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Part I

I've been wearing diapers since I was 15. I loved the feeling when I put one on and slide a pair of plastic pants over the diaper. They are so warm and comfortable. I never used them just like wearing them. When I wear my diapers I'm usually alone. When I wear my diapers I forget the BS of the day and dream back to the time when I was a baby. Someone taking care of me not having a care in the world except, for diaper changing, feeding and sleeping.

We all get older and for some of us, that time fades away. I'm glad that I have something that I can do to reduce the stress in my life. Something to calm me down and give me peace of mind. And I am not ashamed of it either. No one knew about my secret. Until one day my wife found out.

My wife Christine found out about two years ago. I was a manager of a gas station. I worked 72 hours a week. When I get home I'm exhausted. We've been having problems with our marriage. We have our good days and our bad days. We go out whenever Christine wants to. We go to the movies, plays and concerts. Our vacations are nice ones. I do what ever Christine wants to do or go. I spend all my free time with Christine and do what she wants. I work long hours and I know that I am not always around. I think I owe it to her. For the past two years. I have tried everything to get us back to the way we were when we were first married. Our love making was OK but there was something missing. I let her have her way and settled for what every, she gave me. I know it was wrong but I love her. Now we make love only on a Sunday and only at night. So I just gave up and have been miserable ever since.

I got home one Wednesday night. I was tired, dirty and exhausted. I had a headache from all the stress of the day. I just wanted to take a nice hot shower put my diaper on and go to sleep. I said good night Christine and went to bed with my diaper and plastic pants on. I must have fallen asleep in an instant because I don't remember anything.

What the hell is this? I hear. John wake up. John. I woke up to find Christine kneeling above me naked. What's the matter? OH I'm sorry is it Sunday? What are you wearing my dear? Oh them don't worry about it Christine it's nothing just go to sleep. Hoping to make like it wasn't a big deal. John, are you sick? Why are you wearing a diaper? OK Christine you caught me. I have been wearing diapers for the last two years. John are you sick? Do you have bladder infection? No Christine I am not sick. I wear a diaper as a stress relief from work. Sometimes I need this to continue working 73 hours a week. So we can have sex once a week and only on Sunday night. It was on my mind and it just slipped out. Would you like to discuss this? Christine its no big deal. It's late I'm really tired and I had a very hard day. I have to get up at 5am. Please not now. But when John she said? Tomorrow, maybe Sunday when I have off. I turned my head into the pillow and went out.

Sunday came a little to fast for my blood. John you promised we were going to discuss why you are wearing a diaper to bed. OK Christine if you must know. I wear diapers to bed because they are so comfortable. They help me relax so I can go to sleep with some kind of peace.

They bring me back in time when I was a baby and I didn't have a care in the world. Nothing to think about except, diaper changes, feeding time, sleeping and nap time. It helps me if I have a bad day at work or a bad day at home. Like when I come home and the only thing you can say to me is, why did you leave your coffee cup on the table? Why didn't you take the garbage out? I wear the diapers Christine to get away from you. I retreat into my own little baby world. Our married life Christine has not been good. I make sure I have a steady income to give you the things that you need and deserve. I love you Christine and I am sorry for deceiving you. I do everything for you. Man does not live on work and money alone. He needs a wife that cares for him, pays attention and doesn't make love by a calendar. Yes Christine by the calendar I said. We make love only on a Sunday and it has to be at night. I have to go to work Monday at 5am in the morning. We used to make love once or twice a week. Morning noon or night. What the hell happened to us? Is it me? Don't you love me anymore? Again, I'm sorry honey. It's late and I have to get up early. I know its Sunday but make believe it's a holiday. Good night. I love you very much. I kissed her and went into the extra bedroom. I heard her crying. I felt like a real shit head but she had to be told if there was any chance of saving our marriage.

Monday came and went like any other Monday. Tuesday night when I came home from work I opened the door and Christine was standing at the door waiting for me. I said Hi and closed the door behind me. You look exhausted. Let me help you take your cloths off. I can do it. No, mommy will take them off for her little baby boy. I thought I heard her say mommy? Ya right. I started to walk away. She grabbed my belt and spanked my bottom. I said I will take them off. I did hear her say mommy. I said OK mom.

No No Baby Johnny. I'm not your mom. I am your Wife/Mommy and babies your age can not talk yet. Now come with mommy and see what a nice surprise she has for her little boy. You have been such a good baby I thought you deserved this special surprise. I followed her down the hallway to the bathroom. I was totally naked nothing on. I was in my birthday suit at 8 pm on a Tuesday? I think I'm in the wrong house.

We walked to the bathroom she was holding my hand like I was a baby. Now you go in first Johnny. I went into the bathroom. The tub was filled with hot steamy water. The bubbles were overflowing the tub. This is for me? Yes my little one. Now let mommy check to make sure the water is not to hot. I don't want my baby to burn his cute little hinny. OK just right. Let me help you in. I sat down the bubbles were tickling me all over even my now rock hard rod. OH this is wonderful. She said babies your age can not talk yet, remember? All they know is baby talk. From now on you are my 18 month baby Johnny. Understand? Without even thinking I put my thumb into my mouth and she said very well. Now you play with your toys and I will be back in a minute to wash you all up. TOYS? I reached under the bubbles and found a rubber fish, a duck and a shark. I was filling them up with water and squeezing the water out through their mouths all over the bathroom tiles. I was enjoying the hell out of this.

Christine came back into the bathroom wearing an apron with babies, diaper pins, bottles and a clown in the middle of her apron. She really looked cute. Just like a little mother. Kneeling by the tub she reached for my Johnson's Baby Shampoo and started to wash my hair. Her fingers felt great on my scalp.

With the hand held shower she rinsed my hair. She grabbed a wash cloth and soaped it up with lots of lather. She started at the back of my ears. She was in my ears. She said laughing I think you're growing potatoes in here. Then worked her way down my neck, down my belly and around to my back. She was very thorough. But that's Christine very thorough. OK baby Johnny stand up for mommy so I can wash the bottom half. I was embarrassed to get up. I had a raging hard on. Come on get up for mommy. Come on I'll help you. She grabbed my arm and helped me get up. I put my hand in front of it. She said nothing to be embarrassed about mommies always see there little babies pee pee. Open wide. I opened my legs and she started washing my legs. Resoaping the cloth. She went up to my balls and pee pee as she called it. And gave them a good cleaning.

I was getting weak in the knees. I was so hot I thought I would blow my load right there. This doesn't look good I heard her say. I looked down to see what she was talking about. Babies do not have hair down here. Come to think of it babies don't have any hair, well maybe except their head. I have had my mustache since 1966. I have never shaved it off, never. She gave me a wicked grin. She reached into the medicine cabinet and took my shaving cream and razor out. I started to panic.

Now now baby Johnny mommy is in charge. Mommy wouldn't hurt you. She put the shaving cream all over my body including my stash.

I had no no in my eyes. But she had yes yes in her hand. She shaved me bald except for my head, thank goodness. Now you look just like a little baby. I'm not that tall to begin with only 5'. I weigh about 123 pounds wet. But I am pretty fit. Rinsing me off again with the hand held shower she sat me back down. Ok baby Johnny all done. Do you want to play for another 15 minutes, while mommy gets your things ready for bed de bye? I filled up the shark with water and to get even for shaving off my stash. I squeezed it at her until it was empty. Shave my stash off I said to myself. She started to laugh and splashed me back. I'll take that as a yes.

She came back in 15 minutes or so. She had a fluffy towel and helped me up and started to dry me off. She is singing "Rub a dub dub, baby Johnny is out of the tub". Wrapping the towel around me we went to our bedroom. I was shocked at what I saw. A changing pad (which I didn't have) my diapers, plastic pants and baby powder on our bed. We went over to the bed. My heart was racing so fast I thought I would pass out. Taking the towel off me she pushed me down on the diaper. She picked up the baby powder and sprinkled it all over my grown. My pee pee was pointing straight up. I didn't think she would get the diaper on with my rod standing a attention. But she managed taping the sides and pulled the plastic pants up and over my diaper and my hard pee pee. Johnny you make one cute little baby. Especially without your mustache. You look like the first day we met. You always looked younger than you were. That's why you always got proofed and I didn't. She grabbed one of my shirts that were two sizes to small for me. My customers gave me them each Christmas. She pulled me up to a sitting position and put the shirt over my head and down to my waste. She combed my hair and stood me up. The shirt just bearly covers my bottom. I turned around and she started laughing. I wish you were a girl. Ruffle pants would look adorable on you with that shirt so short on you. I tried to pull the back of my shirt down a little. She grabbed my hand and we went to the kitchen. Now it's time for my little baby to eat some din din. I had such a warm feeling holding Christine's hand while we walked to the kitchen. I have never had this feeling with her before. Here she was taking care of me even after the hard time I gave her Sunday. I truly love this woman.

Dinner was great. I had my own bib, my own dish. She fed to too. Just like a baby. I was as happy and contented as I have ever been in our marriage. And not because I was being treated as her baby. Because, she was paying attention to me after two years of marriage. Christine was taking care of me. That really filled my heart with love for her. I loved her that's why I never said anything to her about what was happening to us. I'm sitting there not at the head of the table like I always do. She is in my seat feeding me. She feeds me the last of the meal and takes the dish and spoon to the sink. She's over by the stove doing something. I can't see what she is doing because her back is to me. My face and my hands are a mess. Food is all over the bib. I went to take a napkin to wipe my face. She scared me when she hit my hand and said you're not done with din din yet little one. I look up at her and she has a baby bottle in her hand. I'm surprised at what she has in her hand and what she thinks she is going to give me. I put my arms and hands up to say no way. She looks at me and reminds me that she is in charge tonight and I will do what mommy wants me to do or she will not hesitate to pull my diaper down and give my hinny a good spanking. She sits back down and puts the nipple of the bottle on my lips and tells me its time for babies' baba. I blush red big time. I open my mouth slightly and the nipple slips into my mouth. That's a good boy. I like when you listen to mommy. I started to suck on the nipple but nothing was coming out. So I sucked a little harder. Soon warm milk was passing my tongue and into my belly. I finish the bottle and she grabs a wet towel and cleans me up. Face, hands, ears, neck. I had food all over me. She removes the bib and we start heading for the bedroom. She said to me. It's your regular bed de bye time so I don't want to hear a word out of you. We enter our bedroom hand in hand. She pulls the covers down. She helps me into bed and pulls the covers up and tucks me in.

Now my little baby Johnny. You go sleepie now. I hope you have wonderful dreams tonight. I will see you in the morning. She kisses me. A long and very passionate kiss. While running her fingers threw my hair she whispers I love you John. I'm sorry for the things I didn't do for you. Things will change my love, I promise. Another kiss and she turns off the light and returns down stairs. I fell asleep shortly after.

To be continued................................

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