.

I had begun to feel a strange sensation building up in my bowels and my bladder was also beginning to indicate its fullness. Jen seemed to notice my slight discomfort " Baby mustn't do anything in her nappy yet, not yet but soon my little one and then you'll be able to be really babyish for Auntie Jen-Jen won't you?" I was feeling slightly awkward at the turn of events, I had only ever masturbated in a nappy and once I wet one, I had never contemplated anything more than that, but now I was too far in to stop. Jen helped me off the table "Now I almost forgot, Baby doesn't walk baby crawls so off you go to your cot." When I got onto all fours she patted my nappy and walked over to the cot, pulled down the side and sat down making sure I could see her unbuttoning the top of her uniform she lifted her uniform up as well showing me she had no panties on just the suspenders, her sex was also shaven " Crawl over here baby to your Auntie Jen-Jen. Auntie Jen-Jen needs her pleasure as well." She explained, I crawled in front of her and she spread her legs wide and then took the dummy from my mouth and let it hang on its ribbon from my neck, she gently pulled my head to her and I began to lick her open sex. She soon was moaning in ecstasy as I lapped at her moist heat inhaling her must and shaking with the urgency of needing to release the pressure of my bladder and bowels and arousal. She gave to short gasps and her juice flowed into my mouth I lapped it up amazed at my own abandonment and my willingness to please. Her hand tipped my head up to look into her eyes from her mound "You are very good baby girl and Auntie will give you something in return for your good behaviour."

I wondered what she meant as she coaxed me up onto the plush cot, "Come here April I think it's time for your first feed." She propped herself up on the cot side and moved the top of her uniform to one side revealing her ample bosom and very erect nipple, I understood then what she wanted from me but before I could comply I had a more urgent matter to discuss "Baby nweeds go potty" I pleaded. She smiled "Ah, that's so cute, you're trying to be a big girl but you're just a baby and babies do everything in nappies don't they my darling and baby can't go potty in her nappy until Auntie Jen-Jen says isn't that so my lovely girl?" I was now very worried as it wouldn't be very long until before I did exactly that.

Jen interrupted my thoughts by beckoning me to her breast "come and feed baby" she suggested. I was still in a state of arousal and suckling on Jen's breast seemed the natural place to go. I abandoned myself to her and lay on her lap, as I ‘fed' her free hand slipped down the front of my nappy to cup my crotch and bottom area and she began to stroke, pat and knead it bringing me to arousal, although it was difficult to concentrate with the pressure I was feeling down below. A few more minutes saw me reaching my limits sexually and anatomically and I thought I was going to have to go without permission when Jen looked into my eyes and asked "Would Apwil like to go potty in her nappy like a good baby girl?" Even though I was horrified at soiling myself in a nappy I was at the point where I didn't care any more and replied in my best baby voice "Apwil wants go potty Aunty Jen-Jen, pwease, pwease Aunty Jen-Jens let baby go potty in her nappy like a good bwaby girl?" I looked pleadingly in her dark brown eyes; she hesitated contemplating the consequences "Baby really wants to do potty in her nappy? What will Baby do for Aunty if Aunty lets her potty in her nappy?" I was desperate "Bwaby will do anywing, pwease Aunty Jen-Jen?" She relented "O.k baby fill your nappy for Aunty, fill it right to the top like a good baby, but keep feeding while you do it, don't worry it'll come naturally to you in time. I finally let go and felt the pressure leave my bowels and felt the sticky mush force its way up my front and back filling my nappy, all the time Jen was masturbating me through the outside of my nappy and helping spread the hot mush all over my nappy area, I let my bladder go and flooded the already full nappy making it even more squishy and wet and hot, as Jen continued to work on me I lost myself in a long lasting emotional orgasm. It was a few minutes before I came to my senses and smelled my now filled nappy.

"Well aren't you supposed to say something?" asked Jen softly.

"Bwaby Apwil nweeds a nappy change." Jen looked at me expectantly "and", I couldn't think for a moment but Jen finished "Baby needs a bockle and a feed her high-chair doesn't she?" – To be continued

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